Demographer Liz Allen proposes massive ramp up of supply in food after leaving supermarket shelves empty at her local Coles and Woolworths

Liz Allen has yet again departed from her weekly grocery trip leaving the supermarket aisles at the Canberra Civic Coles/Woolworths (she visited both) completely empty, at least in the chips/snacks/lollies and soft drinks aisles. When confronted on what the solution should be so that there could be more food available following these events Allen responded … Read more

YIMBY’s are the scum of the world

YIMBY’s are rapidly shaping up to be my most despised people in Australia at the moment. I’m not somebody with a lot of tolerance, but there’s something about these people that really get under my skin, and hard. For those of you who don’t know, YIMBY’s are the a band totally-not-astroturfed political operatives who see … Read more

Poll’s Closed

The ABC released their vote count here broken down by state and electorate, so now before the numbers start rolling in I guess we can make bets on just how much this thing is going to lose. I’ll say it will be the bizarro fag marriage postal vote, maybe a bit less, 55-60% No. How … Read more

Voice Open Thread

i guess bc its less than 2 days before the referendum we can have this thread to talk about it and other stuff its most likely going to lose, it really went down hill after the liberal party came out against it. the thing is i think for the most part it probably wouldnt matter … Read more

Is Albo a lame duck one term PM?

It really feels as though Albo is shaping up to be the most ineffectual and worst prime minister Australia has had in recent times, perhaps ever. I would say at this point he has already surpassed Scomo in his hopelessness, and with what seems to be the impending failure of the ‘Voice’ it no longer … Read more

R.I.P Richard Lynn

I have just recieved word via Twitter that English researcher and psychologist Richard Lynn has died peacefully in his sleep, aged 93. Lynn was the last of the OG noticiers and so-called ‘HBD’ scientists who specialised in the study of population psychometry. His perhaps notable work was the controversial IQ and the Wealth of Nations, … Read more