Progressive Saviour Complex?

Is it just me or as DLS ages is he increasingly transforming from a polemic ‘veteran radical centrist’ to a menopausal woman? Far from being the razor sharp observations stabbing at the heart of our political hubris that drives ALL the players in our politco-media-developer economy, DLS’s political rants bear an increasing resemblance to shrill … Read more

An email to Australian Unions

So Australian Unions sent me an email the other day saying that wages rise only because of union involvment not labour shortages. It linked to this: So I replied: Jim Stanford points out: “Wages are not the automatic outcome of supply and demand forces.”  That may be true, but deliberately ignoring supply and demand in … Read more

Weekend links 5/2/22-6/2/22

According to the New Daily “Voters in coal and gas heartlands are ready to cash in on a clean energy future”. Reading on “the coal and gas heartlands of New South Wales and Queensland” is what they’re talking about. I.e. including Sydney and Brisbane. Click bait propaganda again. I’m all for free electricity from … Read more

February RBezfkA decision

What will it be? The standard fare of lower teh rates lowerer and MPLOL louder? or something different, like a token rise in teh rate and a token unwinding of QE? or something completely out there and unexpected?!

Is the Cure worse than the Disease?

Are the vaccines killing people? Data from the UK says Yes, especially for 18-39 year olds. The data shows that a vaccinated person is twice as likely to die from things other than covid than an unvaccinated person. For some context this is eerily similar to the increased mortality rate from all causes for a … Read more

Are Mining Exports Really Keeping the AUD High?

 We are talking about a robbery in the realms of tens of billions of unpaid tax while much of gas goes to China to build weapons to threaten Australian freedom, keeps the AUD high hollowing out other tradeables, and trashes carbon output targets with failed CCS. This snippet from that other site got me … Read more