“Australian vaccine statistics are completely legitimate” says country running million-dollar lottery begging people to get vaccinated

EZFKA Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced a million-dollar lottery with a “no jab, no ticket” entry, begging Australians to get vaccinated. Hunt has denied accusations that the vaccination statistics are massively inflated and that a million-dollar lottery to get vaccinated was not proof the the whole thing was a sham. “We’ve been very successful … Read more

Weekend Links, 9-10 October 2021!

IP Blocked

Hi everyone and welcome to another lovely weekend here in sunny Sydney! Everyone is excited about the fact we ditched one premier, and deputy premier… the consensus seems to be – I don’t want to know about that! – which is very EZFKA, so we approve! So in the spirit of EZFKA unity… I’m really … Read more

Qantas announces passengers must have COVID anal swabs every 15 minutes on international flights

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has announced that any passengers on it’s international services will have to submit to COVID anal swabs performed by flight attendants, every 15 minutes while onboard the flight. The move, instantly approved by Joyce, comes as the airline looks to commit economic suicide and become the next best shorting opportunity for … Read more

Sally Capp plans to revitalise Melbourne CBD’s economy by preventing the unvaccinated from spending any money in it

Melbourne Mayor Sally Capp has announced that unvaccinated individuals will be banned from entering any City of Melbourne facility and from participating in the Melbourne CBD’s economy. After footage of empty shopfronts in the Melbourne CBD circulated online, Capp defended criticism that this was retarded and essentially akin to racial segregation. “I may have spent … Read more

Fiona Patten enters Witness Protection Program after signing Victorian SOE extension

Reason Party MLC Fiona Patten has entered Victoria Police protection this evening, after deleting all of her social media accounts and disappearing from the internet, claiming ‘trolls.’ However, Patten is believed to have already signed the extension to the state of emergency powers, and has sought Police protection from the impending wave of pitchforks and … Read more

TIMBO Shoots, Timbo Scores…


This worked so well, it got nuked from orbit. As far as I can tell, someone stole the main bit from his satire earlier in the week, without attribution. This person – pretty sure its a bot – tagged CraigKellyMP and the AEC. Then this happened… I can’t find it anymore, so someone deleted it … Read more

Election Campaign: #putlaberallast

I’m with the MB commenter formerly known as Gunnamatta: the best way forward for us is to campaign to reduce the liberal and labor parties’ primary votes down. Their mutual connivance around property and migration has gone on so long and is now so deeply embedded it is now no longer unreasonable to suggest that … Read more

Woman dies after multiple jabs

After further investigations NSW Health announced that Premier Gladys Berejiklian has developed a terminal case of corruption, which has been attributed to being directly related to multiple Maguire jabs. It was revealed that Berejiklian was receiving these regularly over the last 5 years, and due to the severe nature of the corruption allegations, is now … Read more

Weekend Links, 2-3 October 2021!

Channel Tankman!

Well that escalated quickly. As we noted in these hallowed (hollow) pages, Clive Palmer was taking about the Pfizer lobbyist who forced Gladys to push the vaccine, or front up ICAC. Well, apparently that happened anyways. Live by the wet noodle, die by the wet noodle? State media explains for the normies below. But that … Read more

MB dolts come close to knowledge of house pricing; veer hard left to avoid encounter

Those bloody MB guys seem to never learn. As they stare at decades of obvious and well documented action-consequence situations. As they ignore everything written in even the most basic beginner-level finance books. Even as they personally pen the headlines that plainly paint the picture….they can’t quite make out the shape of things! The shape … Read more

China threatens nuclear attack- EZFKA citizens start calling Chinese embassy to suggest targets

International relations continue to take dramatic turns following EZFKA’s decision to buy nuclear submarines from the Yanks. In the days that followed the submarine announcement, China retaliated by threatening to nuke EZFKA during any regional war. However, the responses received back was not what the Chinese had expected. On the morning following China’s threat, EZFKA … Read more

COVID Love Letter Feat. Spartacus

Damn You To Hell, You Will Not Destroy America

This is the original text of the ‘Spartacus’ pdf that went viral, was deleted, and then the MSM saturated search engines with random Spartacus stuff, so I decided to put the text below. Might be worth pdf’ing the main medical bit and asking a doctor you trust – I have no idea if its correct. … Read more