Yield Farming on the Crypto Plains

Yield Farming – heard of the term? How about DeFi? Apparently it is the future of finance, but do you really know what it means? I was asked what they were the other day and by now I’d sort of worked out what they referred to and was able to provide a basic explanation, but … Read more

What was your woke breaking point?

NOT the Babylon Bee published an amusing list of comments by centrists and liberals about their road to Damascus moment when they woke up to wokeness. All of which was kicked off by this lady: My awakening actually started a while back when I had a bee under my bonnet about Boomers and house prices, … Read more

A Biden boom of immense proportions…. for Migrants

DLS getting all excited in regards to the Biden Boom: An overall spending package worth between $2-4tr will be proposed. It will focus on roads and green infrastructure. It will be funded by tax hikes for corporations from 21% to 28% and higher personal taxes for $4ook+ earners and higher capital gains taxes for $1m+ … Read more

The Woke Army Won’t Save Us

Wokism is the progressive liberal’s scream against nature, it is their anguished cry against parito distributions throughout the universe – if they could they would resize stars so that there would be no such thing as a Blue Giant and no such thing as a Red Dwarf, equity would be reflected everywhere in their Universe. … Read more

Wake up fake left…. Biden is going to save workers

The only thing that amazes me more often than some chardonay sipping lefty promoting their anti-racist virtue, while sitting at a cafe being waited on hand and foot by imported, wage crushing slaves, is the faith that supposed ‘centrists’ have in that the parties of the left will come to their senses, awake from their … Read more

BTC is the Establishment

I was having a scroll through crypto twitter yesterday when I came across this meme and had a good laugh at it – then it occurred to me that most people would have no idea what it was about or the significant truth that lies behind it. While Cyberpunks like to celebrate its supposed anarchist … Read more

Bumbling Biden and his media excusers

I had a great aunt, let’s call her Eliza, she was a lovely old woman; conservative, kind, incredibly polite and thoughtful, and very civic minded, she use to regularly work for various charities in her retirement years donating her time to worthy causes. But as she got older her ability to guard and separate her … Read more

The Woke Armed forces will save us !!

I don’t know about you – but I feel positively unsafe knowing that the Army, Navy and Airforce are filled with men saturated in Toxic Masculinity. I’m sure Mig and the Professor at Macrobusiness would agree that we need far more empathetic soldiers who will be mindful of their colleagues gender choices when on the … Read more

Accepting the Enlightenment means rejecting cultural relativism in all its forms…

“This frame of reference responds to contemporary issues in a pretty straightforward manner. It sees class inequality as the great evil even though it is post-colonial and pro-multiculturalism.“ …and with that the author has just glossed over the cause and source of the sort of of cultural relativism that justifies and empowers views like those … Read more