ABS provisional mortality data for first quarter 2023 was released just now


And the cookers are unfortunately going to be disappointed

Although deaths are up by 11%

Deaths amongst the young , that is 0-84 years old, are actually below baseline (precovid) levels

The excess in deaths is entirely due to deaths in the 85+yo age group

A number of possible reasons

-covid is truly a boomer remover

-failing aged care and hospital systems, overwhelmed by population crush and lack of filipino staff

I’m sure that all of you will find some reason to pat yourselves on the back for not getting the jab though

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Aussie Soy Boy

People have stopped bothering with the jabs which can explain the normalisation of death rates again.

A fly in your ointment

indeed for many and with no exact date of a lucky draw on it.

Ruskies have Russian Roulette

We now have Fizzler Roulette.

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A fly in your ointment

As even if the jab/covid caused cancer there should be a substantial lag time between growth of cancer –> diagnosis –> death of several years

So the only reasonable explanation is [copium]

Why “there should be a substantial lag” Doctor C?
Poor quality of care in poor quality of life countries does not accelerate cancer, it only shortens the path to death by removing artificial extension of life under illness.
Perhaps in case where causes of cancer are common – as observed in the past decades the lag should be there but what do we know about long term effects of jab?

Since you cant think abstractly, I’ll simplify above for you:
You approve and justify injectables with 0 knowledge or studies of side effects (and there is a particularly high vested interest to obscure that data) and you simply attribute to it the exactly 0 effects on accelerated cancer because of exactly exactly what?

  1. Because *you* took the jab and you did not get accelerated cancer?
  2. Because .gov said it is “safe an effective”?
  3. Because it may otherwise prove yet another strongly held theory as seriously flawed?
  4. Because presence of unjabbed folks make you feel as very stupid each time you cross path with one?
A fly in your ointment

I like it how you talk with utmost certainty of something that is unknown simply because there is no data and there is not even an intention to gather any meaningful data. (Jabbadabba side effects). Can be explained only via Dunning Kruger or simple ‘Copium Magnificum Galorium’, no other way.

because that’s how long it takes one cancerous cell to replicate enough to become a detectable tumour

Aged can live with cancer and die of natural causes, young usually die within months and in case of kids it takes at times weeks for cancer to kill the host and yet you apply a blanket statement… but that alone is not the only argument against your copium theory but I have no intentions to change your convictions so enjoy them

Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for you to play your favourite Fizzler Roulette and have happy days… tick tock

A fly in your ointment

no one denies that hiroschima is a good example of knowledge about cancer development -= from radiation =-.

I shed some light on the major flaw in your argumentation that “cancer will take decades to develop -because Hiroshima- so it can’t be cancer induced by jabbadabba”

(and yet, jabbadabba -> cancer was not my claim, only that the topic is still unresearched to be proven not-plausible)


The issue you have is that if the jab were causing quick onset cancers in the younger population then presumably their all cause mortality would be up. But it is not. It is less than the long run average in younger age cohorts.
So it would seem unlikely that the jab was causing early onset cancers in the young recipients.

A fly in your ointment

I have no issues, being open for any explanation *except* to a categorical apriori statement “it’s not the jab” without even proper medical researching and analysing (which we know it aint happening soon).

Excluded from above is my inalienable pureblood right to fornicate jabbadabba apologists like you-know-who at any and every opportunity and you will notice that this is mostly the extent of it. The funnel directing all the flow in the narrow spout should be observable, figuratively speaking. And someone’s ointment suddenly has a fly in it.

A fly in your ointment

In other words, it was lockdown that has caused the excess deaths

Media and government have blood on their hands

Shiiiiit, I did not see this Jupiter size copium, Doctor C

A fly in your ointment

as a “survivor” of the dreaded bad flu with only the natural immunity, i can attest it took a good part of 6 months to get to the same ole me. I was just easily fatigued and small effort felt like a major exercise.


Are you a middle aged white woman?

That seems to be the entire category those claiming to have ‘long Covid’. It seems to have replaced ‘Chronic fatigue’ which became prevalent some years ago then disappeared when it was no longer trendy.

A fly in your ointment

ouch, you got me exposed!

I did not say it was long covid, just my experience.
I implied that there *may be* something there but I have no certainty.

However, if Covid, like every bad flu makes one fatigued, can it be that permanent presence of spike protein (jabbadabba do’s) can cause a long flu like fatigue? Just thinking, not claiming anything. It may be more simpler than what it seems

Reus's Large MEMBER

I am sure that there is a correlation to shots and deaths, being that most are not getting the next round of boosters it will take time for the cancers etc. to take full effect and reduce the population as planned.




A colleague of my brother-in-law died of suddenly last week. Early 50s, fit and healthy, no warning.

There’s hardly a day goes by that I don’t give thanks that I avoided the jabs.


I normally ignore your gibberish, but I just had to let you know that life as a parody is pretty sweet. We paid off our house on Thursday, after getting back from a month of relaxation in Europe and Thailand, and now we’re planning our next overseas holiday. Probably the Cook Islands.

Debt free, over $1.5M in super, hundreds of thousands in cash and equities, and not a care in the world apart from trying to get my golf score down. I live like a fucking king.

And of course, no worries about being vaccinated.

Enjoy your impressive 6 figure job at Maccas, loser. Bwahahahahaha.

Aussie Soy Boy

High savings rate under COVID, prices are probably up 25% since the start of COVID. Rates are fairly low still which is stimulatory.

We need some first homebuyers to get to the point where they’re necking themselves because they can’t see a way out. We should break the back of inflation when we reach that stage.


Unless this is in real dollars, spending is up 37.5% so a big part of that is just pure inflation.

And the rest is probably Boomers.

A fly in your ointment

LOL, that was a cold shower to a hot head


Who said anything about people not being able to afford it? You’d have to be a real broke cunt to not be able to afford brunch.

Every establishment raises its prices simultaneously because of inflation, something that couldn’t happen in the absence of inflation.


I’m not going to indulge you for part 9000 of “why inflation??”, do the actual job that some sucker pays you to do for a change.

There are actual stats that show it’s only Boomers that are increasing their spending: https://www.brokernews.com.au/news/breaking-news/whos-feeling-the-most-pressure-from-rising-cost-of-living-282486.aspx

You got your answer, stop being such a disputatious little shit.


Usual post hoc verbal diahorrea

It’s inflation and Boomers cunt

Nobody can help you if you’re that much of a retard that you post spending charts which aren’t adjusted for inflation

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More because Boomers were the primary beneficiaries of your precious zero interest rates that made them all into fucking landed gentry


No, because a Boomer whose run of the mill quarter acre house is now worth $10M thanks to Comingonomics turning money into worthless MMT paper isn’t going to stop going out to brunch, even if their bank interest payments get cut back (which are chump change compared to how rich they got off low interest rates).

Plus Aussie governments will hand out more of those $200 dining out vouchers the very nanosecond the interest rate environment is supportive.



US velocity of money is well below earlier times when interest rates were zero

I assume this is just something you made up and will now copy pasta on every thread to get attention


Typical fucking Coming

“There was zero inflation during zero interest rates!!!!!! Just ignore the times when there was inflation!!!!!”

“High interest rates cause high velocity of money!!!!! Even though velocity of money was much much higher during zero interest rates!!!!!!”

Why don’t you post another Turkish Lira thread where you claim that the currency literally never devalued until a couple of weeks ago? You couldn’t say something true to save your own life.


And it never fell as low during at era as it is now

Go fuck yourself troll

A load of copium.

tick, tock, tick, tock… who’s number is the next?
or you?👉
is it maybe you 👈
perhaps you👇
I know it will not be me.

Doctor C,
I understand your need to justify the mistake and that it is easier to xontinue believe a lie than to admit you’ve assisted in being made an idiot.
At least you saved your 6 digit job (and in the process made a life a nightmare for the rest whom did not want to give in to coercion). Enjoy the 6 digit pay and for your sake I hope your number is not the next one, unfortunately you’ll never know what the next day brings.

what triggered you, was it the post on Brett?


who could’ve guessed that the title of this 1995 movie will get a totally new meaning?


Hint: Windows 95, HIV

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I’m sure that all of you will find some reason to pat yourselves on the back for not getting the jab though

this is what I meant when I said “COPIUM” and in my above post. it’s “us” that made a mistake, not “you”

Indeed a pat every day, every morning I wake up knowing I have just suffered a Sudden Alive syndrome.

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A fly in your ointment

sure champ,
keep on denying observable and blame others for “denying” what exactly?

young people are dying at far lower rates than they were pre-jabbadabba

see, science tells us that jabbadabba is saving lives of youth, eh? Better go get another jab, it may push the mortality to negative.

enjoy your roulette.

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This is how policing works in Australia now. Ignore all the crime being committed by non-whites and voila, crime goes away. Just look at the stats in Alice Springs.


Last edited 1 year ago by canuckdownunder

Victoria Police has long been the model for policing in EZFKA.

Chief Commissioner is the bitch who acts as pissant Gestapo head, playing politics for their master in return for new toys and power.

You scratch my back and all that. Change the definition of criminals from African to Youth so the media and public won’t realise African gangs are a menace, call freedom protesters “Batshit crazy” while bashing them with impunity, increase the age of culpability so you don’t have to do your job, etc.

Vic Pol has huge problems with morale and corruption, but no one cares from above. The EZFKA population in Victoria are now forced to pay for their own private security patrols, and suffer Gotham style crime waves.


even abos know theyre dangerous and need to be locked up more than the police do, including the ones that commit crime


Have you gone and gotten your 5th jab like a good little Pfizer goy?


Second most hated (apparently) dictator, amongst his oppressed subjects…


The better ABS information is contained in the linked article at the end of the ABS provisional mortality data which provides detailed mortality information on Covid.
The key bit of information there being that the median age for those who died from COVID-19 was 85.7 years (83.9 years for males, 87.6 years for females). This shows you practically have to be dead already to die of covid.

Also interesting is a mere 19 people < 20 years old have died of covid in Australia, and you can be confident that the vast bulk of them had some other terminal illness at the time. Comparing this to the colossal harm done to children by closing schools and putting them under house arrest for a year to appease the hysteria of cretins, it is clear that a huge crime has been committed against the youth of the country. Although there was never a good reason to lockdown anyone or mandate the the jab.



The scourge of Trans is simply an outcome of the whole Covid hysteria too. It’s a mental illness on the same lines as anorexia, but this time facilitated and promoted by the same people who pushed the Covid hysteria.

There will never be a Nuremberg trial for these criminals however. We’ve seen Ardern, McGowan, Sutton, etc all slink away without their deserved trials.


I find the whole trans thing very hypocritical. We have all of the MSM saying “trust the science” one day and then the next they are telling us men can become woman. There is as much scientific evidence that humans can change their sex as there is showing the earth is flat.


They are not sinking away. Merlino got his lucrative CEO position as an example. They’ll all pop up with lucrative board positions or postings.


My partner’s 90 year old Dad is just about on his last legs, but he caught Covid and laughed it off. Almost everybody I know has had Covid at least once, some multiple times, with no lasting ill effects.

The entire world was turned into a garbage police state, destroying lives, businesses and economies, all for fucking nothing.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yep I have had it 3 times, caught it after big nights / weekends out when my body was run down, and it was not even as bad as a normal flu.

A fly in your ointment

same with my terminally ill father. Late stage cancer, 3+yrs chemo, no immune system… took Cov with a snotty nose for 3 days, easier than me,

Can you imagine someone whom justifies coercion to take a jab which cures nothing but carries the same or greater life risk than the illness it supposed to protect form and then that someone pompously declare that that was a sound decision and all else are stupid?
No need to sweat brain cells, he’s here, just call his name and he will be Coming.

Ironically, the greatest cooker of them all calls all others ‘cookers!



Very traumatic times for the woke. Millions will get trauma and PTSD from this setback.

Ironic Boomer

Babylon Bee headline,
‘Democrats Devastated As Supreme Court Bans Racism’.


i really don’t care about jabbadabba discussions anymore

the great depopulating that was predicted by the same people who were claiming we were going to remain in lockdown forever has not and probably never will come to pass

its obviois Ointment is the kind of guy who would join an apocalypse cult

but its now a whole year out from the formal end of the covid era in austalia (when albo scrapped mandatory iso) and even by time, no one gave a sh1t anymore

lockdowns, vax mandates and all that retarded shit will still be talked about and rightfully so bc they were insane but this sh1t is just fking boring

move on


i think the loss of trust is important, i dont trust the medical establishment at all anymore for sure

but a lot of it is super overstated, you’re right the disrupted global supply chains wrought by lockdowns is going to fuck over generations to come for eons and eons


you forgot the march for justice


might have to fit brittany higgins speech after the judge declared a mistrial somewhere between the indo european conquests of 3000 b.c and the invention of the wheel, not sure

A fly in your ointment

For those idiots who think life is woven of only binary choices, its ‘obviois’ Ointment is the kind of guy who would join an apocalypse cult

typo error corrected

You took the jab and secretly think it was a good choice, rooit?
Because I never once said anything about apocalypse or even implied it. 10% increased mortality is not an apocalypse. Neither is 5%. How about a life on prescription medications and regular relapses? is that an apocalyptic viewpoint? Or perhaps shortened life expectancy?
When you observe the world through a pipe, I am sure lots of stuff you’re being told is there – appears as nonsense as you obviously cannot see it.

Brace for bromance which is Coming soon, as someone clutches to the a little lateral support he gets from some of your commentary which can only be described as concocted under influence of crystalline substances


Anti-white racism right here

A fly in your ointment

thats an oxymoron.

ther’s no such thing


i never took the jab at all mate

i dont inject useless and potentially harmful things into my body

but holding that view is a long way from thinking that its causing a devastating loss of life either

why is this level of nuance no longer possible for so many people to underrstand

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal
A fly in your ointment

and yet you conflated my view that there is irreversible shitload of wrongs with the experimental injectables – with apocalyptic shyte?
I hope you can see that this false dichotomy (one must be apocaltic or one must be ignorant) is most commonly used to choke any opposition to approved viewpoints (no greys, all is black or white)


i dont think youre the enemy man

i would rather argue with the people who forced lockdowns and mandates onto us

you’re okay

i didnt mean the apocalyp remark

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

I must’ve missed the memo that appointed you as the arbiter of what could or could not be discussed here.

It’s like the TV. There’s lot of stuff out there. Nobody’s forcing you to watch or read any of it.

And FWIW, it’s not true that nobody gives a shit any more. I just flew to Sydney, and half the people on the flight were wearing those stupid N95 masks. And sitting in the gate lounge now I can see masks all over the place.

I don’t give any more thought to Covid than I do to ordinary colds, but lots of people are still fucked in the head because of it, and probably always will be.


its going to cause a trail of psychological damage for years to come, if not bc of fear of covid itself but bc of inflation etc


I agree I think it was more a big stuff up than anything terribly sinister.


Calling themselves incels just makes it worse. I’m not an incel, I’m just too lazy to make myself a Chad or be a beta bucks faggot, plus ‘ouse prices.


Ooh. An entire Coming troll thread, baiting all of EZFKA.

The 1.5 star thread rating is amusing.

That is all.


i dont really think coming is a troll, just a very persistently aggressive and disagreeable person

maybe this is a distinction without a difference

A fly in your ointment

Definitely a Bromance and I saw it Coming! (see above)

I wonder what would constitute a troll in your view if not this!?

However, don’t get me wrong, i appreciate his presence. This because it supports a notion that I am not the most stupid person in the world. I simply could not be as long as the spike protein that keeps giving does not give too much.


trolls are people who deliberately post shit to antagonise people they dont believe in

people with aggressive opinions arent really trolls imo, just obnoxious

A fly in your ointment

makes sense… i’ll adjust my view accordingly.
Obnoxious, yep that fits well

Aussie Soy Boy

Lockdowns did fuck all. Unprecedented stimulus and supply shortages are why we have out of control inflation.

A fly in your ointment

you notice there’s no actual meaningful rebuttal

that was done long time ago but you want to go back to the same ole again and again as if it magically something changed.


If you look at his prolific posting behavior he deliberately bait posts a variety of links/posts/replies on a narrow range of topics with his opinion included, with the express purpose to instigate arguments, not debate.

Except his levels of arguments very rarely seem to exceed the contradiction level.

He is a troll hiding behind his keyboard.

I really don’t know how you don’t see this.

images (2).png

He’ll just post the same shit dozens of times with little or no variation

He’ll outright lie about the facts because he doesn’t really care, it’s just a way to get the attention he needs and to incite reactions from others.

If he doesn’t have anything else to say, he’ll just vomit up some buzzwords to keep the attention coming

He’s not an argumentative person, he’s simply a troll

Stagmal is probably just impressed by Coming’s contrarianism


Agreed on all of the above but he is argumentative. Plenty of name calling and ad hominem it’s about 60% of his argument retorts.


i was never interested in the excess mortality argument to begin wit, always felt like it was leading into a murky place that wasnt worth going. the focus should have been on debunking the justification for mandates and lockdown

what upsets me more than anything is the people ho did it all are going to get away with it, but all we’ve got for advocates are idiots like malcolm roberts

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal
A fly in your ointment

the only person smart enough to realise that I’m probably right (again)

there’s a nearby place that rents rooms by the hour.


Not that surprising. No images, no tags, poor formatting and an absence of any punctuation – 1.5 stars is about right for a very half assed effort.

A fly in your ointment

don’t forget the links to peer reviewed shyte… no good expert article can pass without multiple links


Damn I was hoping to lose my job in Great Depression 2.0


Nah MB are bullish US because they are twinks for that country

It’s China which is meant to go Mad Max


US won’t have a recession, but not for the reasons that EmBee is bullish about. Much like EZFKA, the US is running an economy that has a dependence on immigration (10,000 crossing the southern border daily). It is not as dependent as EZFKA mainly because the MIC has weapons contracts as far as the eye can see and it has screwed over Europe with expensive gas meaning gas exports and manufacturing coming its way.

A fly in your ointment

petroyuan may put an abrupt halt to that.
At times I toy with the idea that UA operation was to poke the yanks into doing the only power they can: sanctions, and lead the way of lemmings but I think that slopes and vodkers (chinks and ruskies) have been surprised with the pace at which yanks are self immolating through excessive hysterical weaponisation of petrodollar.
My take is that yanks can only be taken down by yanks, no other way and it seems they are doing exactly that.
A long walk though, won’t be overnight.


how you know their analysis isnt based on objectivity but ideology

10-15 years ago the same types of people were saying china would never be where it is today bc its economy isnt based on “freedom” (no joke)

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

I think they want us to literally be the 51st state, they’re way past objectivity at this point.

I don’t know how someone can consider the American economy a success while the share of the population that is poor is growing all the time. If it’s just based on how rich Elon is or how many weapons they churn out then sure they’re doing alright.

Life expectancy falling, bridges collapsing every other day, trains derailing all the time, constant mass shootings, the place is a fucking shithole. If Russia or China were as bad as that the media would blast it 24/7.

GDP is just number go up bullshit, governments print infinity billion dollars and then are amazed when people buy more shit, wowee.

Last edited 1 year ago by No1

we practically already are minus any of the benefits of being so. europe and australia have no sovereignty, very few countries in the world are truly sovereign anymore. off the top of my head, outside of the u.s.a only brazil cuba, china, india, russia, eritrea, iran, north korea and turkey are effectively sovereign.

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

The only benefit of being so is that the already highly unlikely possibility of a successful Chinese invasion becomes even more highly unlikely

Besides that there are zero benefits to being part of the US. They’ll abolish the only good things that the Aussie government does which are Medicare and HECS.

We won’t even have sugar in our food anymore, it’ll be their HFCS shit. Start getting mass shootings all the time from every disgruntled cunt.


theres almost zero chance china gunna invade here lmao. people who say shit like this have no idea how hard it is to launch an amphibious invasion. even operation overlord when the allies had overwhelming material superiority against the germans almost failed and they just had to cross a logistical body of water the size of the english channel. now imagine how hard it would be to cross the fking pacific ocean to invade australia, even for a state like china. it could be done but the expense would utterly make it not worth it.


What I can’t understand is why even though the 2nd Amendment clearly says the point of people being armed is for a well-regulated militia, they don’t require people who buy guns to do any courses to learn to use them responsibly or to show they are not criminally insane.

Abolishing affirmative action seems like a good move but it just underscores that the Supreme Court is little more than a House of Lords where you appoint your political officers for the rest of their lives. Fuckers can interpret anything any way you want.


Well they had the draft a few times

Before WW1 they had a pretty strong culture of staying out of foreign wars but in the post-WW2 they developed a Messiah complex and started slaughtering huge numbers of Asians and Latinos to save democracy.


Deeply inverted yield curves everywhere. Whatever happened to your belief that inverted yield curves implied a pending recession?

Aussie Soy Boy
Aussie Soy Boy

I will vote for Voice because I see it as largely benign, hopefully useful, and the right thing to do for First Nations recognition.

I respect those that would vote no on political grounds because Albo is using Voice as a distraction from his total demolition of worker living standards.

And those that would vote no in policy terms because they do think embedding race in the Constitution is the right way to go about it.



I will vote no because abos don’t deserve another damn thing. They are the laziest, most criminally-inclined people on Earth.

A fly in your ointment

no wonder your brain is fried trawling for cesspool things like this.

I doubt she is incel, she is just the type which takes 5-6 pints of beer to become “cute” and you know what “cute”means.
As a man she’d may be ‘a pass’
here is a reason why prearranged marriage culture exists in some lands.


no woman can ever be incel

the male thirst is too strong for it to be possible

Aussie Soy Boy

For a normal sized woman, she is probably the most ugly, disgusting looking woman I’ve seen in my life I’ve always looked at her and thought how could any man love that freak! I always assumed she was a virgin. She should not be allowed to breed and propagate her genes. It should be mandatory for her tubes to be tied. Her looks are the equivalent of someone being profoundly disabled. No difference in how she should be treated being so ugly. Corrupt to the core too it goes to show ugly people have low moral character which I’ve always believed.

She must have been tight though!


i agree shes hideous, looks like squidward from spongebob. you can’t even begin to discuss how many things are wrong w her face

A fly in your ointment

there are only 10 kind of people: those who can understand your joke and those that cannot.




I haven’t looked at her “corruption”, I don’t care. Libs were by far the best state government since…fucked if I know even I’m too young to know.

If you want corruption how about Albo the faggot scum getting in on being a houso then making rents go up 20% or whatever it’s been.

If not being an incel is shitting out more faggots like you well no one feels like they’re missing out much.


I don’t think he had time to do much at all.

Otherwise they got rid of councils by about 30%. Big steps in the right direction.


and yet got his ass handed to him

aussies loved lockdown

frankly apart from their inflationary effects they werent so bad


Brett had a nice going away present.

Regardless of his plush CSIRO salary he’s always going to be looking over his shoulder…


Straya. The white trash Monaco.


A lot of my gen x peers lobbed their dick in fat moots, and shat out a cuppla kids. Whatta about you millenial faggots? How’dya feel?



if only twitter reflected real life, we might actually be getting somewhere then


This is golden pony boy.




Every single time.


The last great Christian prophet, Martin Luther on the topic:


Aussie Soy Boy

Is Gladys a truefemcel?

It’s hilarious how no-one will label her corrupt.

It’s tacitly acknowledged by Dutton and co that she was a 48 year old virgin, Daz was her first root, she probably thought no-one would ever want to have sex with her then Daz came along, first love makes a person go a little crazy. All those hormones pumping through the schnozz’s body. Her mind probably started racing, having fantasies of having a family of her own with Daz creating potentially the ugliest species of human ever seen on this planet.

To me she’s worse a security risk than George Christensen. Far worse a person.

She must have been tight though. Real pussy hound old Daz.

Some of us are tit men, or arse men, he loves a tight pussy.


NSW are suck Rookies…

Victoria has had the most corrupt Dictator since Mugabe in Dan Andrews. He ran down and disabled a kid riding his bike and got off Scott free. He’s got frequent flyers points for his 8 ICAC Inquiries, the last report into his corruption he denied any wrongdoing and told the media it was merely “educational”. He recently went on a secret trip to China for 4 days, charged $85k to the taxpayers and refused to say where he went, who he met with or what he said. No journalists allowed.

They swallowed it all like the humiliated bitches they have been trained to be.

That’s how you do corruption kids.


Former WWE and NFL star Darren Drozdov dead at 54
Making wrong or needlessly risky choices eventually leads to one single outcome.

A fly in your ointment

As is obvious that information goes from your arse to your head then to a pen…

You obviously did not even check the article where it says he died quadriplegic of natural causes, becoming quadriplegic after his boss asked him to perform an experimental jump which resulted in his neck being broken and he agreed. For a difference he never said the risk of breaking the neck was about the same with taking this jump and without.

You’ve been trolled

Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment
Aussie Soy Boy

The studies said it was safe and muh boss told me to take it otherwise I would lose my career.

A fly in your ointment

Obviously the jab makes you live longer if you’re under 84, what else?
(as per your logic)
Or is it the lock downs that made everyone live longer?

Last edited 1 year ago by A fly in your ointment

imagine if it was happening in moscow rn

there’d be wall to wall coverage, the abc only first reported on the paris shit this morning

putin difused the prigozhin drama with caution and pragmatism, the french police are being aggressive psychos as if dan andrews himself was commanding them and it’s only making things worse

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

just lol @ this image but

the wrong side won ww2


French are suck cucks, they’re ok with getting culturally raped if they can win at soccer…

Aussie Soy Boy

The Australian team is full of dagos and darkies though.


suddenly i like third world immigration




they let lions out of the fucking zoo

this is incredible


wait what you mean a bus with grand theft auto promo on it


It’s a stimmy. In an age of money printing Broken Window Fallacy isn’t a fallacy.


Dan Andrews?


prigozhin sold hot dogs too


The Qataris get it

They’re a minority in their country with most others being subcontinentals

If they wanted they could actually take the place over, only a foreign intervention would have a chance of putting them down

And yet they keep building those dumbass stadiums in slave conditions

I believe that is also the future of Australia, not because our government would ever privilege Australians over anybody else like Qataris do for themselves. Just because 100% of wealth will by then be locked up in generational dynasties and it will be near impossible for any migrant to get any of it.


Fuck nimbys. Sounds like she may have been on the take herself?

>The Liberal councillor was one of a number of key possible witnesses who earlier this year had been sought to appear before a NSW parliamentary inquiry probing the alleged impropriety of development decisions. She failed to appear.


Yep, a million Pajeets flooding in and she blames it on the planning approvals


phuk her then


Wonder if the French are starting to wonder if it was a good idea to allow all those Muslims in…?

Turned to looting pretty quick huh? But yeh it’s all about protests.


Those jungle bunnies are tooled up, just like the skinnies they don’t even know how to rack them.

Tweets showing RPG’s fired at a police station as well.


I think the shenanigans in France are fucking great. I hope it escalates massively, and then we start to see YouTube videos of the Jacquerie lining up invaders and executing them en masse.

The native French need to fight back. The must stomp on the invaders and squash them like bugs, otherwise they are doomed.


Yeah – they need to declare martial law and a 6pm curfew and shoot anyone who breaks it dead.


Based on the results of the last French election, 41.45% of frogs aren’t loving it.




Blacks and Muslims descrate the Jewish Holocaust memorial in France.

Oh well.


Blacks and Muslims loot a fire truck.

How do you say Diversity is our strength in French?