“So what are youse all about? Eh?!”

Here’s an idea – we no longer live in a society and nation by the name of Australia.

We now live in a generic economic zone, geographically bounded by the continent. The ‘Economic Zone Formerly Known as Australia’ – EZFKA

Once you start looking at local matters (events, social and economic policies, public discourse) as occurring in a multicult mass migration economic zone exhaustively characterised by the mere jostling for economic resources (rather than a society and nation shaped by a shared history, perhaps animated to strive towards goals fulfilling commonly affirmed values), much about EZFKA’s thriving corporatocracy starts making sense.

The curators of discourse within the EZFKA avoid acknowledging the existence of things such as history, power relationships, culture and class.  Keeping EZKFA units ignorant about these things tends to make EZFKA units more pliable and complaint, which is profitable.  

EZFKA.com is an outlet where the above matters are acknowledged and discussed and the predictive power of these perspectives is harnessed – for fun and occasional profit.