Because YOU are the help.

QE is not inflationary, so they say. However the gulf between assets and earners have never been wider. How do asset values grow larger than GDP growth in the modern era? The age of the abundance of cheap stuff that distracted The Help is over. If you see it, you’ve caught your tail. Now what? … Read more

Roof Over My Head DREAMING.

Here we are watching the RBA goally defending workers real wages and easing mortgage stress, whoops better luck next decade. The plutocracy scores! And now the people have a great chance, represented by the new red reps in da house, and they smash it out of the park! Game over the plutocrats win.

@ bite sized mental bingeing

Twitter is great, especially if you want to “say” you’re buying the co (and don’t follow through), so maybe you can offload a boatload of shares and appear to have a legit reason to sell Testlalala near the top without spooking the minions. With the added bonus of exposing the multitude of fake bot accounts … Read more