NSW Election Open Thread

Who will win? Who will lose?

I’ll put my chips in and say I think NSW Labor is going to win. It won’t be a big win but they’ll probably cinch it by a little. LNP might be able to crawl over the line but I think it’s generally the best bet at this point to assume ‘conservatives’ (what even are they) can’t win anymore and are more or less a spent political force. Who knows though. It really doesn’t matter eitherway.

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Dunno. It’s a state full of wogs, poos, chinks, micks, tradie and union meatheads, office fag weasels, north shore anglo mafia, eastern suburbs joos and fake left teals, clueless inner west skanks, boomers and the rural bunyip aristocracy. Good luck analysing all that shit.

I voted for Libs, after the inane Sustainable Australia, and One Nation in the senate.

This Minns guy looks like the quintessential worthless Labor bureaucrat. At least the libs have done some decent infrastructure projects.


At least the libs have done some decent infrastructure projects.

Like rebuilding perfectly good stadiums?


Are you suggesting spending $874m to fit an extra 3500 people a couple times a year was not worth it?


Not as though they would spend that $874m on health and education anyway.


Fair point but I’ll give them 6/10 as opposed to the previous Labor government 2/10.

Sydney CBD has been improved massively. People were getting hit by buses before that. Gruesome.



The LNP may be a semi corrupt party in bed with who knows what, but at least shit is getting/has been built.

The Metro for instance is a game changer.

Lesser of the two evils IMO.


The metro is so slow it’s almost useless in my experience.


Are we talking about the same thing?

Tallawong to Chatswood is like 38 minutes thats fast AF for the distance

Hills district to central in 38 minutes once done that’s like 35km in 38 mins


Their selling off and privatising of Govt Assets that are effective monopolies, like the Land Titles Registry, have been ideological sins I don’t think I’ll ever forgive – but then LAB are just as keen to privatise too when the mood suits them.

The one thing that will actually get me to put the NSW LNP above LAB at this point has been Perrottet’s determination to take on the NSW Clubs and address the scourge of gambling.

Ironically the people most likely to benefit from his policies are probably among the least likely to vote for him, and outside the majority of his parties various electorates. He could have ignored it, but he honestly sees and cares about the social problems it causes.

Also, that Perrottet incurred that nasty little Jew Josh Landis’s wrath, to the point that it brought his Jewish animus to the surface over gambling reforms, is probably enough for me to give him my vote.


Yep, Labor is just as committed to privatising everything as the LNP. Mainly because super funds are enthusiastic buyers of government assets.


A large amount is spent on stadiums here in Melbourne. $1B on the tennis complex, $300M on Marvel stadium.


Ha! It’s one of many massive rorts by Daddy Dan here in Victoria.

Militant Unions like CFMEU were paid off with these huge taxpayer funded projects like the Metro Rail in return for massive coercion on their workers to vote ALP. Workers on many construction sites were threatened directly on the campaign.

We saw how the CFMEU are a criminal organisation when they attacked their own members in the Lockdown marches after Andrews announced the vaccine mandates. They had to use their Bikie mates to stand guard outside the CFMEU office but they ran inside when attacked. Funniest thing was the CFMEU officials and various gangland thugs got Covid on that afternoon.

Of course thousands of useless Public Servants are employed to manage the projects.

Daddy Dan also did a deal with the Chinese to buy all the trains from the CCP, built in Uyghur “re-education“ slave labour camps. Couldn’t use Victorian existing workshops (ie. Alston in Ballarat).

It’s funny hearing someone support a grifting bastard who takes your money, gives it to his mates, wastes it, then tells you what a great job he did for your State delivering the project. PRGuy couldn’t be more of a dumb cocksuxker than that.



It’s like that Leo scene from blood diamond (top movie, top actor) where he goes TIA this is Africa.

Australia version.

Jews Wogs Asians


I hope Latham’s lunatics hold the balance of power


I agree. Labor will win this. Not that it will make too much difference, just a different set of mates in the game of mates. Mass immigration won’t be interrupted, apartments will go up and the WEF agenda will still be on track.


Dunno. On infrastructure can’t see Labor agreeing to anything. What even is their plan? And the NSW government doesn’t control immigration.


Really hope perrotet wins because he’s the most honest and caring and courageous NSW premier in my lifetime

the rest of the LNP are criminals though

but we know that NSW ALP always have been criminals and it’s absolutely creepy seeing minns crawl up the arse of the pubs and clubs lobby
pure evil

Latham is hilarious but quite clearly a narcissistic grifter
nonetheless I’ll probably put one nation first

I fear the biggest problem is that we will be forced to endure more abo/LQBTI virtue signalling with the ALP
and of course the glorification and lionisation of useless lazy poor people

hopefully dom stays in parliament as opposition leader and wins the next one but it seems like Kean is breathing down his throat and has the WEF backing

dark days for NSW ahead

Reus's Large MEMBER

Labor has the steal baked in


Pls don’t tell me this guy is getting sex too

absolutely talentless waste of space


Labor. They’re shit, but they’re a different shape and flavour and texture of shit than the current shit, and I think NSW people want the shit they are forced to eat every day to look and taste and feel a bit different to what theyre currently being served.


Just having a look at the current betting odds.

Labor: 1.15
Coalition: 5.25
Other party: 101

Might chuck a cheeky bet on the Coalition.

A fly in your ointment

one of the best parts of not having an aus passport is not having to vote.
If one participates in a circus act, one can only be a clown.

I can tell you whom loses…
all of you!
and #metoo
(it does not need a high iq to seee that).


indig you reckon

Aussie Soy Boy

Just some little black c***

Aussie Soy Boy

5 years for shivving someone who confronted you over a bike you stolen. Not doing anything aggressive or threatening, merely confronting the abo to get the stolen bike back.

Imagine losing your life to a boong. Makes me sick to think about it. Must be the worst way to die.


Trans freak Paedo wonders why people are upset at them wanting to play with kiddies…

Serious question – why are Trans Paedo freaks so insistent on chasing little children? Why don’t they stick to hanging out with adults in bars?





There’s clearly a mass psychosis caused by the fear wrought upon the public by government and media about Covid.

There simply was not the levels of mental illness prior, not the rate of Trans Freak Paedo disorder.

One of the symptoms is continued mask wearing, have a look at the recent Melbourne protest and look at those wearing masks. They’re the ones who are either Trans Freak Paedos or supporters. The cops aren’t wearing them at least.


The women wearing the mask in the black tank top has COVID as the least of her health worries


Muh heritage whilst we hate our heritage? I guess architecture is basically an arts degree these days.

Looks like a Danish pedos house.



Actually I quite like the older style architecture. But it is not quite like they are bulldozing the house. It sits on a hectare, so they are building elsewhere on the block. I fail fail to see the issue. But I guess a fake outrage story like this distracts people from the overdevelopment in suburbia.

A fly in your ointment

It’s a promo material for new development, nuttin else. Like these fakenews.comau articles of items with a twist at bunnings/kmart/etc

See this butiful propadee next to the old heritage home, only $20k/m²…


that proposed brutalist shitbox will opal towers inside 15 years and then have to be demolished


Vote Green I say, what could go wrong?


When Indiginisim is the only form Nationalism that is allowed.


Wogs wogging again.


Wogs wogging is a great contraceptive. They played a big part in creating the propadee culture with muh cafes to make it look a bit poncy.

You’d think every second woman was having an abortion every week. Dumb wogs.


Yeah its weird that there is still downers when you can abort them afaik.


I might go along to that mass and lend them my support, to try and make it look a little less woggy.

I wonder why the media don’t report on Jewish group’s support of Abortion, and just report on the Christians who oppose it?

WASHINGTON (JTA) — An array of Jewish groups across the country are kickstarting into action to protest and potentially challenge the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 case that had enshrined the right to an abortion in the United States.


Isn’t the media meant to report on the two sides of the debate? Why are Maronite’s and other Christians the only religious groups ever to get mentioned in this debate? 


Isn’t the media meant to report on the two sides of the debate?

In whose opinion?
Like everything else theres the mainstream narrative and the realíty that people fail to understand.

A fly in your ointment

You’d think every second woman was having an abortion every week. Dumb wogs.

LOL, estimates are that up to 1/4 of involuntary immigrants descendants (convict class ezfka units) during 60-80’s era were fathered by wogs of all spectrum (including lebos and turks). Apparently 82% of women from the same class of ezfka units learned for the first time what the vaginal orgasm is from wogs. Some women named it “the impalement orgasm”.

Without recalcitrant wogs, this place would be the next level of Jonestown.

Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment

Lmao I want this to be true

82% sounds too specific to be made up

A fly in your ointment

Of course 82% is not made up.
Pure science: 80-84% is the best gullibility inducing percentile bracket.


I know that one of the sources of “pocket money” for more mature looking private school boys sent to board down in Sydney, use to be to go and make an anonymous sperm donation for $50, back in the day when anonymous donations were allowed.

A swarthy Italian lad from Griffith, a couple years above me at school, use to make a donation every two weeks when we were allowed out of board over the weekends for at least his last three years of school (he repeated year 12). He’s probably single-handedly responsible for half the curly haired pseudo-woggy types on the lower North Shore.


I think when they send you the letter you can write back and lie and say you voted.

Good idea to never sign up in the first place to the electoral roll. I had a friend who did that and I’m a bit jelly.


Even if you ignore the letter, they will send another one and then nothing.


Just do a protest vote and support your local school by buying a sausage sizzle.


buy the snag, cross your name off, sledge the fuck out of all legacy party reps and job done


Heard from a mate that a democracy sausage was $5 at his local polling place – double what he paid last time. How’s that inflation?


It is a donation, not inflation.


Hah, will have to ask for a receipt for tax purposes next time.


Went out for a friends birthday dinner at one of Sydney’s swankiest restaurants last night and met this other couple. Actually I new her husband reasonably well and probably had met his wife once or twice before.

Towards the end of the evening the topic came up about the election tomorrow, when the wife starts mentioning all the work and planning she’s doing for the referendum at her work – the DPP.

Well…. what could I do? Out in public on my best behaviour, yet such an irresistible topic brought up. I was so conflicted.

Anyhow when I mentioned that I had reservations about the Voice the look of shock that went across her face could have lit up on of Perrottet’s new stadiums. She almost fell off her chair. I think I was literally the first person she’s encountered who had dared to publicly express anything other than positive sentiments towards the referendum.

Challenged I quickly listed off a few of the more reasonable reasons why I am opposed to it; creating permanent division, separate classes of citizens in terms of rights, the failure of previous Indigenous organisational bodies, the opportunities of introducing additional vectors of corruption into our politics. Issues around everyone with a bee’s dick of indigenous ancestry identifying as Indigenous, and the resulting abuses of privilege, and the likely acceleration of it.

She literally canned the discussion “We need to talk about something else.” This Karen was a literal Lawyer, versed in Constitutional Law, yet not the slightest bit of concern around the proposed changes. “We are always changing the law.” Amazing to me as it showed a profound lack of understanding of the law, which is consistency across time and across related legal principals.

Sure the law does change through precedent and reinterpretation, but changing a keystone element of our legal and political framework, is something more than should be dismissed with a waved of the hand as some reinterpreted precedent.

The propose changes have the opportunity to fundamentally change and impact literally EVERY other existing legal and political precedent, and have them be re-opened for renewed legal consideration within the lens of this new referendum’s laws.

Anyhow it was amusing to me the shock on her face at encountering probably the first non-enthusiastic take on the referendum, while it left me profoundly concerned about the influence of people like her within our public and legal institutions.



The look of shock would probably have been less if I’d pulled my dick out, waved it around and flopped into her cocktail glass.


Absolutely, if it was laden with some booga suger , you would have been fine


The Left creates this huge number of public servants, semi government organisations etc. In that is a massive group think of festering Socialism. It’s an entire other world, culture and language. A cult and everyone they know is on the gravy train with them. Everyone they deal with at work is part of the cult, including those outside like consultants and other corporate leeches.

All are on the teat of the ALP for their very existence, to think against them, let alone vote against them would be like leaving a cult. Why vote for unemployment? Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.


I’m not sure it is socialism at least in the classical sense as socialism would require they actually give a damn about the working classes and most upper level public servants despise them.


It is already running out of steam with only a bit over 50% in support. Let’s see what happens to that figure when everyone understands they will be forced to the polling booths just for this.


“We are always changing the law.”  yeah bint and very rarely do we change the constitution. so how ’bout y’all construct a lawful voice body under the constitution as it stands


“We are always changing the law”

Except this is not the law, it is the Constitution.

It has only changed 8 times in 120 years, most were changes to nationalise standards like pricing (make all the States come in line with each other) or retirement age for judges, and the obvious one about Aboriginals in 1967 which is always subject to lies and mistruth – specifically it was to add the words “for all Australians” to enable Aboriginals to come under all laws. 90% of Australians voted for that, who were all pretty much white and despite being obviously massively racist. Before 1967 Aboriginals were recognised under State laws, they were counted in the Census, they did have passports, etc.

The lazy Leftards will tell you Aboriginals were classified as Flora and Fauna (a commonly used lie) but can’t explain if they weren’t supposedly recognised, then how did Aboriginals travel (ie. firs entirely Aboriginal cricket team toured England way back in 1868) or even how did they enact laws for the supposed Stolen Generation occur etc. if they weren’t recognised?

Otherwise changes as a result of a successful Referendums have all been boring basic clean up. Nothing controversial. Three Referendums failed in the ‘80’s including the celebrity backed failed Republic being the obvious one.

In a Referendum not only must one side gain the majority of votes nationwide, but a majority of the States also must be gained.

The media and political classes are so stupid I bet they haven’t even realised this last bit. That’s another reason I think No will succeed.

Your friend is what happens when TAFE colleges start offering law degrees.


yep… man they got some selling to do to get this up….NT WA QLD pro voice? Ha!


This is why Victoria Police are nothing but gutless cowards, bashing and harassing anyone who opposed Vaccine mandates and Lockdowns. It’s so easy for the French, they’re still in riot gear when they walk off in support of the people:


A fly in your ointment

Prison culture at its peak.
Give a convict a bit more power over other convicts and she instantly becomes a greater tyrant than the Warden himself.

What would this island look like if wogs were never allowed to come?
See it here

Hint: it will look that way in a few decades anyway

In the mean time, enjoy your attempt of voting out the existing current thing…. it must’ve worked out that way throughout the history of civilisation


I don’t have Telegram I should organise it. But

>will look that way in a few decades anyway

Give me lapsed protestant public school bogans any day if you’d wanna take the country back. Christians think every life is sacred and all that shit. So easily cucked. They wanna live in some Shirley Temple world.

Cronulla was a psy op?


In case you don’t like all the endless sucking up to Labor Luvvie Anthony Green on the Election, you can get some actual facts from this guy:

“the underlying reasoning is familiar to anybody who understands the concept of “swing seats” in election campaigning.

Parties don’t bother campaigning in safe seats because any additional votes they generate will likely be wasted.

This creates election results, again and again, that are indistinguishable from gerrymandering.

The federal election saw Labor win over 50% of lower house seats with only 32% of the vote.

In the New South Wales lower house election, the situation is even worse than normal, due to optional preferential voting. “


A fly in your ointment

the only way to cause some change is not to vote. That is to be registered as a no-show.
Hence the penalty.
all else is effectively in support of duopoly.


So how does not voting change anything?


“…don’t bother campaigning in safe seats because any additional votes they generate will likely be wasted…”

voters are fkn stupid…. rustadon shitstains can fk off and die


The sleazy tactic was more commonly used in the recent Victorian election where Election Fixer for hire Glen Druery advised Dan Andrews’ office on how to game the system. Basically that guy was paid $’s from the ALP and others to tell them how to sponsor and run nuffie candidates to act as diversion in marginal seats, taking votes off their opponents.

63% did not vote for Victorian Labor, ie. they only received 37% of First pref’s yet their legion of autistic unpaid lapdogs say “Danslide” when they talk about the election.

Coincidentally 80% of Vic Gov grants went to Labor electorates.


Yep, Victoria the only state with group ticket voting system.

You know it’s bad when the Coalition and the Greens get together to agree to an independent review to investigate it.


That guy sounds like a Greens tard who thinks they should have got 18 seats.



He had good reason to be suspicious.

Daddy Dan promised everyone freebies in Labor seats, so much he made that moron Scomo look like the amateur he was.



Deutsche Bank “poses as the largest bank in Germany, but it’s actually the largest criminal enterprise in Germany, which is something, because it has to compete with Volkswagen.” – William K. Black, 2018


this is fuckn funny…..
taliban wins…again..



It’s a wipeout

RIP New South Wales

more abo and tranny shit incoming


Animal justice party beat them by a bit in my seat, 2 point something percent each. They should just pack it in if they are getting beaten by Stalinist vegans.

It was a good idea but I think it’s clear most Australians are just as bad as the banks and real estate tyrants. It’s never gonna happen.


Let’s be honest it’s white Australians that are the problem and to a lesser extent Indians

it’s not lebs and Chinese voting for this nonsense


I see the cookers are already trying to cope by claiming election fraud

lmao no : Australian voters are really just that stupid , and nobody in govt or intelligence “deep state” here is smart or capable enough to organise an election fraud

they’re too busy welcoming to country and worrying about their IPs to be able to effect a grand conspiracy

god what a dire shit hole this is

we should be lucky if China did invade us but instead it’s going to be Indians and Nepalese


They really are muddle headed fucks. I know a guy who complained that welcome to country didn’t happen at the Elton fag concert but he also didn’t like that they waited to give his job to a woman before they gave it to him.



Capture - Copy (9).JPG

voters is stupid!


Almost every other peoples have more self respect. When I walk around I see some white or white-ish people and I think well they look nice and normal and then I hear their accent and its often european mainland. Aussies usually look like cock suckers.




There’s nowhere left for people like us

where do we go

romania or somewhere


Yes that’s a good suggestion

white catholic country

wogs are preferable to weirdo Slavs and balkans for sure


Yes let’s run developing world game there


Fuck it’s legit over isn’t it

theres no where to hide now

all you cooker faggots should just be glad that dom got you all out of lockdown

poor bloke what’s he going to do now

probably 10 years or more before LNP even gets a sniff

it’s over , Australia


I’m just tired of the tranny, feminist and abo nonsense

I don’t mind getting fucked by the lnp because at least they don’t demoralise me for being a white cishet male

labor is the same grift and corruption but with the added virtue signalling and self loathing


You totally should look at Argentina when EZFKA goes further into the shit.

Fucking cheap, great people, they called blacks “negro” to their face without a hint of any awkwardness or negative response. Same with Asians, not unusual for Argies to point out the slanty eyes. It is what it is.

Talking of Nazi vibes, there’s a town Bariloche which could be in the Austrian Tirol or Swiss Alps.

Down South they haven’t forgotten getting fucked by the invading Poms in the Falklands, they hate them.

Only issue is the currency collapsing every few years, but we’ll all be balls deep in Bitcoin soon so…close to Brazil too.


Tasmania still has a Liberal state government.


It could be because perrotit looks too private school. Even when NSW Labor was patently corrupt and worthless as shit in the 2000s they always won because libs threw up poncy types.

It wasn’t until fatty obarrell did they win and then the bin chicken was popular I think.


Are you looking at his speech? His wife looks plain hot. Even after 7 kids.

I think he’s a trust fund kiddy dunno. But that’s certainly gonna help get a good woman.


He is a very odd and uncharasmatic guy

just strangely earnest and over excited

dare I say incel

despite being tall and white

probably why he ran church game


My wife says he’s unfuckable

have you watched him talk on camera – it’s extremely awkward

gives off incel vibes 100%


Minns can definitely fuck though he’s a Manlet

I would not be surprised if perrotet has never fucked a woman apart from his current wife


7 kids – the guy is a bigger chad than anyone else in this room.


You’re an early gen x so I’ll forgive you for not understanding the concept


Stewie, was it you that mentioned you bring your kids to church even though you don’t believe in it? If you truly believed then there would be no contraception, and no voluntary celibacy.


I said I don’t believe in the Spiritual stuff. I’m borderline autistic and a rationalist – the question is how do I make that stuff relevant to me? Why is it relevant to me?

I’ve attempted to explain my concept of ‘God’ from time to time on this forum, but rather than a longwinded explanation I’ll try to keep it short.

God to me, someone with zero spirituality, is best defined as an Egregor – the communal outcome of shared belief manifesting itself in both society and transforming the world around us. Society has God like powers.

‘Religion’ is simply the coding that decides and enforces the values that this gestalt Egregor carries. It is (or was) our obligation to serve society, because society serves us. The type of God you live under is determined by the values you work to project into society, thus it is important to participate even if you don’t necessarily believe in ‘God’ as the sky fairy.

Not sure what you mean by contraception, but yes contraception is honestly anti-social. It prevents the formation of the next generation, be that even accidental. Embracing the carnal pleasures without the obligation that comes with it, is a sin of the self – it places your personal pleasure making above your responsibilities to embrace adulthood and perpetuate society.

Take a look at the comments here from time-to-time. Expressions of support for access to contraception to population groups that may be problematic within our society, often comes not from sincere support of personal freedom, but the knowledge that there will be less of them in the future.

Why should our enemies not have the same attitude towards us by encouraging our ‘rights’? This is exactly what the Devil would do. Just because useful idiots support contraception in all instances, as a “right”, doesn’t make it less long term harmful to society – which in Stewie’s Book of Theology is harmful to our Egregore, and thus evil.

As to the celibacy question – I agree. The original introduction of the law was to stop the children of priests inheriting the parishes assets, and to stamp out the issue of nepotism in the church.

But an inadvertent outcome was that it often sucked out the best and brightest from a population group and reduced their chances of their genes being passed on. This is in direct contrast to other cultures, like Jewish Rabbis, where brighter genes were encouraged to multiply.

Perhaps this celibacy law was also designed to deliberately weed out the smartest genes from Christendom? Over-production of elites will be less likely in circumstances when the best and brightest, who are also generally agents of change, are encouraged to take vows of celibacy.

Personally I prefer the model of the Orthodox Christian Church’s. Where the local priest or minister can be married – I think the full expression of the Christian faith can only be found in the family, which is through the Union of a man and woman in marriage.

It is only when they move to ‘Bishop’ or again more appropriately, ‘Patriarch’ that they have to undertake a vow of celibacy. I think this model actually has the best of both worlds.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Bloody hell Stewie. I am just saying old school Catholics believe it is morally wrong to use birth control. Marriage is about family, etc.


I was talking to a Chilean woman the other day. Until recently in Chilean families, and I suspect in other parts of the Catholic world, for one of the children to be encouraged into the church. It seems to me a bit like worker ants and bees. It doesn’t make sense for everyone to be a breeder. Clerical celibacy in a society of large families can be used to support the family and further its reproductive ends, e.g. many the mediaeval popes. The maths changes when families are small.

Broadly speaking, I agree with your position on contraception. I think the Catholics handle it quite well actually. It is verboten, but is also used. This means sin is still sin, but provided there is repetence it doesn’t destroy the community or the theological/philosophical underpinings. Few abstract mental constructs can be articulated clearly enough to be consistently applied by all believers. Tolerance of hypocrisy is therefore useful and wise. Professed intolerance of hypocrisy but widespread practice of the same is hallmark of leftists since Marx himself. Of course this tolerance has been gamed by paedos….the Catholic church has a long history of such gaming followed by cleansing reforms. The indulgences that provoked the reformation are the most famous example.

Also, I think you are right to say that the idea of the egregore is a theological idea. God is easy to believe in. There are a number of useful interpretations of what God is that can be constructed.


I suppose there are benefits to making celibate lifestyles ‘Aspirational Lifestyles’ as you have listed and pointed out. The economics do create certain incentives in certain situtations.

Besides Priests, Monks and Nuns were not always celibate – as you point out, tolerance of hypocrisy in regards to certain human behaviours is the point. It is the aspirational goal that is important, the city on hill to aim for – even if you never get there.

Freddy – lol. I totally misinterpreted your statement, I thought you were calling out some hypocrisy or something.. All good, it triggered an interesting thought bender.

Aussie Soy Boy

He looks like a pedo


yeah but your wife thinks you are fuckable so what can you do…


An incel with 7 kids? Nah.

Dom has high school prefect vibes, looks and sounds nerdy, a bit weird at most. Not elected as premier, but appointed when Gladys left – and some people hate that because they feel they didn’t get a say.

Could argue that EZFKA has tall poppy syndrome and is anti-elitist. Morrison, Albanese fit the “everyman” persona, but even the name Perrottet might be a bit too fancy sounding with a silent “t” – also enough to put some sections off.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gouda

You’re mega autistic aren’t you

like bjw


Coming said Perrottet cared too much, that he was our most Caring premier, after yesterday’s election result I tend to agree. Like I said above:

Ironically the people most likely to benefit from his policies are probably among the least likely to vote for him, and outside the majority of his parties various electorates. He could have ignored it, but he honestly sees and cares about the social problems it causes.

The biggest swings against him were in club land regions. Despite the furore over Landis referring to Perrotet’s ‘Catholic gut’ in terms of what motivated him to righteously pursuing reform of the clubs.

I think the media took more glee in criticising him for being a conservative Catholic than any criticism that they ever levied against that bloated ScoMo for being a happy clapper evangelist.

Reference to his faith in news stories and articles seemed to be sighted in news stories about him more so than ScoMo.


Suck shit EZFKA citizens, plus you if this faggot jerking off about the loss all night.


Fuck so lucky I own have a tv so I couldn’t have accidentally tuned into to see the abc jerk themselves off over this

Aussie Soy Boy

Labor won and I shrugged. Makes no difference to my life.


Looking forward to NSW copying Sicktoria and its compulsory requirement for everyone to marry a Tranny bloke.



Mike Obama at least tried with make up

And,.. to wrap up this idiotic post on doing one same thing that produced a change exactly never – again and again over and over, but expecting a change this time because “this is Straya moyte, we’re different”…..

Danstown will be da new name for the uncommonwealth, headed by a chairman forever. He’ll be safe in his seat knowing g that ezfka units stay still with a dead pan face expression like a pig taking a leak whilst being royally floooooked.

In a few years, when another penalty enforced circus articipation comes, please engage in the act and be a clown again, but most importantly: entitle your self with an expectation of a change!

Thus we conclude the live transmission from the selectoral night, please go back to your heavily mortgaged homes, dive the face in the pillow, try not to cry in that latex neck support, make no changes in your life and expect the next day will be better. Better yet, go get a booster shot tommorow, asap.
Thank you for taking a double dose of hopium tonight, please do not OD on it as we need you to be fit for work until tender pension age of 70 sumtin…


Just lol at “ legalise cannabis “ taking 5% of the vote

almost outpolled one nation

australia is finished

Two independents called “Lyle Shelton” and “Ricardo Bosi” took 1% of the senate vote each wtf ?!

And “informed medical options” party – is that the cooker party ?


We should run an EZFKA party in the next federal election

somebody with nothing to lose career wise should register it

then the rest of us can vote anonymously

A fly in your ointment

I’ve seen parody and satire parties in other countries. They literally promise to embezzel only as much as they personally can spend, to offer massive gov benefits to only top 50% of its members, to sell out country as little as possible etc…
they usually fall below threshold or win a fee seats but in essence they never take any vor
te from mono-/duo-poly parties and serve to granulate the real opposition.

Danbour party would be excited to have as many single-topic parties taking seats. The more the merrier and their price tag goes down at tines of the influence peddling

Agent 47

Someone should just run a hardcore stop immigration party. You’d be surprised how much support they’d get. Sure they’d get the wrath of the entire Judenpresse but that’s already the case.

Nothing to lose given the direction of the country we’re heading in. Go down swinging at least you might connect with a couple. We already sustainable Australia and they’re a bunch of gutless fags too afraid to address the race and culture angles.


Gonna buy me a fuckin EV now and it’s Cobalt to the moon baby. These these bitches are fine:


Agent 47

Perrottet advisor was Yaron Finkelstein, formerly Scomos advisor. Every single time. These people are pure subversive filth not that I gave a fuck about the election in the first place.


Ms Din Donuffin?

This is not African, it’s “youth crime” of course. Daddy Dan would be most upset if you suggested otherwise.



Fastest rate rises in history really seem to be applying the clamps hey

Agent 47

Top end at that price range is usually laundering.

Ironic Boomer

Some Frenchies already trying a different method to deal with pro immigration politicians.

‘The house of a left-wing mayor in France, who supports a controversial plan to establish an asylum center in the small seaside town of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, has been burned down in a suspected arson attack. Police were called to the residence of Yannick Morez early on Wednesday morning after his home and two vehicles were destroyed in the blaze.’


Honestly, personalizing it by introducing a personal social cost for their otherwise costless virtue signalling, is the only way to counter these liberals and elitists.


Yannick. Sounds like a traditional French name to me.

I’m all for a bit of firebombing of the virtue signallers myself. Or any sort of bombing, really….HE, ANFO, whatever.


yeah anfo…it’s got that agricultural feel

Agent 47


This is why Dave Glowneegs and the freedom grifters lost me when the idea was floated to protest directly at Dan Andrews and others houses directly, and they all cucked saying it was too confrontational and a walk down the main street of the CBD on a Saturday arvo chanting slogans would be more effective.

Turn up their houses in large mobs and the behavioural change is generally very rapid, not all the time but far more effective than the aforementioned.


What do they expect?

I am amazed there wasn’t any action taken like this back when Covid was a thing. Especially with the amount of people called Cookers.

You had bureaucrats playing army and calling themselves Covid Commanders etc.

The Age etc love to think they are uncovering really scarey types when they do a monthly Nazi’s live amongst us story, but clearly those people aren’t dangerous at all. ASIO no doubt run around like a Bogan Inspector Clouseau, with NFI.

I’d argue there’s more danger and actual violence from the Trans Paedo Freaks and ‘Anti Fascist’ associates. Local Antifa wannabe’s are itching to kick off. It would be great to see the Ultras and Hooligans style arrangement where opposing groups meet up for a real blue. I’d pay for ringside tickets.



Agent 47

As much as the frog fags are welfare junkies, the irony is the bottom is caused by the top. Dispels the whole import migrants to pay pensions bullshit when they’re importing half of Africa and still have to work longer.


what could cause similar riots in Australia

ending negative gearing?
banning ciggies and booze ?

probably nothing tbh


Some of the good stuff from the Trans Paedo Freak protest is starting to come out, Fat She Males punching old ladies etc. It’s all triggering the angry homos too, found this one ‘battling it’ out with Avi Yemeni on Twitter. That’s like the Israelis v Palestinians, you don’t care who wins but you hope they just annihilate each other.

Serious question, what is it in blue hair dye that causes obesity?


Nothing that actually affects your economic situation will change now that Labor is in power in NSW. They have identical economic policies to the Libs. The only differences are the colour scheme and the virtue signalling.


There will be a few changes around the edges as the mates differ a bit between the two. A few climate grifters will benefit, but largely you are right.


Dunno if it’s legit, but The Taliban twitter account is funny as heck.
“The Hilux is a proven winner. Humvees are for homosexuals.”


Sounds something like the DPRK_News Twitter account. Can’t remember the exact name as it has been a few years since last using social media.


Def not legit but def funny


posting this coz I’m fkn lazy…

anyone know what the fuck is going on there?⬇


Agent 47

Cam the Cuck Murray saying 50miliion Australian population is optimal.

God he’s a fuckwit. Economist genocide when?



Well at least he said a number. None of our leaders have described a number, they will keep adding numbers in. My view is our numbers are too large. The last drought meant that small towns eg Stanthorpe ran out of water. No one cares as it wasn’t a big city. But even if Melbourne was running out of water, The Age will gaslight us and say the issue is the old water types installed by non diverse inhabitants.

Agent 47

Yeh he cant take it. Standard effeminate academic cuck.


he’s a flatout sook… a glass jawed dick


Will give Murray the benefit of the doubt, and suspect that “maybe 50m” comment is tongue in cheek, as he’s been generally strong against immigration.

The true pro-immigrant zealots like Tulip, Wiltshire and Liz Allan can never commit to a number, as that would mean acknowledging that there is actually a figure where immigration is a problem and they don’t want to have that discussion over what that number should be.

It’s a bit like that joke where a woman is asked at what price they would you cheat on their husband. It’s a no at $10 but yes at $10,000 so it’s established they’re a whore and now we’re just negotiating.


Will give Murray the benefit of the doubt, and suspect that “maybe 50m” comment is tongue in cheek, as he’s been generally strong against immigration.

yeah, as much as I think that cam is a fragile ego softcock, I think that it is rather selective reading to say that he’s advocating for 50m.

he’s making a valid distinction between stocks and flows, which he also validly observes most people can’t properly grasp.

Agent 47

Yes and no. Cam is in the cash for comment/sell dodgy economic models for asx200 companies game he also is a bit of a pussy on immigration. More of the centrist tripe rather than strong each way.


An excoriation of the woke, and a declaration of independence from them. Worth reading.



At this moment in time Conservative governments are finished. Take the US, the Democrats out raise the republicans 3 to 1 in political donations. Why do you think there was no red wave and an actual brain dead person getting elected in Pennsylvania. A lot of companies are woke ie big tech, big pharma, big banks and guess where the campaign money goes. Add in individual contributors like SBF and the Democrats amass a massive war chest to campaign on.

Take Australia now. Perottet took on the clubs, so little campaign money from them. Holmes a Court is using his money for candidates. Scomo’s issue federally was he lost the Chinese vote and it ain’t coming back. Labor will win the next three elections federally and at the state levels.

I can’t see anything changing unless conservatives actually stand for something like families, workers and small businesses. I think they are waiting for the woke to eat themselves. Good luck trying, the place will be destroyed by then.

Agent 47

Super hard right wing is the only way to pull it back. And by that I mean socially, economically we basically have open borders and outsource everything model the lolberts want.

Conservatives only conserve house prices and Israel.


oh good… enough time to see how fucked up it will be