Pressure to change school hours grows

The femmos next target is school hours.–c-13660771?fbclid=IwAR2M1IYRaozyHheK8Brg-j-JdEoNiT5xtN2hl3-sqXlElrhkWb2AL3hIIAM Many will agree that schools, or somebody, should raise the children while the parents go to work. After all, everyone needs to work harder to buy the dog box unit or 200m² block that earlier generations would have labelled third world. But the underlying assumption is never … Read more

Nickel first, Iron ore second?

So according to AFR: “Leinster, where BHP owns almost everything including the houses, faces wipe out if the mining giant shuts down its nickel business in the face of what it admits is a structural change triggered by a flood of supply from Chinese-backed nickel laterite producers in Indonesia.” DLS reckons that Simandou is the Pilbara … Read more