ABC apologises for accidentally crossing live to child sacrifice ritual during news broadcast

The ABC has apologised for accidentally showing a child sacrifice ritual live on air last night.

The footage, which aired during the 7pm national news broadcast, was believed to be from a room in the Reserve Bank of Australia in Canberra but has remained unconfirmed.

“We apologise profusely,” ABC Chairwoman Ita Buttrose made in public a statement.

“It wasn’t one of our run-of-the-mill satanic rituals that we usually broadcast prior to QandA, and this one had not been through the proper censorship screening. We’re currently consulting with lawyers from jeffrey Epstein’s estate and will release further statements later.”

However, Buttrose offered little remorse to those ringing in and complaining.

“I mean, if people haven’t worked out the real reason for why ABC Radio Canberra’s frequency is 666 then they are as stupid as they sound.”

The footage is under review and Paul Barry is believed to be memory holing it.

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Agent 47

Anyone see this, the satanic ceremony, when it happened? I mean what the fuck is going at the ABC?


Ita Buttrose doing Scomo/God’s work


Note the ‘satire’ tag?


A video from last year’s ABC upper management xmas party.