CBA offers 2.25% term deposit

CBA is now offering a 2.25% term deposit for 18 months This is more than their prediction for RBA overnight rates (1.6% I believe) – not sure why they would lie since surely they would rather fool people into fixing loans at high rates Maybe the banks have been told that there won’t be … Read more

ABS excess mortality statistics for 2021

ABS recently released the mortality statistics for 2021 In summary, the overall excess mortality in Australia for 2021 was 3.5% above expected levels The ABS concludes that this is consistent with effects of the pandemic However, if you look at the state data there is something very fucking odd going on NSW excess mortality … Read more


Recent release of data by public health england I like their data because its very honest The most relevant table is table 5 Key numbers Unvaccinated <50yo Deaths 72 Cases 178,240 CFR 0.04% Vaccinated <50yo Deaths 27 Cases 40,544 CFR 0.067% The argument will be that the vaccinated <50yo are more likely to have … Read more