Australian man looking forward to Bird Flu scam after enduring COVID scam

A Brisbane man has braced himself for yet another fake pandemic as the geopolitical and financial order deteriorates.

David, from Brisbane, said he was looking forward to another wave of bullshit ‘no jab, No job’ and ‘we’re all in this together’ horseshit from those still left alive and have not died suddenly.

‘Oh would you look at that, another ‘pandemic’ that’s emerged right as people are starting to work out who are fucking their countries over. Guess I better get the bird flu jab and wear a cuck mask,” David said.

‘I’m really looking forward to all the faggots from Melbourne cowering in their homes and asking for handouts again. That should really help in the inflation battle.”

David said he was going to do his part and assist with the unnecessary culls of poultry currently going on to drive up food shortages, as well as changing his profile pic to ‘got my bird flu vaccine’ and not noticing the disproportionate number of Jews involved again.

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their political capital on this is now completely gone i’d say. the real irony if the covid epidemic and how it was blown totally out of proportion is if there really was a serious virus that showed up now that threatened to kill billions of people no one would fall for it and we’d all die. faggot who cried wolf syndrome.

the arborist

Women aren’t doing very well. All that empowerment and they just turn into weak, fake men. Women mostly fared better before feminism, suffrage, ‘equality’ etc.

And as for men… they’re turning into weak, fake women in all sorts of faggot ways.

It’s such a weird phenomenon that some might think it’s deliberate.

Middle-aged women are becoming street-level drug dealers

And thanks to Timbo for manning the satire pump.


The specifics are not necessarily deliberate, but the destruction of society by promoting anything that might be against it is a documented communist revolutionary tactic that has been applied over many decades in Australia and elsewhere.


michael west reckons conscription is coming. from all the propaganda we’ve been hearing in the media i reckon its likely, lots of young people going to die in submarines for taiwan and u.s global empire possibly on the horizon

i’m putting dutton last just in case


I’m not saying he’s wrong but he doesn’t get everything right. I gave up on him for some reason because he got something pretty badly wrong, I can’t remember what it was.


Will immigrants be conscripted also? Boomers were conscripted and if it’s good enough for them…


Not just in the U.S. either:

Ukraine war: why many Nato countries are thinking of introducing conscription and the issues that involves

Here we go again, folks…..the drums of war.


It’s always a tough call who goes last on merit, but tactically, IMO it has to be Albo. Always vote against the incumbent.


Agreed…….the only possible way to keep these bastards even remotely honest is to periodically remind them who it is that reviews their job application.

Oppositions don’t win elections…..governments lose them….and for good reason.

A fly in your ointment

Society that dies this deserves what’s coming its way


What a cuck. Drives 1.5 hours each way from Gosford and is happy with a 20% off renting a cuck box. Why are people such cucks. So gay.


Lmao anything other than cut immigration, we’re going to drown under these worthless schemes before they will ever consider doing what will actually work


That cunt would stuff your intestines back in if you shat them out but also beat the fuck out of you if you wanted to reduce immigration. They’re ridiculous.


The WA government has been doing this for years. Seems to work ok.


What is fly in your ointments analysis on the yugoslav wars. We’ve all seen Behind Enemy Lines as a good cross marketing exercise where the dirty big wog serb uses an awp and a desert eagle i think to promote the computer game counter strike.

Completely based.

A fly in your ointment

More people were killed in Gaza than all the muzzles in Bosnia and more kids were killed in Gaza than all the Muzzle kid existed in Bosnia during wars.

Luv how some muzzles are good whilst other are evil in westworld msm.

That video is msm echo. Tells nothing new. Like Llewd and Bleat brothers, regurtitate the same ole and present is as original research. Some fall for it.