Daily Thread – 28 October 2022

New daily thread for all your shit posting needs heading into the weekend. What’s your RBA rate prediction? Will Peachy get it right again with her insider knowledge? The war in Ukraine will inevitably ramp up again in next couple of months which will impact fuel and energy prices no doubt. I also saw USA … Read more

What’s the conspiracy?

John Adams managed to waffle on for 54 minutes in a recent Martin North video. I’m none the wiser wtf he was talking about, but he’s passing the hat around to fundraise $50k and has already raised nearly half! So what’s the conspiracy? “In early 2021, two individual Australians approached John Adams with a massive … Read more

Georgia Guidestones?

What’s up with the Georgia guidestones? I originally saw the news and thought hmmmm that would take a lot more explosive than the average citizen has. Then just now I saw a cctv and it looks to me like it was bombed? What’s the significance/point of such?

On The Offensive

Following on from T’s blackpill ending – “You / your family just need to survive, don’t worry about doing much more as this crisis reaches its apex. Sorry – I wish the news was better.” I’ve been saying for a while now that western civilisation had reached it’s peak and is in decline. The fall … Read more

EZFKA Outlook Ahead

Must be about due for a predictions thread in lieu of no weekend links. The housing bears are starting to lick there lips as the usual real estate forums light up with excited chatter. You’d think that house prices had already fallen 50% the way some people are posting. FHB thinking they are going to … Read more

JRE 1747 – Dr. Peter A. McCullough

Not sure if this has been posted somewhere or not, maybe someone has already shared? But I thought it would have been a top post in weekend links and probably worth a post on it’s own. For anyone that hasn’t heard it yet I highly recommend setting aside 2 hours of quiet time to give … Read more

Victoria’s New Pandemic Laws

https://content.legislation.vic.gov.au/sites/default/files/bills/591316bi1.pdf Here is the amended pandemic bill which passed Victorian lower house yesterday (51 to 26) and has been getting talked about a lot in both MSM and independent media. Some of the main points: Giving the premier the power to declare a pandemic Allowing that pandemic status to be extended for up to three … Read more

‘Your six months is up’: Daniel Andrews hints boosters will be needed to keep fully vaccinated freedoms

And so it begins… https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/your-six-months-is-up-daniel-andrews-hints-boosters-will-be-needed-to-keep-fully-vaccinated-freedoms/news-story/9fe6ec45f4d9530ab438f339598b1cb9 “Daniel Andrews suggested on Sunday that going forward, life for the vaccinated would “be about the maintenance of your vaccination status”. It’s truly bizarre to observe people who are actively pleased by this likely development. Their reflexive opposition to anti-vaxxers is so great, and their newfound vaccine identity politics is … Read more

RECESSION DODGED: Economy grows 0.7% in June quarter

The Australian economy rose 0.7% in seasonally adjusted chain volume measures GDP rose 1.4% in 2020-21 The terms of trade rose 7.0% Household saving ratio decreased to 9.7% from 11.6% https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/economy/national-accounts/australian-national-accounts-national-income-expenditure-and-product/latest-release So I’m no economist and there’s people around these parts more in the know than me. But figured with all the satire it would … Read more