Noticing the Australia Day Awards

For a couple years I’ve run my eye over the Australia Day nominations, and noted the outsized representation by certain demographics relative to their population group size within Australia. Total Order of Australia honor lists recipients 2020: 837 Awards for General Division,26 Military Division,236 meritous awards,so around 1100 in total. In terms of Demographic skew take … Read more

Dreams of the Dutton Ranch

Stopped off at MB this afternoon to check out what the Dutton haters were speculating on and found DLS specufesting on the possibility of Dutton copying the Canadian Conservative Party’s platform of limiting immigration to only the number of houses or dwellings that can be completed in a year, and (and this is the interesting … Read more

DLS surrenders and admits EZFKA is the reality

This EZFKA blog was created by the wonderous and mysterious “Peachy” in October 2020, with the following statement of truth: We now live in a generic economic zone, geographically bounded by the continent. The ‘Economic Zone Formerly Known as Australia’ – EZFKA.  Once you start looking at local matters (events, social and economic policies, public discourse) … Read more

Life in the Longhouse

G.K. Chesterton, was an English writer, philosopher, Christian apologist (as though admitting to a crime – I wonder who edited this Wiki?), a literary and art critic was famous for many things, writing around 80 books and countless essays and newspaper comments. Amongst his prodigious volumes of work he is noted for raising the caution … Read more

The Black Pill

In the Robert’s last post hemorrhoid lotion asked what is ‘The Black Pill’ and there were a variety of answers given. It was fascinating to hear the origins lying in incel theory and that is one rabbit hole I could have avoided falling down last night, but the definition that I most identified with was … Read more

Time to tap the sign

If anyone has paid attention in recent years, the war for complete personal freedom comes through the constant violation and erosion of the customs and beliefs of our Egregore… ie Christian notions around sexuality, sin, gender the role of the family, etc. There has been a gradual ongoing war fought in the shadows, sadly with … Read more

Ordinals….. ATTACK!

The other day I read a tweet that explained a bit about some of the players behind ‘Ordinals’ which are the current flavour of the month in the crypto space, all of which ended up taking me down a few rabbit holes: Anyhow, I posted the above link in a comment a couple days ago, … Read more


That this wizened old crone has had her account deleted for hateful conduct and wishing personal injury, as a result of this tweet has made my weekend. Hopefully it is a permanent banning. Even though as a leading so called Indigenous Intellectual her Nastiness and visceral dislike for Australians, especially white Australians, is a great … Read more

Celebrating Australia Day!

With all the usual commentary by empowered white aboriginals in the media, criticizing Australia Day and generally spreading their hatred and ill-will towards a people and culture that immeasurably improved their lives, I thought I would celebrate Australia Day by reading the “Occidental Observer’s” recent essay on the ‘Aboriginal Worship and the Flight from Whiteness … Read more

Meme feast!!

The last thread was getting pretty long and hard to read, so I thought I would start a new one. I’ve been so inspired by the meme’s produced by the @auseconomicunit EZFKA account that I’m going to do a homage to them. I’ll start with one of my recent favorites: It is simple but effective, … Read more

The biggest Dildo in Crypto: Part 3

It is with great pleasure that I announce the formal arrest of Sam Bank-Friendman pending his extradition to the United States, who have formally applied for it today in the Bahamas. It also effectively closes the circle in terms of the SBF case study, and speculation around the toxic role he has played in crypto. … Read more