ChatGPT: Novelist?

As the old saying goes: How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time. In the same way if you break up writing a novel into small enough tasks chatGPT will happily write it for you. Conveniently it is also really good at creating those tasks for you. The developers actively discourage such … Read more

Is the Cure worse than the Disease?

Are the vaccines killing people? Data from the UK says Yes, especially for 18-39 year olds. The data shows that a vaccinated person is twice as likely to die from things other than covid than an unvaccinated person. For some context this is eerily similar to the increased mortality rate from all causes for a … Read more

Are Mining Exports Really Keeping the AUD High?

 We are talking about a robbery in the realms of tens of billions of unpaid tax while much of gas goes to China to build weapons to threaten Australian freedom, keeps the AUD high hollowing out other tradeables, and trashes carbon output targets with failed CCS. This snippet from that other site got me … Read more

An Alternative for EZFKA?

UAP have started a heavy advertising blitz to position themselves for the upcoming Federal election. Seconds into the add they indicate they are far more serious about this than any of the other minor parties with the statement they will run candidates for every seat in the House of reps, and the senate. Whether or … Read more

EZFKA, an external view

The view of an expat in the UK of the current situation here in EZFKA. I don’t agree with all of it, but it’s certainly interesting. It talks of an authoritarian history of the descendants of the convicts, and their jailors. The disbelief that this is happening from the UK local says it all though.

MB, not even worth link spamming anymore?

I tend to avoid the place these days but back in the day without fail on any real estate affordability article you’d get a whole lot of Housing affordability linkspam from Hugh whatsisface.I haven’t seen him or anyone else at all bother on anything I’ve looked at there recently. Have they truly become so completely … Read more

Lockdown forever?

A quick thought experiment to cause absolutely no controversy whatsoever. What happens if covid restrictions end up being proven to prevent the 1000-4000 flu deaths that happen in Australia every year? Do we relax restrictions and accept that people will die, many more than covid has killed here. Or do we lock down forever? Why … Read more

Stewies butt hurts so much he deletes posts From article

Maybe you should run back over to MB stewie. Your ego is more fragile than dls’s. Apparently this reposting of stewies actual post gets him so butthurt he has to delete any post containing it. Where did the post go stewie? It’s not like you didn’t say it.

BTC legal tender in El Salvador

So what does this mean for btc? In the grand scheme of things probably not a huge amount but is a step forward in it’s legitimacy. What it does do is pose some really interesting questions. Firstly, why is El Salvador choosing to add btc to it’s current legal tender, the almighty USD. Presumably they … Read more