Shorten to crack down on NDIS rorts by allowing every third world retard to access it

Bill Shorten has announced that he would crack down on ballooning NDIS rorts by allowing non-citizen retards to access it.

Shorten announced the move after a Chinese family with a brain damaged kid believed that the Australian public should pay for their treatment.

“These sob stories from entitled foreign cunts are really convincing and it’s only fair that we let the entire third world and all the retards within it access. Only that way can we crack down on fraud,” Shorten said.

“We’ll ensure a strict process of at least running a sob story in the press and the government getting a cut as ‘payment’.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles has announced expedited citizenship processing for foreign retards in addition to NDIS access.

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And if there aren’t enough brain damaged people we’ll just make some more. Seems not to be a crime


Hitting someone in the head with a hammer while robbing them is normally a crime, but not if you do it under the influence of drugs.

So, if you’re going to do something disgustingly violent, just claim that you did it after taking drugs, that’s not how you normally behave and you’re very sorry. You’ll get off with a stern talking to at most.

Gruppenführer Mark

Yeah, but you also have to be a disadvantaged yoof


Not in Victoria.

Sudos roam like Orcs, robbing annd bashing innocent Victorians and the Labor pollies wave them through the courts.

Gruppenführer Mark

Mate, the story was about Tassie! And Sudos are all disadvantaged, that’s how they got here in the first place. War and sheeeet.

Gruppenführer Mark

Not to get too conspiratorial, but when a president of a country is asking a question…

Is this normal? Lukashenko finds one group in gov’t responsible for more than 50% corruption (


It Is only wrong to steal from the Goyim if they find out about it and it causes discomfort for the chosen ones.

Agent 47


Agent 47

Spot on


the fish is Coming

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Call me crazy, but most men go their whole lives without facing a single rape allegation. When a guy has faced as many rape allegations as Brucey, well, maybe he’s a rapist.

If nothing else, he sure does look like a weird and creepy cunt.


Good to see the media in EZFKA is the same as the media in Europe…


some pseudo-abo academic chick challenged me to a race science war and now is hiding from my replies to her


Yeah that stinker blocked me long ago


I assume this is the Octaroon that you are referring too:


yup, check the orig post

why did she block you? she sucks lol

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lol Check out this crypto Jew dismissing the suggestion that Aust could solve its wages and employment issues without resorting to immigration


Maibe A. Girl.

Such creatures should be shot on sight.


Surprise, surprise… highly endogenous Pajeet hires his daughter to run a subsidiary of a public company:

Staff raised the issue that Country Road Group CEO Raju Vuppalapati allowed his daughter to be hired as an e-commerce officer at Witchery.


Google for Rachid Maliki, the pajeet’s number one offsider, and serial sexual predator.

If ever a guy looked like a degenerate, well, he’s your man.


Pajeet running for office in America creates fake social media accounts so he can harass and vilify himself in order to claim victim points.

A wonderful people from a wonderful culture. We definitely need to bring more like him here.


I wonder where they learned that trick from..


Indians are the Jews of Asia only dumber.

A fly in your ointment

Whilst all of youse types convicts focus on poos, parents, slopes, negroes and jooce, the ministry of changing men behaviour was created by those you voted for (directly of through preference system).
Njoy it.

Look, Pajeet there👉👉👉

(From “Zed Aich”)


I’d already seen it. Can’t recall if I posted here or FB. Think Stagmal shared it first. But I’m not peachy. Not going looking for the comment links.

A fly in your ointment

Unimportant who got it first, what matters is that the focus was on PooJeets, slopes, negroes or Juice and not on this.


Jobs for the arts degree girls. If they can get blokes to stop watching thugby and gayfl I’d lol. Those dickheads are just boomers.


Anglo migrants (UK passport holders) are, IMO, among the worst woke tossers. They think they are just like us, but in fact they carry so much post colonial guilt they are among the first to give aboriginals, and anyone else, asserting grievances everything they want, apologetically insisting “we” have no right to be here, while they have every right to fuck off back to the UK. I hate poms.

Last edited 27 days ago by robert2013

a lot of euro migrants to australia are. a lot of them seem to work in media in my experience


It’s a very English middle class white thing.

Can’t bear the thought of these awful Colonials, yet live here amongst them. Not so deep down they really hate Australia, especially those awful early settlers who built the place.

It’s their self hatred as well, makes them want to breed with Pajeets but only middle class ones like them.

Prevalent at Your ABC, see Paul Barry etc. The AWFL cat ladies in the ABC audience love them it’s a weird culture cringe thing.


I played a gig on Sunday, and the female singer from another band started off with an acknowledgement where she said we were on unceded indigenous ground.

I thought “Well, that’s right. It wasn’t ceded to the white men, it was taken by force because we’re smarter and better than them and they’re never gonna get it back with all the bullshit acknowledgements in the universe. Har har har”.

If they want it back then they should have a go and see where it gets them.

Meanwhile on the morning tele at the gym, AWFLs melting down over horrendous indigenous domestic violence, never once mentioning that this is a problem of black men beating and killing black women. You could tell there was a burning desire to blame it all on white men somehow, but they couldn’t find an angle.

Someone mentioned that indigenous people represent 20% of murder victims while being 3% of the population, and they were busting to frame it as whites killing blacks when of course, it isn’t.

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