Man destroying Australia’s birthrate with immigration says have more kids

Australian Treasurer Jim Chalmers has called for Australians to have more children, as cost of living spirals out of control due to immigration.

Chalmers says he will continue to fight inflation caused by immigration by importing Indians at the rate of 100,000 a month in order to encourage Australians to have one for the country.

“I don’t know what Australians are waiting for. Between importing third worlders to compete against you for jobs and houses and forcing women to take a vaccine that’s sterilised a lot of them, there’s no excuse not to reproduce,” Chalmers said.

‘One thing Indians are good at is reproducing, particularly on the non-consensual side of things. So if we have to import another hundred thousands pajeets from the rape capital of the world to get our birth rate going again, so be it.

Chalmers said he would be open to extending the NDIS to pregnant women in order to encourage population growth, particularly if conceived by subcontinental rape.

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Imagine getting one of these from Albo for outstanding service to globohomoism

Except in Australia you’d also have to own 4 houses


I’m pretty sure there is still something like this in place in Russia, I recall seeing Putin giving some lady with 10 kids some state honour.


Chalmers must be so out of touch, or he’s really just pissing on average Australians.

Maybe it’s his Keating-worship, that fag loved a bit of wet work.

His side of the fence hates white families, so any of those left would feel hugely offended by having this rubbed in your face.

Meanwhile there’s Victoria where hardly any of the population remaining can actually even have families. Labor is just for the Covid bots and freaks.


Your ABC just laughs at taxpayers with this.

Imagine putting this shit up as genuine content? It’s biased self indulgent shit, luvvies all earnestly discussing “the issues”.

Not one of these Labor luvvies will even mention the Infinity Migration.


This is funny.

Dalai Lama giggles and calls out the stupid Pajeet girl


He reminds me of the early big brother reality tv shows. Typically who won were bland venal shit boring stand for nothing faggots. Anyone with an inkling of character got voted off first.

Anglos want their leaders to be scum faggots because they themselves are more often than not faggots.


too expensive anyway


If they drop by half I might buy them.


So the police description contains nothing about skin colour, which means we can rule out Caucasian, as they would definitely call out a white man doing that shit.

A Fly In Your Ointment

Pigs do what pigs do the best: violence

“I’m satisfied (judge) that the pigs were aggressors and that they employed unjustified violence”
Judge Liz Gaynor

Unfortunately this is the only ruling against the violence of the aggressor.

Noice meme below:


Pigs being cucked compared to the old days is generally good.

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