MB, not even worth link spamming anymore?

I tend to avoid the place these days but back in the day without fail on any real estate affordability article you’d get a whole lot of Housing affordability linkspam from Hugh whatsisface.I haven’t seen him or anyone else at all bother on anything I’ve looked at there recently. Have they truly become so completely … Read more

Lockdown forever?

A quick thought experiment to cause absolutely no controversy whatsoever. What happens if covid restrictions end up being proven to prevent the 1000-4000 flu deaths that happen in Australia every year? Do we relax restrictions and accept that people will die, many more than covid has killed here. Or do we lock down forever? Why … Read more

BTC legal tender in El Salvador

So what does this mean for btc? In the grand scheme of things probably not a huge amount but is a step forward in it’s legitimacy. What it does do is pose some really interesting questions. Firstly, why is El Salvador choosing to add btc to it’s current legal tender, the almighty USD. Presumably they … Read more

Why privatised power is awesome (or not)

This video gives a good account of what happens when a grid operated as a privatised auction minute to minute to provide power rather than centrally planned and operated system with reliability rather than profit as it’s overriding consideration faces adversity. Coming to a suburb in EZFKA sometime soon…

Fiat has value because the government has guns

I’ve seen the statement that fiat is valuable because the government says you have to use it and has a monopoly on violence to enable them to require you to do so as well as requiring you to pay taxes with it repeated so many times it clearly must have been presented as one of the commandments of economics by one of the prophets.

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A Ponzi of Ponzi’s?

I see the word Ponzi bandied about everywhere these days. Real Estate is a ponzi, crypto is a ponzi, fiat is the greatest ponzi of all. The debt ponzi. On and on. This seems to be based on a belief that all these things depend on a greater sucker coming along to pay you more … Read more