It’s Saturday…

….lets see what fascinating behaviour we can uncover today! This started as a comment, but since it is Saturday I thought I might make it into a post. I read this article during the week and it reminded me of the objectives I was wrote about in ‘The Golden Guardian‘ the other week. Here the … Read more

The golden guardian

I don’t know if anyone else shared the same misfortune that I experienced last night when they turned on the ABC. Watching TV is something that I rarely do nowadays but with the missus out I was going to watch some telly with my daughter and it initially turned on still on the ABC. It … Read more

The biggest Dildo in Crypto: Part 2

Been a while since I’ve run a crypto article, but given it is my favorite nefarious figure getting pole axed and the opportunity to recycle my favorite past art, I thought I would trot out a quick article. Basically this one should be considered as one of a series starting here: here: and here: Anyhow, … Read more

Purity Statements

Was typing out a response to Drago’s comment that eventually became long winded enough that I thought I’d stick in my own post rather than create another impenetrable text wall in the comments. Anyhow Drago’s comment is below: This pronoun usage BS is just one example of the over-reach by cat ladies in HR. My … Read more

Links I have found interesting this week

Okay. Don’t get too excited, this just started as a comment and then I got to five links and realised that I’d have to start spreading it out over multiple comments or have my comments sent to the spam folder. So with no further adiu I bring you “Links I have found interesting this week“: … Read more

The biggest dildo in crypto…

Yeah, yeah, I know he’s apparently the most successful person in the space, but that doesn’t change my contempt for him. This won’t be a long post, it is mainly just an additional follow up on a comment made in the post I did last week: To which I responded: “As I said, this is … Read more

Do the Bartman!

After reading up on the fascinating price moves of Nickle on T’s Nickle post the other day, it reminded me of a trading phenonium observed fairly frequently within the crypto world – the Bartman! The above images taken this morning when I began typing this out Sat, 12 March 12:18pm. It is functionally a basic … Read more

Progressive Saviour Complex?

Is it just me or as DLS ages is he increasingly transforming from a polemic ‘veteran radical centrist’ to a menopausal woman? Far from being the razor sharp observations stabbing at the heart of our political hubris that drives ALL the players in our politco-media-developer economy, DLS’s political rants bear an increasing resemblance to shrill … Read more

A shift in the narrative?

Interesting article on bloomberg: But I wonder why they could be running with the above story now? Could it be because of this? “This hospitalisation was necessary because of a serious complication due to a dysfunction of the immune system,” the statement said. “As a result, all official activities of the President of the … Read more