New War

Hamas attacks Israel. Forces seen inside Israel. Netanyahu declares a state of war. Telegram channels full of photos and videos of fighting, one Merkava IV MBT on fire, IDF equipment seized, Hamas controls settlements inside Israel. Shit is getting realer and realer every day.


With the first day of spring upon us, enjoy various memes that have been collecting in my odd file folder. Some political, some not. Add your own. And have a fun weekend! Dictators Bread and Circuses War in Ukraine ‘Straya Above caption says President (of Estonia) cannot afford to fly to Australia. Not verbatum. Family … Read more

Putin Meeting with War Correspondents and Military Bloggers

Over the last couple of days various Telegram channels were publishing some excerpts from a meeting President Putin held with various media personalities about the Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine. Unfortunately, they would post a handful of bullet points about what was said over the course of a 2+ hour conversation.  I was interested … Read more

A New Winter Offensive Imminent?

Part 2 Time for a wider lens to see what things are happening outside of the immediate SMO zone, and implications thereof. I welcome your comments / debate. Geopolitics Negotiations As many of you will know, the first and only opportunity for a true peace settlement was in March 2022.  Following three rounds of negotiations … Read more

A New Winter Offensive Imminent?

Part 1 Muscling in on stagmal’s turf here…. There is a lot of ground to cover, so I will break this piece in a couple of parts.  My information comes from a variety of sources, both Western MSM, Russian MSM (if available in English), independent blogs, and a variety of Telegram channels.  For Russian side … Read more


Well, ladies and pervs, I thought I’d post something that I stumbled across this week that was unexpected. Hopefully, this will take your mind off us getting nuked, or having your house implode in value, or your rental explode in value, or your acquaintances dropping dead from a vaccine, or whatever else is being pushed … Read more

The Speech

September 20, 2022 So, I just watched Putin’s speech live on France 24. Probably not the exact translation, as they were doing it live, and in this case some nuances might be lost, but the gist was nevertheless clear. Here are my reflections on what was said. First of all, the speech was not aimed … Read more

Links that dropped on me randomly

Now, I do not subscribe to the validity of these, although Google-related stuff is certainly a food for thought. Thought you might like to scroll through. Link 1: How the CIA made Google Warning, loooooooong read! Link 2 (part 2 of the above): Why Google made the NSA Warning, loooooooong read! Link 3: … Read more


Read a quip by Coming re: Tasmania, and everyone being max 2 degrees of separation, and thought maybe we can exchange some of our favourite insensitive jokes. Certified to offend, as humour was supposed to be back in the day. What do you think? Politics, religion, family, anything goes. Or is it too risky? I’ll … Read more

Australian Innovation

Recently, the ATO released statistics on 2019-2020 tax returns, and there are some encouraging trends in innovative ways our most productive owners and corporate entities maximise their profits while our tax receipts continue to grow. First, as a testament to the agility and forward-thinking policy of my government, post code 6011 (Cottesloe Beach and … Read more


I think we all can get behind the proposition that food is pretty allright. Having it is a bonus, not having it is a death sentence. Quality of food, however, is an entirely different subject. Especially if it has to be done on a clock – that’s why I despise Master Chef and the ilk, … Read more

To the Moon!

Wellie, since we have, over the past couple of weeks, gone down many a rabbit hole, I thought I will give you something to ponder over the weekend. Here in the most glorious state of Western Australia the weather is cold and rainy, so put on your gas heater, tuck in with a Port, or … Read more