The future is not the past

Interesting Russian fertility data. After collapse in 1990s, bottoming in 2000, Russian fertility has been rising ever since, but may be stalling. Obviously a degree of prosperity and comfort is necessary for people to want to breed given they have choice in a contraceptive culture. The time of elites relying on taxing the excess profits … Read more

A few trade stats and some other stuff

50% of Australia’s exports are from mining and another 18% from “energy”. Volumes are forecast to go up to 2029, but prices and net export earnings are expected to fall Remittances currently took about USD 5 billion from our current account in 2022. That’s more than this year’s entire current account deficit. Also, … Read more

They hate you

Following comment disappearance, I have resorted to making a post MB goes off it’s nut in “ABC positions Annabel for numberless immigration barrage”. They still don’t get it. A long essay that demonstrates they think that the readership, the electorate and the polity in general respond to reason. That time is long past, if … Read more