Is Albo a lame duck one term PM?

It really feels as though Albo is shaping up to be the most ineffectual and worst prime minister Australia has had in recent times, perhaps ever. I would say at this point he has already surpassed Scomo in his hopelessness, and with what seems to be the impending failure of the ‘Voice’ it no longer … Read more

R.I.P Richard Lynn

I have just recieved word via Twitter that English researcher and psychologist Richard Lynn has died peacefully in his sleep, aged 93. Lynn was the last of the OG noticiers and so-called ‘HBD’ scientists who specialised in the study of population psychometry. His perhaps notable work was the controversial IQ and the Wealth of Nations, … Read more


Therer is an attempted micro-coup orchestrated by the infamous Yegenny Prigozhin brewing in Russia right now. Why he is doing this is anyone’s guess, with some (such as No1) suggesting he may have been compromised by the CIA. Personally I think it’s a lot more simple than that: Prigozhin is an unhinged alcoholic ex-con megalomaniac … Read more

Budget Discussion

Is there anything interesting in this shit at all? All I saw so far was the extended range of payments to single parents (read: mothers), so the typical reward the biggest fuck ups policy yet again, in line with the increase in the Jobseeker rate to over 55s.. Other than that, there’s probably nothing in … Read more

NSW Election Open Thread

Who will win? Who will lose? I’ll put my chips in and say I think NSW Labor is going to win. It won’t be a big win but they’ll probably cinch it by a little. LNP might be able to crawl over the line but I think it’s generally the best bet at this point … Read more

And on the Pedestal These Words Appeared

My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings Look upon my works and despair. So basically labor want to reform the entire immigration system to make it even more fast-tracked, more facilitating to migrants and even easier to rort. You won’t even need to rort it, because it’ll be so easy to migrate to Australia after … Read more

A Tribute To MikeMB

One of the most legendary commenters on MacroBusiness. We all knew this guy. We didn’t know who he was, where his numbers came from, and how much of them were embellished. He was the boiler plate man; a guy who would repeatedly post some modified/varied statistic heavy spiel in nearly every thread detailing the horror … Read more