The Speech

September 20, 2022 So, I just watched Putin’s speech live on France 24. Probably not the exact translation, as they were doing it live, and in this case some nuances might be lost, but the gist was nevertheless clear. Here are my reflections on what was said. First of all, the speech was not aimed … Read more

What’s the conspiracy?

John Adams managed to waffle on for 54 minutes in a recent Martin North video. I’m none the wiser wtf he was talking about, but he’s passing the hat around to fundraise $50k and has already raised nearly half! So what’s the conspiracy? “In early 2021, two individual Australians approached John Adams with a massive … Read more

AUDUSD – short now, long later?

I think DLS could well be right about AUD hitting COVID lows, but how to position and what to expect? Right now with QT (or at least no QE) there is a global dollar shortage. With rising rates as well, returns on USD look better than many other assets. Shorting AUD for USD will currently … Read more

Putin Finally Orders Mobilisation

If anyone has been following the Ukraine war lately, they would have noticed from that Ukrainian army has recently taken back a fairly sizable chunk of territory in the direction of the city of Kharkov. Occuring earlier this month, Ukraine marched into Kharkov rather unexpectatly with a force of maybe 8000 men (some sources are … Read more

Purity Statements

Was typing out a response to Drago’s comment that eventually became long winded enough that I thought I’d stick in my own post rather than create another impenetrable text wall in the comments. Anyhow Drago’s comment is below: This pronoun usage BS is just one example of the over-reach by cat ladies in HR. My … Read more

Albanese looks to immigration to address caucasian sperm shortage

Responding to worrying emerging reports of a shortage of caucasian sperm in the southern EZFKA province of Victoria, Anthony Albanese called a rare weekend press conference.

The impromptu conference was held at the sidelines of a Marrickville auction which Mr Albanese had participated in, looking to snag another investment property. As usual, the auction was well attended by ABC, Murdoch and Fairfax journalists, which made the discussion possible.

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Valiant Reserve Bank slammed for COVID era monetary policy blunders

A survey of economics bloggers has revealed a strong sense of dissatisfaction with the recent performance of the EZFKA Reverse Bank during the recent coronavirus pandemic, which almost proved to be an extinction-level event, mitigated only by the speedy development of safe and effective vaccines. and boosters. and boosters the boosters. The bloggers agreed that … Read more

Weaponising narratives

Narrative has been weaponised for a very long time by skilled operators. The growth of mass media in the 20th century greatly facilitated it, the dangers well observed many decades ago by Orwell, Huxley and others. It’s growth was necessary because of dissolution of communities through people moving away to cities. There were no grape … Read more

Links that dropped on me randomly

Now, I do not subscribe to the validity of these, although Google-related stuff is certainly a food for thought. Thought you might like to scroll through. Link 1: How the CIA made Google Warning, loooooooong read! Link 2 (part 2 of the above): Why Google made the NSA Warning, loooooooong read! Link 3: … Read more

Links I have found interesting this week

Okay. Don’t get too excited, this just started as a comment and then I got to five links and realised that I’d have to start spreading it out over multiple comments or have my comments sent to the spam folder. So with no further adiu I bring you “Links I have found interesting this week“: … Read more

House Price Prediction Open Thread

Over some given timeframe from now, what are your expectations for housing prices? What will prices be like in given Aus markets over the next 18-24 / whatever / months? Do you think they’re going down and staying down or is this just another false alarm? 20% falls? 50% falls? What will happen! Let’s talk … Read more