An open letter to Madeline King

My MP, Madeline King, sent me this in an email:

Last week, the Albanese Labor Government set out the next steps in our plan to end
family, domestic and sexual violence in a generation – and I wanted to make
sure you heard a bit more about it.

Too many women in Brand, and across Australia are dying, and too many are living in fear.

This is a national crisis. And we all need to be part of the solution.

We know that, too often, a lack of support – including financial insecurity – stops women from being able to leave a violent situation. We want women to know if they need to leave, they can afford to go.

That’s why we’ll permanently establish the Leaving Violence Program – so those escaping violence, including in Brand, can receive financial support, safety assessments and referrals to support pathways. Those eligible will be able to access up to $5,000 in financial support along with referral services, risk assessments and safety planning.

This program will support victim-survivors of intimate partner violence to make informed choices about leaving violent relationships and receive the vital support they need.

We also know that violence against women is not women’s problem to solve. We need to focus on the perpetrators and on prevention. That’s why we will introduce new measures to help combat toxic male extremist views about women online.

This includes banning deepfake pornography – sexually explicit material created with artificial intelligence. And introducing a new pilot to protect children from viewing age-inappropriate material and harmful content online.

On top of this, we’re expanding the successful Stop it at the Start campaign with a focus on combatting violent and misogynistic online content.

These commitments build on a record $2.3 billion in measures put in place by
our Labor Government to help address violence against women.

I know that there’s a lot more work to do, but I’m proud to be part of a Government that’s committed
to ending family, domestic and sexual violence in a generation.
And these actions are all important steps towards that.

I wrote a response and would like some feedback before I send it, or maybe I shouldn’t send it at all. Maybe posting it here and then sending will make all of us targets.

You talk as if Brand is a community. It isn’t. It’s an electoral boundary drawn to satisfy statical requirements.

While you and your colleagues may truly believe that what you are proposing is some kind of progress, a great many others believe that “stopping it before it starts” sounds more like totalitarianism than freedom from violence. You’re going to stop the expression of “toxic male extremist views” online? Firstly you can’t, and secondly, who gives you the right to define what is and isn’t toxic? How will you monitor the effect of your changes, both near and far, in determining whether you were in fact correct in your judgement of what male views are “toxic” and what aren’t?

The labelling of views as toxic, male or extreme isn’t based in any kind of science about achieving the greatest good for the greatest number. It is more likely part of an ideological agenda, the goal of which seems to be to make men subservient to women in some kind of perverse revenge for an interpretation of history that is at best wrong and at worst pure propaganda.

You say “too many”…but I think you mean to say that “any” is too many. To hell with any possible “side effects” of your action on normal, decent people. Just like how your party redefined “family violence” in 2013 to include “causing fear”. The “side effect” turned out to be that making such an allegation can be used and has been used to deny (mostly) men time with their children for many crucial years of childhood. You have enabled psychopaths and those with BPD and the cost has been a massive and well documented rise in anxiety among children, teens and young adults. Young men in large numbers now wish they were women, then decide they should be, and your people tell them that mutilating themselves is the answer.

Domestic homicides have been falling for two decades. There is no crisis. Violence is endemic in every human and animal population because it is sometimes necessary. If you totally eliminate it, you’ve not civilised humanity, at best you’ve turned people into automatons, at worst you’ve lobotomised them. Or maybe you’ve just you’ve softened them so that they’re incapable of resisting whatever “genius” policy ideas come out of your collective skulls. Far better to never have to confront any serious opposition.

This agenda is hostile to Australians. It is hysteria dressed as reason and I am terrified of you getting to work on what you think remains left to do.

You are the extremist. Yours are the toxic views. You are the one who must be stopped.

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there is no epidemic of violence against women that has suddenly emerged from nothing. this is the most astroturfed bs ever, shows you that as much as ever all someone with influence in the media and govt has to do is click their fingers and australians will dance to their tune.


EZFKA coupon holders will never learn though.

Same mentality as Covid, swallow the fear whole, eat up what the media feeds you, give up all thoughts and freedoms for Daddy to govern you harder.

It’s a pandemic of violence.


The slightest disagreement from this bullshit agenda will get you labelled as a toxic male extremist who supports violence against women, so might as well give these arseclowns both barrels.

This whole thing is the most obviously synthetic outrage, bogus bullshit I’ve seen in a long time.



A fly in your ointment

@ roberto2013

there are grades of unwarranted optimism and one of those is that writing a letter to a bot-MP email account will yield sumtin.
I was told once that my optimism in life was generally way too high but I have no hope that what you wrote will make any change greater than a fart in the wind.
The MP emails serve like a post on the twatter space, to pose and cirtue signal. They are written by a ghost writer on demand and are monitored for response on a lottery basis (put the hand in, pull out a few numbers and then declare a winner on the news. The rest will need to play the enxt round). On top of this, duopoly electoral system here is designed so that the major parties cannot lose no matter what, and the difference between them is nothing else than superficial nameing rights. Changes cannot come from voting in such systems and there is a greater chance Kim Yong whatever the king of the Korea will be voted out.

to repeat what I wrote many times before, short of lampposts decorations and a total burn of Reichstag, there will be more of the same and they will not ask you for an opinion. Neither me, or Stagmal nor the CommingBot neither Nemesis the sponsor nor… anyone.
instead, I’d focus on educating own children for critical thinking, how to grow their own food, how to build a fire (ideally by using a politician or a policeman for kindling), how to escape mass media and finally how to speak Chinese or Russian. Zulu or Xhosa may be useful too.
this way you’ll save your gall bladder and your mind.

best of luck.
ya ponimayu russkiy i seychas uchu kitayskiy.


That’s it there’s no point in talking to any politician, let alone most people.

Today they said we should have more keeds. I dunno what that was about. Felt like a comedic troll.


Once I sent an email to an MP that read “Are you going to do something about negative gearing or what?”

The response was “No” Didn’t even bother with a full stop.

Needless to say, it left me with the correct amount of optimism.


At least he or she was honest in their reply, in a refreshing change.


PR Guy is a bot, Dan Fan is a bot.

This email and the Labor MP is a bot.


After having steered Australia onto the rocks of the greatest economic crisis for 20 years, this guy gives us this. Fucking retard


Id actually prefer this and any policies over it so long as they muzzle immigration.

Except they probably won’t and will just add it on top.


Absolutely right but she’ll never read it and the agenda will continue because the same people are making the same decisions that cause the overall decline. Gov is the enemy and purposefully does things to cause fake and real crises so they can “solve” the problem.
The thing I find really interesting is there are so many of us around the world who are white hot angry with these f-ers but you simply never see them in public. Their lives are managed to a T and they simply avoid the places where there might be a reckoning. The problem would be solved pretty quick if they were.
Anyway, dunno if you like Danger Dan or not but just brilliant CGI at 1.45

79 yrs ago, on the 9. May 1945. Soviets liberated Europe from Nazism and Fascism.
Western Europe never forgave them.


yeah, just look at what governments have been created since then. no wonder we’ve never forgiven them.


Since when was it within our purview to forgive them for anything?


I don’t mind the commie aesthetic tbqh. I hate the keeping up with the joneses pigs.

Communism may have had a better chance if all this chink shit manufacturing and modern agricultural practices came about during that time.

A fly in your ointment

I doubt it would’ve had a fertile soil to grow.
Commies are revolutionary upsetters, need to exploit a bad situation whilst the plebs are distracted


Most people are clearly commies at the end of the day. Boomers and millenials are commies to the bone. Only difference is millenials are happy with the propaganda and culture, boomers need to be bribed.


Surprised these types of orgs still allow replies to their tweets


Some gayfl player died too at about 28. Lol. Oh well at least they’re mostly millenials. Vax deaths are very cosmopolitan and woke.


The footy player suicided.

nice one


Sorry, I assumed, and I’m usually right without reading the article.


Are you under the impression that people didn’t die of rare and incurable cancers prior to covid?

nope, why you’d think that?
Cancer is faster in youth and news-inventors clutch to straws wrt required pace of news-making (thus frequently report on anything that can even remotely trigger emotions). In fact I heard of some ‘kids” who died within few months of cancer symptoms and I knew one guy in his early 20’s, God bless his soul. The difference is that there was a reasonable hypothesis as to why/how for them vs. the westworld residents.

Are you under impression that it cannot possibly be a vector from genetic treatment injected during the age of covidiocy?


In the panic and lockdowns created by the govmint media Covid Karens, they vastly restricted access to hospitals and medical treatment for most people.

Operations were cancelled, doctors visits greatly reduced, and people simply weren’t treated by the medical profession as they would normally be. We all know there were lots of nurses busy doing Tik Tok dances but the hospitals were in no way overwhelmed like Chairman Dan claimed.

Surely this huge drop in assessment and treatment of people meant cancers and other ailments were missed like never before?

A fly in your ointment

Would that suffice to introduce approx 20% excess mortality?
Is the same mortality increase present in other cuntries which had the same or comparable lockdown but much lesser compliance wrt genetic treatment?

This is not about making claims what is causing it, it is about countering unscientific claim that it is anything but not the inconvenient unresearched thing


Has anyone be following the proposed Canadian Online Harms Act?

Content that foments hatred! Who is going to determine that?


Content that foments hatred! Who is going to determine that?

Probably the same people that determine what constitutes toxic masculinity 🙂

A fly in your ointment

You’re back?
this time round you seem to be well focused and critically thinking.

I agree with your statement.
In fact fomenting hatred is the object, the rest is decorations and spices to make a bitter pill taste sweet to all.


That quote was from Israel Gutman, who worked with Mossad to prosecute Adolf Eichmann. The Back Book has no such first hand accounts that match his description – and they spared no opportunity to paint as most horrific visual description as possible.


Having a look at the video and will download the book now.



Whatever your opinions or beliefs, for me it was an interesting dig running through rabbit holes looking at that quote’s origination on a very rainy afternoon yesterday.

I didn’t know anything about Israel Gutman before, but when I was looking up Dr Piper I came across the link back to David Cole and his video, which I had seen before. During the digging one of the pages mentioned Max Radin which linked back to the Black Book that I’d also read previously (well parts of it), but hadn’t known anything how put it together as I was more normie back then and less interested in such things.


It all comes back to importing so many shitskins.

Immigration is the reason women are unsafe in Australia.

Immigration is the reason you can’t afford a home, and you can’t afford your rent.

Immigration has caused an economic and housing crisis, which in turn triggers some to violence. Arguments over costs of living, inability of women to escape anywhere.

Women escaping violence can’t find a safe place because there is no refuge or housing, because there are too many Pajeets.

It all comes back to immigration as the cause.

But thanks to Labor even women aren’t safe from Pajeet women…

A fly in your ointment

you missed this one:

Immigration is NOT the reason children are very unsafe from rape in Australia.

on your list you need this one, which makes no one happy about it:

Immigration is the reason we are not in a deep recession.

because the cuntry which produces only visas and houses….
When we close visa and houses factories like we did with Holden and Ford, something may change for better


Import hundreds of thousands of single males in their 20’s every month from counties like India which has a ridiculously high rape rate.

Allow them to exist unsupervised in menial jobs living clumped together in rentals.

Have a Media class and Police force that refuses to report the truth and instead covers up any crime, or disguise these shitskins as “teens” or “local man”.

What could go wrong ?

A fly in your ointment

Alas, whatever it takes to support the only two remaining products Ezfka makes….


it can be done, and it should be done.

Tunisia rounding up and deporting immigrants.

Tough break though, deported from a shit hole back to your even worse shit hole.

Australia needs to follow suit.

Cancel all visas from India, Asian countries.

90k needs to be the limit of annual migration.


Every dollar you say?


legacy units overwhelmingly in favour of super for houses. we’re fucked

A fly in your ointment

that already exists but its too complicated for many.

I’d have my super own a property rather than shares and stocks. When things go tits up, homes tend to retain value better.

buy yeah, home prices “to infinity and beyond!”


Surely genius Jim Chalmers’ latest idea of taxing unrealised gains by >$3m SMSF’s even better?

Thin edge of the wedge stuff, and more pandering to his Union Super Funds efforts to crush anyone who won’t give their $ to them to spend on CFMEU projects.

Once Labor can force everyone to have their Super in Union controlled Funds the circle is complete.

Plebs have low rate of returns from these funds so live out meagre retirement dependent on pissy handouts. Funds spend their money on shit construction that fuel CFMEU power and jobs for mates, who in return get Labor re elected.

Can’t have people spending their own Super or saying what happens to their own money.

A fly in your ointment

I dont argue its better performing or that there are no pitfalls. It’s about hedging.

I’d rather self manage my super owning a rental home and settle for lesser performance than have some idiot like Llewdo or Bleato manage my money in an institution and get scott free when (s)he flucks up.
The intricate value of homes can go down to almost nothing but never as quickly down and out as stocks or shares or whatever the super funds do.


The legazen dream is to own a house and bludge off the pension till death do you part

Much more satisfying knowing you’re living parasitically off the youth than using your own money even if it’s functionally the same outcome


Be honest, can you blame a Boomer for doing this? Would you do any different?

Labor and Morrison fucked the economic conditions so there is no other alternative for most. It’s Hooms or nothing.


I don’t blame them, the younger generations are irrepairably demented, but they could speak up a bit more rather than just parroting news corp etc. I guess they can’t be bothered and see it as a waste of time which it mostly is.


Well that’s it. When the average person has little to no power to effect change you can complain all you want but you will take your shit sandwich regardless.


Liberal voters are the sickos now. Woke enough to be severely treasonous, financially still jewish af, supports Israel and jews more to be a big concern.

A fly in your ointment

Yet another stabbing!

Youse guys were roight, it’s the jew/negro/poojeet/slope/abo!!!
(delete remaining inapplicable options)

I wonder if will do something to protect innocent people from this new pandemic. Perhaps make steak knoives illegal or introduce random search of anyone looking suspicious (I.e, not having a mortgage is a clear common denominator).

Perhaps come next election I can vote this mov out and elect a party with totally new ideas and programme.


Islander chasing other Islanders teens with a knife in a shopping centre.

Chalk another one down to white Australian toxic males

A fly in your ointment

True, it’s unfair.
Convicts lack testosterone for aggressivity like this.


Not lacking in testosterone, just not all basic savages like these filth.


I loved Prince Philips Joke to Italians about their Tanks – 1 forward gear and 5 in reverse.

A Fly In Your Ointment

Not lacking in testosterone, just not all basic savages like these filth.

I do not question the level of savageness present (well, outside MtDruitt, Penrith etc) but Testosterone…. that’s removed systemically from the convicts begining at the pre-school-early-learning-brainwash. Effectively emasculated by the time they hit puberty (if they do). Albo is your typical convict “theoretical male” (i.e. male without testosterone, as per above assumption): a semi-wog that became less man than either convicts or wogs.

Men with testosterone do not stand still whilst flucked asking only for more vaseline.

A fly in your ointment

Swiss entry Nemo, the first openly non-binary Eurovision winner, took it out with their spectacular, opera-techno hybird The Code, which saw them perform while balancing precariously on a spinning disc.

Yeah…. public votes…. noice. Like Aussie referendums. Israel shot from the trailing edge to the top 5 instantly.
European Union is non-binary flucked. There is no yes/no option for their future, only “yes” – flucked


How funny is the “Ireland” entry?

That country is more fucked than I thought if it allows those creatures to exist.


It is interesting that it revealed 48% of the Italian public were supporting Israel. My wife and I were theorising the reasons why – she seemed to think half the population were still feeling guilty over being part of Axis from WW2 (normie programing is hard to remove).

My thoughts were that Italy is pretty much ground zero for the African Invasion and often the second most popular landing point after Greece for the Muslim invasion. I reckon half of them want to vote for Israel because they are verging on Italio-fascim and empathize with the Israelis. Probably even jealous of the Israeli’s and their ability to practice facism through their Zionism.

I came across this pdf today on some discussion on the ADL. Of course it can’t be verified and there is a high chance that it is an antisemetic fake (I personally suspect that it is). But interestingly while looking into the claims I found that the contemporaneous issue that it speaks of did actually occur and the request was really made.

They don’t teach that in High School ! That for me was something knew today. LOL

They certainly mustn’t have taught Benjamin Netanayu either given the way he tried to paint a picture today that it was Jewish sacrifice that defeated Germany and freed the Jews!

I’ll be sure to bring that up the next time some Jew criticizes westerners for not saving them soon enough in WW2!!

“Hey you guy’s begged not to be a part of or fight in WW2!”

Last edited 16 days ago by Stewie

Another take on that, Stewie….possible that your suspicions may be well founded:

Debunked: Exemption from military service doc proves Jews had foreknowledge of WW2 (fake leaflet)


Cheers – I’m glad my bullshit detector works both ways and I included the strong disclaimer as to its reliability.

I was too lazy to bother to confirm that other than stating I thought it was fake, after I found what I thought was the more reliable, and hence more interesting fact that NY Jews actually petitioned to avoid the draft.

The thing that made me think it was fake was One that it was just too strongly ott on the goy hate, but Two and more importantly – it was written in English, when it would have been written in Hebrew. Guarding their knowledge and communications is something they take incredible safeguards over.

Ironically much of the reason I suspected it was fake was the same reason I thought the BB was fake in parts… they both take truths, and wrapped them up in lies.

A Fly In Your Ointment

it’s a literal freak show. Reports from lands of wogs that apart from old fashion Europe (eastern side) participating the tourney to keep up with their neighbouring Joneses, the rest is really depicting the level of decay in their societies…
Voting is more rigged than Aussie parliamentary (s)elections. Jurors vote publicly, that’s only rigged inside studios; but public votes are counted by Dominion Voting Machines

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