Weekend Links, 23-24 October 2021

Just Sat No!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Weekend Links for 23-24 October 2021. We are really glad you are here, and even though the news is exciting, and somewhat shite, its the weekend so… woo! For the header this weekend we have this amazing event which is only possible in EZFKA! Melbourne developer Barry Wang quizzed in … Read more

Weekend Links, 16-17 October 2021!


Feeling a bit logie today, but this is normally what regime change looks like. Think of a cricket match. We know who the expected winners are, and who the losers are likely to be…. But sometimes, the expected winners have an off day. The losers happen to have a new gun player. That moment in … Read more

Weekend Links, 9-10 October 2021!

IP Blocked

Hi everyone and welcome to another lovely weekend here in sunny Sydney! Everyone is excited about the fact we ditched one premier, and deputy premier… the consensus seems to be – I don’t want to know about that! – which is very EZFKA, so we approve! So in the spirit of EZFKA unity… I’m really … Read more

TIMBO Shoots, Timbo Scores…


This worked so well, it got nuked from orbit. As far as I can tell, someone stole the main bit from his satire earlier in the week, without attribution. This person – pretty sure its a bot – tagged CraigKellyMP and the AEC. Then this happened… I can’t find it anymore, so someone deleted it … Read more

Weekend Links, 2-3 October 2021!

Channel Tankman!

Well that escalated quickly. As we noted in these hallowed (hollow) pages, Clive Palmer was taking about the Pfizer lobbyist who forced Gladys to push the vaccine, or front up ICAC. Well, apparently that happened anyways. Live by the wet noodle, die by the wet noodle? State media explains for the normies below. But that … Read more

COVID Love Letter Feat. Spartacus

Damn You To Hell, You Will Not Destroy America

This is the original text of the ‘Spartacus’ pdf that went viral, was deleted, and then the MSM saturated search engines with random Spartacus stuff, so I decided to put the text below. Might be worth pdf’ing the main medical bit and asking a doctor you trust – I have no idea if its correct. … Read more

Merkel Upset At Scomo, Comms Ensue…

Crazy bird lady

Something very amusing happened last week. So Scomo is in trouble for shafting the Europeans and going with AUUKUS. Can’t really blame him to be honest, as the French deal was probably a bit of a dud, but the French response was expected too. But then something very unusual happened. Ok – so what does … Read more

Weekend Links, 25-26 Sep, 2021!

Red October

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Weekend Links, for the 25 – 26 of September 2021. We are really happy to see you here and hopefully this will be a good weekend on links, argy bargy, and general hilarity. What are we leading with today? Well, there are many choices, but the winner … Read more

Tell Me It Ain’t So, HillDawg!

Did you assume my gender

Not sure how many of you folks picked this one up, but its absolutely hilarious. Also this weekend is likely to be focused on 9/11, so not sure there will be space for this one. To start with, ZeroHedge had this earlier in the week – While Biden Joins ‘Drone Club’ At 9/11 Ceremonies, Trump … Read more

Weekend Links, 4-5 September 2021

Weekend Links 4-5 September 2021

Hi everyone and welcome back to the Weekend Links for 4-5 September 2021. We have lots of exciting stuff for you all today, and we will be starting out with this contribution from Neel Kolhatkar. He wants you to vote for Charlie D as PM, and realistically, Charlie D seems to have a good plan … Read more

Weekend Links, 21-22 August, 2021

A Sad Afghan

It’s all getting fancy! No I mean we are moving up in the world. Honest! So this week I’d like to start by welcoming Minister Sinister, who got off to a running start. We are all very pleased to have you join the little crew, and thank you for the contributions so far. In case … Read more

The Fall Of Kabul…

As it turned out, Kabul fell in 8 days. This is quite an ominous sign, as it took a full two years after the Russian withdrawal back over the Amu Darya, for the Najibullah government to fall. Practically speaking, the Russian supported Afghan government only fell after Boris Yelstin stopped paying for it due to … Read more

Weekend Links, 14-15 August, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for 14-15 August, 2021! We are very happy you are here. Several exciting things have happened this week, including the inaugural post of Turd Flinging Thursdays! It was such a success, that it was followed by Failure To Flush Friday! Clearly this is a case of innovation the EZFKA way! … Read more

Overnight Comms – Tokyo Edition

A whole heap of comms randomly showed up this weekend. Figured I’d cover some of them. Obviously, some of it is embedded in the Olympics, but less than I expected. Its like we went through a particularly dangerous few weeks, and these were negotiated successfully. Lets hope that continues. Olympics For The Win So the … Read more

Weekend Links, 7-8 Aug, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for the 7-8 of August 2021. The big question on everyone’s mind is where are we? We are we going, what are we doing, and how is it all going to end. Pear-shaped seems to be the consensus. These are after all dog days if you are in the northern … Read more

Weekend Links, 31 Jul – 1 Aug, 2021


Welcome to the Weekend Links, 31 July – 1 August, 2021! Lots of exciting things are happening at EZFKA, and we are going from strength to strength. This is really good to see. Personally, I am extraordinarily optimistic about Australia’s future. I genuinely believe that Australia has become EZFKA, and that EZFKA is going to … Read more

Covid Meme RoundUp 27 July 2021

Papers please

So normally I stay in my lane, specifically the Weekend Links. Which I’m happy to do. The problem is there is too many Covid meme’s, and I can’t fit all these into the Weekend Links. Hence, Covid Meme RoundUp! Gather around, gather around children. But first, some caveats: I actually think Covid-19 was something shady … Read more

Weekend Links, 24-25 July, 2021

Spoiler Alert

Welcome to the EZFKA links for the weekend of 24-25 July, 2020! EZFKA continues to go from strength to strength as the weeks go by. While welcome, the reasons are also important! I’d like to shout out Timbo, for his exceptional efforts with regards to the satire posts going up. The quality of the satire … Read more

Weekend Links, 17-18 July, 2021


Welcome to the Weekend Links for 17-18 July 2021! We are really happy you are all here, and are hoping for a good weekend of argy-bargy. So this week South Africa got exciting, but so did Cuba and there are rumors of excitement in Georgia and Tajikistan too. All this is happening as the stories … Read more

Weekend Links, 10-11 July, 2021

Scientism for the win!

Welcome to the EZFKA Weekend Links for the 10-11 July, 2021! This week we are all about bad propaganda. Why? Because as a viable economic unit within EZFKA, the least the system could provide me a good propaganda. I mean, is that too much to ask? If you are going to steal, lie, kill, maim, … Read more

Weekend Links, July 03-04, 2021

Sir Vaxalot The Invincible

Welcome to the Weekend Links for July 3-4, 2021. So this week there was a problem. The long and short of it is, EZFKA Weekend Links has been trying to add more AusPol. Because AusPol has implications for most of the peeps who frequent this spot. But, this is a problem. There is so much … Read more

Weekend Links, June 26-27, 2021

Days since last...

Welcome to the Weekend Links for June 26-27, 2021! So this week got exciting. Mostly because of a bloke called John McAfee pulled an Epstein. What is an Epstein you ask? An Epstein is when you are rich and powerful, have potentially incriminating evidence on other rich and powerful folks, and then Madame Clinton has … Read more

Weekend Links, JunE 18-19, 2021

ohnoes... its the popo's

Welcome to the Weekend Links for June 18-19, 2021!! We are very excited to have you here. How excited? Well, last week was the first time the comment count here at EZFKA exceeded that at MB (from whence we came lol!). Some (much) of the credit here goes to Peachy, so if you see her … Read more

Weekend Links, June 12-13, 2021

Bigfoot Flipping You Off

Welcome to the Weekend Links, June 12-13, 2021. We think this week will be kind of quiet. Why? Because lots is happening and everyone is hoping it does not end up biting them in the rear. What is happening? Well – the big ones are: The medical shit show also known as Covid-19 is going … Read more

Weekend Links, June 5-6, 2021

Monkey Throwing Poop

Welcome to the Weekend Links for June 5-6, 2021! We are very happy you decided to join the motley crew here, and hope you have a good time flinging poo around! This weekend seems weird. The world is weird too – calm before the storm and all that. News is slowly stopping making any sense … Read more

Weekend Links, May 22-23, 2021

The Medical Dictatorship Is Killing Humanity

Welcome to the Weekend Links for May 22-23, 2021. We are really glad to have you here, and we hope that the discussion here is enjoyable, thought-provoking and maybe just a little bit subversive. Woot! There is clearly a problem with the professions today. The level of respect for professionals across the board is falling. … Read more

Weekend Links, May 15-16, 2021

Rockets are seen in the night sky fired towards Israel from Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip on May 14, 2021. - Israel bombarded Gaza with artillery and air strikes on Friday, May 14, in response to a new barrage of rocket fire from the Hamas-run enclave, but stopped short of a ground offensive in the conflict that has now claimed more than 100 Palestinian lives. As the violence intensified, Israel said it was carrying out an attack "in the Gaza Strip" although it later clarified there were no boots on the ground. (Photo by ANAS BABA / AFP)

Welcome to the Weekend Links, for the 15-16 of May, 2021! We are very happy you decided to stop by this little den of inequity and wrong think, and please leave your biases at the door. This week was exciting in the WW3 department, so instead of bashing Australian politicians and feminists, today we will … Read more