NSW Election Open Thread

Who will win? Who will lose? I’ll put my chips in and say I think NSW Labor is going to win. It won’t be a big win but they’ll probably cinch it by a little. LNP might be able to crawl over the line but I think it’s generally the best bet at this point … Read more

And on the Pedestal These Words Appeared

My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings Look upon my works and despair. So basically labor want to reform the entire immigration system to make it even more fast-tracked, more facilitating to migrants and even easier to rort. You won’t even need to rort it, because it’ll be so easy to migrate to Australia after … Read more

A Tribute To MikeMB

One of the most legendary commenters on MacroBusiness. We all knew this guy. We didn’t know who he was, where his numbers came from, and how much of them were embellished. He was the boiler plate man; a guy who would repeatedly post some modified/varied statistic heavy spiel in nearly every thread detailing the horror … Read more

EZFKA and the World: A year in review

It’s the end of 2022! Another year at this place. Man this year has seen a lot happen, or not happen. This thread will be a runover of every major notable thing that has occured over the last year which has gripped the interest of this blog. I’ll provide some brief commentary and perspectives on … Read more

House Price Falls are Slowing

According to the ABC anyway. You know what this means. These falls will no longer be falls in probably one year and will resume their inexorable rise shortly after. We’ve got more migrants than we’ve ever had preparing to flood into Australia on top of what looks like a petering out inflation ‘crisis’ (could MB … Read more

Putin Finally Orders Mobilisation

If anyone has been following the Ukraine war lately, they would have noticed from that Ukrainian army has recently taken back a fairly sizable chunk of territory in the direction of the city of Kharkov. Occuring earlier this month, Ukraine marched into Kharkov rather unexpectatly with a force of maybe 8000 men (some sources are … Read more

House Price Prediction Open Thread

Over some given timeframe from now, what are your expectations for housing prices? What will prices be like in given Aus markets over the next 18-24 / whatever / months? Do you think they’re going down and staying down or is this just another false alarm? 20% falls? 50% falls? What will happen! Let’s talk … Read more

The Decline & Fall of Covid Grifters

Anyone else remember covid? I barely do. It lasted two whole years, driving the world and especially Australia into a giant panic. It revealed a significant proportion of the population to be hyperbolic retards, and turned neighbours and families against each other over how much everybody agreed or disagreed whether the threat it posed was … Read more