More uni, less productivity

See for yourself: I don’t have a statisica membership or the desire to collate the raw data…but if anyone here does, it’d be great to do a proper productivity growth vs population % gone to uni and get the r value.

Australian man returns to normal mode of not giving a fuck about womens’ sports after Matildas eliminated from World Cup

An Australian man has expressed his relief at the Matildas being eliminated from the World Cup, as he can finally go back not giving a fuck about women’s sports. Dave, from Brisbane, knew that the support for the Matildas was contrived bullshit from the beginning and was looking forward to peace and quiet from NPC’s … Read more

Why the proles will not revolt

The proles are either the offspring of legacy EZFKA units or recent imports. Recent imports will be put down if they revolt, and most are factory seconds so they are glad to be here almost regardless of conditions. Legacy EZFKA units are usually one of only one or two offspring so the inheritence will see … Read more

Is Albo a lame duck one term PM?

It really feels as though Albo is shaping up to be the most ineffectual and worst prime minister Australia has had in recent times, perhaps ever. I would say at this point he has already surpassed Scomo in his hopelessness, and with what seems to be the impending failure of the ‘Voice’ it no longer … Read more

R.I.P Richard Lynn

I have just recieved word via Twitter that English researcher and psychologist Richard Lynn has died peacefully in his sleep, aged 93. Lynn was the last of the OG noticiers and so-called ‘HBD’ scientists who specialised in the study of population psychometry. His perhaps notable work was the controversial IQ and the Wealth of Nations, … Read more