Georgia Guidestones?

What’s up with the Georgia guidestones? I originally saw the news and thought hmmmm that would take a lot more explosive than the average citizen has. Then just now I saw a cctv and it looks to me like it was bombed? What’s the significance/point of such?

Story Time MkII

So we are back to the second week of Story Time installment of this “satirical blog”. I invite you to share your own, as there is nothing better than looking back onto your own life stories and thinking “how in the f*** did this happen to me? At least I can tell the grand kids … Read more

Peachy Keen

A short post to convey my personal appreciation to Peachy for starting and running this site. Yes, you get what you pay for, with the site falling over at times and all, but! It is a welcomed platform where we can share our unfiltered opinions and views on all things that interest us as an … Read more


What is everyone’s predictions for the RBA? Punxatawny Phil will just go another 0.5% and meet expectations? Peachy has been very quite the last few days – probably busy at her job at Coolabah capital I note the AUD is up this morning so maybe the market expects a 0.75% surprise what’s interesting for me … Read more

On The Offensive

Following on from T’s blackpill ending – “You / your family just need to survive, don’t worry about doing much more as this crisis reaches its apex. Sorry – I wish the news was better.” I’ve been saying for a while now that western civilisation had reached it’s peak and is in decline. The fall … Read more

Donbass liberated! Shits about to get real!

Uki war ending

Things are getting exciting. Like really quite exciting. Not in the good way for a number of reasons. This is very interesting because this was not supposed to happen for a few weeks. While the Russian, or to be more specific Russian + LPR + DPR forces have been expected to win since mid-March, the … Read more


With apologies to the excellent Peachy, and their (I’m not sure of pronouns anymore) thread on dry July, which I plan to destroy later today, I thought we can share some stories from our life, work experience, or interactions that may cause the effect “hold my beer and watch this shit” type of a response. … Read more

EZFKA Dry July

After accidentally falling down a few weird rabbit holes on that most putrid of places, Twitter, i learned about all sorts of unnatural things. things that are absolutely opposite-world. like girl-dicks. So i’m hoping we can have a theme here at EZFKA for the month or July. the theme is opposite world – contradictions, absurdities, … Read more

Housing Crash!

So, over on that other fringe economic news site there has been a lot of housing crash fear porn pumped out due to imminent rise in interest rates beyond everyone’s wild imagination. Sydney houses are in free-fall already, dropping at 2.5% year-to-date, with Melbourne not too far behind with an equally horrid slide of 1.7%! … Read more

Middle of the week links

The narrative seems to be that markets are now betting on the Fed doing a U turn. I’ll wait till the next inflation figures and interest rate announcements before throwing money around. Other things I thought interesting the last couple of days: Apparently ANZ has developed an AUD stablecoin. Seems pretty pointless given that you … Read more

Weekened Links since last time to 26/6/22

I’ve been accumulating these for a while to share…some might be a little dated, but some good reading to be had. Auspol Overall deaths in Australia – where nearly everyone is vaccinated – are spiking. Fertilizer Australia > Fertilizer Industry > Australian Fertilizer Market USA From Court-Packing To Leaking To Doxxing: White House Yields To … Read more

Prussia Gate

I came across this body of work yesterday evening. To say that I was fascinated with the volume of information, historical references and connections to today’s politics and policies would be an understatement. It is overwhelming, and I only made very small inroads into the writings. I am not vouching for the writers’ character, accuracy … Read more