Time to tap the sign

If anyone has paid attention in recent years, the war for complete personal freedom comes through the constant violation and erosion of the customs and beliefs of our Egregore… ie Christian notions around sexuality, sin, gender the role of the family, etc. There has been a gradual ongoing war fought in the shadows, sadly with … Read more

Ordinals….. ATTACK!

The other day I read a tweet that explained a bit about some of the players behind ‘Ordinals’ which are the current flavour of the month in the crypto space, all of which ended up taking me down a few rabbit holes: Anyhow, I posted the above link in a comment a couple days ago, … Read more

Budget Discussion

Is there anything interesting in this shit at all? All I saw so far was the extended range of payments to single parents (read: mothers), so the typical reward the biggest fuck ups policy yet again, in line with the increase in the Jobseeker rate to over 55s.. Other than that, there’s probably nothing in … Read more