Putin Meeting with War Correspondents and Military Bloggers

Over the last couple of days various Telegram channels were publishing some excerpts from a meeting President Putin held with various media personalities about the Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine. Unfortunately, they would post a handful of bullet points about what was said over the course of a 2+ hour conversation.  I was interested to hear the whole thing, so I went searching for translation.

I came across the official link that has an English transcript from the meeting with Russian war correspondents.  Some are affiliated with TV channels, some with newspapers, and a few have their own Telegram channels. 


Just from the photographs published on the official site, some observations: Putin is alone – no aids around him.  I clicked through the photos and compared the names (14 individuals + Putin) with the number of people seated around the table (18 individuals + Putin).  Given that people on either side of him are identified as journalists in the photos, it is safe to assume that all 18 individuals around the table are journalists. So, Putin is holding this conversation on his own, for 2 hours.  The only other people visible in the images are video operators.

The mix of the journalists is also telling.  Putin is not sticking to the “official” spokespeople from various MSM, there are true “independent” correspondents.  Take Pegov, for example – he has his Telegram channel wargonzo, is often quoted in a couple of English language channels (pro-Russian) and is often criticized for his over-hyping of problems.  Pegov is well-known for recording and publishing long videos with Prighozhin (leader of Wagner private military group) that are not very complimentary towards Russian Ministry of Defence.  You can easily identify Pegov, because he is the only dickhead who seems to not have bothered to take a shower and has his hat on.  He is only talking to the President. 

Next, the format of the meeting itself.  This is not a townhall, where Putin is on stage, and people are lobbing questions at him.  It is not like what we saw with Putin meeting his cabinet or world leaders, where he is seated at one end of a very long table, and others are on the other side.  Everybody is sitting around one oval table, in close proximity, so the atmosphere is closer to a family seated around the table at dinner time – it seems more intimate.

Finally, as Putin states a couple of times, there were no “unpleasant” questions – he answered all of them, did not take any on notice, and made some commitments as a result of these conversations.  These were not some vague promises to Build Back Better (Biden) or Better Future with Labor (Albo), these were specific areas where he would direct his government to focus on.  He openly talked about peace-time generals being ineffective (he called them “carpet knights”) and that they were being replaced by others who “were not visible and not heard, but it turned out that they were very effective and in great demand. Unfortunately, such people are the first to go, because they do not spare themselves – that is the trouble”.  Putin freely operated with figures, statistics, names, historic events.  He showed that he has his hand on the pulse of the situation through not only through the official reports, but also from conversations with officers on the ground – one example was a battalion commander, the other one was his conversation with a junior lieutenant.  Putin was in control of the information. 

The transcript of the 2+ hour conversation is a long read, especially if you go back and forth to parse the information being conveyed. But it is well worth a read, in my opinion.

Below are a couple of snippets that should whet your appetite a bit. 

On the previously stated goals for the SMO (denazification, demilitarisation, protection of the Russian people)

Yevgeny Poddubny: You have said more than once that all the goals that you set personally for the special military operation will be achieved. The special military operation has lasted a fairly long time. The situation is changing, the position is changing, and probably the goals and tasks of the special military operation are changing as well. Can you tell us how they have changed if at all?

Vladimir Putin: No, they are changing in accordance with the current situation but of course overall we are not changing anything. Our goals are fundamental for us.

Second, a brief look at how the geopolitical situation became what we are witnessing today, from Putin’s / Russian point of view.

Vladimir Putin: And you know, I’ve already said that, no secret here, we did offer every option to our Western partners, as I used to call them, we thought we were one of them, we wanted to be in the family of so-called civilised nations. I reached out to NATO suggesting that we look into that possibility, but we were quickly shown the door; they didn’t even bother to consider it. I also suggested creating a shared missile defence system.

We are aware that the events of the 1990s – early 2000s stem from a bitter historical legacy in the Caucasus, for instance. Who were we fighting there? Mostly, Al-Qaeda. And what did our “partners” do? They supported them by providing financial, information, political and even military support. They did not give a damn about the fact that they were helping Al-Qaeda as long as they were able to rock our boat. Everything they did fit the paradigm of rocking Russia. We left no stone unturned in our efforts and finally agreed that NATO would not be expanded. We came up with every option we could. Still no. Why? It is just because the country is too big: no one needs a country that big and with such great potential in Europe. Everyone tries their hand at gradually breaking Russia into pieces.

Ukraine is part of the effort to destabilise Russia. By and large, this should have been kept in mind when decisions were made on breaking the Soviet Union up. But then, apparently, it was expected that our profound relations would be decisive. But due to a number of historical, economic and political circumstances the situation took a different path. We tried everything on this path as well. In fact, we have, for decades, if not fed, but sustained their economy – you are aware of this, since I have written and talked about it – with cheap energy, other things, loans and so on. To no avail. How did it end eventually? They started killing our supporters in the streets and eventually staged a coup d’etat.

On recent attacks on Russian territory, involving blowing up Dugina and Tatarsky

Yevgeny Poddubny: The enemy’s special services agents are openly working on our territory, openly in the sense of not even denying that they are hunting leaders of public opinion in Russia: the murder of Daria Dugina, the murder of Vladlen Tatarsky, the assassination attempt on Zakhar Prilepin. As a matter of fact, it is clear that the Ukrainian special services are conducting terrorist, sabotage activities in Russia.

How will the Russian state fight the enemy’s agents and the enemy’s special services operating on the territory of Russia?

Vladimir Putin: Your question is very similar to what Alexander has asked, because these activities are essentially equivalent. We must fight, and we are fighting, we are, and some results of this work are becoming public, and the public is familiar with it: the detention of agents and special services officers of a neighbouring state. The work is ongoing.

But I want to point out that we, unlike Ukraine’s current authorities, cannot employ terrorist methods: we still have a state, a country, while it is a regime there. They operate, in fact, as a regime based on terror: they have a very tough counterintelligence regime, martial law. I don’t think we need to do that now. We just need to improve and expand the work of law enforcement agencies and special services. And in general, it seems to me that the tasks in this regard are also solvable.

Publicly humiliating one of the war correspondents who was criticised for his “all is lost” panic attacks that were quoted in various western MSM.  Putin doesn’t shy away from telling people how it is.

Alexander Sladkov: Mr President, Alexander Sladkov, VGTRK TV company.

I have four questions for you. The first one is about rotation.

Vladimir Putin: Who is the moderator?

Alexander Sladkov: Mr President, I am the moderator.

Vladimir Putin: You are too close – on the line of contact.

Alexander Sladkov: I am close to the decision-making centre.

Vladimir Putin: No, you are close to the line of contact, and it looks like what was coming from Ukrainian territory got into your system.

Alexander Sladkov: We got drunk on it.

Vladimir Putin: Oh, yes. That spirit of the lack of freedom<emphasis mine – GM>. And you are abusing your position as moderator.

Alexander Sladkov: I confess, I am.

Vladimir Putin: Go ahead.

Yet another example of Putin’s contempt for Sladkov (his rhetorical question quip) but note that Sladkov was still invited to sit at the table!

Vladimir Putin: Look, our troops were outside Kiev. First, we reached an agreement, which turned out to be a good agreement about how to resolve the current situation peacefully. Even though they tossed it, nevertheless, we used this time to get where we are now which is practically all of Novorossiya and a significant portion of the Donetsk People’s Republic with access to the Sea of ​​Azov and Mariupol. And almost all of the Lugansk People’s Republic, with a few exceptions.

Do we need to go back there or not? Why am I asking this rhetorical question? Clearly, you do not have an answer to it, only I can answer that. <emphasis mine – GM> But depending on our goals, we must decide on mobilisation, but there is no need for that today. This is my first point.

Finally, on the “red lines”

Ilya Ushenin: Mr President, I am Ilya Ushenin from NTV.

I have a question about the notorious red lines. Clearly, in the SMO zone, we are at war not just with the Kiev regime, but with the so-called collective West as well. NATO countries are constantly moving and crossing our red lines. We express our concern and keep saying that this is unacceptable, but never come up with actual answers.

Are we going to keep moving our red lines?

Vladimir Putin: Listen, is the special military operation itself not a response to them crossing these lines? This is the first and the most important point. We said many times “Do not do this, let’s do that, we are ready for talks.” In the end, they prompted us to try to use force to end the war that they started in 2014. They keep telling us, “You started the war, Putin is the aggressor.” No, they are the aggressors, they started this war, and we are trying to stop it, but we are compelled to do so with the use of the Armed Forces. Is this not the answer to their crossing the red lines? This is my first point.

Second, not everything may be covered by the media, although there is nothing to be ashamed of. Are strikes on Ukraine’s energy system not an answer to them crossing the red lines? And the destruction of the headquarters of the main intelligence directorate of the armed forces of Ukraine outside Kiev, almost within Kiev’s city limits, is it not the answer? It is.

We will continue to work selectively. We will not do what these halfwits are doing when they target civilian sites and residential areas. Of course, we will not do this. We will continue to provide selective responses.

I suggest you find a bit of time over the coming weekend to read the whole thing.  It does paint a perspective not shown in the regular MSM.

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I deeply respect this level of autism


This is probably one of the best articles I have read on Putin and his take on the war in the Ukraine since the start of the war.

And by ‘best article I have read’ I don’t just mean on EZFKA.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

That is pretty much the point, it is almost impossible to hear what Putin actually says – it is nearly always some interpretation by a neojournalist or a few snippets and sound bites to support the baddie narrative.



This is why higher interest rates will trigger a hyper inflationary cycle if they keep this up

there’s realistically no choice but to cut them to zero at least

A fly in your ointment

it looks as one of those graphs that that Gunnamatta multicharacter makes – thinking someone actually checks them, then draw conclusions that either make no sense or no one gets them because it is way to complex for a blog


Perpetual increasing deficits are something that is a bit out of kilter.

maybe that’s where the inflation (currency devaluation) lurks?

Last edited 1 year ago by Peachy

Just read that tweet and transcript – can’t for the life of me work out how they’ve come to the conclusion that Lehrmann is an AFP/ASIO asset.


i’m convinced that twitter is mostly mentally ill people shitposting miserable trash at each other

the scary thing is politicians tend to gauge social media as a yardstick for what the public thinks about anything, despite the fact that these platforms (at least twitter) is not representative of most people at all

this chorus of middle aged / menopausal women is the perfect example, theese people are fucking miserable losers. theyre the kinds of hermit cat ladies who only ever walk out the house to complain someones parked their car too close to their drive way or something insane


It’s now got a Twitter community notes fact check warning on it lol

even PRGuy17 is begging him to delete



Wow what if this guy is actually on to something ?


Its hilarious that there are left wing cookers as well


The best and biggest Cookers are always from the Left.

The Left started with the biggest conspiracy theories and only now when the world flips upside down and they become the Baddies (!) do they fee the need to call others Cookers. Those Leftie Cookers are a cult. They still believe everything the MSM tells them, unless it’s a Murdoch press. Ask a Leftard where Covid came from and they’ll still say “err a bat…” One if those Twitterers is happily self titled “Robyn – vaxxed to the max”

The cope from PRGuy faggot is really funny, please please take it down, you’re making my argument look bad.

Given ASIO is a complete soft cock organisation of cucks, who think ‘white supremacy’ is terrorism now, it’d be really funny if they did try to make Brucey an asset.

Speaking of trying to recruit assets to fit someone up, The Donald case is a good example


I searched and fact-checked this on Twatter and Fakebook… it basically boils down to:
Слава Украини!


you’ll enjoy this troll video



“I’ve been informed that the national broadcaster no longer need a political editor and that they want to reinvest the money into social and digital reporting roles,” Probyn told Guardian Australia.

Fair enough tbh. Aussies have no influence over politics so they may as well stick to baking and worrying about racism or whatever is still acceptable for us.


Yeah, Putin is better informed and more statesman like than any of the faggots (m/f) we get (s)elected in the west.

But Russia also had compulsory jabs/QR-code during Covid and is working diligently on CBDC to implement the digital gulag.

So in the end he’s just another psychopath.


i dont think russia had compulsory jabs, theres too many anti vaxxers there for that to have been politically popular


You’re right.

It was not mandatory the same way as it was not mandatory here:

Later that day, Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced the world’s widest-reaching compulsory Covid-19 vaccination policy, decreeing that state and service sector workers would be required to have jabs to counteract what he called a “dramatic” public health situation.




Screen Shot 2023-06-16 at 02.50.25.png


Screen Shot 2023-06-16 at 02.14.43.png

P: I love you Kissi

K: You’re a good goy boy

Screen Shot 2023-06-16 at 02.17.16.png

“All the world’s a stage” — Billy S.


basically yeah

there’s no one for us anywhere

A fly in your ointment

It was not mandatory the same way as it was not mandatory here

It is actually distasteful to compare nothing here (or NZ or CAN) to anything in the rest of the world.

First hand information is that “compulsory ” was enforced by individual compliance officers which literally means only Karen’s could enforce to a full compliance it at an organisation level. Mind you, people are careful there what they do to their colleagues as everyone knows where the other one lives and can pay them unexpected visit with a baseball bat (I guess the sport is popular there).
On top of that, to get a fake exemption or certificate of jabbadabba was easy and cheap. Cost a bottle of good vodka at most.

Second, they had smorgasbord of jabs ranging from attenuated viri remnants so no one “protecting their 6 digit income” could complain that some experimental liquid was making them a guinea pig


I’m sorry you couldn’t buy a baseball bat.

Cry harder.

A fly in your ointment



Fully vaccinated rate sits at about 55% with “at least one vaccination” is at 60%.

So if it was mandatory, it must have gotten lost in translation.


A fly in your ointment

Sputnik V was similar to Astra Zenga except the mortality rate from it is most likely below statistical error (if there was any trace or mere suggestion of theoretical possibility of mortality from SputnikV it would be all over Westworld’s media).

A Fly In Your Ointment


the “opposition” politicians have been exposed daily to it so they must’ve developed a resiatance to it, you know, homoeopathy.


Who needs a deadly poison when Putin critics, seeing the error of their ways, jump spontaneously from windows so often.

A fly in your ointment

nice touche, but good fonly or EmBee pond.


What is the difference between an invasion or war and “special military operation”?

A fly in your ointment

it mimics (and mocks) US aggressions (dubbing of “operations”)

plus it means they can reposition to anything at any arbitrary point and call it “mission accomplished”.


Well, for starters, EU leaders and Joe Biden wouldn’t be parading into Kiev like it’s the local knock shop if it were a war.

Also, there would be a complete flattening of cities with no regard to evacuating civilians.


But I want to point out that we, unlike Ukraine’s current authorities, cannot employ terrorist methods”



But I want to point out that we, unlike Ukraine’s current authorities, cannot employ terrorist methods”

I presume you are referring to the blowing up of the Dienpier Dam. This seems to be one of the popular msm memes about evil terrorist Putin. Their main reasoning for Russia being responsible is because Russia ‘control’ the dam when it blew.

The possibility that it is a huge war time target or that it could have been mined or sabotaged at any time right up to March of this year when the Russians took control of it…. just like the Nordstream gas pipeline appears to have been mined months BEFORE Russia even invaded the Ukraine…. would enter their heads at all – or for most of the people who listen to SBS and the ABC for their ‘news’.

The Russians blew up their dam even though:

i) The Ukrainians sent a surge of water down the river from dams that they control further upstream, that they controlled, that just coincidently arrived at the Dam lake at the same time the dam blew up:


ii) The Russians needed the dam to cool a huge Nuclear power plants also controlled by the Russians, and a water pipeline that transports water to the Crimea and a canal that is vital for providing irrigation for about 2/3 of the territory that they control, not to mention the enormous damage done to civilians and infrastructure downstream of the dam which again, they mainly control:


iii) That all this coincided with the Ukrainian offensive, the fact the Ukrainians have previously shelled the spillways and stated that blowing up the dam was an option



Capture - Copy (27).JPG

All those dead civilians, Just the fog of “special military operation”.


Vladimir Putin: Listen, is the special military operation itself not a response to them crossing these lines? This is the first and the most important point. We said many times “Do not do this, let’s do that, we are ready for talks.” In the end, they prompted us to try to use force to end the war that they started in 2014.

If you want someone to blame for those deaths blame Biden and the Jewish Globalist elites who Biden represents and pushes their policies for:

George Soros Urged Use Of Eastern European Soldiers To “Reduce The Risk Of Body-Bags For NATO Countries” In ‘New World Order’


Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Aussie Soy Boy



is getting a decently insulated house in australia for anything that isnt an obscene cost basically impossible

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

It’s always been insane to me that we have among the highest construction costs in the entire world


but also the worst quality

if you said the same thing about healthcare there would be fucking uproar

but even though everyone needs a house to survive nobody gaf
just shrug their shoulders

We are living in a tradieocracy


no or inadequate insulation, houses freezing in winter

doors and windows that arent sealed properly so they just let heat out

double+ glazing unheard of

shit architecture/design

all the suburbs being built on the fly now will be slums in 15-20 years time if they arent already


Biggest failure is complete lack of consideration for north orientation


all the suburbs being built on the fly now will be slums in 15-20 years time if they arent already

I don’t know about entire suburbs but entire buildings yes. One recently-built apartment I looked at had columns were cracked, all the interior walls were hollow including the walls between apartments. Low strata also listed as a selling point which was a big lol. The building looked like it would collapse with even a slight earth tremor, or would go up in flames in quick time.

These are the perfect scam to suck in foreign investors, and that is the problem. Since KRudd’s foreign investor deregulation nobody GAF about what the locals want.

Aussie Soy Boy

It doesn’t get that cold anywhere in Australia just put on a woollen jumper and some long johns if you’re still cold.


Or in other words she’ll be right mate

It can easily get below 10 degrees inside houses in winter in many parts of Australia

Everyone’s solution is to crank their heater


anyone else reckon rukshan is an LNP asset

i think so, ive been reading his tweets and theyre almost entirely LNP style ‘conservative’ boilerplate


We thought the same about prguy

turns out he’s just a fucking loser


lmao yeah that was a huge upset

i remember avi flailing over it


Yep that was a massive let down. What sort of sociopath is that freak?


Are we going to risk turning off the post delay for Guest posters? I know guys like Jam and a few others who use VPNs have their comments always stuck waiting for approval and sometimes never get approved before a new post and comments section has opened up.


what is the risk? we get a few spammers and maggot back here to call people a cuck again?

A fly in your ointment

why is that a problem?

kill’em with niceties and they lose all the power they think they have. w@F just left when no one reacted sufficiently to his profanities

Spamming as in posting 1000s of repeats or bot comments is another thing altogether.


You reckon we might have more members than MB at this point ?




I reckon we trial free posts again for a bit.


Is it that much of a problem? Can see plenty of “guest” comments getting through just fine.

A fly in your ointment

in some browsers the comment disappear after a refresh and then appear later on. It is local issue as if you open it in another browser, comments are there. Methinks it is a poor interaction between Chromium based browsers. Sometimes in Firefox too


I reckon we’d have more participation from those guys who obviously frequent here, but whose posts always seem to get hung up. Not everyone wants to comment all day, but not everyone wants to wait all day for someone to approve their comment.


Aww schucks nice to be noticed. As peach suggested I need to register , will do so when back in EZFKA currently in ol blighty, was a welcome surprise that my trip coincided with the ashes, as I don’t watch tellie back home. Didn’t know it was on.

Anecdata = things are so much cheaper here.



so who is ready to become an MB legend

good to see me and lswchp get mentioned in the comments by some fucking NPC nobody

rent free, baby


dr x huh

a name i havent heard in years…


Jabadabba might have got him

honestly the hide of this NPC – I got banned for railing against the stupidity of lockdowns

and now look what has happened – rampant inflation, decline in living standards, and a mortality rate worse than swedens

every single fucking thing I predicted came to pass and these swine still speak my name with derision

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming
A fly in your ointment

You [Llewdo] aren’t always right or I may not agree – but I enjoy the alternative non Murdoch views and of course….the banter.

Even if we assume “aren’t always” is to be “here and there wrong” instead of “almost never right”, the Phooking “Alternative” to what?
the only alternative the Llewdo make is for someone whose is perfectly devoid of mainstream information snd stumbles upon EmBee by a sheer accident.

your subscription will aid in ‘keeping the bastards honest’ in critical areas of national interest policy such as climate and energy, China and freedom, immigration and equity.

LOL, this is solid gold.

An essential service in the age of controlled media.

not sure if I can be arsed putting up with the anonymous cyber cube- monkeys overcompensating for their absent libidos

there’s your average EmBee target customer seeking safe space ehilst having chicken flavoured vegtable based drumstick nugget for dinner

…but I’m still waiting for that genuine house-price crash.

bitter pill many took (inclusive of me). I actually contemplated investing with them until Llewdo and Gunna went bluefaced during one of their rants, wearing out DEL button on their keyboard trying to suppress my commnents (instead of challenging them)…. Never trust a financial advisor whom is emotional about markets and is politically strung.

Subscribe to add a comment

Freudian slip, finally understood/admitted where the value of the EmBee pond was, trying to cash in on it. Alas, too late, all the good fish went to a different pond, an ocean actually.

tnx Coming, thus was a nice pull towards that other place as I enjoy the schadenfreude.


You have a long history there , skip

A fly in your ointment

indeed a long history to the point that I can recognise the shift from your previous alias, doctor Coming.


The US thinktanks have enough funding to keep the bastards honest on China e.g., keep grinding away until we have our war with China.

MB is good only on immigration and Australia has really passed the rubicon on that issue, I’m glad we have visibility but the policy is as locked in as the Earth’s orbit around the Sun.


EmBee is great. Best contrarian indicator there is. Read what they write and do the opposite.

A Fly In Your Ointment

the only thing that Llewdo/Bleato were “good” on immigration was that mostly they did not exclude excessive immigration from other factors affecting property prices. I do not recall any of them complain of how excessiveness rips up (whatever the) existing society, only how it affects RE, wages, economy.

Other than that, Ramjet’s comment below need not retyping by myself as nothing can be added, it is already a perfect summary.

A Fly In Your Ointment

below, above… well, it was “below” as i typed my response but it went above
(Ramjet’s comment)


Who is this ‘Yokel’ guy? He reads like a 16yr old Poindexter. I can’t remember him yet he seems to remember DoctorX who got banned before I left if I recollect correctly.


Don’t recall that name either, and I’ve been reading various housing/RE sites since Bubblepedia.

You’d think that anyone who states, “but I’m still waiting for that genuine house-price crash” has probably been around for a while so I’m guessing it’s some other long term property bear who has renamed themselves.


You’d think that anyone who states, “but I’m still waiting for that genuine house-price crash” has probably been around for a while so I’m guessing it’s some other long term property bear who has renamed themselves.

If they are ‘waiting for that genuine house-price crash’ then they haven’t been around long enough to realise that it will never be allowed to happen in the format that they envisage.

I remember thinking similar things prior to the GFC, which was the perfect moment for that imagined system failure to occur, only to realise that it would never be allowed to occur because it meant the status quo could not continue, and the one thing elites really hate is real change (or change that they themselves have not initiated eg Hatred towards to the Donald).


If they are ‘waiting for that genuine house-price crash’ then they haven’t been around long enough to realise that it will never be allowed to happen in the format that they envisage.

Ah, I can see your perspective now. I am cynical enough to know that they would do everything to not let prices fall, but only around the Covid pandemic – another point where system failure should have happened too, had I saved enough to purchase on my own terms.


Everyone eventually has their moment of realisation.


I saw a post from you there. I am thinking of subscribing just to support MB’s voice against immigration. The reality is that the comments sections here are fun, and sometimes really great, but we aren’t producing particularly well researched pieces. For all their flaws DLS and Leith read and process the data from the source. I want to support them even thought leftists like yokel, dennis and drsmithy are abusing reality in the comments section.


Yeah – that is basically the only reason I pay for a subscription, MB is basically the only voice out there carrying the flame. For all his faults DLS eventually removed the perma-ban.


evenn smithy is anti immigration, i see him on twitter from time to time

A fly in your ointment

… just to support MB’s voice against immigration

the “voice” produced by Llewdo and Bleato is minuscule and besides all that their association to loony pond is easy and obvious, which further reduces their already minuscule ‘power’.
There is no other path against excessive immigration but the path of the rebellion on the streets. This effectively means sfa chances as ezfka sheeple will never rebel against any authority. No tyranny was ever voted out. Not sure why I bother explaining this once again…


Too many people depend on mass immigration. Would we need as many public servants or tradies if we didn’t have mass immigration? People can whinge about traffic or full public transport, but they are not going to vote for Ess Aye Pee.

A Fly In Your Ointment

as if voting for SAP or any other party would change a thing….

as-is, the only other thing that may halt the excessive immigration (over and above what i said in my above comment) is – massive economic depression.
Rice eaters will go back as being poor is a much better proposition in Asia than in this pond and it means pretty much that if anyone has an option and can phook off, well, they’d be stupid not to.
Before you jump in joy at the mere mention of a possibility of such a proposition, convicts whom have no place to go will shift to the PNG way of life to make their belly not empty at times (because they will never be full again)


Good post



keep fucking seething soyboy

100,000 subscribers

if we assume that’s real he made $60m

but how did he get to $500m net worth ?

8x EBITDA I guess

Aussie Soy Boy

I’m not seething. He can have $20 billion it makes no difference my life.

It’s dirty money.

It’s a goofy fucking raffle.

I’ve already demonstrated that the social media numbers don’t add up, the website traffic doesn’t explain the number of customers he claims, the number of downloads of his app was pathetically low.

Just some wanker with a gopro doing vlogs generates more traffic than this little dago.



Now, the Rishi Sunak government is trying to redefine the meaning of “serious disruption” in order to give police forces even freer rein to stamp out protests. The ultimate goal, it seems, is to give police in England and Wales new discretionary powers to nip any protests in the bid before any disruption even begins. By broadening the definition of “serious disruption” to mean “anything more than minor,” the bill will mean (in the government’s own words) that “the police will not need to wait for disruption to take place and can shut protests down before chaos erupts”.

As times get tougher, Western countries have to go from soft dictatorships where all politicians are exactly the same, the media unreservedly propagandises for the power elite, and political change is near impossible, to hard dictatorships where dissidents can’t even express their opposition without being criminalised.

I have no idea at this point what the ideological basis for our opposition to Russia and China is when our leaders are replicating all their policies at home (except the good ones, obviously).

Crips vs Bloods on a worldwide scale.

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I have no idea at this point what the ideological basis for our opposition to Russia and China is when our leaders are replicating all their policies at home 

The war is between Nationalism and Corporate Globalism, any system where the Govt plays an outsized role in solving ‘the economic problem’ instead of deferred to the private sector to solve (for a profit) is abhorrent to those who rule the West through financialization and control of money.

On one side you have Russia and China, nations intent on perpetuating Russian (slavic) society and culture and for China on perpetuating the Han people, society and culture.

On the other side you have the Zygote West, a fusion of cells, all once distinct and differentiated, but melting into one undifferentiated blob of diversity, where any sense of nationalism or capability of coming to a united social decision in solving the economic problem becomes impossible.

In the middle you have an group of unaligned nations who are growing increasingly wary of both sides, but also the growing fanaticism of the West.

It is a part of the West’s elites efforts to destroy any sense of Nationalism following WW2 and the ‘Never Again’ goal of allowing one nation or societies sense of identity and attachment to their land, result in the persecution or expulsion of another population group from that nation.

Take Karl Popper, one of the intellectual Godfather’s of neoliberalism and his dream rebuilding Western civilization as an open society – the progressive post modernist Utopia that DLS believes we are living in. The ‘Open Society’ is what Soros named his Institute.

This goal means Nationalism as a cultural value had to be dismantled. Whereas Nationalism had once been seen as a natural phenomenon, and “nation” was identified with a distinct ethnic group or race, academic studies of Nationalism now began to deconstruct it into simply neoliberal ‘Economic Zones’ which is the core thesis behind EZFKA.

This has been achieved by destroying the inhabitants sense of collective identity and attachment to their land – through campaigns against the patriarchal history, through the deployment of multicultualism, LGBT over family values, mass migration and deliberate diversity, and guilt campaigns ie ‘Indiginism’ all of which fracturing our ‘identity’. As ordered by our elites, represented through the WEF and our CEOs, and the cultural ideas well from which they draw their inspirations.

By eliminating any sense of Nationalism through these techniques a consequence has been a profound weakening of the collective powers of society against rapacious elites, meaning societies of the West have been stripped bare of the ability to collectively solve ‘the economic problem’ themselves and instead has turned to the ‘market’ ie those best equipped to dominate in the winner take all ‘free market’. This is why our societies are being stripped bare through financial enslavement of a fractured society:

But Sennacherib, king of Assyria, had already come, and through his policy of forced population transfer he had scrambled all the nations of the lands, as it is stated in reference to Sennacherib: “And I have removed the bounds of the peoples, and have robbed their treasures” 

(Isaiah 10:13).

THIS is the difference between the two ideologies. Russia and China represent the only two nations powerful enough to hold out and resist the cultural Borg that is the West and its goal of unfettered Globalism.

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taliban arent so powerful and beat usa

it can be done


They have culture – shit culture, but stronger than ours now.


More than that, they have kinship. A key early step in the demoralisation of the West was feminism. With men weakened in favour of women, we failed to make enough people for the next generation. The more siblings and cousins you have, the more people you have to turn to in times of trouble. Total strangers rarely give a shit about one another. Come to think of it, maybe the greatest break was a physical one. It was the boomers that moved en masse long distances away from home and celebrated their great bravery and success in song. However they always imagined that they had a ‘home town’…a physical place that they belonged.


Idk about China but I don’t think that Russia is even that nationalist. Things are obviously a lot better now than during the Yeltsin oligarch era but Russia is still run by a self-interested political overclass, and the war just happened because the West pushed Russia relentlessly into a strategic position that no great power would accept.

Nationalism has increased now out of wartime necessity. But I don’t see the Putin regime as being any more ideologically nationalist than was the Reagan administration.

Similar to here I think Russia mostly squandered their resource profits, even aside from the ones that were looted by oligarchs, the state didn’t use them in a useful way. I don’t know what the fuck they were doing with hundreds of billions in Western bank accounts (probably lost forever now) that could have been much more usefully spent at home.

The West’s desire to destroy Russia is probably less motivated by a need to destroy nationalism and more a desire to prop up another weak regime like Yeltsin which can allow the West to drain Russia’s resource wealth and deprive China of it.


ultra nats are aggressively suppressed in russia

putin is afraid of them more than anyone


Russia also had and probably still has plenty of “guest workers” coming in from Central Asia to Moscow or anywhere they want.

Putin has always been approximately on board with the Western agenda until it went no limits full retard under Obama. A hardcore nationalist he ain’t. But the West can’t stomach anything less than a full-blown puppet leader like that fag in Armenia anymore.


hes still way better than any western phag


I like Putin because you can interpret his actions in a way other than what Stewie wrote above, which increasingly is the only plausible explanation for why Western leaders act like they do.

He’s a nice throwback to the pollies of yore who appeared to genuinely want to improve their societies even in slow and moderate ways, like Menzies or something.

But you can’t look closely at what Biden or Sunak do and honestly think these guys are interested in improving the lot of their average Joe. You can’t give them enough of a benefit of the doubt no matter how naivety you deploy.


albo = worst pm wev ever had

calling it right now


I wonder if he ever thinks about that socialist stuff he used to support as a uni student. Is he a true believer in neoliberalism or does he not care as long as he gets pampered and affirmed by globalists.

ScoMo at least seemed to believe in some protean level of Australia First-ism. He wouldn’t give away our fucking fighter jets to Ukraine. Even a slight interest in Australia’s national interest is a big virtue now.


hes not smart enough for that level of introspection


albo believes whatever the peer group does for status

in uni that was socialism, = access to occasional college poon

in politix = neoliberalism


I have a pet theory that Western politicians are literally bribed by the US or the CIA or whatever. Of course there are informal methods of bribery like executive positions on defence company boards and whatnot, but I’m talking about direct cash transfers for toeing the line. I’ve read about Latin American politicians literally being on the CIA payroll so it has certainly been done to some extent.

The more maverick politicians tend to be the independently wealthy ones, like Trump, Berlusconi, or even MBS, people for whom a few million bucks in a Panamanian bank account makes no difference to them.

So Albo’s iron devotion to the neoliberal cause could easily have been bought as well.


The thing is we’ve been saying that about every PM since Howard….maybe even earlier when I was too young to care.

A Fly In Your Ointment

albo = worst pm wev ever had

?Did you mean: “albo = worst pm wev ever had – for now


He’s a nice throwback to the pollies of yore who appeared to genuinely want to improve their societies even in slow and moderate ways, like Menzies or something.

By Today’s standards, Menzies would be a Nationalist too.

You don’t have to be an ultra-nationalist to be an enemy of the Globohomo empire. Simply working for state solutions – like Menzies home building program – is enough.

Menzies social housing program is an example of National socialism, that is why any suggestion of a similar solution today is a complete pipe dream.

I like Putin because you can interpret his actions in a way other than what Stewie wrote above, which increasingly is the only plausible explanation for why Western leaders act like they do.

If Putin is terrified of Ultra-nationalists, he has a choice. Either you either go 100% globohomo or you sail with the Nationalists winds and steal their more palatable policies.

Putin may not be a nationalist in the eyes of Fascists on this site, but he is still a Nationalist by any standarards of the Wests.

The dynamic I described is the most accurate model – you just mistakenly think when I mean Nationalist I mean Ultra-Nationalist…. I mean ANY display of Nationalism.


Could use Albo’s ridiculous Rube Goldberg housing plan as an example of the death of public sector intervention.

In the 50s the government could just build some houses

In the 2020s, the government needs to do some sort of absurd investment fund for every parasite to ticket clip and invest in their mates’ companies before some profits may eventually trickle down to build a wholly inadequate amount of social housing

A self licking ice cream with the added benefit that potentially nothing will ever be built at all (the existence of any new housing could take 0.00000001% of the value off Albo’s portfolio).

A Fly In Your Ointment

The West’s desire to destroy Russia is probably less motivated by a need to destroy nationalism and more a desire to prop up another weak regime like Yeltsin which can allow the West to drain Russia’s resource wealth and deprive China of it.

The prevalence of auto-chauvinism in Russia is probably the highest in the world. This is as far from nationalism as anything can be.
The lure of untapped resources is much greater and stronger than any other professed motivation (of which some are simply for decoration and photo sessions)


At least they’re not racist. I’m on team Rishi. He’s very slim and has nice teeth.

I guess the west isn’t enslaving and raping fuggin those Muslims weegurs, we do have a democracy it’s just that most choose not to use it.


The Uyghurs thing was always kinda weird because the West killed millions of Muslims for actually no reason at all, so it never made much sense why China was so uniquely evil for forcibly reeducating Muslims or whatever.

I guess that kind of stuff works on patriotic midwits who think that the US is a good kid that just made some mistakes like that kodiak douche on MB.


the uyghurs thing is just chinas version of niggros in u.s.a or abos here

a lot of the stories you hear about their horrible oppression or whatever are as exaggerated as what people believe about how abos are treated, how just going outside as an abo in australia means the police will beat you on the sidewalk if they see you, people in urban areas in aus or outside of australia actually believe this to some degree


I think the west is pretty evil, we are just the better shade of dogshit, the entire 3rd world wants to come here so we can’t be that bad.

I reckon China is mostly larping, like North Korea, they still sell us a shit load of stuff for a so called enemy.


Wow. I’ve never heard us called a soft dictatorship before. It’s spot on. A hard dictatorship is exactly what is required, sadly. I hope we can rally behind an LKY type figure. I’d settle for a Gaddafi. Just please let’s not have a Mugabe. I’d prefer Sadaam Hussein over that.


There’s nothing more cucked than a man wanting less freedom, and wanting his life to be managed by some shithead politician.


Australia isn’t a nation. Non nations cannot remain democracies because there is nothing to represent. There is no “will of the people” when the people are economic units. Hence our devolution into soft dictatorship. There has to be someone in charge. Without that, even the rule of law will go. An actual dictator can be argued with, hated, plotted against, loved, etc. A soft dictatorship is a nebulous nothing like jelly. You can poke it and even take bits out but it retains its overall form. It is they ultimate tyranny. Putting up with that is far more cucked.


You’ve got someone in charge, Albo. Victoria has someone in charge, Dan. Wishing for someone you’d like to be in charge, and wishing they had absolute power, is childish behaviour. Most likely you’ll get another fucking shit politician only this time they’ll decide everything in your life for you, maybe send you to fight China to achieve the MB dream of being tough on Xi.

There is a will of the people whether Australia is a nation or not. People still have their economic and class interests. Few people have any reason to support mass immigration. We devolved into a soft dictatorship because modern politicians are little more than puppets. There were times in the past when they weren’t, like Whitlam, but higher authorities in the US got rid of guys like that and taught everyone a lesson. Now they’re doing it to Trump, even though he barely deviated from the conventional US President path.

There’s a reason why all of the European dictators like Franco, Ceaușescu, whoever, were immediately replaced by the same Western political animals as what we have. Because it’s an unsophisticated system, usually run by some narcisstic moron who decides and centrally plans everything themselves, which can’t persist in the modern world.

I believe we need to devolve power to the lowest levels, simply defund and make irrelevant Canberra and our political class, take away their power to do anything at all and start again more locally.


Whitlam wanted to move Australia toward a more neutral positioning v China, Russia and the rest of the world. That is what got him removed by the US. But the reason wasn’t for noble goals.

Whitlam was still a disaster for Australia because in the short time he was in power he passed and implemented a large array of policies that moved Australia significantly forward in the direction of the ‘Open Society’ policies I described above, which positioning Australia as more Neutral or ‘Open to the rest of the world’ was simply a more pluralist

Because it’s an unsophisticated system, usually run by some narcisstic moron who decides and centrally plans everything themselves, which can’t persist in the modern world.

Democracy is basically give them what they want, while we economically rape their societies.

I believe we need to devolve power to the lowest levels, simply defund and make irrelevant Canberra and our political class, take away their power to do anything at all and start again more locally.

This is always the end result of empire. I honestly support the de-federation of Australia, because it isn’t Australia anymore it is EZFKA – my interests are now best represented by the people in the suburbs and regions around me, not Globalist Apparatchiks appointed to Canberra through the charade of Democracy by our supra elites.

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De-federation of Australia is the best that could happen for WA and QLD. NSW and VIC will never allow it.


Absolutely Robert. QLD could easily survive as an independent country. Maybe NSW could, but not Victoria. Melbourne produces little of value. It was described as parasitic economy 13 years ago:


De-Federation would be good for the people of NSW and Vic too – it would break the model by which our resource wealth is extracted from our society by immigration and financialization.

Without the rivers of Iron Ore $$ neither NSW or Victoria would be able to afford to sustain the immigration programs they do. Their currencies would devalue significantly, reflecting the trust levels in the population underwriting the IOS’s – basically you’d have the Victorian Drachma or Rupia, and the NSW Real. Ramjet is right, Victoria would have it far worse.

That is all idle fantasy as you are correct the business and immigration lobby would never allow it. Any Sunday night breakaway by QLD or WA would have Liebler lobbying the Govt to invade them before Monday morning was over.


You guys were beaten by a bunch of emus!


The NT would probably become a 3rd world country not too dissimilar to PNG.


Good idea to get rid of the political class, the only problem with making Canberra irrelevant is those festering scabs would simply eke back into society elsewhere.

The EZFKA parliamentarians and all associated with them are a cancer.


Look at seniors in medium to large corporations and look at politicians. Very hard to find a difference.


You’ve got someone in charge, Albo. Victoria has someone in charge, Dan.

They really aren’t human beings in charge. They are robotised humans who believe, say and do what is required of them to retain their offices for a short while. We agree on this:

modern politicians are little more than puppets

But this is wrong:

There’s a reason why all of the European dictators like

Franco, Ceaușescu, whoever, were immediately replaced 

Franco died on the job. Centuries of monarchs have done the same.

devolve power to the lowest levels

Are you just shy of being an anarchist?

Sooner or later there will be a first among equals. Who then becomes a little more first and a little less equal.

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Agent 47

Well that’s one way to bring down the cost of housing in vibrant London.



Lmao the whole fucking abc needs to be shut down


One recent stand-off between Probyn and ABC heads saw him fight to publish a junior reporter’s scoop about the relationship between former Greens-now-Independent MP Lidia Thorpe and ex-president of the Rebels bikie gang in Victoria, Dean Martin.

Sydney bosses reportedly told Probyn they didn’t want to go ahead with the story ‘because they didn’t want to be seen to be punching down on a black woman’.

‘They kept putting hurdles in front of the story, they just didn’t want to run it at all. So ‘Probes’ kept digging until it was impossible to shelve it,’ an ABC source said.

‘Eventually it ran – and so it should have, it was a legitimate news story – and of course every other news outlet followed it up.’


Melbourne cements it’s reputation as a cesspit under Dictator Dan.

Notice how Vic Police stand outside like cowards yelling while a psycho with a knife is inside amongst innocent citizens. No effort to evacuate them to safety etc.





lol holy shit

people in this thread are talking about the great replacement and getting upvoted, how long before this gets deleted


The useful idiots being shot at the wall.

A Fly In Your Ointment

the video showing the skills of a white man (one of the replies to above twatter link)


Excellent skills indeed.
(in video editing – reverse play)
The teabag is indictive of this


A thread of charts of inflation vs interest rates around the world



neckminit https://twitter.com/shaahin_a/status/1670111152792117254:

To make it clear, it seems to me after reading dozens of empirical studies on the topic and doing a bit of work on it that the causal association from interest rate to inf rate is varied and context-dependent

Any hypotheses on this association need domain assumptions

wonder what all that means

maybe something to do with multiple variables lol




In Australian circumstances, rate rises are inflationary

as shown by the rapidly escalating longer bond yields the last few weeks


From Wrays book

now consider that rba and fed are both affecting rates by paying IOR and not via reverse repo

A fly in your ointment

In Australian circumstances, rate rises are inflationary

seemingly just a single word, but flips above statement to where it represents an observing reality

In Australian circumstances, insufficient rises are inflationary

now to put a proper context another word is required

In Australian circumstances, insufficient rises are still inflationary

all the above reminds me of this age old brilliant video on YT



If interest rates rises are inflationary, what is the mechanism, price by price please, by which rate rises flow through to the CPI? I don’t see how bond yields affect CPI. Normally CPI is thought to be driven by supply and demand. If IR rises, a decent chunk of consumers (37% of households) have less money to spend, thus lowering demand. If IR rises aren’t big enough to beat US IR then currency falls a bit leading eventually to CPI hikes. If businesses are debt heavy then they have to raise prices to follow IR. Those that can’t go bust, causing supply to fall and hence prices to rise. If IR is higher than CPI then there is an incentive to save not spend, resulting in lower CPI. I’m sure there are other factors involved.However, if you’re not going to produce the relative weights of these factors and how those weights were derived, then discussion is pointless. Word shuffling will not resolve the matter one way or the other.


In Australian circumstances, rate rises are inflationary

The household cash flow research I linked to a while back says the opposite.

Here’s the conclusion:

“This article finds evidence for both the borrower and lender cash flow channels, but the borrower channel is estimated to be the stronger channel of monetary transmission. One reason for this is that while there are roughly similar shares of borrower and lender households in the Australian economy,
the average borrower holds two to three times as much net debt as the average lender holds in net liquid assets. Another reason is that the sensitivity of spending to changes in interest-sensitive cash flow is estimated to be larger for borrowers than
for lenders based on statistical analysis using household-level data.

Overall, the estimates suggest that the cash flow channel is an important channel of monetary transmission; the central estimates indicate that lowering the cash rate by 100 basis points is associated with an increase in aggregate household
income of around 0.9 per cent, which would, in turn, increase household expenditure by about 0.1 to 0.2 per cent through the cash flow channel.”

as shown by the rapidly escalating longer bond yields the last few weeks

All the bond market does is price where it thinks the cash rate will be at points in the future. It’s currently pricing higher rates for longer, but it’s still a flat to inverted curve so it’s pricing the cash rate falling at some point in the next few years.

It’s more likely vindication for those of us that have been saying rates aren’t high enough, which we’ve been saying consistently through this inflation cycle, than what you have concluded.


so , Raise teh rates ?

I can appreciate someone’s data without supporting their interpretation

Much like lyn Alden , this person has realised the data does not fit their previous preconceptions

but not quite psychologically ready to accept reality

so the vague hand waving

anyway does this mean you are slowly coming closer to my point of view ?

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A fly in your ointment

1. let’s say IR go 20% on Monday, what happens to price of houses?

2. let’s bring in 2000 immigrants per day and see what happens to home prices.

3. finally unemployment kicks in, what happens to home prices?

don’t confuse lack of response to your ad nauseum rant as a win from arguments. It is most likely purely to the tune of the son in this YT video



Much like lyn Alden , this person has realised the data does not fit their previous preconceptions

if the dude’s preconceptions were as naively linear – like you at least project onto others, if not directly admitting to them yourself – that “higher” rates everywhere and always means low inflation, then it’s good that the preconceptions are being discarded.

A Fly In Your Ointment

It’s the rooit ting to do moooite

Karenistan never lacked karens.

No one ever wonders if instead of penalising there are other factors that can motivate people to not resort to less than a good behavior. I guess penal colony bread only penal culture and penal measures


Yeah stick a legacy Australian in a euro car and give them some private school and they think they are a part of the peerage. Meatheads.


Putin can say all he likes, but the US Military Industrial Complex and US bankers are winning big time.

All those destroyed Leopards and Bradley’s need to be replaced. The US Military Industrial Complex has orders as far as the eye can see. Even EZFKA got suckered into buying overpriced subs and other military pieces.

After blowing up Nordstream, Europe has to buy gas elsewhere. More $$$s for the US LNG industry.

The Diya app is a honeypot for Microsoft and Visa. Cargills and BlackRock are readying themselves for the ‘reconstruction’ of Ukraine.

I shake my head at all of the Europeans and Americans who say spend the money on our homeless and our infrastructure. They were never ever going to spend that money on homeless or things that benefit legacy citizens. It would be spent on the Military Industrial Complex or Wall Street anyway. They’ll just start another conflict.

A Fly In Your Ointment

there is another party to this duke-nuke’em game and one can easily argue that Ruskies are really just collaterals and useful idiots in a much important but underreported game of boiling the frog (and the frog is almost well-done).


More of Western budgets going to military pork bullshit means less of the budgets devoted to the kinds of things that stave off social decay

The Soviet Union got a lethal dose, the US is chasing that dragon, now Europe gets to find out too

A Fly In Your Ointment

upper rhd corner with 3 dots… “copy link” then post thelink here

A fly in your ointment

like this:

(on US public debt)

and your video:


Intel Slava Z – Telegram


adding an /s/ before the channel’s name puts the post in context of other posts


I think we should team up with this guy: https://www.facebook.com/bornofconvicts

He’s already got merch:

Roger Dodger

Robert – he’s even over in your neck of the woods – well, somewhat north of you, he being in Derby.

You could catch up for an amber ale one evening and chew the fat… “And see which one of us can tell the biggest lies”.


“Anglo-Australia is under sustained racial and cultural attack. Leftists, particularly organized Jewish Leftists, have mounted a propaganda campaign that says Anglo-Australians are racists who should be ashamed of their history.”