ABS provisional mortality data for first quarter 2023 was released just now https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/health/causes-death/provisional-mortality-statistics/latest-release And the cookers are unfortunately going to be disappointed Although deaths are up by 11% Deaths amongst the young , that is 0-84 years old, are actually below baseline (precovid) levels The excess in deaths is entirely due to deaths in the … Read more


Therer is an attempted micro-coup orchestrated by the infamous Yegenny Prigozhin brewing in Russia right now. Why he is doing this is anyone’s guess, with some (such as No1) suggesting he may have been compromised by the CIA. Personally I think it’s a lot more simple than that: Prigozhin is an unhinged alcoholic ex-con megalomaniac … Read more

Putin Meeting with War Correspondents and Military Bloggers

Over the last couple of days various Telegram channels were publishing some excerpts from a meeting President Putin held with various media personalities about the Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine. Unfortunately, they would post a handful of bullet points about what was said over the course of a 2+ hour conversation.  I was interested … Read more


I reckon we need merch. Such things can be made up on demand so we would not need to carry inventory. e.g. https://ogo.com.au/ It could be a potential profit centre, but I’d prefer to do it at cost price. Let’s get our message of hopelessness and despair out there! Maybe we can pool our resources … Read more