Bill Shorten orders execution of Australian man for creating job not linked to the NDIS

Labor MP Bill Shorten has ordered the excecution of a man who created a job that wasn’t linked to the NDIS, the minister has announced.

Sydney man Chris Watson, was found to have successfully hired a local engineering graduate in the robotics industry as part of his small business. Shorten was having none of it.

“We’ve successfully transitioned from a manufacturing economy, to a shithouse service economy to a literal retard economy. Let me send the message right now,” Shorten said.

“If you dare create a job that requires innovation or produces something of value, you will be hunted down and killed. If we can’t financially asphyxiate you with lawfare and t axes, we’ll just asphyxiate you.”

Watson is set to be force injected with COVID vaccines on camera until the myocarditis becomes unbearable and his heart explodes.

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Most excellent “satire” TImbo.
By the way, what does Trump have for breakfast?
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Looks pretty rough without the filters…


every industrial estate full of NDIS accredited enterprises, kitchen renovation businesses, drive thru coffee & dance studios

truly cursed economy


Being smart is dumb in the dumb country.

the arborist

Everything’s fine in Dubbo.

Dubbo Show is disrupted after cops uncover disturbing stab list naming children as young as eight as targets

  • Dubbo Show marred by the threat of knife violence 
  • Disturbing ‘stabbing list’ circulated on social media
  • Two boys, aged 11 and 12, were spoken to by police


What’s the logic behind nominally conservative parties ramping immigration so high? The Tories alienate their few remaining supporters, write down their brand value to zero and get some cushy jobs after politics in return?

Maybe it all comes back to the thesis that immigration is simply bigger than politics and bigger than democracy, the Tories think they’ll will get their turn again once Labour sends immigration even higher.


No one wants the clock to stop on their watch, it would forever tarnish the party


How come that blonde woman got turfed after only two seconds to be replaced by rishi poonak? Maybe she was gonna do something based but I doubt it.


I saw some polling showing the top three concerns of Aussies were cost of living, housing crisis, and heightened violence. All three obviously linked with excessive immigration, but the Liberals will do nothing about it. It’s almost like our democratically elected leaders aren’t actually in charge.


The countries in the West experiencing the most extreme force fed legal immigration share a common trait – their economies are dominated by the domestic banking systems, the UK, Canada and Australia all share a common trait being the outsized proportion of their respective economies that are made up of the Finance Sector.

The issue is this, their economies are 100% dependent on immigration for pretty much all their system + plus growth.

Look at Car Sales for example – this is probably one of the most correlated factors with immigration as nearly all immigrants will need to buy a car as they can only afford to live in the outer suburbs, which are poorly serviced by public transport. Growth in Australia’s auto sales is world leading at 2%, only beaten by New Zealand – for exactly the same reason. No suprises at all that immigration is currently running at nearly 2%.

But the real elephant in the room is Australian banks, all their borrowing and credit rating, etc is dependent upon achieving system growth, that magical 2%. As existing Australians are essentially all tapped out the only growth the Banks can get is through immigration.

That was why the COVID shut down was such a problem for them, and that is why it was so important to ‘catch up’ with immigration following it. Modelling for a cut to immigration is the one thing the Banks don’t do – and unsurprisingly they are the biggest lobbyists for immigration. The Banks word holds more power than a league of lobbying property developers.

The real measure of Australia’s banks likelihood of default isn’t through immediate bad debts, but for how long the can last without a 2% growth each year. Because if they don’t get that, then all their metrics are gunna start falling out and they’re going to end up looking like European banks.

The problem the Banks are facing is that this requirement for 2% growth through compound interest is a geometric problem, while the ability to deliver expanded services to account for that 2% growth is a linear one – it only improves through higher productivity. The Banks have grown to such a size that they are now starting to push up against this limit.

While various economies are either more ahead in this process, eg Canada or perhaps a little behind through a more diverse and larger economy eg the UK, none are nearly as distorted as the Australian economy is by the domination of our Finance industry

One of the big things that made the WW2 German People’s Party so popular was their stance on Banks. In a fiat monetary system with privatised banking, combined with the magic of compound interest, the ending is always the same – financial slavery.

Last edited 15 days ago by Stewie

Bank support policy has replaced traditional Industrial Policy, nothing more, nothing less.
The winners are predictable, the losers are equally predictable, don’t you just love how transparent the whole fiasco is!

wrt Ukraine: All war is politics!


Ukrainian forces buckle in Northern Ukraine:

From what I’ve been reading it is as though Russia has engaged with the Ukraine in an intense battle to the south for the past 12mths with first the Ukranian offensive and then the Russian counter offensive, and the Ukraine has basically ignored much of the North and is so depleted it is having trouble pivoting.

This is a war of attrition and industrial capacity – Ukraine is never going to win. But it gets worse, Russia has just done a reshuffle of its defense leadership.

For some reason the media is portraying that as some sort of instability in Russia as Putin is replacing his long term defense minister and friend, and is replacing him.

They’re trying to portray this as a slight – the reality is that Shoigu’s job is practically done. In conflict there becomes a point where losses start to cascade, practically all Nazi Germany’s losses of territory and men came in the last 9 months of the war. IMHO the Ukraine has been ground down to a husk and is on the verge of implosion.

The thing is the guy Putin is putting in charge is an economist – Putin is replacing Shoigu not because he wants to win this war, but that he his preparing the fight and win the next war.

“Amateurs talk strategy; professionals talk logistics”

Gen. Omar Bradley

That is what the media should be really worried about, because so far the West has been found embarrassingly lacking…. sort of has me wondering if that Degal prediction is gunna come true

Last edited 15 days ago by Stewie

The fact that this motorized regiment without much heavy gear was used is revealing. It confirms reports that Russia is no where close to introducing its “main force” into the region, which can come much later after Russia has tested the Ukrainian defenses, revealed their positions via recon-by-fire, and then softened them up with air strikes.

Yup – that seems to be the general opinion, that and surprise at the lack of preparedness by the Ukranians:

As a final note, despite a year and a half to dig in Ukrainian border defenses appear to be modest, with few minefields and unimpressive fieldworks. Although a great many fingers have been pointed at corruption and graft among the Ukrainian officials who were supposed to pay to have these defenses built (apparently by contractors), equal if not greater blame must be placed on the Ukrainian military. Given a year and a half, even reserve soldiers working with hand tools could have turned the border regions into a fortress. They appear to have spent that time – invaluable in war – doing little to nothing.


Managed to finish the rest of it – Simplicius definitely seems to think that it will drag into 2025 even mid 2025, but acknowledges that territory will automatically follow when the UAF are fully depleted i.e. collapse.

Reading a bit about how Russia are fighting this war – apparently it is the new likely format. Very slow grinding advancement of no more than 1km a day – no goals of lightening fast advancement like WW2.

Something to do with the impact of drones, much better reconnaissance and the general shortage of manpower – in reference to all armies to some degree, with the collapse in birth rates in China making it relevant even to them too.

Gruppenführer Mark

This were the stated goals of the SMO from the get go: demilitarisation and denazification. Literally nothing at all about taking territory. But NATO would not listen, as their standard mo is to blast everything to smithereens, including civilians and civilian targets, and then move in to bring peace and democracy. Hence Milley’ stated goal of Kiev in 3 days.

Putin just reiterated it again, that the preservation of people is a goal for his next term. It has been the approach in 2022, when the UAF achieved two of its most spectacular wins, because RF just pulled back.

A fly in your ointment

But NATO would not listen

It may seem so but is it?

Yanks wanted that war and did everything in their power for it to begin. If it weren’t, it would’ve meant that ruskies are pussies and yanks just score UA and if it did it should’ve weakened ruskies,
It is only that ruskies survived sanctions by the minority world’s community that spoiled it all. Bc the US$ is flucked as a reserve currency (being weaponised massively) I have a feeling that ruskies and slopes wanted the war .
Cockehead zelemsky also wanted a war to flatten the ethnic ruskies in the east and further alienation of Ukrainians was in his book too (for western interests) so the only people who really did not want a war but had it irrespectively were ruskies in the UA.

I don’t think Russians wanted this war, they wanted security of their borders. 2 Minsk agreements signed but not adhered to. Hell, Russia sent a security proposal to NATO or the USA in December of 2021, which literally got ignored and laughed at. Ze did want this war, and started shelling Donbass again mid-Feb 2022 with vigour. The plan was to stage a quick win and reintegrate Donbass back into Ukraine, as it was the industrial powerhouse. But something didn’t go according to plan.

And yes, it’s an amazing feat that 100500 sanctions didn’t cripple Russia but crippled the EU, which was probably the entire reason for the US to push this war. I do not know how and where China fits in this scenario tbh.

A Fly In Your Ointment

I did not mean ruskies wanted this war literally, only that if it takes place it will put the wheels in motion for dedollarisation which they were dreading to begin. This is where Xi fits in too.

I take it that ruskies were trying to avoid confrontation a bit too much for what the yanks need to be confronted in order to stop stirring shyte, effectively being chicken until it was too late.
For Yanks it was a win-win.

it’s an amazing feat that 100500 sanctions didn’t cripple Russia but crippled the EU

I recon even ruskies were amased by the level of ” sanctions don’t work”. EU just thought that US hug from the back whilst having a bulge in their trousers was a friendly hug and not the fornication.


In a way the Ukraine war has already provided all the useful information that it can. The west knows how to defeat Russian heavy armour, and has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the value of shoulder fired turret busting missiles (Javelin etc).
20 to 30 years ago when these missiles were developed many doubted they’d prove effective in a real war, but (especially when combined with drone survelince) they are proving themselves VERY effective.
No need to keep funding (provisioning) something that you’re certain works, matter of fact by providing more of these advanced muntions to Ukraine, you are decreasing their value in a “real war” (as in one you really care about) because your opponent will have time (motivation and opportunity) to develop counter-attacks and direct defenses.
IMHO It’s time for the west to step back from the fight, keep their powder dry etc.


I think Russia are very much aware of the problems with tanks as targets, for both drones and missiles. Tanks, where they are deployed usually resemble a chicken coup, now they are covered in so much chicken wire and netting.

The fighting of a war is an example of extreme tactical and weaponry evolution, as new weapons beget new tactics, which beget new counter-tactics… as you say because your opponent will have time (motivation and opportunity) to develop counter-attacks and direct defenses.”

Russia is fighting this war much like was predicted at the start, inch by inch, mile by mile – with artillery. Russia is basically an artillery army. Their soldiers are there primarily to guard the borders, while the full might of their still existing industrial capacity turns their opponents positions into a moonscape.

Came across an interesting quote by the new Russian Defense minister Andrey Belousov:

‘By preserving traditional values of the West, which are originally the values of Western Christian European civilization, Russia can become a guardian of these values. This may seem like a paradoxical idea, but it is nonetheless true. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that the West is our enemy.’

Traditional Western Culture, i.e. Traditional Christian values, are the biggest ‘threat’ to Globohomo… the ‘West’ was just its first victim.


what I love about some of the great 19th century military strategists, is that he addresses both the how and the why.

Today the how, is very different, but the why is not so different.

As they saym, war is politics by a different means!


Ah that’s right genius.

Sure, the CBD, public transport and the Western part of Melbourne has no go zones where Sudanese and Somalis orcs run rampant, but one murder by a white man makes you feel better.


But Vic Pol no longer records the fact these are Africans doing violent home invasions etc, it is “youth” crime.

Also, the fact that they are 0.5% of the youth population but make up 19% of prison population, is because racism of course:

A fly in your ointment

Luv that touch: “genious”. Should make you feel good about yourself, eh?

You said convicts are not violent, moite, i agreed – due to lack of testosterone.
What’s Sudanese ot other undesirables have to do with convict units

you said convict units were not basic savages like these filth. Obviously not. Same savages, just the different tools.


No more disgustation menu. Waaahhhh

Ching Chong Ping Pong

Confucious say no easy answer. Boomer say prawn cutlet too much batter not enough prawn.


How Bill Shorten can manage this debacle the NDIS with any real scrutiny is incredible, but not surprising given the state of media in this country.

He sits there watching his portfolio become the greatest rort and scam in the country’s history. No questions from the media, no questions.

It’s a bit like those rape questions that have been hanging over Shorten’s head, from when he was at Uni. Not one journalist will even ask him about it.

You think you might hate journalists but you don’t nearly enough.


Boomer say chicken cashew oyster sauce with spring roll entree.


Mainstream journalists cover up for Shorten and follow their directions to ignore the accusation.

Instead it is up to small independents like this guy to investigate:


Without the slightest hint of irony…

Universities have been pouring fuel on the dumpster fire of immigration, allowing the Pajeets to rort the system, ignoring local Australians in favour of chasing cash from immigrants.

Albo hits them with a wet lettuce leaf and they’re whining. Labor has still allowed them to pump the Infinity Migration lever, they can still exceed their cap.


Personally I’m waiting for the policy which combines the big4
NDIS, AUKUS, Domestic Violence and Housing

It will probably take the form of NDIS quotas for all AUKUS sub contractors,
whereby Housing would be a freebe bennie available to all DV survivors willing to begin a Cert3 in Nuclear Submarine reactor operations (no other experience necessary) Technical degrees (especially higher degrees such as Masters/Phd) are likely to be seen as a serious impediment to career advancement.

Stick a fork in it….

Gruppenführer Mark

Well, just read an article along these lines today. Not sure if for real, but it fits the narrative. Companies owned by straight white males to be excluded from NY JFK airport redevelopment


“Not sure if for real, but it fits the narrative”

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced a historic milestone in the ongoing transformation of JFK International Airport, where a record $2.3 billion in contracts have been awarded to Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE). 

“New York remains committed to providing travelers with a premier experience that includes world-class amenities and record involvement by local minority- and women-owned businesses will ensure just that,”

MWBE….oh, gawd…another trendy acronym to remember.

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