The final solution has already begun.

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The 2021 census said there were ~1.45 million people aged 15-19. Let’s assume that’s evenly distributed across that age range. Then we can say that ~1.5 million/5 =300k people are aged 18. The government is now importing people at the rate of 400k people per year. That’s more people each year than come of age each … Read more

Where to next for the banking crises?

So far: I am not well read about these events and so hesitate to draw these two events together. Maybe some of you can comment on that. This is related: “When things go sour and trigger points are reached—such as a bank’s capital falling below certain levels relative to assets—the bonds convert to equity or are … Read more

Why crypto will not die

From Kaiko Research via Zerohedge: “On Monday, Hong Kong made its intentions clear to open the door to crypto trading for retail. Reports claim that China is quietly encouraging the move, using Hong Kong as a testing ground for what safe crypto trading might look like. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) outlined … Read more

Australia is a fine country.

Only the red countries or regions on the map mandate bicycle helmets by law and enforce them with fines. Australia’s laws on this are not “world class”, “progressive” or even reasonable. They are just one of many symptoms of an overly powerful public health and safety bureaucracy and a polity that is either well conditioned … Read more

Everybody is welcome to be nobody.

Have I encapsulated Australian multiculturalism in one pithy sentence? I asked DALL-E to draw a foetus growing in a plastic bag for the image. That, I believe, is the ultimate destination of multiculturalism: the detatchment of humanity first from the land and then from family, with the goal of permanent attachment to systems run by … Read more

Foreign workers prevented from working

“Every time one of the international community of instructors has tried to take a lesson, they have been harassed, to the extent that they can’t teach their lesson,” Mr Todd said. “They’re physically intimidating us, threatening us, trying to take away our lift passes, trying to remove our ski equipment and stopping us from being … Read more


Most commentary I’ve been following says that an American recession is on the cards, but they argue about its depth. Nouriel Roubini ( says that the world is in deep shit….but he always says that. I think it’s too early to call inflation baked in. We’re only just exiting the post-covid boom…and China is just … Read more