Blue Fly-day

Inspired by the calendar and in keeping with the chromatic theme of recent posts illustrations and my own particular melancholic mood and favourite speech impediment.

And because the other post seems to load slowly due to all the comments. Here’s a new post.

next week there are a few things that I’d like to discuss, but for now let’s carry on with the usual boomer bashing and culture of sleaze psyop stitchup and occasional interjections about high rates causing inflation and Tiananmen Square killings!

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The shit keep getting shittier.


That’s one ugly looking woman, but Coming would still tap it.


youre such a cringey autist


How bad are these fan boy faggots at The Age?

Sending him off with a “5 best moments” puff piece,

The prick should be in jail.

The one good thing is he’ll always be looking over his shoulder, never knowing when a member of the public will abuse him or worse.




Living on a different planet


Yay to some Stonetoss



Screen Shot 2023-01-27 at 11.47.47.png
A fly in your ointment

may as well continue here


this one will never age and people will use it 2000yrs from now


for normies


to improve vernacular


hope this is not to abstract for some


self evident




LOL, my favourite


it will take a bit more intellect to work out who this wan is.
(searching by image will confirm and cement own cognitive disability)

A fly in your ointment

my deepest apologies for such an oversight.
I grovel in mortification.

In the future I’ll put a disclaimer on side effects from
reposting some illiterate but otherwise fairly critical thinking yank/seppo or in fact a Mick or Skippy (not that kind you thought of first)




imho Stonetoss is without a doubt the most influential political cartoonist in the world at the moment.

That he is associated with the right only confirms that all the political and social capital currently resides with the progressive left, because it is only through the anti-thesis of the dominant ideology that truly subversive and revolutionary truths can be surfaced.




rukshan is flailing here

just take the L and move on


Let us have this moment please


i mean yeah lol

im all for it, trashing wilko

A fly in your ointment

does he get a nice 6digit guaranteed retirement?


There was a story about the Slug, he was telling mates how to break his own rules and head away to the Mornington Peninsula (as the elites do, Rules for Thee and all that). There was a 5km limit on the Locked Down plebs. Slug’s mate was pulled over but followed Slug’s advice and had a borrowed chain saw on his back seat, telling the cops he was “undertaking emergency repairs” at the Red Hill property. Worked again and again he said.

Aussie Soy Boy

Grace would be a fun root

But the look on Grace’s face! I think she is afraid Brit is going to eat her!


So would Britt in her prime

Ironic Boomer

How did her arm end up in a sling …


holy shit



Do you know much about the bonds issued by banks to gain access to offshore funding? I want your thoughts on Banks issuing bonds possibly in foreign currency, and then using that as collateral for AUD money creation.


Thanks. It goes back to the discussion I was having with Coming as to whether offshore mortgage funding resulting in AUD creation. I discussed with someone who had previously worked on relevant settlement system and it became obvious the answer is balance sheet trickery rather than FX market. As you describe:
1) Private bank issue bonds to raise funds in foreign currency
2) Possibly use derivatives to mitigate exchange rate risk
3) Use these assets as collateral to then “create” AUD

I am now agreeing with Coming on the point of private banks creating AUD, but with a possible point of difference that the AUD is actually backed by foreign collateral.

Aussie Soy Boy

I went Boeing at the start of the week my first move in 5 months. Looking for $300.


Pretty convenient you’re only telling us now after it’s already pumped 10%

but I’ll keep track of your $300 prediction

how about you update us more promptly next time so we can all get in

Aussie Soy Boy

I wasn’t waiting to post I just didn’t get around to it. I’ll be out if it’s below 190.



Gruppenführer Mark

I made a couple of posts on the other thread that I wanted to get some opinion / discussion on, before realising that the conversation had moved on to here.

Repost 1. On the Brit and Wilko drama, and why, and why now.

If you analyse this whole drama, timing and all, this is another political hack job. Higgins claims came out Feb 2021, 15 months prior to the Federal election. Her job was to tarnish ScoMo’s reputation (and the entirety of Coalition by extension), and she did her job well.
An allegation of rape is 90% proof that it indeed occur. Because no woman would ever make something like this up, it is extremely humiliating and painful, a victim’s soul gets taken, and you’ve all heard the rest.
So the accused is guilty, at least in the court of public opinion, especially that the rape occurred in Canberra, a powerful men’s club of sorts. Then details come out how one party “protected” the accused, and they become guilty by association of covering up rape, which is quickly becoming the most heinous crime around these parts.
Now, before you jump all over me, I do not condone rape, and I have all the sympathy and empathy to the real victims of real crimes. But this thing had a “political hit job” written all over it in large fluorescent letters, the moment it stopped being about Britt, and started being about the Coalition.
What you are witnessing now can be one of two things.

  1. This is the Coalition’s response. I am not sure if I’d hang my hat on this possibility, but it is a possibility. We are 23 months away from an election, unless Labor have intended to call for an early election to cash in whatever chips they think they have. Labor has been failing on lots of fronts, and getting a lot of heat, so this could be Coalition’s attempt to raise the stakes and dissuade Labor from calling for an early election by creating this scandal and drip-feeding it into public space.
  2. This is Labor itself stirring up shit by exposing Albo’s dirty tricks to get elected. They are afraid that if they repeat Kevin to Julia (almost reads like ass to mouth) by exposing Albo’s failures in the public forum, the voting public will not like the airing of dirty laundry, and it will give the Coalition more ammo. By dumping Albo because of his shenanigans, Labor can say “we now have a candidate of the most integrity that was not involved in sordid political murder”, reinvigorate the voters and carry that positive message into the 2025 Federal election.

I pick option 2. Remember, it is all about getting re-elected, and incumbent always has an upper hand, unless there is a dress with a stain or under the bed.


Come on mate

you’re giving them way too much credit

checkers not chess


3. The media knew this all along, the fact that Murdoch didn’t run with it BEFORE the election shows that he wanted Scomo out or was at least agnostic to the idea of his removal. Albo was given one chance, and he’s fucked the country by lifting immigration to insane levels and causing so much visible public anger as a result. Murdoch is a populist and conservative, he will follow the public zieltergist when it suits him, but he’ll snap back to true form as soon as it suits him. He’s simply allowed what was common information among journalists, out into the broader public, by allowing it to be discussed in his papers, which then spread to the conservative press. This is going to run for some time.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Gruppenführer Mark

Valid points, but I still think option 2 is the go, and your suppositions further reinforce my thinking.

First off, there is no option 3, sadly, as we only have 2 major parties. The Watermelons, aka the Greens (green on the outside, red inside), are not a valid outcome. So it’s either Coalition or Labor.

Second, most of Australian media is wired to pump out leftist views. If old Murdoch suddenly changed course, he would lose eyeballs. He can have whatever personal beliefs and convictions, but he is, first and foremost, a capitalist. The fight here is for the young, for control of their minds, and for their cash. Murdoch wants that cash. Until the bulk of society turns anti-woke, he wouldn’t do a god damned thing.

I think this will be allowed to run for a bit, but will quickly be brought to heel, with Albo stepping down, to allow the plebs to be told what other things they need to be concerned with prior to the election looming in 23 months or less

I still remember the USA campaign of either 2000 or 2004 (Bush Jr), that was fought on one and only issue – stem cell research and the use of embryos in that research. This issue was created as a diversion from everything else that was going on in the country, and it affected a tiny proportion of the population directly. It was a brilliant divide and conquer issue!


Unless things really accelerate, Albo is not getting dumped over this

This scandal is too complicated and has too many incel vibes to get anywhere among the masses

We wouldn’t even be talking about it here if it wasn’t for Coming’s need to publically express his heterosexuality at all opportunities

It also doesn’t matter at all if Labor managed to briefly out-ratfuck the Libs. It’s the Libs’ skill issue if they couldn’t come up with something even better to get Labor on.

Last edited 1 year ago by No1

he wont yeah but its still interesting af

i thought our specific obsession with it was funny more than anything but its really unfurled into something quite spectacular and other people are noticing

Gruppenführer Mark

I should have stated it better. “Dumped” should have been “convinced to spent down”. The whole drip-drip of information leads me to believe that there is a death by thousand cuts at play here.

I may be wrong, I often am.


Good post mein herr.

I’m of the view Overeasy is a puppet, from the Left faction but he was the least worst option to get elected. Hence why he hid most campaign. Pilberseck is from his Left faction (along with Giles) but would never be PM because she’s pathetic and also her husband was once convicted for being a Heroin dealer.

I reckon Albo just parrots what he’s told to, he’s not a rogue dictator pushing his own great ideas. Bowen is from the Right faction and his senior position is a payback to them for letting Albo be leader.

This latest Higgins palaver seems to be a very well executed campaign part of Brucey’s defamation case, ably assisted by the Libs.

These people (on both sides) are not very smart, I think you’re over rating them. Option 1.

Kudos for the ass to mouth joke.

Gruppenführer Mark

Thanks. Sometimes the jokes write themselves.

Not being to close to federal political kitchen, I still find it less probable that the Coalition somehow gained access to recordings of Labor-aligned people hell bent on discrediting ScoMo and the rest of the ruling party. Unless, of course, they were spied on by Russian hackers.

So I stick with my opinion 2 for now.

Gruppenführer Mark

Repost 2. On the reason Quaddafi got whacked, reply to No1.

That one is easy. Qaddafi was demanding money from the EU to control its borders from African migrants.
So he was “blackmailing” Europe. Bad person!
But the REAL reason he got thrown out of power and sodomised with a bayonette (yes, there were videos of his death) was his desire for a prosperous Africa and an introduction of gold dinar as an oil trading currency, not the US dollar.
The only other person before Quaddafi to suggest selling its country’s oil in currency other than the US dollar was some Saddam Hussein bloke. You all know what happened to him.
Of course since that, two other countries started trading hydrocarbons in other currencies. And a new threat has emerged – China and Russia.
And then the USA had accused a de facto ruler of yet another country of murdering and dismembering of a journalist, so just a couple of months ago MBS of Saudi Arabia had too decided to trade oil in other currencies. And join BRICS.
See where this geopolitical game is going?


Trade occurs in USD mainly because trade surplus countries want to save in USD not because the US forces them

it’s a self fulfilling cycle rather than a nefarious political scheme

Brazil and India have recently proposed non dollar trade and nothing happened to them

(though lula could get it in the neck for other reasons)

A fly in your ointment

Trade occurs in USD mainly because trade surplus countries want to save in USD not because the US forces them

it take special skills to concoct this sentence above and say it with a straight face.

LOL like jabbadabba… it was not compulsory…

The term emerged in 1973 when the US agreed to offer armed protection to Saudi Arabia. It also provided weaponry and other military supplies in an agreement involving the overall sale of oil in US dollars. Moreover, Saudi Arabia would recycle the surplus dollars into the American economic system

History of the petrodollar. Back in the day Saudis were by far the largest producer, so that’s how system was initially created. The reason to create this system was the USA being forced to abandon the gold standard, courtesy of Nixon in 1971.

Monetary history is truly an amazing thing, as it evolves over such long periods of time.

The term emerged in 1973 when the US agreed to offer armed protection to Saudi Arabia.

there is something quite wrong in this sentence.
as much as that at the first glance it is seemingly correct, the implied conclusion switches the meaning upside down

How so? I don’t quite follow.

offering protection was not quite an “offering” if it cannot be refused.
Some protections simply cannot be refused in a simple good thug – bad thug scenario.

I am sure Faisal knew what was going on but he stood to gain from Kaffirs swindle so it was allowed. He used his influence on others. Those that did not toe in, were named Gaddafi and Saddam, to name a few

Da Big P is offering the same now, the petro-commodity Ruble Mix with a difference that the wealth from demand is shared, not kept by one EZFK.

a bit romantic version of events and what happens to those that refuse protection:


Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment

Getting back to our conversation.

The video you posted was indeed a romantic version of the wonderful benefits the world reaped from petrodollar deal, but it doesn’t get into why the deal was made in the first place.

Here is my theory.

The world was a bit different in 1970s than what it became in 1990s. There were two superpowers, USA and USSR, and they were busy establishing their zones of influence in the Middle East and elsewhere. USSR were working with Afghanistan and Iran, with the Soviets building multiple infrastructure projects in those 2 countries. With multiple stans being a part of USSR, it was starting to gain serious influence in the region, which the USA would be concerned with, especially coming off the 1973 oil crisis.

The Saudis, with their new found wealth, were starting to get uppity and wanted to project influence in the region, especially in the light of Sunni / Shia power struggle. Multiple countries in the region had oil and gas reserves, in fact, USSR built 2 pipelines transporting Afghan gas to USSR in the 60’s (which was one of the economic reasons they would later go in to protect their investment against Mujahideen, who were supported heavily by the Saudis and USA).

Problem was, the Saudis had cash but no military to speak of to protect their newly found wealth or to project power elsewhere. This is where the USA made a crucial play to exchange protection for petrodollar. While USSR had huge oil reserves, they were producing much much less than the Saudis, and their oil was heavier and thus more expensive to refine compared to light sweet crude coming out of Ghawar. So I think it was more a marriage of convenience as both sides won, rather than a Godfather style offer that one can’t refuse. Back then, the USA couldn’t just go and take the oil fields, as there was another world player who could do the same. Having just come out of the Cuban missile crisis, where the Soviets responded tit for tat to yanks for placing their nukes in Europe, such open action was certainly going to have consequences.

This really was a brilliant economic play by the USA as it ensured demand for their currency worldwide, because the Saudis were the whale in the oil market back then, and it forced the Soviets to sell their oil in the currency of their enemy, or not sell it at all. USSR desperately needed USD to purchase stuff they did not or could not make, so they were left with a take it or leave it situation, which they took. USA played this card well, driving the price of oil into the ground in mid-80s, effectively crippling Soviet economy and causing the break up of USSR. It also helped to establish USD as a world reserve currency by creating an artificial demand, so it could be printed with wild abandon. An amazing turnaround really from 1965, when deGaulle sent his navy to collect $150M from the USA.

Again, theory. Fire away!


Let’s imagine that you wanted to sell your fleshlight collection on eBay

Buyers from all over the world

are you likely to accept payment in Hungarian zlotys or Egyptian dinars?

but USD – that you would be happy to accept
since you can easily turn around and buy a pocket pussy also denominated in USD

it’s the same for Saudi oil producers and Chinese factory owners

A fly in your ointment

but USD – that you would be happy to accept

it’s a lot, quite a lot, condensed in one ignorant sentence.

like how do one puts an elephant in a fridge in 3 steps? easy, 1. open the fridge, 2.put the elephant in and 3. close the frifge

Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment

You missed the bit where a discussion on creation and global use of petrodollars got equated with a personal choice of currency while selling “fleshlights” and buying ” a pocket pussy”.

Presactly the reason I choose not to engage with certain prolific posters here at all.

You other posts are food for thought, but it’s getting late, so I’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Coming users were surprised
bank of Canada officials were surprised

maybe they need to challenge their preconceptions

thailand the lowest inflation in the world with the second lowest rates

A fly in your ointment

can it be, just perhaps, that you confused the cause and the effects – and that perhaps, only perhaps, they want to fight way too low inflation with low IR…

just *perhaps*

(without nosing in to the Thailand’s interests, IR’s and history of both)


You’re outright lying to yourself and the rest of us

you thought we’d be in recession by now but we are going gang busters: employment, inflation, asset prices

Thailand rates peaked at 2% and their inflation went from 8% to 0.5%

japan rates peaked at 0% and their inflation went from 4.5% to 3%


I’m going to be real

your mate doesn’t even understand how floating currencies work

you don’t understand how reserve requirements work

you are both completely ignorant

at best interest rate rises do nothing / are neutral with regards to inflation

at worst, when debt to gdp is high, they worsen inflation


Apologies I’m drunk

should read when PUBLIC debt to gdp is high

private debt is a wash net zero
but distributional effects if anything in favour of inflation imo since a lot of spending is not discretionary


Here’s a chart of “real” rates

looks like meaningless noise

and has been negative for long periods in the last 30 years


turkeys central bank just got a lot better looking at least


thailand the lowest inflation in the world with the second lowest rates

Why would they have high rates when their economy is generating very little inflation?


Reading “the public debate” in Australia is fucking unbearable, all these fucking vested interests yowling like a pack of feral cats

This is exactly the tidal wave of bullshit they unleashed last year to bring us back to open borders

All major Australian media companies should be forcibly dissolved and disbanded under a RICO law


theyre setting up to get rid of lowe so they can replace him with some patsy stooge who never hikes rates ever

coming will be happy

phil ‘stone cold’ lowe should give them the 4:20 middle finger and hike 2 bp next month

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

I don’t think that is the plan because Chalmers is changing things to remove government power over the CB

They’re just trying to score political points with the punters over this since they won’t address any other normie concerns.

If they wanna stop hiking forever, it’s up to them, but the AUD will get pulverised like the Turkish Lira did and there’ll be no turning back at that point. Good for the economics autists who think we’d be an export powerhouse if only the AUD would collapse, but bad for your average person trying to live a first world quality of life here.


I don’t think that is the plan because Chalmers is changing things to remove government power over the CB

They’re just trying to score political points with the punters over this since they won’t address any other normie concerns.

Exactly this. Chalmers said “independent decision”. Now just need RBA to get all the rate rises out the way before Lowe given the boot and Labor can pin it all on him.


Lira got fucking smashed after Erdogan was reelected despite his strong support for low interest rates according to the latest incel economic theories

Lira - Copy.png

Does anyone in EZFKA even realise there are 8 other RBA Board members?

The small hats have one of their own in there too.

Gruppenführer Mark

Likely 6 or 7


this whole place should feel vindicated on the higgins story

coming & soy boy were sniffing out the obvious corruption and political links before anyone else was

we came to the same conclusions everyone else is now when the trial was still ongoing

Aussie Soy Boy

I thought she made it up from the start because word would have got around that she woke up in the nude on her boss’s couch. The only way to save her career was to cry rape.

Not only save but enhance it making the poster girl for me too in Australia.

Sharaz probably doesn’t care who she fucks he’s just as ambitious and pathetic as Hungry Hungry Higgo.


This is one hell of a rabbit hole about Barrack (Bathroom Barry) Obama…


Big Mike is another branch of the same rabbit hole.

I don’t know, on the one hand it seems so outrageous, yet on the other the US’s ‘leaders’ get time and again shown to be so craven and corrupt, while perverts like Epstein and Maxwell are so far reaching and influential.

I really think the politico complex in the US is geared to ensure that only politicians they can control are allowed through the gate into the Presidential ‘Elections’.

This is a problem because if you believe in a politico complex and gates, which after watching Trump and the media and politico complex (FBI,CIA,SEC, everything) work against him – in synch, is imho a reasonable belief to hold, then in my model these otherwise far fetched stories become more plausible.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie


Gruppenführer Mark

In other news, Trump got indicted again, allegedly for possession of classified materials in his mansion. Goes to court on Tuesday.

The next USA presidential campaign is shaping up to be a doosy.


What happened to scomos multiple ministries scandal

that just disappeared from the news cycle

is he going to be indicted as well


White people are now nothing more than supermodels. That the rest of the world whore themselves to be around.


I found a photo for Coming.