Celebrating Australia Day!

With all the usual commentary by empowered white aboriginals in the media, criticizing Australia Day and generally spreading their hatred and ill-will towards a people and culture that immeasurably improved their lives, I thought I would celebrate Australia Day by reading the “Occidental Observer’s” recent essay on the ‘Aboriginal Worship and the Flight from Whiteness … Read more

Meme feast!!

The last thread was getting pretty long and hard to read, so I thought I would start a new one. I’ve been so inspired by the meme’s produced by the @auseconomicunit EZFKA account that I’m going to do a homage to them. I’ll start with one of my recent favorites: It is simple but effective, … Read more

The biggest Dildo in Crypto: Part 3

It is with great pleasure that I announce the formal arrest of Sam Bank-Friendman pending his extradition to the United States, who have formally applied for it today in the Bahamas. It also effectively closes the circle in terms of the SBF case study, and speculation around the toxic role he has played in crypto. … Read more

It’s Saturday…

….lets see what fascinating behaviour we can uncover today! This started as a comment, but since it is Saturday I thought I might make it into a post. I read this article during the week and it reminded me of the objectives I was wrote about in ‘The Golden Guardian‘ the other week. Here the … Read more

The golden guardian

I don’t know if anyone else shared the same misfortune that I experienced last night when they turned on the ABC. Watching TV is something that I rarely do nowadays but with the missus out I was going to watch some telly with my daughter and it initially turned on still on the ABC. It … Read more

The biggest Dildo in Crypto: Part 2

Been a while since I’ve run a crypto article, but given it is my favorite nefarious figure getting pole axed and the opportunity to recycle my favorite past art, I thought I would trot out a quick article. Basically this one should be considered as one of a series starting here: here: and here: Anyhow, … Read more

Purity Statements

Was typing out a response to Drago’s comment that eventually became long winded enough that I thought I’d stick in my own post rather than create another impenetrable text wall in the comments. Anyhow Drago’s comment is below: This pronoun usage BS is just one example of the over-reach by cat ladies in HR. My … Read more

Links I have found interesting this week

Okay. Don’t get too excited, this just started as a comment and then I got to five links and realised that I’d have to start spreading it out over multiple comments or have my comments sent to the spam folder. So with no further adiu I bring you “Links I have found interesting this week“: … Read more

The biggest dildo in crypto…

Yeah, yeah, I know he’s apparently the most successful person in the space, but that doesn’t change my contempt for him. This won’t be a long post, it is mainly just an additional follow up on a comment made in the post I did last week: To which I responded: “As I said, this is … Read more

Do the Bartman!

After reading up on the fascinating price moves of Nickle on T’s Nickle post the other day, it reminded me of a trading phenonium observed fairly frequently within the crypto world – the Bartman! The above images taken this morning when I began typing this out Sat, 12 March 12:18pm. It is functionally a basic … Read more

Progressive Saviour Complex?

Is it just me or as DLS ages is he increasingly transforming from a polemic ‘veteran radical centrist’ to a menopausal woman? Far from being the razor sharp observations stabbing at the heart of our political hubris that drives ALL the players in our politco-media-developer economy, DLS’s political rants bear an increasing resemblance to shrill … Read more

A shift in the narrative?

Interesting article on bloomberg: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-11/repeat-booster-shots-risk-overloading-immune-system-ema-says But I wonder why they could be running with the above story now? Could it be because of this? “This hospitalisation was necessary because of a serious complication due to a dysfunction of the immune system,” the statement said. “As a result, all official activities of the President of the … Read more

Australian policy reform ‘gridlocked’ by soft corruption

Caught this article by Leith this morning on the Grattan Institute,  “Gridlock: Removing barriers to policy reform”, which argues that Australia’s prosperity is at risk from a decade-plus of decay across our political institutions. Leith as well as the Grattan Institute make the mistake of only looking at the first derivative of our social decay, … Read more


Not the BSV article I was going to post a week or so back (gotten lazy and haven’t finished it off). This is just a link to someone else’s work. A couple weeks back I wrote ‘UTXO and Other Blockchains‘ and mainly expanded on the difference between UTXO and ‘State’ based blockchains, and touched on … Read more

The EZFKA lens…

EZFKA – or the Economic Zone Formally Known as Australia is a conceptual framework for looking at the post modern economies of Australia and indeed the rest of the West: “Face facts, we no longer live in a society and nation by the name of Australia – we now live in the ‘Economic Zone Formally … Read more

UTXO (and other blockchains)

The other week on the ‘Binance thread post, in the comments section T made a request that I expand on and describe some other blockchains: “Hey mate can you do something on the more interesting tech type coins. So thinking Cardano vs ETH, or Helium, or Theta coin etc. The ones where there is purpotedly … Read more

Stranger Things: The Commodore 64 Version

Warning this is completely unrelated to anything economic, bitcoin or outside the Overton window – this is a self indulgent journey into nerdy 1980’s nostalgia. Anyone who is not GenX would probably not be aware or know of any other age of the personal computer other than the era of the PC. But way back … Read more

Yield Farming on the Crypto Plains

Yield Farming – heard of the term? How about DeFi? Apparently it is the future of finance, but do you really know what it means? I was asked what they were the other day and by now I’d sort of worked out what they referred to and was able to provide a basic explanation, but … Read more

What was your woke breaking point?

NOT the Babylon Bee published an amusing list of comments by centrists and liberals about their road to Damascus moment when they woke up to wokeness. All of which was kicked off by this lady: My awakening actually started a while back when I had a bee under my bonnet about Boomers and house prices, … Read more

A Biden boom of immense proportions…. for Migrants

DLS getting all excited in regards to the Biden Boom: An overall spending package worth between $2-4tr will be proposed. It will focus on roads and green infrastructure. It will be funded by tax hikes for corporations from 21% to 28% and higher personal taxes for $4ook+ earners and higher capital gains taxes for $1m+ … Read more

The Woke Army Won’t Save Us

Wokism is the progressive liberal’s scream against nature, it is their anguished cry against parito distributions throughout the universe – if they could they would resize stars so that there would be no such thing as a Blue Giant and no such thing as a Red Dwarf, equity would be reflected everywhere in their Universe. … Read more

Wake up fake left…. Biden is going to save workers

The only thing that amazes me more often than some chardonay sipping lefty promoting their anti-racist virtue, while sitting at a cafe being waited on hand and foot by imported, wage crushing slaves, is the faith that supposed ‘centrists’ have in that the parties of the left will come to their senses, awake from their … Read more

BTC is the Establishment

I was having a scroll through crypto twitter yesterday when I came across this meme and had a good laugh at it – then it occurred to me that most people would have no idea what it was about or the significant truth that lies behind it. While Cyberpunks like to celebrate its supposed anarchist … Read more

Bumbling Biden and his media excusers

I had a great aunt, let’s call her Eliza, she was a lovely old woman; conservative, kind, incredibly polite and thoughtful, and very civic minded, she use to regularly work for various charities in her retirement years donating her time to worthy causes. But as she got older her ability to guard and separate her … Read more

The Woke Armed forces will save us !!

I don’t know about you – but I feel positively unsafe knowing that the Army, Navy and Airforce are filled with men saturated in Toxic Masculinity. I’m sure Mig and the Professor at Macrobusiness would agree that we need far more empathetic soldiers who will be mindful of their colleagues gender choices when on the … Read more