MPLOL- now official! Davo finally gets religion

I’m so relieved. I feared that Davo was so obstinate about the nature of MOLOL that even when the APRA’s Chairman Byao told him that he won’t do jack to lean on on house prices, he’d still have his fingers in his ears, chanting “lalalalala it doesn’t count unless the term ‘MPLOL’ passes his lips!” … Read more

Security announcement/poll

I’ve just come out of my weekly briefing with the head of cyber security. Apparently is now so popular that someone has been persistently trying to log into people’s accounts using a fancy technique called “brute force”. Particularly keen on Stewie’s account, apparently. Wonder why?! There are a few things that can be done: … Read more

Forums now live, comments now betterer

A rudimentary forum has been erected on the former site of the EZFKA Banking Royal Commision. Test it out & provide feedback please. Comments technology has been changed as well because, apparently, according to the IT slaves, the old tech didn’t play well with the forum.