Woke “capitalism” will destroy capital.

While Australian media tend to portray oil, gas and coal as dinosaur industries destined to go bankrupt, other, more savvy commentators point out that they are more likely to become highly profitable with increased margin, just like tobacco companies since the 1990s.



But investors in Woodside seem determined to cripple it by forcing it to establish a green future.


“The strongest message we heard from investors was a desire to see the company to move faster to meet its stated climate goals,” says Edward John, head of stewardship at the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors, which advised some of those big superannuation funds to vote against Woodside’s climate plan. Woodside vows to be net zero by 2050.”

No doubt this kind of BS is why more and more companies are going or staying private:


This looks to be a form of immune response to the attacks of the leftist mind virus spreading through the world infecting more and more of those pulling the levers.

As the communists in all but name continue their march, we can expect more and more laws and regulations against “private” businesses, as well as efforts to distribute their profits via forms of increased taxation instead of through the failing sharemarket.

The end result will be the impoverishment of masses.

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Look. My solutions to all this fucking bullshit are as follows…

For the Gen Z and millennial…


For the more mature man…


For the really mature man who knows how to shoot…


When its too far away for shouting, and you have time to take a deep breath before squeeeeziiinnng…


Buy guns people. Buy guns. You won’t regret it


Peter Tulip and the YIMBYs are going to hate these survey results.



70% agree yet only 45% would vote for a change.

Tulip should be very happy with that result.

and of that 45% number, cometh voting day – may even be smaller.


45% would be enough to worry the incumbents. As Labor has already had to talk about reigning in immigration numbers, I expect it has already shown up on their internal polling.

Meanwhile Tulip takes another hit to his credible after trying to defend his fellow YIMBY economist on negative gearing.


Hamilton is clearly a weak link and if a community note has wounded his ego to such a degree, continued pressure will see him crack.



Yes but they’re talking about reigning in immigration from current levels. Albo said by half, which would mean well over 200k.

The LNP aren’t saying much either. Uniparty on the population pump.


yeah got bitten by a dog in the coles car park this evening

bogan cunt had it on a chain and it was behind a shopping trolley as i was walking past, it happens so fast and didnt realise it right away that i had been bitten

huge massive gouge in my leg, the absolute dirt bag blamde me for it too saying i got too close to it, zero sympathy/remose

immediately drove to the hospital and had to wait like 5 hours to see a doctor who gave me a tetanus shot and a script for some antibiotic im not going to use bc i already have it

seriously what the fuck why are these psycho animals allowed to run rampant


Going to suggest you report it to the cops, for them to seize and have it put down. Then realise you’ve disregarded that as viable due to the unlikely event your police will act.


you’re right but i ran into coles to get something to stop the profuse bleeding/sterilise it straight away and by the time i was out the guy and his family was gone, theres no seccy cameras in that coles car park (had my tyres slashed a while ago in there) so i doubt the cops are going to do jack shit. its just more time i have to spend doing police interviews, photos etc, massive waste of time fuck it the cops wont do shit anyway

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Aussie Soy Boy

The owner should be criminally liable for all attacks, all injuries, death, etc.

Aussies are scum. You never see an Indian or Chinese in a dog park.


You see plenty but they’re looking for recipes…


tbh id eat dog meat

apparently it is sweet and pretty tasty


Unluckiest cunt ever


I can’t help think that people that unlucky must bring it on themselves in some way.
Either that or dubbo is a much worse shithole than I thought.


Fund managers are either negligent or ideologically captured. Maybe a bit of gamesmanship is in there to pump their ESG ratings up, but they know what they are invested in and they are directing these companies to ignore the only thing they do with some semblance of efficiency and profitably – get hydrocarbons out of holes in the ground.

Mega scale wind and solar are massively different industries to the base business. Any FF company that has tried has just thrown shareholder value away.

Green hydrogen and/or ammonia will never be commercially competitive without subsidies or breaking a law of thermodynamics.

The funds are basically asking Woodside to come up with a profitable alternative to FF’s (or a solution to scope 1-3 emissions) as though that isn’t a trillion dollar issue that hasn’t been wrested with for 30 years.


Is there a list of non woke Fundies?

A fly in your ointment

I did write a reply on how capitalism, involving actul capital, died with the dissolving of gold standard and introduction of debt as the new form of profits/wealth accumulating vehicle. This actually changed the profit as a function of past deeds into profits from furure performance.
Not the capitalism. The new system should be called “Debtalism”.

So… as I wrote it I accidentally pushed home button on the phone…. and it’s gone.

A fly in your ointment

writing on the phone is a bitch and I have the largest Samsung.
On the tablet is OK but still pain..

Financialism is another apt word. I chose debtalism as financialism can bear positive connotation. Debtalism does not.


So it turns out the ‘emergency’ is not what the facts show.


Cue the emotive stuff from Albo.

Losing the women’s vote? Not any more.

Just like Covid, the ALP has it down pat now. Find a minor issue (amongst more real ones), claim no one is safe and create the impression it is an emergency, add some ‘science’, ignore the majority and implement some action that will only help very few but gain maximum control.


Yeah, it’s a fucking beat up.

There may have been a recent uptick, but women are far less likely to be murdered today than 30 years ago.


I’m not saying that murders aren’t tragic, just that this sudden flurry of activity about femicide has all the hallmarks of a “current thing” campaign. Given that Albo has dipped his putrid oar into the story, it’s almost certainly some ALP machinations at the root of it all.

The reporting could also be reframed as “men twice as likely to be killed as women”.



The ABS declares that 118 women were murdered in 2022, or a rate of 2.27 per week.


Femicide Watch Australia reports that 32 women have been murdered up to 26-Apr.


We’re currently ending week 17 of 2024, so the female murder rate per week this year is 1.88 per week.

So, the female murder rate per week has dropped substantially since 2022. We must declare a panic, produce pompous articles in the grauniad and get Albo to declare that this is the current thing.

A fly in your ointment

politician’s science knowledge:

epidemic is defined as an event for which a useless harmful injection can be made a compulsory free choice for everyone at a tiny risk of losing everything one owns with non-compliance.
endemic is an word which strangly begins with an end and rymes with anaemic.


True to form, this faggot Albo decides a protest march is the best way to go.

Who the fuck is he protesting when he is the fucking Prime Minister?!


Pointless virtue signalling about a non-issue to harvest votes from the gullible.

The female homicide rate in Australia this year is close to the lowest its ever been since statistics started being recorded.

Murders are terrible tragedies, but the rate is probably as low as its ever gonna go, so this whole “one woman killed every 4 days” thing is just bullshit.

It’d make a lot more sense to be protesting deaths in car crashes.


our murder rate is 0.9/100,000

its almost japan low

there are whole years sometimes where there isnt a single murder in japan


There was a kidnapping from a primary school in Fitzroy Vic the other day, big media fuss for a few hours.

But it’s been Memory holed now because it was a Sudanese woman, usual mental case.



Sooo now it turns out the Dad is in detention and it would be cruel not to give him a visa now…


Gruppenführer Mark

It’s funny how a number of X link you post are “not available”… I wonder if it is me (no X account) or censorship.


This is so funny, great old clip of Kramer having a melt down at typical behaviour.

Black man leaves crying, “that was uncalled for…”



all time classic video


The missus had a bunch of her mates over for a get together last night. 8 white women aged about 50-65, plus me.

At some point in the discussion I pointed out that driving standards had fallen noticeably over the last few years, and it was largely attributable to immigrants who simply can’t drive, and had probably bribed an official to get a licence in their country of origin before invading Australia.

Mrs Wadcutter looked horrified at my racist blundering, until every one of her friends joined in a wildly enthusiastic chorus of agreement. They all obey exactly what I was talking about.

Beneath all the polite political correctness, middle-class white Australians know the truth about multiculturalism, mass immigration and the universal downsides of letting the darkies in. They’re all just afraid to say what they think for fear of being branded a racist. If you have no such fear, well, it’s like a superpower.

A fly in your ointment

but like your gun moites at the shooting range, they will watch silently all that and embrace it bc it cometh from da gubermint and “its the law mate”
homo convictus will always obey homo wardenus’ directives.
it’s baked in and will not change: your descendants will be darker in complexities.


Yep it won’t translate into votes. Ezfkas take great pride in being politically subservient and backstabbing their own in the hopes of currying favour with the wardens.

Now that immigration is a few hundred k ‘too high’ a few percent of them are gonna vote Porline. Look out!


This is so good.

Albo gets heckled to his face, called a liar then ignores her as she is clearly distressed.

Guy is so fucking retarded. It’s not even like he’s being a tough guy, he is genuinely retarded.



This will be remembered as Albanese’s “I don’t hold a hose” moment. The usual media outlets have pounced on this, but I’m not sure if enough people are paying attention for it to matter yet.

The highly vocal left wing/women’s rights group are up in arms about it, but it’s not like they’re going to suddenly switch to voting for Dutton.

If Albanese’s minders are competent they won’t let him near a microphone for a while, and things will blow over in a week or so as the public forgets and the media run with the next big story.

But smaller errors and missteps are starting to accumulate.

Eg. $160m for a national gun registry – surely it doesn’t cost that much to merge existing state databases? Some consultancy firm is making out like bandits for this one.

Immigration concerns continue to bubble under the surface.

“Migrant families taking up > 35k social housing spots in NSW”


Albo was right to ignore that woke crybaby. What a stitch up.



yeah don’t want to defend him or anything but i knew there was more to this

just like the scomo fires thing which was also a beat up and people would have complained eitherway no matter what he did

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Gruppenführer Mark


Good post. Couldn’t get to the WSJ article, but the rest are readable through 12ft ladder.

I agree with your premise that ESG approach to running companies will be their death. Go woke, go broke type thing. I have worked for and worked along many private organisations that put way more focus on keeping up with the “current thing”, rather than concentrating on their core business. We have seen evidence of this in multinationals, be it Gillette, Anheuser Bush, Nike or Disney. People do have a tendency to vote with their wallets, and some of the investment funds have pretty thick wallets, and, as stated in one of the articles, will invest even if the company is not publicly traded.

Woodside’s core business is extraction and sale of hydrocarbons. How are they possibly hope to be Net Zero by 2050 if their sole purpose is to extract stuff from underground or from under the sea and transport it to the point of sale/transportation/refinement. All of this requires energy, ad hydrocarbons, especially oil, are the most calorie-dense fuels, meaning they generate more power per unit of input. Two of the quoted solutions are:

The obvious answer is carbon capture and storage – putting the carbon generated in production back underground or under the ocean floor – but Burns says that is too expensive to do today, and the market still too small.

To make it more viable, Woodside can either find a cheaper way (which is hard) or try to create a bigger market, potentially buying back carbon from its LNG customers in Japan and Korea and importing it to its sites in northern Australia. It’s still early days.

So, the answer is “creating new markets that are not so expensive” to save the planet from a deadly gas that is present in earth’s atmosphere at around 400ppm (or 0.04%). Yes, the deadly gas that comprises 4 one-hundredth of one percent and is solely responsible for creating oxygen as a result of photosynthesis by plants. Guess, better invest in Brawndo.

I also liked the bit about Woodside’s proposed hydrogen plant in Oklahoma. Investment in Australia aside, this plant is

still subject to a final investment decision and could cost close to $1 billion. The plant could produce 60 tonnes a day – a fraction of Woodside’s gas operations – and the company already has the access to land, power and water to make it happen.

What it doesn’t have are customers; it has locked in buyers for less than half the output.

“Customers want it but at a diesel-equivalent price,” 

So investment in unproven expensive technologies that are yet to have customers is the way forward to increase company’s profitability? Along with denial of biology, thermodynamics, physics and other uncouth sciences. Sign me up!

Barron’s article also has a few zingers. It recommends oil companies to invest in short-term on-shore shale deposits rather than deepwater projects, because shale basins can produce oil more quickly. Anyone familiar with shale oil will immediately recall stories of boom-and-bust dependent on global price of oil. The global price of oil is, incidentally, controlled by OPEC. OPEC’s two largest oil producers are Saudis and Russia. Any production cuts by those two have an immediate effect on oil price (that benefits shale) but it reduces overall global output (supply), raising competition (demand) between consumers, thus finding equilibrium at a higher price. Economics 101.

As a result, Russia’s April oil and gas revenue to double, Reuters calculations show Who could’ve thunk it! And remember that cap of $60 per barrel? Yeah, nah. This makes the following statement from Barrons laughable

Oil companies, however, are dependent on market prices they can’t control. Only Saudi Aramco, as the leading producer in OPEC, has any power to influence the price of oil, though even that is debatable.

On subject of the oil companies should look to tobacco companies. I see one huge difference here: tobacco companies are producing a legal product that is consumed by choice. Similar to alcohol, McDonalds, Lay chips, etc. Phillip Morris did a good thing by diversifying to IQOS, as it distinguished them as “front-runners” of the shift away from combustible tobacco use, and towards heated tobacco use, which is being positioned as a safer alternative. However, PMI are still selling the same product, tobacco, with the same addictive substance, nicotine, that is consumed in a very similar manner, plus it requires something else for consumption – an IQOS device. Regular cigarettes required a cigarette, a match, and a set of lips. IQOS require a device, battery operated / charged, to consume an IQOS cigarette. One cannot smoke an IQOS cigarette, as it has a different composition and does not naturally burn, unlike old-school tobacco. The devices tend to break, as everything that has electronics built into it. The devices can be improved upon, to produce a cooler / customisable / better device. Design of IQOS cigarettes can be changed (which has happened at least once from what I know), which makes old IQOS cigarettes obsolete, as these cannot be consumed in new devices. This is Apple on steroids nicotine.

Oil companies, however, are in the business of producing hydrocarbons that are essential to sustaining life on this planet in the way we are accustomed to. Plastics, fuels, fertilisers, you name it. It is not a product to be weaned off, it is a vice or a habit. Tobacco companies need to separate themselves from the rest of the field, because they have been demonised so much. Purdue (opioids) or other pharmaceuticals, arguably, caused as much harm to the population as tobacco/alcohol, but that’s different. So, oil companies’ revenues, share price, etc. are stable and will continue to provide returns, unless a major accident, like BP in the Gulf of Mexico, happens.

Now onto my last point of this diatribe. It is opinion, not facts, just the way I see and understand this world. Call it a theory.

The definition of “investment” has been changing over the last 100 years or so. Similar to the definition of “vaccine” between 2020 and 2023 by the CDC, but I digress. Investment used to mean a thing (stock, land, house for rent) that would provide a return. P/E ratios of 7 and all that. US Government Bonds!

Then things changed. Slow and steady became out of fashion. Watch Wolf of Wall Street for an example, or Wal Street. So, investment became synonymous with capital gains. Roulette table mentality, pick that 10-bagger, pink sheets, options, futures, stuff that was reserved for professionals.

Then even capital gains weren’t good enough, because of front-running by the trade houses. Derivatives took over, low interest rates made that possible, along with full digitalisation of all banking commercial transactions. I just read somewhere that more than 60% of US dollars, cash issued, is sitting outside of the US. Digits are preferrable to stacks, because the amounts used are staggering, even if you are a mid-level dealer in vices.

Then digital coins and NFTs came along (these last ones seem to have died). Backed by full faith and credit in nothing, a thought of “fighting the system” and “sticking it to the man”. To eat, those digital assets still needed to be converted out of the digital wallets into cash, but that’s not important, because if you HODL Doge long enough for it to go to the moon, catapulted there by St. Elon, you would certainly make it in life. Maybe even get a cool car in your Metaverse (that, too, appears dead, at least for now).

And then, of course, there are those who invest in new furniture, new clothes or a dining experience. Definition of “investment” has changed drastically.

But if the leaps from buying a thing for returns, to buying a thing for capital gains, to buying an option or a future of a thing made some sense to the great unwashed, who constituted a vast majority of investors, the leap to a derivative, let alone digital coins, was a bit too far. But the great unwashed still have money to invest, so how to get them to part with their money, when return on investment (P/E ratio) is in the gutter, capital gains rarely outperform the inflation rate (unless you are in bed with the “insider”), options and futures are 99% controlled by the algorithm, and digital coins are controlled by whales?

Elegant solution is ESG.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is used to screen investments based on corporate policies and to encourage companies to act responsibly.

Many brokerage firms offer investment products that employ ESG principles.

ESG investing can help portfolios avoid holding companies engaged in risky or unethical practices.

I am young enough to still remember the ringer some of the companies were put through when a journalist discovered a connection of a business with illegal enterprise – blood diamonds, sweat shops utilising child labour – but these types of businesses are either gone (unlikely) or so well protected / shielded from similar revelations that it is impossible to out them, even in social media. Investment in companied dealing in illegal, therefore, was generally frowned upon.

So this ESG thing got created. The businesses were divided into progressive, immoral, and everything on the scale from P to I. Based on the ESG, which is a perception-based pseudo-science” that is based on sustainability principles.

Sustainability is a social goal for people to co-exist on Earth over a long time. (wiki)

There are 17 such principles, from memory, I will not delve into those, but they are not exactly measurable. But there are frameworks and systems and tools and outcomes. So scientific-like, and transferable into ESG score of some sort. Some companies, like Disney or Gillette, have tried to be leaders in this space. Some have been “forced” to the the ESG line, like big oil and tobacco.

Leaders in the ESG initiatives tend to be companies that depend on consumption by choice, this includes tobacco and alcohol. So they try to position themselves as “progressive”, which results in trans advertising Bud Light (the most consumed beer in US) or black Mermaid. And backlash by the consumer, who can see through bullshit, and vote with its wallet, because progressive values still do not penetrate as deep as social media likes to portray. Also, this individual action remains mostly anonymous, as it is easy to pick up a carton of Coors Light instead of Bud Light.

Individual investments, however, tend to not matter in a greater scheme of things, as a lot of individual investors are represented by pooled money, rather than trading in individual accounts. Think of Super funds, retirement finds, etc. Individual investors cede control of their money to investment fund managers.

Investment fund managers, thus, are having discussions with various entities representing available cash based on a number of factors, including ESG. In the world of sustainability, more expensive outcomes can and often are “better for the planet”. Loss of income or profitability provides a better social outcome and, therefore, better. So, a company with a high ESG score and lower returns can be a better investment because funds, investment fund managers and companies will gain points on social media, in the investment prospects and financial handouts, because they deliver a higher score than competitors. The score in % of return, or $ per share, but if a pension fund manager selected an investment fund with a better ESG portfolio, they are the professionals.

Negligent AND ideologically captured. It’s their legal obligation to be as profitable as possible.

Your statement above is perfectly in line with investment fund’s and their managers’ actions. They do deliver a more profitable outcome, because of the advertised rate of returns based on empirical adjustments. Again, as seen in Wolf of the Wall Street, the job of an investment fund manager is to keep the money in circulation, earning fees on trading.

Oil companies (and arms manufacturing companies, incidentally) are seen as immoral. Sure, they provide great returns, but they are not “sexy”. Hell, MB, when they first started their investment offering, pushed this line of service. Sure, “the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil” but apparently some money is more ethical than the other. In line with the evolution of the definition of “investment”, investment is now based on feeling rather than a result measured in dollars or percent.

Side benefit, of course, is the opportunity for the savvy investment fund managers to invest their own money into these “immoral” enterprises. Or for savvy bankers to assist these “immoral” companies to take themselves private. After which the savvy investment fund managers will be free to invest in these “immoral” companies without the scrutiny of the stock market oversight.

FMD, this was long. I apologise.

Gruppenführer Mark

Immoral is not illegal. The whole green economy thing started for the sake of trading carbon credits, IIRC. You know, like when you buy an airline ticket and the airline let’s you offset your carbon footprint for a fee.

Was invented by Wall Street, I’m sure of it ))) Al Gore, the inventor of the internet, was supposed to make it a worldwide market, but this particular lie took a bit longer to sell.

I’m not against saving environment, but this approach of just throwing cash at the problem has never worked to solve the problem. Just another source of siphoning off money. Remember the US initiative, I think announced during Trump, to invest a shit ton of money into chip manufacturing in the US, to offset China’s threat to Taiwan? Surprisingly, no factories have been built yet. Lots of announcements, lots of companies’ top brass and consultants got paid, lobbyists funded various election funds. This was the end result and most likely the goal.

Boards, CEOs and execs are all in on the game, high salaries, stock options, bonuses and golden parachutes are the end game. So industry leaders manipulate the society, all rungs below go with the flow because they need the paycheck, select few quit and join a different game, or create their own.

Gruppenführer Mark

Cash-poor Aussie mum jumps on millennials trend and sells $585,000 house to pay for holiday

This is brilliant!

Short story. A mum of 1 has an investment property with good equity. And a marine biologist husband. And is cashflow poor. And suddenly realises that cashflow is a thing!

“I was cash poor and cash flow is really tight for us as a family and me and my business, and it is unnecessarily stressful when hypothetically I have $300,000 sitting there,” she said.

“Last year, I realised that cash flow was really important,” the 37-year-old business coach told Yahoo Finance.

Emphasis mine. A business coach realising cashflow is important. Revelation. I want to buy her book and signup for podcasts and personalised investment advice.

So what does she do? She sells the property to unlock $300K in cash so she can:

  1. Generate positive cash flow through another investment?
  2. Stick it in the bank at 5% interest while she contemplates another investment?
  3. Postpone property sale and review her cash flow outgoings?
  4. Look at her business model to see if she can possibly improve the incoming cash flow?
  5. None of the above?

If you selected 5, you would be correct!

While the property had gone up massively in value since she bought it, she thought it was enough to get out while the getting was good.

“Things felt really tight and I wanted the freedom to spend time with my three-year-old son and travel. It’s not really wise to have my money all tied up in one thing at the moment,” she said.

She is going to spend it on travel. And diversify her $300K nest egg into life experiences, because one basket thing. Invest in travel and enjoyment. Wonder what the cashflow on that investment looks like.

Can’t make this shit up.

Aussie Soy Boy

Aussies are the dumbest white people on the planet


She’s gonna invest in overseas holidays. Quite a bold play. I expect she’ll be in the divorced-older-woman-whinging-about-no-home-and-no-assets fairly shortly.

She’ll say that yes, she made some unwise financial decisions when she was younger, but she worked all her life and now society has let her down and we need to give her a free house and lots of money.

Aussie Soy Boy

Muh gender pay gap

Muh financially abusive partner

Gruppenführer Mark

Cold but entirely plausible.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yeah, if she has a medical thing, then the idea would have some merit. However, reading “she also wants to live life to the fullest while she can” makes me think that she has a year or two until her child turns 5 and has to go to school. Which makes her tied to a place.

I also don’t gather from the article that she has a PPOR. Otherwise, what V said below would make sense – rent out the PPOR, rather than sell the investment.

My read is that they only have one investment property and are likely renting, which, with the current cost of living increases is putting pressure on the cashflow. Plus, she bought it 7 years ago at 320K, when she was 30. Kid is 3. It is likely that she bought it while single and playing the field. Hubby came along after the house.

Lots of assumptions, for sure!!! But I’m glad that she finally put her business acumen to work and is getting ahead in life.


How else are moron ezfkas gonna live the life they don’t deserve? Duh.


Plenty of places you can travel to and spend less per month than the generated interest/investment return, especially if you want to relax and do stuff outdoors.
What is the issue here?

Doesn’t really say if they have their own home as well (I would assume so), so you could rent that out while you are away.
Leaving EZFKA and avoiding the cost obscenities seems like a sound idea to me.

Gruppenführer Mark

She has plans to travel to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Europe this year alone and hopes to be able to go wherever she wants in the near future.

This is a hefty price tag for air travel for a family of three, unless she plans on travelling on her own. 300K at 5% less 30% tax yeilds less than 1K per month. So I’d say she is definitely spending the capital, not just interest.

Come to think of it, the entire piece is about her, husband and child are an afterthought.

Wonder what peachy would glean from this article.

Aussie Soy Boy

Morrison should have been stood down when he went on powerful anti-psychotic medication. This has left me quite disturbed that our leader was drugged and making these decisions. Unbelievable.


Imagine thinking PMs actually make many decisions. Its mostly a PR/sales job. Faggot.


And they make far less now than they used to since everythings been privatised
And they have helpful donors to guide the decision process

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