Better to be talked badly about, than not talked about at all

Fascinating to watch

“peeps that either left MB or were banned”. The latter rather than the former

That little bitch pfh better stay where he belongs in the western suburbs

JohnRMEMBERApril 15, 2022 at 8:22 pm

Wonder what stagmal is up to these days.Log in to Reply

  • haroldusMEMBERApril 15, 2022 at 8:25 pmI think he hangs out at the other place.Log in to Reply
    • JohnRMEMBERApril 15, 2022 at 8:32 pmThought someone said that the ABCDEFG is defunct?Log in to Reply
      • footsoreApril 15, 2022 at 8:40 pmI had a look around there every now and then. This place can be a low to no brow reddit, that place was four chan with delusions of grandeur.Log in to Reply
        • drsmithyMEMBERApril 15, 2022 at 11:26 pmIf you are familiar with the posters who decamped there, it is exactly what you would expect from putting them all together in an echo chamber.
        • GavinMEMBERApril 16, 2022 at 9:43 amI don’t think putting those people together and excluding them is the right solution though. I think their opinions can have some merit and represent a lot of frustration that many in society will have. If we exclude them and dismiss them those feelings of exclusion can fester into worse things. Overall it’s not good for society.
        • Ian ArunMEMBERApril 16, 2022 at 3:47 pmCan you pls post link to the place
        • GavinMEMBERApril 16, 2022 at 8:02 pm@Ian – remove the hypen.
      • LeMon3MEMBERApril 15, 2022 at 8:52 pmIt was offline for a while, but they got the problem fixed. I look in periodically for the lulz. Sometimes they say sensible stuff, but it’s mostly drowned in the deluge of ad hominem, the main reason most of them were banned from here, I think.Log in to Reply
        • pfh007.comMEMBERApril 18, 2022 at 7:06 amYep.It is yet another reminder that “rules” of public debate are critical to protecting free speech.Without having some basic rules, and enforcing them with moderation, every forum descends into an unreadable and pointless mud bath.Being able to say whatever one wants is just freedom to make noise.Calling it speech is being far too kind.It is unfortunate that MB was unable to develop and fund an effective moderation policy as it would have been worthwhile.There are some intelligent people in that other place but until they work out the difference between free noise and free speech they will not fix the problems they had with commenting here.
    • desmodromicMEMBERApril 15, 2022 at 9:03 pmI’ve no idea where or what that is.Log in to Reply
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Reus's Large MEMBER

As I have said before, the best thing here is that there are differing opinions and you can debate your point without those that disagree banning anyone.


I am disappointed that friend-pfh seems to subscribe to something like the Reichian view of censorship/moderation:

Musk has long advocated a libertarian vision of an ‘uncontrolled’ internet. That’s also the dream of every dictator, strongman and demagogue

…however, as is often his way, he does actually land his tirade on a subtle criticism of MB, not of EZFKA.

He is slick like that. A bit of a silvertongue. That’s why he’s not been banned yet, despite thoroughly disagreeing with many of the theses expounded at MB.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Amusing that they actually think we’re all miserable over here, or that we are some sort of echo chamber sharing unified views.

The only really shared view that everyone here holds is the right to say whatever the fuck we like.

Aussie Soy Boy

I’m just having some fun. 20 minutes out of my day. I spent more time on MB but don’t visit anymore, so less of my day goes to forums not that I care whether it’s 20 minutes or 2 hours if I enjoy posting.

This is more like forums used to be.


I think it’s funny how some over there call this place an echo chamber and some in this place call that place an echo chamber.

Agent 47

Pfh has a decent standard knowledge of economics but Yeh, that social/Soviet licence proposal was fucking gay.

Can’t say I’ve ever clicked on a high pavletich link

Aussie Soy Boy

What with Boom he’s a plumber right but always complaining about jobs or cheap customers, etc seems like he’s in his 60’s so probably been doing it for 40 years or more. Every other tradie is killing it lol.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Fitter and turner, and he had a business go bust a few years ago and is trying to get back to where he was, seems like a old school hard working guy though.


Pavlevitch was just spamming his own NZ stuff, and did this time after time without any consequence. Offered absolutely nothing to a predominantly Australian audience.


There are plenty of valid criticisms that can be directed at how embee is structured and moderated, but say anything and all you’ll get is a loud direction to “subscribe”

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yeah and I did for a year and it was the biggest waste of money, also got banned while a subscriber for commenting MPLOL too many times, so as far as I am concerned they can GAGF


MPLOL was and remains one of the most accurate characterisations of EZFKA debt regulatory regime.

The fact that the MBtariat failed to grasp this, over many years, is a severe indictment on the MBtariat.

A fly in your ointment

LOL, i said that Llewdo and Bleat mob are guaranteed to be frequenting this land probably adding about 50% of the traffic. This talk over the Berlin wall is sanctioned as in the past even hinting at this direction would make the DEL key become red hot.

the fact that the talk is about the grass over this side of the fence, it makes no difference that it is painted yellow; it is greener.

Ironical is the notion of echo chamber, when darted at the place where there is more diversity of ideas and thoughts.

what pft says is true to a point but the decorum is not even in the top 5 reasons for a ban.
The excuse is just a leftinazies way to silence debate and choke discussion. Don’t see a need for him to stay in his “Westies suburbs”, he’s already confined to a gaol of thoughts.

👋 at the members of the EmBee’s Peoples Temple agricultural project JonesDavostown.

You are welcome to come and contest the “EZFKA echo-chamber” and smash it!


I think I may have insulted my last remaining advocate at MB with this tirade:

At the time I thought it was Gunna, who I dislike from his bias moderation when he practically handed that mental defect Mig free reign with his constant personal attacks against my me, but I instead now think it was one of the two lead acts.

Doesn’t change my opinion on why the media is simping towards the Ukraine and the spelling of Kiev though.

Agent 47

Is mig still alive or did he finally try to assault the wrong person?


I liked it when he would post videos of the meth rocks he’d scored and then film himself abusing innocent people in the street. Nothing like posting incriminating evidence for all to see lol


He is still alive and posting incriminating photos of himself on twatter:

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
EMBEE Fanboi

It its nothing to do with the media, you fucking simpleton, it is spelt Київ. Say it in Ukrainian.


Say it in ENGLISH because that is how we have spelt it in ENGLISH forever.

We don’t say Moskva when we say Moscow.
We don’t say Deutschland when we say Germany.
We don’t say Athenai when we say Athens.

We say it in ENGLISH, because that is how it is spelt in ENGLISH you weak minded simp.

There is a class of people who enjoy nothing more than constantly altering their vocabulary to signal their conscientiousness and erudition, as a form of pretentious virtue signaling.

In this case it is to signal the person uttering it, is onboard with the Ukraine and its culture suddenly elevated to the point worthy of referring to it in its own language.

Anglicized names for foreign cities or people, isn’t a form of cultural appropriation, colonialism or cultural superiority – it is simply how you say the name in English. Demanding that we refer to Bombay as Mumbai is nothing more than simping to MultiCulturalism and the globalist narrative.

You can tell where the interests of the Global elites lie, by their Simping towards that particular culture. Come into our sphere of influence and we’ll allow you to use your own honorifics.

The “in’s” have their anglicized names replaced, while the “out’s” still endure the ignominy of cultural domination through the common use of their insulting angelized names.

Honestly, Kyiv is nothing but precocious virtue signaling, and is on par with sending ‘thoughts and prayers’ in terms of pointless expressions of solidarity.

Pussies like you would be the first to call Melbourne Naarm if you thought it would it would get you onboard with the manufactured majority narrative.

So go back to your freedom fries at MB you bone head.


Well said. All are welcome at EZFKA, and anyone can write their own articles if they want.

To misquote former President Reagan – “Mr Llewellyn-Smith, tear down this paywall.” 

Agent 47

The site has become a reflection to DLS and Gunna’s political worldview through censorship.

Other than that it’s just a beige mess of centre left over 50s men who haven’t really struggled in life, with no real political courage talking about how things should be rather than understanding how they are (And how their worldview has got EZFKA to where it is esp on immigration – refusing to discuss the cultural and social cohesion aide of things).

Calling here an echo chamber while they sit there and jerk themselves off over hating Scomo and anecdotes about the cricket is a laugh. True colours were truly on show during COVID as everyone there but boom and Reusa was a complete pussy.

Agent 47

Because Reusa is now the only cunt that’s been right the entire time.


When the satire “property investor extraordinaire” personality is always on the mark, you know there’s an issue.


What a disgrace, turning on reusa like that…

I guess they can’t handle the truth….


It certainly is fascinating!

Never got banned at embee, I think for me it just got boring – there’s only so much of the same content one can read over and over again. Have noticed the same with Youtube channels I used to watch. Most of them get formulaic after a while, because that tends to be what works until something new comes along.

There was definitely a point where I found myself more interested in the views of the comments section, as most of the articles were brief commentaries on news stories I’d already read. So when weekend links became a subscriber only affair, there was really no incentive to go back especially where there were so many free alternatives available. 

In the current climate we’re basically all media consumers so one has to choose where we allocate our time accordingly. If I want a bearish perspective I’ll look at DFA, who has both entertaining and informative guests like Edwin Almeida and Avid Commentator. I think there’s also got to be some buy in too – for all the crap Martin North gets, at least he and John Adams had some success in promoting the push against the cash ban legislation i.e. real change.

In contrast DLS harping on about negative rates and macroprudential wasn’t something I could identify with from the point of view of a then potential home purchaser. Gunna was going on about starting a political party… but that seemed to amount to nothing. Yet we’ve seen the growth of minor parties and independents spanning the left-right continuum.

Agent 47

Ah yes the “bullshit” party. Was never anything more than a gunna wank.


Never got banned at embee, I think for me it just got boring – there’s only so much of the same content one can read over and over again. Have noticed the same with Youtube channels I used to watch. Most of them get formulaic after a while, because that tends to be what works until something new comes along.

this is true, but it’s also self-inflicted. If you insist on publishing 5-10 pieces per day, with two authors, there is no way that you aren’t trading away a whole mountain of quality for quantity.

and at a practical level, it can only be achieved through repeatedly rolling out boilerplate wording.

….but nobody forced them to push out 10 articles a day… or to run the kind of ship where they lose all but two authors….

There was definitely a point where I found myself more interested in the views of the comments section, as most of the articles were brief commentaries on news stories I’d already read. 

It takes an incredible amount of pride/pigheadedness/conceit/myopia/hubris/recalcitrance/etc to run a publication on an interactive medium (internet blog) and fail to realise and acknowledge the importance of the audience and the “interactive” bit.

i guess bloke wishes he could be a Moses, declaiming down to the dreadful masses. or at least a Lenin lecturing the landless lumpenproles …. Or at the very least a Salt, scoffingly serving up sermonising soliloquies.

A fly in your ointment



What is your demographic? (eg, aged male)

haha, yeah. “Aged male” sounds about right!

Agent 47

Going to end up being another smashing success, right behind the bullshit party.

Basically an hour of centre left boomer whinging – the MB comments section in audio form.

A fly in your ointment

TL;DR party?

the grandeur of the Llewdo Peoples Temple leader, the he himself is dwarfed by a “death by 1000 words”.
some people actually crack fat at that as it is about 985 words more than they are capable to understand and about 977 more than what they ever heard exist.

I bet the 50 colonial cents the visit by the TL;DR party leader to this pond is at an hourly basis.

A fly in your ointment

wdit: TL;DR party?

the grandeur of the Llewdo Peoples Temple leader, the he whom himself shalln’t be contested ever, is dwarfed by the grandeur of a “death by 1000 words” personna.
some people actually crack fat at that as it is about 985 words more than they are capable to understand and about 977 more than what they ever heard exist.

I bet the 50 colonial cents the visit by the TL;DR party leader to this pond is at an hourly basis


That’s fn hilarous. Most of those guys are alright. Except Dr Smithy.


Man sometimes when smithy or skippy got out of hand, I was a right bastard to them. Feel bad for being mean now. Probably mellowing in me old age.


I quite like Rusty Penny and The Claw. I reckon they could each post a cracker of piece.


TheClaw is a legend. Rusty Penny is a smart cookie, but seems to have changed somewhat over his long period of absence.

other good eggs included mike179 and skp179(?)


I agree. Both seem to write the only sensible comments.


Rusty Penny has mellowed somewhat. Found the Claw to be a bit too beige to ever really pay attention to. Footloose is a self righteous moralising twat, at least as annoying as the Professor, but only about half as smart.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

Agree, Footsore is an insufferable fag.

Quite clear he and smithy have never experienced proper suffering or violence. It’s the only way types like that are so arrogant (And insecure) in their views.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Skippy seem to be making sense recently so not sure if he got hacked or had a change of heart.


I always felt a bit bad for the guy. His generation was so smashed by propaganda they never had a chance. In the US too.

But otoh also always got the feeling he lied quite liberally. To hear him speak was like he had done it all. But anyone who had done the things he claimed would not think like him – that is not how the world works.

Its like knowing if someone is lying about being in finance or tech or something. You can spot it a mile away if you have been in, because all their opinions are something an insider would never have.

Still he has seen quite a bit from being an old geezer i guess. Also i used to be much more ruthless. Trying to be a better person you know, pray and stuff more often these days. Trying to also be more grateful, think its really important.

Last edited 2 years ago by T
Agent 47

Nah fuck that guy. He’d now saying men playing women’s sports is no big deal. Moral relativist like him will rationalise anything to justify their cowardice. Until it’s his daughter being smashed by some man in a dress he won’t care, even then he’ll gladly self flagellate. Either that or he probably enjoys being pegged, the faggot.


Yeah – it is what it is. These people only respond to having their status points removed, so i agree with you. Its an ugly job though, makes one feel unclean after going all scorched earth on them.


The thing I’ve noticed was there was a bunch of shit flinging here in the early days (me included). But it worked itself out and things roll along pretty well now with some good ideas being shared.

Calling this place an echo chamber is a laugh unless they were trying to be ironic? The main reason I came over here is because MB is full of housing bears with group think and anyone that dare oppose DLS is insta-banned. I think taking people’s money and then blocking them is a pretty piss poor act.


Also could someone reply to the last comment about how do you get barred?

“By calling DLS a cunt!”


MB is seriously dead. i just went there for the first time in a while and their model of locking down the articles, not letting people know what’s free and what’s not, banning us, etc ,has turned the site into a ghost town


You reckon another 18 months before the lights over there go out completely (like they sometimes do at

Surely they can’t keep screaming into the void forever?!

Agent 47

Sooner I think.

If LVO did his own thing I would ‘subscribe’ again but DLS can go invade the Solomon’s.


I would pay to watch Davo invade the Solomons!

imagine him wading hurriedly up to the beach from the landing craft bobbing on the light azure swell… or tumbling out of the Hercules from 600 feet into the humidity and haze….


Shortly after landing…


Nah he will be sobbing like a child. He is more than happy to send others to be cannon fodder, but not himself.


LOL, 18 months!


It drives cash to their ticket clipping business. They could probably run it at a loss and get a tax benefit.


JCB, it’s you!


I have trouble believing that a successful ticket clipping business (of the funds management type) can really benefit from such a profoundly weird blog.

I mean, I’ve heard about any publicity being good publicity, but wouldn’t imagine that this is one of the situations where that applies… but perhaps I’m wrong….


There seemed to be a number of poasters who have their super invested with them. I wouldn’t thought anyone would do that, but here we are.

I wonder how they feel about partially funding DLS invading the Solomon Islands?


It would be interesting to revisit how MBFund has performed recently.

im guessing that it has underperformed again…


Yep, they definitely weren’t positioned for stronger commodities and AUD.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think they probably want to get more TV / News time and try to make a go of that and forgo the MB cesspool

A fly in your ointment

bingo, hence the tabloid form and quality that stems from it


I guess that fits into being a wannabe Moses/Lenin/salt

i guess bloke wishes he could be a Moses, declaiming down to the dreadful masses. or at least a Lenin lecturing the landless lumpenproles …. Or at the very least a Salt, scoffingly serving up sermonising soliloquies.


Ding ding ding we have a winner. They are the movie stars in their own heads, with a starring role of their own lives, center stage in the big matinee production.

It becomes like they live for the applause from the audience. Except the audience is in their heads only. Its really scary to see.

They play a fake role for a fake movie in their heads. Like wandering into a hall of mirrors, but going so far in that you can no longer tell the difference between the real you and a reflection.

Scary. But for the grace of god go I. Very scary.


maybe that’s actually me…. 😮😮


A fly in your ointment

another line to add to Resume
1. former this
2. former that
3. former here
4. former there
5. former embee cult leader

A fly in your ointment

locking down the articles, not letting people know what’s free and what’s not,

cheap tactics to bait you.

anyway, all that there is there to see is in the visible bit


Easy to find what is free. Google “macrobusiness” and it has articles in boxes. Anything with Macrobusiness written in white with a red background is free.


Is this where you guys at…
what’s that smell?


Hello Counterfiat! It’s the fresh northern air you’re smelling, I think.



Reus's Large MEMBER


A fly in your ointment

Director’s cut – dodge that!

pfh 007

“..That little bitch pfh better stay where he belongs in the western suburbs..”

Goodness. I seem to have really got under the thin “Coming” skin. Some things never change. Coming would regularly “lose it” back in the day.

But as I am touched that my comments in the other place prompted a special post in this place I thought a few words were warranted.

As the delightful Peachy notes it is possible to disgree with someone strongly and yet do so in a way that does not result in being “banned” or what is far worse…being ignored. As Peachy notes there are plenty of issues where I have strongly disagreed with the positions or opinions of MB columnists

I appreciate few people enjoying listening to advice but here is a tip. If you want to disagree with someone’s opinion, as opposed to just tipping a bucket of abuse over them or trolling them, don’t mention them in your response.

Respond to the opinion and not the person and let your argument do the talking and not just claim that anyone who holds the opinion is an idiot. The safest course is to not respond directly to the comment. Start a fresh comment as that makes it easier to focus on the opinion you disagree with and not the person who uttered it.

Rules of debate are not rules in the sense that anyone is policing them but they are rules in the sense that if you don’t observe them don’t be surprised if people start to ignore everything you say and stop dropping by.

Should forums police these “rules of debate”?

They should not need to.

People who want to participate in a public forum should understand why rules of debate are important. Other participants in a forum should make it clear when people are breaking the rules.

But as we have seen all too often those who break the rules don’t stop when asked to do so. So unless you want your forum to repel all but the most repellant, moderation is likely to be necessary.

Despite what many ‘banned’ whingers say the problem with Macrobusiness’ comments section was not that they had too many “rules of debate” but they found it was just too difficult / expensive to do it. The result was a free for all and bannings that appeared to be capricious. I have noticed over the last few months that EZFKA is also struggling to agree on appropriate rules of debate.

So what rules are important?

Here are few from the Australian’s website. I have highlighted a few that had they been observed by the commenters the decline in the quality of the MB comments section might have been avoided.

Why do I use the rules from the Australian? Because they heavily moderate comments that break these guidelines yet it does not prevent comments that express opinions that many would find bat poop crazy.

I suggest reading these guidelines and making a note of when commenters at EZFKA are breaking them and how might they might have made their point without breaking them.

It takes a bit of effort but I think it is worth it. If everyone does this in good faith you will not need moderation and the comment section will be the better for it.

Have a good weekend.

Comments that display the following characteristics will be rejected.

  • Comments that are defamatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, or anything prejudiced against or mocking of any religion, ethnicity, age, or disability
  • Comments that are rude or inflammatory, or comments that will not positively further debate
  • Anything which is inappropriate for publication for legal reasons
  • Comments in capital letters, or mostly in capital letters
  • Comments in all bold font, or mostly in bold font.
  • Name-calling, when not in context of the article
  • The use of nicknames is acceptable, but denigrating sobriquets will be rejected
  • Comments containing swear words and profanities, including words with numbers or symbols in place of letters
  • Personal attacks on other readers or gratuitous criticism of other comments or commenters
  • Personal attacks on the author: We welcome readers’ opinions and encourage them to respectfully debate the opinions expressed by our journalists, but will we not allow personal attacks nor comments that question journalistic integrity.
  • Criticism of News Corp Australia, News Corp and our associated entities, our articles and writers is acknowledged, but any persistent misrepresentation of News Corp Australia, News Corp or our associated companies will not be published
  • Comments that are off-topic
  • Comments that advertise, promote or solicit any goods or services for commercial purposes
  • Comments that contain personal details including addresses and contact numbers
  • Duplicate comments – do not submit a comment more than once. The system automatically refuses any comment which has already been received
  • Comments containing URL links. In some circumstances, comments containing URL links may be approved, but this will be at the discretion of the moderator

Comments that display the following characteristics will be rejected. In addition, a commenter that repeatedly breaches these guidelines, may have their account suspended.

  • Infringements upon or violations of the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of any person or organisation
  • Defamatory statements including statements which degrade others on the basis of gender, race, age, class, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness or impairment, physical appearance or other classification
  • Obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit, or vulgar comments
  • Using offensive or inappropriate language for your User or Display Name is not permitted and will result in non-publication of comments and potentially the suspension of your commenting account.
  • Statements which are predatory, hateful, or have the intention to intimidate or harass, or name-calling
  • Mocking or derogatory nicknames.
  • Victim-blaming
  • Statements that contain or advocate illegal or violent acts
  • Including personal information in your comment such as addresses, phone numbers, workplaces
  • Any violation of state, national, or international law
  • Spam, advertising, a promotion or any solicitation of any kind
  • Falsely representing yourself including: altering or appropriating another person’s identity, altering your username or display name in an attempt to be represented as another commenter, falsely representing yourself as a prominent person or person of interest or a person referenced in the article.
  • Comments critical of moderation/moderators. If you have any issues with moderation or wish to query a moderation decision, email and a senior editor at The Australian will investigate. Please note no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Mistruths, whether deliberate or accidental. Readers are encouraged to quote reputable sources to back up claims/reinforce statements.
  •  User names that reflect any of the above characteristics are not permitted and may result in the suspension of commenting accounts.

i suspect that to most (all?) here, those guidelines would come across more like a challenge.

along the lines of “what’s the biggest number of guidelines you can break in no more than 25 words”


on the substantive matter, for mine, those rules are probably actually all about complying with whatever the laws for media publishers over in Australia might be, avoiding any potential political problems, staying paletable to advertisers and, presumably, maintaining whatever editorial reputation that stodgy old masthead imagines that it possesses (ha!). A carry-over from the days when people wrote letters to the editor, in fountain pen, about an interesting biscuit tin they were gifted at Christmas.

(certainly much more about all of that, than about having a fun, colorful and productive discussion.)

those concerns are foreign to ezfka. And this makes for more awesome interactions!

Besides, as a hard matter of fact, sometimes just telling someone that “you aRe a fUcKing idi0t and your comment is bullshit” is actually a 100% accurate and appropriate response. And why should simple facts like that be frowned upon?


at any rate, you remain most welcome to drop by and raise the average tone of discussion here! If nothing else, you’re much more likely to be understood

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy
pfh 007

“..And why should simple facts like that be frowned upon?..’

Because there was zero facts in the response just abuse and that should be frowned upon.

‘…that “you aRe a fUcKing idi0t and your comment is bullshit” …’

That was a no fact, no argument zone.


Pfh, you’re not being imaginative enough.

surely you can imagine a hypothetical situation where

  • someone who is an idiot (perhaps even per Goddart definition)
  • writes something that is profoundly and obviously bullshit


then “you aRe a fUcKing idi0t and your comment is bullshit” is something perfectly factual, noting that:

  • the “0” may be a typo
  • ”fucking” is an intensifier (admittedly a little crude)
  • the aLt CapS convey emotion


work with me, man!

pfh 007

Is your question whether crude intensified emotion is sometimes warranted in response to a comment?

If so the answer is yes but responding with that emotion is unlikely to be effective as it will be seen as a crude and emotional response and is likely to invite the same in response. Also known as a flame war.

See Skippy’s lame attempt to induce such a response just this evening.


Is your question whether crude intensified emotion is sometimes warranted in response to a comment?

nah, I’m trying to show that something which might appear to breach the rules may very well be absolutely objectively factual.

and a little emotion is a valid human condition, and an acceptable stylistic choice.

pfh 007

Well I don’t think the guidelines include the following:

“you can break every other guideline with impunity if you assert there is a factual basis for your comment.”

Many of the guidelines seem to designed to encourage people to resist flaming the highly inflammable comments. Skippy’s droppings are a good example of highly inflammable objects that should be approached with care and regard to the guidelines.

A little emotion is often very effective. I endorse your use of the word “little”. 🙂

A fly in your ointment

Despite what many ‘banned’ whingers say the problem with Macrobusiness’ comments section was not that they had too many “rules of debate” but they found it was just too difficult / expensive to do it. The result was a free for all and bannings that appeared to be capricious. I have noticed over the last few months that EZFKA is also struggling to agree on appropriate rules of debate.


The Llewdo-Bleato blog had only 4 simple rules:
1. Llewdo and Bleato are always right.
2. open critic in the direction of them or that “death by 1000 words” railway-sumtin nick (aka Gunna) and you’re banned
3. Rule nr2 is amplified by factoriel 10 for viewers who did not pay the membership.
4. In all other cases refer to rule nr1

Zealous Moderation induces non-compliance. The self moderation work quite well by ignoring the offender. Actually if no one got offended on internet the moderation is almost obsolete. How difficult is not to be offended by a personnae unknown to you? Hence the full anonymity is valuable two way

pfh 007

The result was a free for all and bannings that appeared to be capricious’

That sums up the point you are making which essentially is that in the end the only moderation at MB was to ban people slagging off the operators of the forum.

There actually was another much larger group who were excluded and that was anyone who did not like being trolled by the various trolls and were not interested in returning fire. They just left ……leaving the place inhabited by trolls and people who engaged in light hearted banter on topics unlikely to attract trolling.

So while it is true that one can ignore the trolls and bad faith commentators, in practice most people just leave and you are left with a forum full of a very specific personality type. Thick skinned gladiators happy to hurl and dodge bullets.

Obviously, I fit that description but I don’t think excluding people without that skill set is very interesting. It feels like being stuck on an all boys school bus on a long trip down the coast.

And as I said the best moderation is no moderation because participants understand how to behave and as a few commentators noted under this post that is something which is improving at EZFKA.


You are correct, there were two big exoduses from MB, there was ‘The Lorax’ , 3D1K and several others leaving way back in 2014 or so, and then the recent EZFKA rebellion. Sadly the depth of discussion in the comments section at MB was significantly reduced following both exoduses.

The comments section nowadays often resembles little more than a circle jerk with the odd soap box speaker using it as defacto a speakers corner. It is a shame as there use to be some pretty interesting discussions there.

I’ve always enjoyed our verbal sparings – as they’ve always been conducted in good faith, and so long as there are trace elements of it present with whom ever I am discussing, I can usually hold off on temptation to unleash the ‘Hulk’. My biggest fault is rising to each escalation, but then we all have our faults, and I suppose I’ve chosen the snidy avatar of Stewie Griffin for a reason.

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Ahhhhh….the days of crossing swords with 3D1K!

Now those truly were the good old days 🙂


Lorax never added much.

A fly in your ointment

1. bannings that appeared to be capricious

2. bannings that is capricious

a very substantial difference.

The moderation at EmBee became a tool of silencing the healthy but inconvenient discussion.
I can abuse 1000 words to support why, but I will refrain. It is quite obvious that the moderation with heavy side taking is what caused the discussion erosion and decay, leading to absence of the critical thought. This is what Llewdo wanted for Peoples Temple Agricultural project in Davestown and he got it in the end. This is why the moderation was “unsuccessful” as you said. It never was to be a moderation.

Being able to say whatever one wants is just freedom to make noise

See, that is Llewdo-Bleato style nonsense.
It is a nice tool to dismiss the disagreeable thoughts by declaring them noise. Cancel culture. If one is too smart for the audience, the mistake is not with the audience but with the smart not being smart enough to see the self-misplacement.
Freedom of speech is to express oneself whichever way one is capable. There is no such thing as noise.

pfh 007

I do not dismiss disagreeable thoughts as noise and have made that clear.

Working out whether something is free speech or just noise is helped by referring to the guidelines.

Cancel culture does not comply with the guidelines as the guidelines do not say that certain opinions are banned.

Comments that are completely inconsistent with the guidelines, for example abuse such as that the top of my original post above, are just noise.

I note that our exchange largely complies with the guidelines used by the Australian which is why it has been constructive and enjoyable.

Have a good weekend.

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Welcome to the playground, no rules is the best way, if people don’t play fair then so be it, you can be your own filter and not engage too, even w@f gave up because no one took enough offence to his rants.

So get some freedom of speech into you and tell is us how you really feel, then we can have a proper debate.

pfh 007

It sounds as though a culture of observing at least some of those guidelines is developing through experience. Which is very good. Cultural norms are much more powerful as Stewie Griffin likes to remind us.


That is more how I would see it – there’s a group of bods here who share a certain world view and talk in a particular way.

the community chooses how it operates. For small communities – like a netball club – this is quite possible without any sort of written code


To save time, just assume I’m right.

A fly in your ointment

it is not observing the guidelines indicated, it is other way round – guidelines are coincidental to what works.
when guidelines are chiselled in stone, it is a lure to walk them and cross them. when there are no boundaries other than to grow up and not get offended by anonymous whilst one is anonymous too, things can settle to a fluid boundary which makes one feel silly crossing needlessly.
the fact that there is peace now is not a proof that all current participants are immune to being offended


including DLS regularly calling me a “ psycho “ for my opinions later fully vindicated

Now, now, it’s surely not DLS’s fault that your psycho opinions were later fully vindicated!

pfh 007

It doesn’t get more self indulgent than making a special post on a blog to spout abuse at people.

“..That little bitch pfh better stay where he belongs in the western suburbs..”

Which of course makes your complaints about the lack of moderation “..the amount of ad hominem abuse I took ..” at MB hypocritical. Ad hominem abuse is covered by the guidelines I set out above.

Which is unfortunate as back in the day you made more of an effort to argue your point without resorting to smear and abuse.

As Peachy noted above, the point I was making in my comments at MB about MB (which you appear to have taken very personally) was that the lack of people adhereing to the MB guidelines or any moderation consistent with those guidelines is an important reason the comments at MB have declined in quality.

If you were concerned I was suggesting that EFKA might be benefit from reflecting on the issue then you were right but only a very delicate and precious flower would interpret it as an attack of EZFKA. We need effective forums for discussing issues but all in brawls will only appeal to a fraction.

A fly in your ointment

..that the lack of people adhereing to the MB guidelines or any moderation consistent with those guidelines is an important reason the comments at MB have declined in quality.

it is that the capricious un-rule-like bans and deleting of dissenting posts lead to above quote and is psitwls out as the more redaction/censorship further declines quality of comments which positively feeds back to capricious unruly censorship and ban…
Llewdo is the first to sling the excrement at most he disagree with.


MB had two major predictions: iron ore at $20; and a property crash. Add in some DLS existential angst re climate and China. Rinse, repeat.

Timing is everything.


And here we are still talking about them. Managed to get under the skin 😉


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A fly in your ointment

it is just an easy target aka the lowest hanging fruit.