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The non-nation

Subversion: people telling you to hate society, your family and yourself.





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Reus's Large MEMBER

You mean the ministry of truth, run by a woman that spews disinformation about everything.

It is interesting to see how the radical left is hell bent on helping the red wave to take over in the mid terms and in 2024, the more they carry on like this the more people are going to vote Trump back in.

Agent 47

Interesting view


Depends on how the Dems campaign on it. I reckon they will target the women vote and try to sway them. The Greens actually sent my wife a letter with their campaign policies about equal pay and free childcare. Was rather odd as I thought they believed gender was a social construct 🤷‍♀️


100% – I noticed the pivot last week and thought it was very interesting.


Google the patron saint of Feminism… once again – culture.


The red wave was pretty much locked in. I actually doubt people will take much notice of the ministry of truth until it starts overreaching and start banning all types of things.


Thanks for doing this, very much appreciated.


Wargaming a Western Freeze of China’s Foreign Reserves,” the Atlantic Council published a summary report on April 29 of what could ensue from any attempt to steal China’s foreign exchange reserves, as Russia’s have been stolen. Its author was Atlantic Council senior fellow Hung Tran, a former banker whose career includes serving as Deputy Director of the IMF and Executive Managing Director at the financiers’ cartel, the International Institute of Finance.
The scale of any operation against China is far bigger than that against Russia, Tran notes. The exact composition of Chinese $3.2 trillion in foreign reserves is a state secret, but at least $1.1 trillion is in U.S. Treasury securities, and $490 billion in other equities, plus a goodly amount held in euros, yen, and pounds sterling subject also to freezing. In addition, Chinese companies hold some $145 billion of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the U.S., and about $83 billion in the European Union.
What countermeasures might China take that would impact Western economies?
Foreigners have $1.9 trillion in direct investment in China, and China might nationalize the hefty portion of that owned by the Western sanctioning countries. It could also freeze the $1.2 trillion-plus of Chinese domestic stocks and bonds owned by foreign investors. Then there is the $2.7 trillion in external debt held by Chinese companies, most of it in U.S. dollars and euros, which China could stop servicing, using the same argument as Russia: that it is willing and able to pay, but is prevented from doing so by U.S. government actions. “A pause in servicing China’s external debt would inflict substantial losses on Western investors—largely through investment funds and pension funds,” Tran writes.
His tally of the monetarist impact? China has $3.4 trillion of “identifiable international assets” that could be seized, but it holds up to $5.8 trillion in international liabilities, largely from Western countries, which it could seize.
Tran only considers the physical-economic impact of an attempt to decouple China from the world economy from the standpoint of trade: China would be hurt by a cut-off of international trade, but 18.6% of U.S. imports, and 22.4% of EU imports come from China: including critical goods such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals to make pharmaceutical products, not to mention their significant exports to China.
“In short, in a scenario of Western sanctions coupled with Chinese counter measures, both sides will suffer substantial damages. This could lead to a situation of economic MAD—or mutually assured destruction—reinforcing the more catastrophic nuclear MAD,” Tran concluded drily. “These considerations would set the parameters of the geopolitical rivalry and conflict between China and the West. This will likely intensify in the foreseeable future to encompass all areas of relationship between the two sides, but hopefully will stop short of economic or military wars!”

Clowns to the left of me clowns to the right….

A fly in your ointment

From perspective of a balanced multipolar world, this would be nothing to worry about.
The unipolar world is gone and the incumbent unipolar hegemon is following Nero’s famous quote “After Me – whatevs” (to paraphrase in modern lingo). This alone causes a serious concern. It is not “The West” neither there are “western values” to be protected by the denial of multipolar world. It is actually quite opposite: multipolarity in geopolitics will ensure survival of western values. Because otherwise it will suffer the same fate as the Roman Empire.


Except the West won’t. Some factories will pop up in Vietnam and Bangladesh, but China will ensure that it controls critical manufacturing. Our car fleet is becoming Chinese, same with our bus fleet. Medicines are manufactured in China, same with fertiliser.

The US under Trump wanted manufacturing back, but EZFKA went the other way. In the event of war with China, EZFKA will collapse. We would have limited transportation and medicines. But the masses will be demanding an end to the war when Aldi cancels it weekly Bestbuys.

A fly in your ointment


NASDAQ and Dow Tumble as US Stocks See Worst Day Since 2020

Agent 47

The AEC forcing Pauline Hanson to take down her cartoons was pathetic as well. Hurt feelings everywhere.


Can still see videos on YouTube, so will have to look into it. But wouldn’t be surprised that implied freedom of political communication is being completely trashed.

Seems that Hanson’s just in it for the money, getting whoever they can to run for that sweet $2.60 a vote.


A candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is “massively annoyed” after he was referred to the Australian federal police for allegedly nominating to run in two different seats on opposite sides of the country, saying he had “no idea” he was a candidate for the far-right party.

On Friday, the Australian Electoral Commission revealed that it had referred Malcolm Heffernan to the AFP after discovering he had nominated to stand in the New South Wales seat of Banks and the Western Australian seat of Brand.

The nominations were for two separate parties. Heffernan was selected as One Nation’s candidate in Banks, but was standing for the little-known Australian Federation party in WA.

But Heffernan, who lives in WA, has pointed the finger at One Nation, saying he only nominated for the Australian Federation party after being told his “services were no longer required” by One Nation.


After publishing the story about Ms Seymour in the seat of Hughes, the ABC was contacted by dozens of confused voters who could not find any sign of the One Nation candidates supposedly running in their local seats.
Bethea Kerr, a voter in Belconnen, said she had not seen a poster or even a pamphlet for Lucia Grant, One Nation’s candidate for Fenner in the ACT.
The ABC was able to establish that Ms Grant is, in fact, registered to vote in Goodna, Queensland, but was not able to make contact with her.
“My first impression was that it seemed a bit dodgy,” Ms Kerr said.

Agent 47

Watch out for that feminist sex strike re abortion

Agent 47



IMO a woman that doesn’t want to reproduce might as well be a sex robot 

what about a man?


I had a bit of laugh at this meme…. Then I thought about who sponsors most abortion ‘rights’ movements, and I bet they’re laughing too – at us.

Agent 47


On that note it’s interesting about Margaret Sangers history and the role that Jewish women played in the whole abortion thing. Overwhelmingly dominated it like feminism.


Didn’t they tell us choices have concequences?
Sure they can choose to abort, but the concequence is a murder charge..

Reus's Large MEMBER

LOL that is glorious !

Agent 47

I’ve heard this one before



Agent 47

Full circle


The problem is that you can point out the mad hypocrisy of leftist nutters until you’re blue in the face and they’ll just ignore you. They’re quite capable of arguing the virtues of abortion bodily autonomy and vaccine mandates in the same breath without a hint of irony or self awareness.

Agent 47

Yeh they don’t care. It’s all about feeling accepted by the group. Last two years has proven that beyond doubt.

Agent 47

Amber Turd keeps delivering


Oh FFS. Google just gave me the background to this. FFS.


Looks very suspicious – in my professional experience;


Agent 47

Saw that. Nothing like doing some rock while you’re on the stand.

Hollywood degenerates.


comment image


That’s gold!

Agent 47

I heard Amber is from Cleveland….

Agent 47


A fly in your ointment

Apparently, Ricky Gervais says so, when “they” asked Ghandi “Whadaya hink about English Culture?”, his response was “That would be a nice proposition”



I was looking for something on twitter and searched EZFKA to try and find it. Funny to see that quite a few hits to this site came up referencing “right wing satire site”

10 years ago I would have described myself as left leaning but a decade of watching the shit show play out has changed my views, I’m sure like many others. Recently I was talking to a friend how I think the left is it’s own worst enemy and it will eat itself from the inside out.

A fly in your ointment

Did you see that Musk’s tweet about L and R wings?

Quite an interesting one, betcha 3/4 of extreme lefties did not get every detail of it

Nah, sounds good though. Post it here?

A fly in your ointment

“Right wing satire site” LOL. Half of the satire that is written ends up being true. Should be rebranded spoiler alerts.

Agent 47

Left wing satire sucks balls imo. It’s just snarky whining most of the time.

Not saying I’m right wing about things, but right seem to have better memes and pisstakes for now anyway.

Australian comedy as a whole has really declined and now it’s all just lefties who think they own the space, slapping each other on the back and not being very funny at all.

There’s definitely a market for non left wing humor in Australia.


Shawn Micalles and his perpetual sneer is the perfect example of mainstream ‘leftist’ humour.

Agent 47

Yes I agree. He was really funny in the 90s on Full Frontal and then you go mainstream and be a snarky lefty on the ABC or so you can play the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


Oh the comedy festival is pure lefty garbage now. I tuned into the last one and every single act had a sjw slant. One or two comedians doing how hard life is for women etc would be ok but the entire cast… it was the same shit over and over again and really not that funny.


Genuine humour is based on being disagreeableness. It is an act of rebellion against the status quo, of pointing out and making fun of the ridiculousness and obvious hypocrisy and flaws of the majority – those who lack the self awareness or bravery to point out and speak up, and laugh at the ridiculousness of themselves.

Comedy provides a ritualised setting whereby the majority can come together and temporarily laugh at themselves and their beliefs. The reason why comedy sucks, and left wing comedians are all stale and suckfull, is because their social values are now the dominant values.

Deviating from “The Message” is not allowed. Comedians cannot disagree with it, in the name of equity you can’t poke fun at any group, unless they have privilege aka they are white, or cis white males in particular. Hannah Gadsby is the definitive example of the sort of ‘comedian’ that this system produces.

The funniest comedians are those who disagree with the status quo and have the balls to publicly point it out – that is why the funniest comedian you are likely to never officially hear of in the years to come, will all most likely be right wing.


Hateful, bigoted and racist, is what the media will say, and that might be true sometimes – but they will be the only ones capable of pulling a genuine laugh at the ridiculous beliefs that the majority are being duped into believing, by saying the things ‘You just can’t say’…

Capture - Copy (2).JPG
Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

I don’t visit Stonetoss as I end up scrolling through them endlessly.

I will admit sometimes he does cross the line, but that is always a risk when you push the envelop (but this one isn’t one of them either)

Capture - Copy.JPG
Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

Love stonetoss


There are a few good non lefty comedians on YouTube, but they are demonetised. The left just gives them so much material.


Re: 10 years ago, was the same. Would have been left leaning long ago, but after years of getting screwed over you change. Hard to pin down one example or reason why, but over the years we’ve seen Greens abandoning sustainable migration targets and going against their own environmental platforms, Big Australia demography academics complaining about housing affordability and unions selling out their workers conditions for increased membership. If you aren’t going to look out for your interests, and worse still – encourage ideas that make it even more of a problem, then why should anyone care?

On the left being its own worst enemy, that’s obvious too. Best example in recent years is the Bob Brown caravan to Queensland at the 2019 election, although the Greens have been attacking Labor more than the Coalition for many years now.

It extends beyond politics. You have journalists complaining about being abused on Twitter – “people don’t understand journalism” blah blah blah. Maybe, just maybe – one has to think before acting. Who would think that making a public list of your critics and calling them Lobotomised Shitheads was actually a good idea?  ABC journalist Fauziah Imbrahim was torn to shreds for doing this, yet had had defenders who claimed the critique was due to racism and/or sexism.


I despise both parties, but I hate hypocrisy more than outright deceit – with the LNP you know you are going to get a corrupt, despicable Govt completely and openly owned by Big Business. But the Labor Party is exactly the same, only it will openly do all of the same while they pretend to act in the interest of working people.*

*Their idea of ‘working people’ isn’t ‘working Australians’ rather it is that global class of knowledge and service workers, native or imported, who inhabits the wokest, most expensive, most progressively inner city liberal suburbs of all the major generic Western cities – the definitive global cosmopolitan.


Labor’s new working class don’t inhabit the inner city, they inhabit what was considered the rough working class areas. Instead they service the inner city. The woke inner city will write about how great it is to get to get pho, phad thai delivered to them due to diversity, but they don’t want these people living near them unless they share the same woke worldview as them.


Never change EZFKA, never change.


“It was advertised a shopping centre would be built soon and it’s been 12 years,” Kurt said. “There is a bit of alarm that the shopping centre might not be built at all. I think the developers have made a lot of money, they can take a haircut on this.”


You are spot on.

Agent 47

Western suburbs are pretty hilarious for the house to infrastructure (or should I say lack thereof) ratio.


The future of Melbourne: horizontal slums and vertical slums.


$200m+ for widening 1.6 kilometres of suburban road. If it costs this much to retrofit infrastructure, then maybe the cost of mass immigration is much more than they tell us. That or there is a lot of grift in these contracts.


So here in Sydney for coupla days after departing well over a decade ago.

Where’s the cheap yum cha cha gone?

Jetstar now doing the old,,, super early flight cancellation trick, to fill the seats on other flights. ‘Would you like to extend your flight by ten hours, and plus the extra hours+++ waiting at the airport with your order?’ You know because its profitable for us to constantly cancel early flights, we don’t do it on purpose or anything…

A fly in your ointment

I despise my days of travel, by wings or by wheels.

A fly in your ointment

lol, i clicked the worng button too soon.

Anyway, your JetStar experience was quite a regular one in my experience particularly BNE-SYD and it was what made me shift to Virgin “if you want water on board you must buy it” Airways. Later they introduced free coffee and a lettuce wrap on most flights.
The business model like that of the JetStar comes from the lack of regulation. “Because they can” It is not the only one, i.e. port congestion because ports do not have enough employees (jabbadabba don’ts) and ships waiting is quite common. How about extra almost a grand for re-fumigation because we can?
Back to airliens, I found Tiger was the most punctual of the cheapies but I had to clear cache and use vpn on my browser to maintain low prices by the time I researched the most economical dates. Without that, as I searched the price would be ratcheting for all days around times of my interests. Tiger’s gone.


I know someone people had issues with Tiger, but didn’t mind them at all. Best thing I remember was they weighed and measured check-in luggage, which stopped idiots bringing multiple large hand luggage onboard.


Cheap yum cha went the same way as cheap housing.

Agent 47

No pool! Not the heckin’ migrant cafes and restaurants!


Many have been here since before you were born.

Agent 47

Some were most weren’t. So what? No reason to continue importing them by the plane load because “we’ve always done it.” and to sustain some fake, cosmopolitan faggot lifestyle of foreign restaurants that employ slave labour.

Migrant simps are the absolute worst. Congratulations you bought a plane ticket. So have millions of others, they aren’t special.

Agent 47

Just start your own hedge fund if you want to buy a house


Owning nothing and supposedly being happy is a lot closer than I realised…


Our hostile elites in the West have the same basic endpoint as the Soviet Unions hostile elites had for them.

Under communism the state will hold everything, all housing, all assets, everything.

Under the West’s crypto communism, the ‘state’ is the gestalt entity of big business and their protégées placed in the ‘government’, and it is they who will own everything.


Certain corporate executives are part of the elite in the West and are getting their spoils. Serfdom awaits the working and middle class.


You will love big brother.

Agent 47

Which EZFKA start up will latch onto this first?


Looks like a dream living location for a sex pest


We’re way ahead of this, plenty of 2 bedders filled with a dozen or more jimmies sleeping in shifts.

A fly in your ointment


apparently the Ruskies are losing the war left right and centre.
This is the case for the last 9 weeks so the end of hostilities must be near. Reportedly Ruskies planes, tanks and mil automobiles are dropping like flies and the attempt to restore USSR is a matter of weeks if not days from failing…

Aussie Soy Boy

Whether Russia is winning or losing, the message would be all the same from news.com.au.

Facts are ruble stronger today than prior to the invasion. Not exactly the currency of a country about to run out of equipment, run out of money, a country getting it’s arse handed to it. Russia not using the yank strategy of shock and awe.

Remember the first days of the invasion there was talk about Russia running out of money to fund this war in a couple of weeks. It was costing them $20 billion per day or some nonsense.

USA seem intent on making southern and eastern Ukraine uninhabitable for decades, and Ukrainians even dumber than the yanks following them into it.

A fly in your ointment

Russian bot!


how are they being pushed out of donbass? lol, they took popansaya today and have surrounded severodonestsk. there’s like 4000 ukranians in the latter (many more now since a large number of the holdouts in the previous city, rubizhoe, have fled to severodonesk and it’s shaping up to be another mariupol there.

Agent 47

Throw in the robot dogs and blacl mirror is reality before you know it.

A fly in your ointment

LOL, The Terminator was an instruction book?


Terminator and similar movies are impressions of how Singularity plays out. They are not purely fictional.

A fly in your ointment

two 10ish year old kids, Year 5, discussing school changes….

“I wanna move to school A because the school A is so LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ+ and kids can be gay. We learned this at health classes and in school A most of kids are gay.”

gender is a social construct for adults and it is something we have to build from our sex. it is quite normal to have confusion at the time when a child (a genderless person of one or the other sex) becomes a gender as per their chromosomes. It is a major transition coupled with plethora of changes which are quite overwhelming. If schools are indoctrinating kids at the age of breaking into puberty that one has to chose from multiple options of which all but 2 are extremely abstract for kids – something what one should just assume, of course that a major confusion may ensue. Coupled with assistance of the wicked adults this can turn into irreversible changes one is likely to regret all life and spend the life in vacuum with remainder of the life being dazed and confused. Antidepressants galore! Cui Bono?

when a growing person needs assistance during confusing times as children become something else, it is not assistance to introduce further confusion but rather to guide.
No one can be gay or straight or whatever the attempts at new social constructs until one has gone through no less than several relationships as per normal biological intentions then one can know and one is adult enough to make own mind.

I am actually happy to have overheard this conversation as it means I know my enemy and I can address it rather than close my eyes making myself thinking all is good.

if this is Western culture, well, royally fuck you Western culture. No different from the decline years of Roman Empire. Sodom and Gomorrah is the next stage

A fly in your ointment


Yuri Tkatchev, a journalist nonless than the next Ukrainian and actually from the nonruski side.

imprisoned since 19. March


yes Mr. Miami Vice president, that is meddling in another country justice system to pervert the delivery of justice.