One Whole Year Of EZFKA

It’s been a whole year since our beloved founder Peachy created this place (or so), and all I can say is what a year it has been! Over that time: We’ve seen the further degeneration of Australia from a property and money obsessed hell-hole to a property, money AND covid obsessed shithole. We’ve witnessed the … Read more

JRE 1747 – Dr. Peter A. McCullough

Not sure if this has been posted somewhere or not, maybe someone has already shared? But I thought it would have been a top post in weekend links and probably worth a post on it’s own. For anyone that hasn’t heard it yet I highly recommend setting aside 2 hours of quiet time to give … Read more

Weekend links 17/12-19/12

This week we started seeing COVID cases take off again in NSW and VIC as people started moving around and partying fearlessly like they were told to. The hope is that due to the vaccines that hospitalisations won’t take off. It might be too early to call the trend, but the right hand side of … Read more

Open for business this weekend

For the first time in ages a certain website has opened their weekend links to non members. I completely forgot to look here or there until this evening (Saturday). Hope you are having a good weekend, a few links, hurriedly put together below. Most Austrians are aholes and wusses: When inflation gets high, apply numberwang! … Read more