EZFKA, an external view

The view of an expat in the UK of the current situation here in EZFKA. I don’t agree with all of it, but it’s certainly interesting. It talks of an authoritarian history of the descendants of the convicts, and their jailors. The disbelief that this is happening from the UK local says it all though.

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our lockdowns are just the next expression of the australian ultra nanny states. the only thing i don’t like about it all is the use of terms like “fascism” and “nazism” to describe lockdownism; the actual nazis would have been horrified at an ideology that promotes shutting down economic production in order to protect a handful of extremely frail, weak, and old people. it’s the direct opposite of what fascism is about; which is intermingled with the notion that the weak and the old have to make room for the young and the strong. lockdownism is the direct opposite of that. lockdowns are effectively weakness worship.

Agent 47

Its communism rebranded.




really interesting point about how manadatory helmets discourages cyclists bc no one wants to ride bc you look like a dork, good point tbh


I was a teen when the bicycle laws came into effect and stopped riding at that point. It wasn’t because the helmets, it was because I was forced to ride on the road. It was all about public liability. All the lawyers in Australia following US lead of suing the living daylights out of anyone they can. Playgrounds were being shutdown because some rich twat tried to sue a local government, a thief sued the owner for the value of the house after cutting themselves whilst trying to break in. Crazy shit.


Hey folks – e-petitions – Parliament of Australia (aph.gov.au) – can we get this out there nicely?

There is only 9 days left and we need 50k signatures before parliament will address it.




Yeah man can you stick it on stuff you do next few days please.

I don’t think violence is the answer, but legal avenues exist it up to us all to avail of them.