France’s demographic disaster is a window into Australia’s future at the current rates of immigration

By now we’ve all seen the shitshow in France unfolding. A 17-year-old was allegedly shot by Police because white Police just go around shooting people for no reason and he was just a good boy who dindu nuffin. Georges Le Floyd shouldn’t have paid for that baguette with a fake Euro before officer Dion de Chauvin capped him.

If you haven’t seen anything then here’s some (it’s all over Twitter):

Bear in mind, the last two weeks we had a Syrian Muslim stab a whole bunch of toddlers at a playground in the east of France and no riots. We then had this attack happen in Bordeaux and again, no riots.

Not to mention Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan, the Nice truck attack and the gazillion other terror attacks across France the last decade or so.

There are videos of antifa and other groups running amok using the opportunity to do other things, as well as likely some intelligence service agent provocateurs inflaming things.

Regardless, it’s immigration and multiculturalism coming to it’s desired conclusion. However, none of this is really immigration, it’s just a full-on invasion without the tanks and planes and a way of destroying nations without firing a shot. Some commenters have said it’s an anti-WEF uprising or a coup and I don’t agree with that assessment at all.

It is a coup in a sense that an occupying force has been brought in and is now running amok overtly to destabilise the country for someone else’s benefit.

In my opinion it’s also obvious that there is a very deliberate, centrally organised plan to flood white western nations with as many foreigners as possible as the financial system reaches the end of the debt cycle and the US dollar dies as reserve currency status. Economists will puss out and say it’s purely economic (which a lot of it is) but there’s an ideological anti-white element to it as well which has been years in the making.

Ask Barbara Lerner Spectre:

There’s only two solutions to this:

  • Mass deportations for the invaders
  • Mass guillotines for all those facilitating the invasion

Anything short of that and the country is lost. Once your country reaches Brazil-Zimbabwe-South Africa status then it’s over. And this is just France we’re talking about, there’s also Germany, Sweden, the UK, the US southern border and the rest of the anglosphere.

I’ve said a million times that voting won’t solve this, politics is merely the postponement of violence, but the time has well arrived for the other v word as has historically always been the case.

Anyways, in terms of Australia we are only a few years from this kind of outcome at the current rates of immigration with Sydney and Melbourne the furthest down that path. We now also have Lebos bringing their shootouts to the North Shore and driving down property prices there, so you know that problem will get solved.

We still have a chance to turn it around but the current parasite class have no interest in it. When we have Sikhs and Hindus fighting each other in Federation Square and Africans running amok stabbing each other in Melbourne, you know we’re on the path.

Throw the Voice to Parliament shit in on top of all that and it’s going to get bumpy to say the least.

You now know why John Howard took most of the guns away.

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Tbh the riot probably has roots in a lot of the same shit people here hate about what’s going on here

These migrants were brought in huge numbers to fill menial jobs, there was never any intention that they would have an economic future apart from collecting low wages and physically remaining alive to keep on working.

They have no investment in society, OK, maybe we don’t want them to have one because we don’t want them at all, but they have no real reason not to loot and destroy if punishment isn’t forthcoming, they have a reason to feel resentment.

It sounds pretty familiar.

The riots may dissipate, or more factions may join in. The state may go full authoritarian and shoot everyone outside past curfew, or just let chaos reign knowing that no actual important person will be affected. There’s no real way to know because governmental authorities have no concern or connection for the population anyway.

Paris has the Olympics next year though so they will eventually have to put these people down or suffer embarassment in the globo community.

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A fly in your ointment

They brought immos in moderation over longer period hence the slow motion train wreck picking up the speed as the issues boil over.
Our Warden class Australians did not make the french mistake of hauling only one type of slaves hence the homogenisation French style is improbable. Not even with 45 slaves Coming to this cuntry every hour 24/7.


they are doing so these days man, our migrant intake is overwhelmingly subcons now

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Aussie Soy Boy

These migrants were brought in huge numbers to fill menial jobs, there was never any intention that they would have an economic future apart from collecting low wages and physically remaining alive to keep on working.

Fuck off.

Half the world’s population lives on less than US $6.85 per day.

Apologist scum.


Yeah because a house in Mali costs $1M AUD

Economic retard


perhaps but the profile of immigration matters too

migrants to france are mostly sub saharan africans and mahgrebi arabs

av iq 70 and iq 85-90 respectively

aus seems to be mostly importly importing sub mediocre indians mixed in with ‘higher skill’ migrants from various places who come here to work as shitkickers, are they necessarily capable of this kind of insane carnage?

imo no

it will be absolutely shit in other ways but i suspect we wont see the total turmoil (though we may see periodic stuff) that france is experiencing rn

we are bringing in some sub saharans tho, who knows how many there’ll be in a decade or more

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A fly in your ointment

Don’t forget that sand niggaz and other Africans in their mix have 120% level of average testosterone and about 11 times the testosterone measured in frescoes and most of the EU subjects (that is: the union, not the continent)


yeah i mean its more than just iq

iq is just a rough proxy, theres way more going on

indians dont seem to be as interpersonally violent but they do seem to be predilected to sexual crime

they’re pervs and sex pests, less so thugs

A fly in your ointment

They invented Kama sutra. If left for westerners to make the book, it would be a leaflet, not a book.It would probably have 2 androgynous personnae on it.

Sex crime in similar or more violent form was present in western culture despite the Christian renaissance and other ‘higher values’ until recently (I.e. 19th century)


if they’re such sex gods why no one wanna fuck em then

why do indian men salivate over teh white womens like every other race on this earth do

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A fly in your ointment

I just mentioned few facts and instead you could’ve gone the way of:
it takes 200yrs of society moulding from instinctual looking at the fornication to something that rather require some form of consent (as in departing incumbent European culture) or to require a written consent with a 7 days cooling off period (next European EUtopia Nordic style culture)
as well as
at least it is still a heterosexual rape (if there can be a silver lining on something as horrendous).

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Saw a couple of Australian/Indian female white male zoomer couples yesterday. Just sayin. This is a nig nog thing.

Bondi is in the Eastern Suburbs not the North Shore. A bit like the Byron Bay of Sydney. They probably think this shooting adds a bit of excitement and character. Then they’ll go and get a kebab. Wouldn’t mind one myself actually.


i almost never ever see indian – white pairings

it is extremely uncommon, even rarer still is the unicorn indian male – white female couple


Saw a chink with a white girl the other day. Another one with a nog. They were pretty hot too. Some uppity leftist girls think they’re being heroes. Some dumb white slags go with islanders.

It’s over. You can only save yourself. Or just not bother because it’s all kind of shit and it’s probably never going to get better.


im sure youre going to see it sometimes, assuming they’re even a couple

statistically the reality is these types of couples rarely exist, and when they do they’re fragile and tend to be short lived

the white chick will dump chinky boy for chad soon enough


Yeah the girls looked like they were having a phase just to be an annoying retard.

But Indian girls aren’t as princessy and emotional and would make for better wives so I reckon the wm/if will stick together.

A fly in your ointment

Indeed but there’s a twist.
The abovementioned generalisation used is Coming with a notion that the song “Material Girl” sung by Madonna was written between the shores of wholly rivers Ind and Gang.

South African “coolie cookies*” are a different type altogether. I’d marry one in a blink.

* For those coming to this theatre with cheaper tickets, this is Seth Afrikan slang for Indian chicks whom were not a recent import – must have had at least several generations of improving on African soil.


Being thirsty after a population that is nonexistent and unheard of in Australia, that must be worth a lot of wanker points

A fly in your ointment

Having a viewpoint does not equal to a thirst. Much the same as tasting a decent of brilliant but otherwise rare beer does not make one crave only that particular type but will have it if it is available and it felt like a beer.

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Some half or even full caste can have a really nice womanly vibe like Sophia Loren or Raquel Welch. Look like a good team playing partner, far less likely to be a feminist idiot.


With so many white guys being with Asians, it’s unavoidable that the white girls at the guys’ (generally low) attractiveness level would also have to branch out to Asians

Feels a bit economic actually. Asian imports come in, undercut the existing goods, the local workers making those existing goods get laid off, and then also have to depend on Asian imports.

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A fly in your ointment

Perhaps this is by design, to slowly defer western women from procreation through procrastination until too late. The Prince on a White Horse effect – putting the bar way too high. Men are also groomed with expectations in opposite direction.

A fly in your ointment

Oh Timbo,
The only crystalline substance abuse that is not instantly freezing and frying brain cells and does not lead to heavily biased articles, as the one above, is Natrium Chloride, the plain ole salt.

The bias is so thick and heavy that the good message is swamped by it. Cunt be seen under the thickness of it and the message is actually good.

When you allow police to shoot and kill on sight aleged or otherwise petty criminals, prety soon you get that they shoot and kill anyone based on premonition of a crime. This always includes thought crimes and sooner or much sooner, everyone is in a penal colony society, whites too. Particularly whites bc they lack balls. Oh well, I guess that probably explains my lament, if you are from the convict class units aspiring to a gaolistralian culture.

Bear in mind, the last two weeks we had a Syrian Muslim stab a whole bunch of toddlers at a playground in the east of France and no riots. We then had this attack happen in Bordeaux and again, no riots.

This is not a reflection of sand niggaz but on the testosteroneless Frenchies whom have gone full swing ltra left to the point where they will rebel against nutting not even their own demise (sounds familiar? Hint: jabbadabba mandates, 45 new immigrants every hour 24/7). Frenchies could learn how to grow balls from sand niggaz and in return even sand niggaz will respect them better (not because they are nice people but bc they respect force and power).

Not to mention Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan, the Nice truck attack and the gazillion other terror attacks across France the last decade or so

With Hebdo you pushed the envelope too far and actually shot yourself in the foot. Hebdo is as controlled opposition as it can be, a school example of it, and in reality it provides a platform for neutering of frenchies even further. When you see Hebdo mocking LGHDTV+ ‘community’and pokinging it in the eye at at least half the opportunities it has, perhaps there will be some room for speculation of them not being ultra lefties. They are similar to dictatorships like Sweden where one can publically burn someone’s holly book on Kurban Bayram (freedom of expression) but goes to gaol for not using binary pronouns. I’d take Muslim ruled Christian society any time over ultra lefties LGHDTV+ dictatorship. You should think about why is this a lesser evil.

I guess that is hard to fathom all of the above dear ole Dumbo, Coming from the ezfka obedience culture et all. Pitty you ruined a good topic whith thick layer of irrational and rational became unobservable.

👇The ‘minus sign is here👇.

A fly in your ointment

But hey, thanks for making us move on from that debacle that was inevitably Coming in previous post. At times I feel sorry for reminding the resident jabbadabbaa apologist every time that the gift he took from his boss will keep giving until one day it may give too much.


translation: we’re wrong to not want heaps of third world migrants around. we have to accept as many in our countries as humanly possible bc reasons

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A fly in your ointment

If this is all you can see from my post above, perhaps it is a reflection of your capabilities – Gaudeamus igitur!



live slug reaction.jpeg
A fly in your ointment

…and you cement my statement above!
Well done.


Average unjabbed enthusiast


If some white French person had gone Rambo against that Syrian in the park he would go to jail for 5000 years, unlike these rioters who won’t even be punished

You can blame the French or Westerners in general for being pussies but there is a difference in that criminal penalties are actually enforced against anyone suspected of doing a violent act for right-wing reasons

Few of these rioters would be doing this if they were looking at those kinds of punishments, they know they’re untouchable


not entirely, they went after the holocaust memorial so they messed with a group higher up than them in the progessive stack

those involved there will definitely see punishment

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A fly in your ointment

The power of sand niggaz lies in protests with violence that is now married to it.

If some French Rambo existed and by some miracle he did not drop his rifle in the first episode, then went out and did some Rambo shyte but then the members of Rambo community went out on the streets the sand niggaz style, they’d get the same or similar leniency.

When sand niggaz did nit have support of their group (up until 20-30yrs ago), gaols were prety much full of them and eastern Europeans. Now they play the tune” let us free and no riots” which works well. Frenchies don’t have balls for that, need to grow some


Frenchies don’t have balls for that, need to grow some

That would lead to overlords reducing or even stopping the excessive immigration (can’t reverse it now)

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but then the members of Rambo community went out on the streets the sand niggaz style, they’d get the same or similar leniency.

They wouldn’t because they lack the default assumption that every black or Arab person who gets punished by the police is the victim of racism and their grievances are legitimate.

The media and authorities would spin this kind of uprising as a neofascist movement and the participants would receive the kind of social punishment, in addition to legal punishments, that these rioters will never get.

I know you always find a way to put the whole blame on the PRISON WARDENS followed by the CONVICTS but the situation is a lot more complicated than you’re saying here.

A fly in your ointment

I do agree that the playfield is uneven for obedient culture, that would be silly thing to disobserve. We mustn’t forget that this frog was put in the boiling pot long time ago, probably even before heathens were introduced and the only blame for that lies with the frog.

Power of riots is much greater than any disadvantage or handicap of unlevel playfield but frenchies are stuck in *Le Coming Conundrum*: lose all the paper wealth or comply with directions from masters. Sand niggaz have insufficient paper wealth to protect, hence tjeir ballz.

Wealth perception is a tool used with every governing body to pacify its subjects. Soviets did it too. Fat bellies cause that, its the nature’s way of culling the unfit.


There is a growing nativist movement among young French people that doesn’t receive any coverage least it assist in spreading the word:


Great rabbit hole to go down.

Well worth the read.

Hope those groups flourish.


I think political cartoonists don’t get enough credit for their work as sycophantic political shills

God forbid RFK or literally anyone at all should put up a credible challenge against a dementia patient puppeteered by faceless deep staters, always depicted as anthropomorphised donkeys or elephants

A fly in your ointment

Check my comment above with one Charie Hebdo and their onion layered shill


Saw an interesting point made

that 12yo French girl who was found a few months back body dumped in the boot of a car after being raped and branded by immigrants

if whites didn’t chimp out after that , they never will

and the nig response was so disproportionate when that little scrote deservedly got neutralised

Whites are the biggest cucks
can you imagine this shit happening in Asia they’d be up against the wall


I can imagine because it happened in Hong Kong for a month or more

That was probably a CIA operation though, there were people protesting there who were Ukrainians from the Azov battalion lol.


blacks rioting in Hong Kong?

I don’t think so

using violence to suppress your own people and countrymen is a step beyond using it against aliens

if non Asian migrants in Hong Kong started pulling this shit military weapons would be used to put an end to in a few hours


I mean most of them were prolly born in France

You’re just moving the goalposts because Asians aren’t really as based as you think

The only Asian country with enough migrants for this to even be possible is Singapore and they’d use military weapons on you for spitting on the pavement


I’m not moving the goal posts you’re just a smart arse fuckwit who had chosen to be argumentative

not a particularly good argument anyway since there are 500,000 Africans in China

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whites used to chimp out all the time, race riots were common in the 19th century

same with lynching whenever a n1gger raped a white girl etc


I think the difference is mostly what the state supports or doesn’t support

Crazy shit like this still happens. The uprisings in Donbass were some full-blown crazy shit, but normal people participated because they knew Russia would back them if they did.

Similar with CIA orchestrated colour revolutions, it’s a big boost to any malcontent’s confidence knowing a global superpower has a safe home for them in Miami

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A fly in your ointment

We’re there any, or perhaps, could there have been any race riots in the 19. Century?
Multi race mixed societies is a modern invention of the western culture

lynching whenever a n1gger raped a white girl or not etc

Autocorrect on your keyboard accidentally deleted this important bit.

Last edited 10 months ago by A fly in your ointment

Nah – there we’re actually more whites people lynched for crimes than blacks. I think the ratio was something like 60% of total lynchings were white – blacks were just over represented on a per capita basis, as usual.

A fly in your ointment

Timbo said:

I’ve said a million times that voting won’t solve this,

Insufficient or no data supports this claim.

Anyways, in terms of Australia we are only a few years from this kind of outcome

(violence by immigrants)

This is not a direct function of the rate of immigration but on homogeneousness of the immigration.

This pond leads the immigration experience by several magnitude orders hence the passivity directly from choices of immigration. African people will be next when rice eaters are brought enough to substitute convicts and lead the rest of slaves towards the next depth of obedience.

Next time you buy big international corporation product, particularly from those which are indicted for multiculturalism, ask yourself how did you contribute to the very thing you clumsily tried to address here.

A fly in your ointment

While it [RBA] can set interest rates where it likes in theory, in reality there are other factors that must be carefully considered as part of the broader equation.

For the vast majority of the last 35 years, Australian interest rates have been higher that those of the US Federal Reserve, which is the global benchmark. This contributed to the relative strength of the Australian dollar throughout much of this period.

However, since November 2017, Australian interest rates have been equal or lower than their US counterpart. With inflation now an extremely serious issue for the first time in well over a decade, this has left the RBA in a challenging position

Tarric Brooker gets it:
Comingonomics is observing a complex world through a tiny pair of binoculars where something very tiny but so distant is observed quite well, but the rest of the picture inclusive of the things in front of us are invisible.
How long can IRs be lower than required before inflation becomes rampant? We’ll see next week. 25% increase of cost of electricity and gas may require 0.5% if not more

A fly in your ointment

28 yo SBK bikie Damon Rees passes away
Rest in peace, at least you had fun filled youth.

The silent culling of cardio-active people.
Due to sudden medical emergency / sudden medical condition / sudden *expected* medical condition.

Unless it was monkeypox (which is not sudden anyway), what else can be so private to warrant mystic report. Aids related deaths are now frowned upon if not reported as such, because they don’t engage enough clicks and emotional responses, so unlikely it was aids too. What can it be?

Oh, I forgot, it obviously ain’t the experimental jab, Coming said it was safe, effective and worth the risk because his boss/.gov said so plus it apparently reduces mortality as per ABS data.


Based on his father’s comments it seems he had surgery in relation to unexplained abdominal symptoms. They were probably thinking that there must have been some kind of obstruction or dying bowel leading to major surgery which has a lot of risks in itself. The guy was in ICU afterwards so my guess would be some kind of post-op complication like an infection.


Unfortunately again mostly athletic men and not covid karens.

Aussie Soy Boy

Sucked in if it was the jab ha!

A fly in your ointment

Still a bit reserved about his motivation, at the moment it seems to be gaining positive judgement.

Indont know if it is for me only, I can’t see Twatter any more without logging in. Luckily I’m not the only so smart people developed ways

In the episode 8 titled “whities are doing it to themselves” he focuses on LGHDTV+ identity.


Ah, this guy – a few months ago called for more foreign investment to fix housing supply and got torn apart in the comments.


liberals are so cooked even the over 55 cohort is turning against them

party of irrelevance

imagine being remotely inspired by their platform, whatever the fuck it is

‘we’re labor, except from 5 years ago”

Last edited 10 months ago by stagmal

They are so hamstrung by donors and the Boomer base that they literally can’t change anything at all


You sound like that guy ‘Boomerocracy’ that use to go on and on about the boomers on Twitter…. I wonder what happened to him?


Sounds like a real chad


Boomerocracy was the 3rd iteration of my ‘BoomersAreEvil’ account, I think I levelled it to 1500 followers before it got banned.

The problem I had was explaining how and why the Boomers values so completely betrayed the next generation. The explanation of they were just ‘greedy’ or ‘selfish’ wasn’t satisfactory for me even when I was at peak anti-boomer.

People have always been greedy and selfish, it was culture that keeps those behaviours in check.

Once I settled on ‘Culture’ as the transfer mechanism for values it became a question of who educated them and where did these new values come from.

In the end I settled on Allen Ginsberg’s prescient statement “We’ll get you through your children”… and so they did.

IMHO Boomers were merely the first generation that were indoctrinated with their values and the start of the culture war that elevated the individual above society.

You cannot have a culture war without an opposing culture.


i still have a couple memes I use to make left


















10 I’m sure you get the idea


No more than 5 boomer memes per article please.


I think everyone lived relatively modestly until the mid-late 90s, when Glass Steagal got abolished. So I think it was also economics that kept people in check.


i remember in the late 90s/earely 2000s my parents only ever owned one tv. now every house has like 6 tvs in it


Some boomers had investment properties, but they would genuinely go without to get them, driving shitty cars and living cheap, and it was all about it being paid off over 10-20 years, not some quick capital gains thing.


there was a guy on called ‘wally’ who used to go on and on about the jews, i’m all for it but this guy was special even amongst the anti semites who think it’s always the jews. he was truly something else, i really miss him


He sounds as though he was once a wealth of knowledge.

No doubt I could have learned much from a Sith Lord like Wally.

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Aussie Soy Boy

A week ago Putin was mocked throughout the western world for averting large scale violence in Moscow.



pragmatically handled, mightnt have been as satisfying as hanging prigo’s ass but it ended pretty well and avoided bloodshed/carnage

A fly in your ointment

a win-win it seems.

  1. bring own approval rates up – check
  2. make Cocainsky antsy from the north – check
  3. make Polaks uncomfrotable – check
  4. Yevgeni left the theatre as a strong man – check
  5. Wagnerites integrated into the regular forces – check
  6. exposed some 5th columnists in own ranks – check

If this was a gambit with the queen, we may be up for a big surprise.
Or it may have been a Jupiter size luck on Big P’s side


Only in your dreams. Looked indecisive. Took ages to make a statement. Ran off to St Petersburg.
He is as adept at 4D chess as Donald was.


it’s like No1 Cynicposting come to life

we are living in a satire world


100% of the surplus will be used against our national interest

Aussie Soy Boy

No articles in Australian media about the darkies rioting


WTF the juice media replied to me of all people on twitter

get em go gogogo boys


He’s a Melbin inner city wog. Leftist wogs are gross.


lol they’re still replying, this is unreal


They’re just maggots. They can’t be that dumb.


I’m going to dm him and tell him to mention how prices went up while borders were closed

but really blaming rich people is no more sophisticated than blaming immigrants


1-1. yrs aint enuff to establish a long term trend

no pop growth long term, no land price growth

simple as


It doesn’t matter. Immigration can always fill the gaps and holes.



Against you white dudes? I hope so. You deserve a bit of your own medicine.

excuse me for asking but isn’t Kos white ?

this blatant racism is fucking hilarious
political parties MUST parachute in people of the race living in whatever ethnic ghetto the seat is in

Twitter lefties have all gone a bit feral tonight it must be the blood moon

Last edited 10 months ago by Coming

greeks are white, white = european caucasoid


Greeks are just Arabs masquerading as European.


Peachy ezfka residual house-pricing proxy model:

Monthly Income — Necessities (food etc) — Small Holiday/Luxuries Fund = Mortgage Repayment

that is, house prices are such that repayments for new loan originations consume all available income, after basics and a little money held back for the occasional night out, holiday or whatever.

from this, a couple of thoughts flow:

  • unless goods and services inflation is reigned in, land prices are going to come under some pressure, regardless of what interest rates do.
  • for some scenarios, this risk seems to be potentially more acute than direct effect of interest rates on mortgage payments.
  • rich boomers continuing to spend in spite of inflation doesn’t help the dynamic. What matters more is position of folk of mortgage-taking age
  • however, the other potential way that sustained inflation plays out is that land prices entirely disconnect from mortgage taker incomes & housing can’t be bought with employee incomes, but can only be bought with income from existing assets (viz asset and wealth concentration)

NEW housing loans up 5% in may

money quantity and velocity continue to increase


You’re so close to getting it

rich boomers continuing to spend in spite of inflation doesn’t help the dynamic.

yes. The private sector is a net saver. Interest rate rises increase transfers to the private sector
the fact that boomers rather than young receive most of this doesn’t change things
in fact, I would argue it makes it worse as a lot of spending of younger people is non discretionary anyway (rent, mortgage, food, energy) .
Cutting their income doesn’t change their discretionary spend as much
in fact, it just reduces their ability to make more repayments on the PRINCIPLE
which prevents debt deflation

land prices entirely disconnect from mortgage taker incomes & housing can’t be bought with employee incomes, but can only be bought with income from existing assets

raising interest rates raises the hurdle rate for investment .
hence no new supply unless the potential profit can exceed the risk free rate . Rents rise
But as rents rise taking on debt at the higher interest rate also becomes more attractive

raising rates will probably cut house prices in certain segments of the market (not top end) but it doesn’t resolve inflation


Cutting their income doesn’t change their discretionary

You again come out with that statement despite the history of recessions showing drops in discretionary spending -> job losses -> even less spending -> more job losses -> recession

This is where we are at today:
comment image


so nondiscretionary spending is still increasing at 10% a year?
that all adds to velocity regardless

Not sure how to square the nondiscretionary spend 0% with the chart I posted the other day showing massive growth in spending on dining out

its hard to keep spending up on goods (tv, cars etc) when growth has been so massive for the last 3 years
there’s only so many of those things you can buy
at some point demand is going to be exhausted

but the dining out, travel etc stuff is going strong

anyway I think this is consistent with my point

nondiscretionary spending increases due to rate rises
discretionary spending flat or rising more slowly, or even falling, but not enough to offset the nondiscretionary spending increase

people are still spending in aggregate more money than ever

Last edited 10 months ago by Coming

The point is it is not a balanced and orderly system. Discretionary spending will at some point go negative which will lead to job losses. That was the precursor to the 90s recession. Drop in discretionary spending. Those who lose jobs also stop spending on discretionary. Those who still have a job hear that people are losing jobs and save harder to protect themselves against potential job loss.

The difference between today and 90s is a lot more of the economy is based on discretionary spending. It has the potential to snowball.


the thing about comings theory is that we’re happy to reject the orthodoxy on all of the big questions, why are we so hesitant to reject one on… economics, of all things

one of the most special interest-laden, paid and bought for, dodgy and questionable quasi-‘science’ disciplines out there


the experts were/are full of shit on

-even other certain historical events that will remain nameless

but why not interest rates, too

im not saying he’s right or wrong i just dont get the reflexive tendency to dismiss him so out of hand

Last edited 10 months ago by stagmal

its quite bizarre

not just reflexively dismiss, but become outright enraged

like telling an NPC you will vote note on the voice or wont get jabbed

they become absolutely frothing and furious when you tell them interest rate rises don’t reduce inflation

its a bizarre island of ideological conformity amongst some of the most offensively deranged and unhinged heterodox ideology on the entire internet


the fundamental point is that the both the quantity of money and the velocity of money are increasing
(as a result of interest rate rises)

whether that money goes to discretionary or nondiscretionary spending is related to other factors (distributional, policy, population etc)

but the nondiscretionary spend increases because prices of nondiscretionary goods must increase because supply will match demand to beat the risk-free rate of return


I can see two false assumptions in that statement. I don’t have time at moment to elaborate so I will ask you these two questions:
1) Does the 25% increase in electricity prices this week result in a massive increase in jobs in that sector? What about food price increases at Coles and Woolies?
2) If an idiot Barista or Uber Eats delivery worker loses their job can they walk into a new job in unrelated field the very next day?

You are assuming extra jobs will exist and workers can instantly move into those jobs overnight. It reminds me of GFC when KRudd infamously asked IT and Finance workers to retrain as mining engineers and move to Perth.


1) no
2) also no


Property prices have already disconnected from incomes. Real estate agents are quitting in droves because locals cannot afford to buy. There are multiple issues:
1) Cashed up (mainly Chinese) immigrants keeping price elevated
2) International Students sleeping multiple per bedroom and in aggregate being able to pay much higher rent that locals.
3) Banks extend and pretend ensuring low supply

Coming’s theory about supply constrained by rates has some merit with the exception that this is not a realtime system. There is a two-year lag for new builds so this may start to become a contributing factor next year.

But essentially supply and demand is and always has been rigged. The difference this time it is politically untenable. Will Labor keep pushing renters onto the streets and lose another unlosable election?


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A fly in your ointment

Ruskies are instructed to blame Ukros in case ruskies bomb themselves to cause the nuclear incident and possibly the explosion.

I just hope the attrition has not come to the point of nato being desperate to not allow defeat and pull everyone down to the hell with them.


lol welp givrn you cant produce a nucleat explosion from a nuclear power station


Not going to watch it all, but strikes me as the kind of guy who believes that the RBA needs to increase interest rates and that will improve his life


hes scottish


the SBA then

an angry white male loser who thinks that its immigrants plus loose monetary policy that have ruined his life


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So after NATO backed the uprising to remove and execute Qaddafi in 2011 the religion of peace has been selling fellow Africans as slaves for around 200 USD.

I hope the French pay them reparations along with the welfare they dole out for looting their country.



Where do you start?
The Annoy stabbing suspect appears to be Christian, not Muslim.
The policeman who shot the 17 year old has apologised. He knows he is in big trouble. Extrajudicial, summary killings at traffic stops tend to be frowned upon.
Bondi Junction, the Lab shootout, is in the Eastern Suburbs not the North Shore.
A few facts while clutching the petticoat would be a start.