Purity Statements

Was typing out a response to Drago’s comment that eventually became long winded enough that I thought I’d stick in my own post rather than create another impenetrable text wall in the comments.

Anyhow Drago’s comment is below:

This pronoun usage BS is just one example of the over-reach by cat ladies in HR.

My personal bugbear is the ‘Welcome to Country’ bullshit that nearly every Corporate bigwig has adopted. It is dropped at the start of every top down meeting and have even seen it used in training sessions.

I really have a problem with this, at a number of levels (queue unsurprised groans).

Firstly I have ask the question “What are we actually saying here?” What does it mean? And by that I don’t mean the literal words, I’ll get to those later, I mean what motivation for saying it?

Is it lip service? Something people are just saying simply to signal their virtue?

This is actually imho the worst possible reason for someone to say the Welcome to Country. I don’t actually mind the W2C when it is spoken by an indigenous Australian in the context of some indigenous Australian issues. Even though I don’t agree with it, I can understand and tolerate their belief and motivation in saying it.

But when someone, especially a none indigenous person says it simply to attach the virtue upon themselves, then I start to have issues. To me that is probably one of the worst forms of cultural appropriation – and despite many people saying it with genuine feeling, it is inevitable that a certain percentage will say it for their own cynical advancement.

But if W2C isn’t just lip service (which it will be for a certain number of people) what is it?

Is it a moral belief that indigenous Australians are owed this statement before every gathering more than 10 people as a form of national reconciliation?

If so it is a faith based motivation in saying – I’m sorry but Unions fought for years to remove religion and faith based decision making from the workforce. We don’t say prayers before a meeting. We don’t tolerate calling to prayers? WTF should we tolerate the W2C?

Maybe people saying it, genuinely believe the indigenous Australians are our traditional custodians of the land?

If this is the case then this is a political statement. The fact is many parts of Australia have had native title extinguished. I should not have to tolerate going to a work training session and being told to give praise to elders, past and present, who are not my own. It was normal during the Chinese Cultural revolution for workers to chant out political slogans – is this what we have come to?

Frank Chui forgot to make his welcome to country statement before starting a meeting.

The fact is, in a corporate setting and unless spoken by an indigenous Australian in the context of some indigenous issue, the W2C is a Purity Statement.

Our unions fought for years to make the work place both secular and free of political partisanship. These W2C statements are lead by everyone from training supervisors to CEOs – they are purity statements.

Purity statements are a subtle means of getting groups to adhere to top down morality codes – if you don’t agree with the statement, especially if it is fervently spoken by the boss, then you are morally questionable. They are social filters designed to socially isolate people with different political or moral beliefs. Purity statements are wrong and have no place in our workplace.

So that is my objection from a democratic, moral and ethical position. We don’t say prayers before meetings. We don’t chant political statements. We should not be saying the W2C – it is wrong.

With thanks plaguerat

My other obvious objection is in respect to the offence it causes my in regards to my cultural identity. I am 7th generation on my Father’s side. I am 5th generation on my Mother’s side. I have never known any living relative in my life who was an immigrant – my identity is as a Colonial Australian.

The W2C literally forces me to acknowledge someone else as having ownerhip of the land I was born to, and the nation that my ancestors created and which we now all collectively enjoy today. The W2C forces me to standby and effectively disown and disregard my own cultural history, and instead have praise misdirected to a sacred cow that is both to be praised and honored, yet completely lacks any agency of its own in these discussions. There are many indigneous Australians who also have issues with the W2C being used by possum skin wearing pseudo indigneous:

But the fact is that arguably Australia as we know and enjoy it today owes nearly everything to the people who did the hard work of nation building – every city and institution that gives us shelter and security, grew out of their efforts. No other group that exists today in Australia, before or since, is owed a greater debt of gratitude than Colonial Australians.

If we are to accept that we are in a MultiCultural society – WTF is my cultural identity pushed to last? The W2C instead redirects all the credit for what we enjoy today, to our indigenous Australians, as though we are living in their Wakanda.

The fact is I don’t demand for recognition of my own Cultural Identity and Heritage to be acknowledged before every meeting and training session, because we are now supposed to be a MultiCultural society, where every culture represented here is supposedly meant to be first among equals. Now flipping the switch and saying “Well actually we need to recognise this one special culture.” completely flies in the face of our supposed egalitarianism.

This is the most toxic progressive meme currently trending in Australian. The W2C statement’s needs to end in both a Corporate setting and many other settings, because it is a purity statement and they are wrong to have these in the workplace and wrong to be normalised in our society.

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Amy Attell

👏 👍

Thanks for putting up this as a separate post. I won’t repost my insensitive response from the other thread. Just to add a couple of points.

This issue, along with a couple of others, is used to artificially divide the populace and rule it, while the populace are busy debating it.

The script is always the same. An issue is picked, emotions are stirred, MSM pushes one side heavily, while the other side is allowed a limited voice. This artificially creates two camps: one that backs the issue and finds reassurance of their views, the other feels underrepresented and compelled to fight back.

The issues that are selected are usually emotive but have little impact on the wider populace. Just recall the recent debate on gay marriage that raged for years and directly affected what, 5 percent of the population at best. Now that is done and dusted, it is no longer a point of discussion, as it should have never been in the first place.

The controlled discourse is used to keep people distracted while they are being fleeced.

GruppenfĂŒhrer Mark

Stewie, I spent the night repenting and lashing myself out of shame for what I’ve become, and for my impure thoughts!

Having invaded a house in a desirable suburb of Perth, I am now torn between providing for my own or handing the keys over to the traditional owners.


Went out last night who and ended up speaking to some moron who was critical about why I didn’t lease the rooms of my house to underprivileged people. There are some fuckwits around, I’ll give you that.


It’s getting ridiculous. We were discussing how awesome it was when a client sent our office a bunch of donuts and how we ought to do the same to people we work with.

It got shot down because sending donuts isn’t inclusive, people who don’t eat gluten will be offended.


I used to work for these two halfwits, and they bent over backwards to be woke and google esque in the operations of their firm. this was at the expense of the experienced architects (all since left)who had to accommodate all soughts of retardation and jewisms so the ‘store keeper’ could feel like a big dck.

Yo make things worse top đŸŽ© used to insist that the radio station was fixed to triple J, this cunt was in his fifties…
Ive got a couple of tins of paint stripper in my shed, ready and waiting for these two cunts new $150k + cunt cars. Jam don’t forget

There was this pasty moody bitch who only hydrated with coconut water and didn’t like being directed to do her work, so whenever we got cake or donuts it was this anti gluten stale play doh shit.

In this instance covid was great as I got paid for nine months WFH away from this shit show punching cones. I didn’t last long on return to office.

On a separate note, I have recently been informed about a couple of meetings where Aboriginal culture and native title were discussed. Both of these were State government.

On the native title, some very senior government officials quipped that one was more likely to get speared in the leg (that’s a quote) than get approval, to which a reply was given (again a quote) that as long as there is a bag of money, everything will be fine. An Aboriginal man who holds an executive position and was a part of the discussion said nothing.

The second meeting was a discussion on consultation with traditional owners. A room full of educated people, a step under an executive, were being learned about the process, culture and the like. About half were women, majority of participants white, all toeing the progressive line of equality, openness and the like.

An expert, an Aboriginal woman, was invited to provide an insight into culture. Quotes, as recorded:

  • There is men business and women business, our culture is not equal, blacks don’t care
  • All of our culture is based on spoken word, we don’t write it down
  • We cannot let you know how the cultural process works, you have to let it work without knowing what it is
  • When you are negotiating with our elders, you have to give them something, our culture is based on reciprocity
  • There are no leaders in our society, families fight for themselves
  • We cannot tell you who our elders are
  • A black man never trusts a white, they assume a white man always lies

With the above set of statements, how does our current society with its current set of values is expected to integrate?

Last edited 1 year ago by GruppenfĂŒhrer Mark
GruppenfĂŒhrer Mark

Agree wholeheartedly.

And then there is another aspect. To integrate, both sides need to want to integrate. It’s not a one way street, not a radio. It’s also applicable to the other aspects of MultiCult society, do they want to integrate into the culture of their new home?

Australia had this experience with immigrants from Europe after WWII. Seem to be doing ok, Italians, Greeks and Croats are Australian. Other immigrant countries, Canada and US, same. But the latest wave of subcontinent migrants, and African and middle east migrants seem to want to keep the communities separate.


That would have been a shock.

Can remember a story from a colleague about th time when he was rotated out to work in an Aboriginal Health Service. This place was unique in that it was run by indigenous staff, but only one of them had a relevant qualification, and would usually close up 2 hours early. Remarked that he didn’t think he’d be as successful if he adapted their work ethic and cultural values.

Shy Ted

As a rule, in remote communities, there are 2 “health” services. A Health Service staffed by qualified doctors and nurses and with the usual visiting services and a Wellbeing Service staffed by Aboriginal staff with the most dubious ancestries and/or qualifications. I’ve worked in both. In the WS, I was there for 4 weeks, only 1 person walked through the door and they wanted to use the phone. 6 staff on the books, I only met 2 of them. They’re really just employment services, it being better to be “employed” (even though you don’t turn up) than being unemployed.


“Identify as Indigenous” ?


The corporate media let this one whoosh through without any recognition in the Census in July.

25% increase ? That’s a hell of a birth rate, when less than 300,000 Australians are born annually and the birth rate has been declining for 10 years.

Absolute crickets from the media about all those grifters coming out for their jobs and handouts now.



pretty good proof white privilege isn’t real in aus. if white privilge was real everyone would want to be white and would identify as it if they could. you would see 50% white 50% aboriginal people claiming they were white. you wouldn’t have people with like 1% abo ancestry who look entirely white claiming they were abo if there was really white privilege.


It’s more about the money and the benefits.

I mean, no one should want an autism diagnosis, but it’s a popular request in paediatrician rooms around the country because getting that label comes with an automatic pass into the NDIS and the rivers of cash that provides.

GruppenfĂŒhrer Mark

If that is true, it is sick.

GruppenfĂŒhrer Mark

I never understood what exactly is white privilege. Most likely because of my white privilege.


Yeah my ol man is certainly enjoying his white privilege in the run down dementia home in which he resides sitting in piss and shit. Whilst the new arrivals have their PC nirvana. Casual rascialism is frowned upon and fuck you ol timer just die you racist plick.

Was a task to find a place a for him when it became critical.in that period I lost some faith in so called medical professionals. In hospital when shtf Some nurse manager rent boy effeminate pillowfeeno tried to give me a lecture on telling my dad to stop lifting the trolley Dolley skirts.i had visions of strangling this cunt. Next day h got transferred to some dilapidated wing

If your a red blooded legacy Australian good luck with retirement and aging.

if your an alpha male your fucked. All yeah we got vacancies but then work out he ain’t some flower, nah thanks.

GruppenfĂŒhrer Mark

Speaking of identifying as…


I am currently compiling a list of things I identify as.


The original “Welcome to Country”

2-gag-1 (Medium).jpg
GruppenfĂŒhrer Mark

I envy your ability to post images!


Don’t you have the little “attach an image” button in the bottom right hand corner?

post image.PNG
GruppenfĂŒhrer Mark

No, it’s a glitch of some sort. Or punishment for crimethink.

Aussie Soy Boy

Aboriginals are the worst people on the planet. I hate them and nothing will ever change my mind. If you have ever lived around them, had them in your schools, played sport against them, you will understand.

You are just unappreciative of the 60 000 year culture full of stories about Wagyl. It is a rich culture, so pay up and shut up


Don’t share anywhere near your views, in fact I’m far from them, but I do however object to this whole Welcome to Country farce. Growing up here in the ‘80’s all Aussies were farkin awesome, home and overseas. When did I suddenly need permission to be here on land suddenly belonging to a fat grifter pretending to be aboriginal?


80s was probably peak Australia.


Yep . Brisbane was effing awesome growing in Wynnum Manly.


Growing up in I meant.

And road trips to Mackay and Whitsunday on the mainland


Isn’t it convenient that all these changes to immune systems are being linked to Covid, and not the leaky experimental gene therapies that everyone took?


And did you know that our taxpayer dollars are still be used by master Covid grifter Norman Swan to host a show called the Virus? I randomly caught the start of this show, first off was him and a guest questioning the WHO that the pandemic was almost over.

I suppose pumping this fear bullshit still appeals to the Covid Karens after the rest of us have moved on.


Throw that muppet on the pile with the Covid Grifters, along with the ABC merch of 100,000 dildo’s with Brett Sutton’s face on them.

Contrast with the howling Karens who chase down Dr Nick Coatesworth when he tweets sense and talks about people calming the fuck down. Things like:

“Very interesting reflection on where people sit with regard to pandemic restrictions that they are very happy to accept Chief Health Officer advice with no detail when applying restrictions, but demand to see “the detail” of that advice when those restrictions come off”


I just played a round of golf with a bloke who told me that his 15 year old grand daughter had developed an ovarian tumour the size of a grapefruit in the space of a couple of months. They’d frozen some of her eggs, because the surgical removal of the tumour had left her infertile.

This is a perfectly normal thing. I didn’t ask about her vaccine status, because I knew what the answer would be.


My wife got verbally abused by a Covid Karen on Saturday. We were at a checkout and the wife went to put things on it and the Covid Karen shouted at her “go away, you must be 1.5 metres away from me”.

These CHOs and Norman Swan have a lot to answer for by condoning this type of behaviour.


you must be 1.5 metres away from me”. 

she’d be a pretty terrible shag.


“Isn’t it convenient that all these changes to immune systems are being linked to Covid, and not the leaky experimental gene therapies that everyone took?”

Not everyone is buying it:

Adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and measures to prevent them
ï»żVirology Journal – June 5, 2022

The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has led to the widespread use of genetic vaccines, including mRNA and viral vector vaccines. In addition, booster vaccines have been used, but their effectiveness against the highly mutated spike protein of Omicron strains is limited. Recently, The Lancet published a study on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and the waning of immunity with time [1]. The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among unvaccinated individuals. These findings were more pronounced in older adults and individuals with pre-existing conditions. According to the European Medicines Agency’s recommendations, frequent COVID-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible [2]. Several countries, including Israel, Chile, and Sweden, are offering the fourth dose to only older adults and other groups rather than to all individuals 


Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among unvaccinated individuals. These findings were more pronounced in older adults and individuals with pre-existing conditions

lol, it’s fucked!

Max Payne

Another related thing you may have noticed is the MSM referring to aboriginal ‘elders’ as Uncle and Aunty. It’s basically a pathetic attempt to try and ingratiate these people as a part of everyone’s family and give them an extra veneer of moral authority.

GruppenfĂŒhrer Mark

Nah, it is a straight up signal of their place and expected status in the society.



Stupid thing is Aunty or Uncle is a ‘white name’ anyway. If these muppets were really trying to pander to them wouldn’t they bother to find out the indigenous word instead!


the mob out here truly don’t have uncles / aunties in our white fulla sense … ie: my parents siblings

their appropriation of uncle / aunty nomenclature is borne of not having equivalent words in their lingo when trying to explain to whiteys how the “family” works.

my best understanding is it means any senior person who is a teacher.
also parents will not be teachers of their own offspring [for whatever reason]


The use of the terms “Uncle” and “Aunty” in the manner to which you refer has been responsible for extensive damage to a number of otherwise perfectly functioning TV sets in my domestic residence.


The Age article about the Woke Left now being bitten by the grifters it feeds

Dictator Andrews is renaming Maroondah Hospital to Queen Elizabeth II, which is flamed the grifters. One in particular is so indigenous he gets sunburned in winter. Doesn’t even try to hide his grifting, wears a cord jacket like so many of his tribe (of University lecturers in Gender studies).

“Stewart, who on Monday said the name change had turned the hospital into a “culturally unsafe place for our people”, refused to back down.

“We’ve been elected by our people to create a pathway to treaty and, of course, that involves speaking up about things our community cares about. We won’t be silenced. We will always seek recognition for our history and do what we can to protect our culture.”

The Assembly is the elected body to represent traditional owners and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders in Victoria and is independent of the state government.”

Culturally unsafe. That’s an awesome one, must remember to use it myself.

Elected ?!


The Germans have a word for everything, and a great one is “backpfeifengesicht” which means “a face in need of a fist” or more literally “a punchable face”.

This is a textbook example.


That’s awesome. I’m going to google the correct pronunciation and add it to my general wandering rants. Along with my catchphrase ‘all the best stuff comes from Germany ‘ I’m sure to grate a few people.

I had interesting conversation once with the brother in law whose an academic, (senior health minister in UK, advisor to the main person who goes on telly) who said that once in a group setting the poms said who do you prefer the French or the Germans noting the wars etc. General consensus was the Germans. Although I know this chap almost has difficulty tieing his shoelaces and other real-world situations, it framed my view on the ‘academic’ advice on covid and that these individuals follow the script. Kinda like that Anthony Green when Campbell Newman lost the Qld state election, ‘this doesn’t align with my models’ . look it up.


this grifting charles the 3rd is doing quite nicely in the welfare industry, eh?
check the blubberguts on it