Roof Over My Head DREAMING.

Here we are watching the RBA goally defending workers real wages and easing mortgage stress, whoops better luck next decade. The plutocracy scores!

And now the people have a great chance, represented by the new red reps in da house, and they smash it out of the park! Game over the plutocrats win.

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Ensuring your kids can afford a home to start their own family is the foundational purpose of any society – we have been failed dreadfully.

Our Democracy no longer works – our constant failure to achieve the base measurement of any successful society is proof that the system is broken and corrupted beyond repair.


It is shite state of affairs.

I hate to say it but it’s baked in. Our future is a globalist bungstain. Look at places like London that’s our future but with more flammable dog kennels and a bit less ancestral wealth.


Back we go to feudalism where the elite own everything and all of us are serfs. Don’t offend the woke ideology otherwise you’ll be electronically burnt at a stake.


Our Democracy no longer works 

It works as well as it ever did. Globalisation and automation have just reduced how much value the elites place on their local populace.


The rapid increase in rates will wipe out the working class and the lower end of the middle class that have purchased in the last 18 months. They may get a bit of fake empathy, but that is it. The elite will pick up some cheap properties for investment. I doubt that Albo will struggle paying for his investment properties.


One of the things the UAP was banging on about was if property crashes it will just open the door for mass sales to foreign buyers

Be interesting if that plays out


Wasn’t that what KRudd did in 2008?


Dunno probably, but as it seems this is potentially the first real property crash we’re setting up for, this will be the first time if this plays out