Exciting Times Ahead…

Do you ever wonder what it going on? Well, you probably do if you are here. This is going to be a bit of a take it with a pinch post, but here goes anyways.

On May 4th, US SF Command at Fort Bragg posted this tweet.

Wait, wtf!!!

Link: (20) 1st Special Forces Command on Twitter: “We believe in ghosts… Do you?? ­čĹ╗­čĹ╗­čĹ╗ ­čĹç #PsyWar https://t.co/vwpDDnSufM” / Twitter

The video leads to this video on YouTube.

Exciting times ahead. Fair warning. Not much more to say. Yes its not ‘their’ video, but I think its significant that a military unit is tweeting this…

Yes, this is comms. But to who, and why, is impossible to say. Generally though, military units do not do this kind of thing, but this is the Information Warfare folks, so who knows anymore.

Welcome to Clown World everyone!


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Interesting! Thanks, T! Video is the only content by the 4th PSYOP Group, channel owner. At the very least, someone has done superb editing and mind fucking.

It is also interesting that all footage of the “bad guys” used in the video (or suggested at whom the “bad guys” might be) are the usual suspects – Saddam, China, Russia, riots by the general populace.

Could be a bit of a reverse psychology here for the critically thinking.


That’s a beautifully produced video, and a bit scary/hopeful all at once. Interestingly https://goarmysof.com/ ended up at http://goarmysof.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi


Dang, thought this was going to be about the EZFKA catchup!

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yeah me too

A fly in your ointment

Unless this is one of those videos like from the movie The Ring, perhaps The Manchurian Candidate, I am either too smart to understand the message behind or too daft to get it.

But a very nice editing and clipping.