Daily Thread – 28 October 2022

New daily thread for all your shit posting needs heading into the weekend.

What’s your RBA rate prediction? Will Peachy get it right again with her insider knowledge?

The war in Ukraine will inevitably ramp up again in next couple of months which will impact fuel and energy prices no doubt.

I also saw USA has less than 25 days diesel storage in reserves. Will my EZFKA prediction of diesel shortages come true…

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I also saw USA has less than 25 days diesel storage in reserves. Will my EZFKA prediction of diesel shortages come true…

Stupid question, does that include our strategic reserves?


I’ve done the numbers. The answer is that it doesn’t matter.

Our reserves would only be a day or two worth of US consumption, max.

so that’s within the margin or error of the 25 day estimate anyway


Well that’s a relief, I was worried we wouldn’t be able to lay our hands on our reserves immediately at will in all circumstances.


The upside (of it getting rounded to zero, rather than delivered) is that we don’t have to pay the delivery costs.

oh and plus also it’s probably a tax write-off!


how fuckn dare you start one of these prediction threads without including house prices


The rule is that we can go back hundreds of years and label Captain Cook a racist even though he wanted the Aborigines left alone. However, (perceived) Progressives can never be considered racist for historical actions. Even the US Democrats, the party of slavery and lynching cannot be considered racist.


Seems wrong.

nowhere near top100, let alone 12


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Cedric Coxwallow

Hubba Hubba! How very arousing! I think I shall throw my hand down on the bed and fuck it.


Quantitative Peopling has its biggest fan here:

I guess a state that produces nothing only has visas as its export industry.


does anyone know if that cook foods guy has a legitimate chance to unseat Dan at the election?

That would be absolutely amazing


this is all I know


Oh, and this

Robert Plant

Need to build a wall around Victoria.


And start filling it with water.


so you’re saying there’s a chance


There is no chance, the corporate media won’t allow it. Also Victorians are completely brainwashed.


Spot on. The ABC and The Age won’t admit their huge bias, but only Teals and Labor get any of their air time.

Not a single interview to an Independent will be given.

Prior to the Fed election the Femenazi taxpayer funded radio hosts only ever had their Teal mates on, threat to democracy anyone?

ABC and The Age ran publicity for the Teal campaign. Kept them front page every day.

Like their ‘Fact checker’ only goes one way, these corporate media goons never look inwards.

Facts don’t lie. Any decent organisation could check how they favour Labor and Teals, it’s a simple matter of mentions (or lack of, for the Independents).

Slug gate would be a massive scandal anywhere but Clown World Victoria. Instead 99% of “journalists” (opinion spewers and Tweet rehashers) would not even know about it.


The ABC got additional funding in the budget. They know who is more friendly.


Wow! The Libs must be absolutely toxic not to be a sure thing against that moron. Are Victorians so convict jailer beaten that they loved his lock-ins for nowt?


Just pissweak. None of them stand for much.

Victorians have been so mind fucked by the Dictator they are squabbling amongst themselves for scraps.

Meanwhile Dan Andrews has unleashed an army of cunts, he’s just the biggest one.



The Age has seen spreadsheets documenting a process titled “bulk exec”, a mass hiring and firing of senior staff within the department which culminated in 37 executives being selected over the space of two hours at a May 2019 meeting of Falkingham and her board.

The executives were contracted on salary bands ranging from $170,000 to $370,000.


Too many people with brain injuries who’ll vote for Dan because “it’s just not the done thing” to vote for the Libs. I mean it’s true that they both suck but there needs to be a consequence for the lockdowns.


Nah, most Victorians loved lockdown. They either got many for staying home or saved a heap of money. Construction was still working like pre Covid. Small business got smashed other than coffee shops, so the majority was happy.


It almost reads like satire those comments from Dan .. Jesus Christ what a fucken sell out.


bored now


get your JD

Cedric Coxwallow

Imagine the trouble Mal could cause if he got a law deg.
“I’m bored, I’m gonna sue these fuckheads. Just because”


Well done to those who picked the mis-trial for the two fuglies.
There were several here including soy boy who maybe is brighter than he puts on.
Lawyers are almost a necessary evil in society… I’ve known many and been sold down the river by a couple.
To some one trusting of them remember the law is a business.
Justice is just an occasional by product.

Aussie Soy Boy

Thank you very much for scrubbing your Iphone, thank you very much thank you very very very much.

Thank you very much for bruising the wrong leg, thank you very much thank you very very very much.

Thank you very much for not wearing your knickers, thank you much thank you very very very much.

Thank you very much for prejudicing a retrial, thank you much thank you very very very much.

Thank you very much greedy Lisa and Pete, thank you much thank you very very very much.

Thank you very much to Brucey’s lawyers, thank you very very very very very much!


Aussie Soy Boy

Just patting myself on the back what I wrote 8 months ago:

I have to laugh about DLS on MB gushing over Big Brit and Autistic Grace milking their 15 minutes worth in front of the left wing lunatics at the National Press Club. I can’t wait for Lisa Wilkinson’s take on it.
DLS wrong, wrong, wrong as usual. The average punter could not give a stuff about what these two have to say.
Autistic Grace I have more sympathy for you can’t expect her to behave normally given her mental condition, autistic people can be easily manipulated as we’ve seen by the left wing press, grubs like Wilkinson and the fat bald bloke with the do rag she married, the Greens, Labor Party, etc.
Hefty Higgins I have less sympathy for. At the end of the day she drank to excess, was out having an affair with another bloke at 2am, voluntarily went into Parliament while heavily intoxicated, woke up to the sounds of the cleaning crew while she was laying there on a couch in her birthday suit.
She’s a big girl too. Would be hard for someone to take off all her clothes while unconscious on a couch. So it seems like she willingly got naked, was willing to get naked with a man who wasn’t her boyfriend. As for the rest it’s a bit of he said she said isn’t it?
Just my opinion, but she made a series of bad decisions that night, Parliament and Canberra in general is a very small place. Young woman waking up naked on a couch is quite embarrassing, Big Brit seems like a real ambitious type, her career was over before it started with that misadventure — until she cried RAPE!.
She’s making a name for herself now in Canberra, certainly not in the way she hoped, but an ambitious girl with a thirst for attention will take it any way she can get it I suppose.



There better not be fucking diesel shortages, or I’ll be very cross.

You don’t want to see me when I’m cross.


According to this site, in 2018, Australia only has 17 days of diesel fuel on hand.


How good is Musk buying Twitter and marching some of the curry muncher heavies out of the building?

Aussie Soy Boy

Aboriginal kid is murdered in a race hate crime there’s barely a murmur. People got more upset about some violent black junkie criminal on the other side of the planet that brought on his own death by trying to violently resist arrest. Odd.


some abo bitch hit me with a metal mop pole a week or so ago


were you the guy who was calling aboriginals the worst race on earth

Aussie Soy Boy

They are. Them and maories. It doesn’t change it’s a race hate murder of a child and a reflecion on Australians.

We are no better than our rapists and murderers in the ADF.



It’s like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, but 2 degrees of Aussie Soy Boy. Only takes 2 leaps and he’s banging on about soldiers raping cats or something.

Aussie Soy Boy

This was the equivalent of a lynching in modern day Australia.

The white lower class in this country maybe the biggest group of degenerate white people on the planet.

There’s something sick at the core of this country. It’s one thing to kill someone firing off a gun as in the US, or knife killing like in the UK, another to smash someone’s head to a pulp with a weapon (in a race hate killing no less).

That being said, aborignals as a group are total degenerates. I actually came across one tonight at the bottle shop tattoos on his face, off his head, was cheerful enough but talking about smashing some ‘cunt’ when he walked out (couldn’t understand had no fucking teeth). He bought a 10 pack of Jack and cola cans it was 50 something dollars. Buy a 2L bottle of coke and bottle of Jack you spastic.

Still, we must be better than degenerates. We mustn’t descend to their level.


Nah – it was the actions of a violent, disturbed, anti-social fuckwit. It would not surprise me if has racist views, either instilled into him by family, or more likely, has probably experienced low level racist attacks by aboriginals right throughout his life from high school to wherever he is now… like being bitch hit on the back of the head by a metal pole, and never been equipped with or lacked the ability to maintain a moral framework to view these issue with.

The poor aboriginal kid was most likely perfectly innocent and I have little doubt that he was targeted by the fuckwit by the colour of his skin (it is reported the attacker had his car damaged by indigenous Australians the previous week) and because he presented an easy target. But this single evil action by a deranged, racist white guy doesn’t mean all other white Australians or even a significant minority are racist and violent.

On the contrary, White people domesticated themselves by executing between 1 to 2% of their most violent young men (and women) for nearly 400 hundred years.

Nothing like state inflicted systemic violence to bring about change…. wanna know why East Asians are so conforming? Those that didn’t conform to the state were boiled alive. That will breed most of the violence and non-conformity out of your population.

That fuckwit who attacked the young fella, he most likely is one of the extreme minority of white people who posses that gene. Those who have it, are either very smart and learn to control it very quickly – and are thus perhaps the most dangerous predators on earth, or they end up incarcerated to their mid-40s, where their chances of reproducing are now significantly diminished. Before we use to just hang them.

Aboriginals and most indigenous groups around the world have not gone through this process of domestication. That is the primary reason why African American commit violent crimes that will get them incarcerated (likewise for our indigenous Australians) at far higher rates than people of other ethnicities.

We know this is a racial difference as opposed to an income or class difference, because as you go up the income percential bands, the ratio of African American’s committing violent crimes relative to their similar incomed white citizens, actually gets worse:


Really, the opposite of what you say and believe is true.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

It’s a notable case when it’s this way round
A friends brother was going to emigrate here until he got attacked by some abos and they all got let off because of their cultural enriching, engineer from Scotland, going back there shows how disgusted he was
We’re more used to the police doing this sort of thing Using stairs or just their guns
Deaths in custody in this country are disgraceful
But the MSM say nothing …


A friends brother was going to emigrate here until he got attacked by some abos and they all got let off because of their cultural enriching, engineer from Scotland, going back there shows how disgusted he was


That indigenous reporter on the ABC with the moustache, curly hair and generally slovenly appearance (that would never be tolerated if he wasn’t one of our ‘sacred peoples’) totally dismissed the property crime or other violent interactions that form the life experiences many other Australians experience at the hands of violent indigenous Australians, as being of any justification.

That might be true in attempting to justify what happened to the poor kid, but it is highly relevant to the maintenance of residual prejudice and racial intolerance towards broad indigenous people in the community.

As for deaths in custody as a % of the population who have committed violent crime – they are not statistically different between black, white or indigenous. In fact if you are black and commit a violent crime for which you are imprisoned in the US you are actually slightly less likely to die in prison that a white guy.

The same broad statistics and ratios of deaths/violent crime (as opposed to per prison population) is present in Australia too.


check the post code …
no gym junkie, roid rage, meth fkt, petrol head goings on there eh? oh no…./s


Link please?


Considering what happened with Pelosi’s husband, posting on this site feels like a one-way ticket to a reeducation camp in a year or so. There’s no way the elite are going to continue to tolerate websites where people can access information that may cause resentment against said elites.

The Western world will soon be governed exactly like China, pre-Xi, with elite faction jostling deciding policy and the population being unable to even criticise it.

China is at least fucking trying to raise living standards though. We won’t even get that.

Aussie Soy Boy

Don’t call up male prostitutes while the wife is away. Simple.


Yeah maybe. I’ve been thinking the same.


Nah. Twitter is inherently a shithole. It will always be a shithole no matter who owns it.

I got kicked off, and told I needed to delete the offending tweet before I could use the site again, so fuck them. I feel much better for avoiding the place.


If anyone is interested I can give you my analysis of dr Charlie teo
a story I know is that an NZ man known to me paid $50G a time for surgery with him. He had 5 ops and never saw teo afterwards even once. He was shipped back to NZ for their services to rehabilitate. Teo wouldn’t get all of that as he’d have to cover some hospital costs. This person thought he got an extra year per operation compared to what he had been told. But the essence is that Teos motivation was money mainly as his real business was getting cash off rich boomers who’d pay anything for more life. The kids were a side issue but also lucrative. In that essence he’s the same as many of his colleagues who operate on back pain and orthopedic surgeons with endless joint replacements. Getting yummy cash off boomers who want to live forever


I concur. I remember him being interviewed and painted on that SBS show with Anh Do – he struck me then as one of those Jason Batemen style Doctors. The equivalent of American Psycho but in green scrubs.

High IQ sychopaths who became Dr’s do so less for the motivation of helping people or fighting disease, but more because as a high IQ individual it was an occupation that was open to him that afforded him status, weatlh and most importantly, power over others. The power of life or death gives types like him a boner.

I got a family full of doctors, nurses and dentists. Along the way I’ve met many medicos – most are very companssionate, many are quite intelligent. Some are arrogant, in an autistic sort of way but brilliant skilled in what they do. Some are complete psychopaths.

The stories that are coming out now about Teo haven’t surprised me in the slightest.


I think I read that sociopaths make better surgeons as they aren’t affected by the pressure to lose a life (ie they DGAF about that but are competitive to win).


Yep a few of my colleagues are psychopaths. I’m jealous of their ability to treat people like shit. It’s an interesting system in Australia which is stuck in the past that it relies on doctors being the highly talented individuals they often were in the past and are not anymore. I give up on the mercantile bookworms we have now. A story. Recently our busiest certain specialty surgeon ground to a halt. After 15 years of churning out high standard operations public/private (no gaps) it became apparent the high part of his bipolar was over and he was on the downswing! That’s the effort it’s taken to keep this country running!


I know Charlie and worked under him at one point

he’s a narcissist, like all good surgeons

he’s not motivated by money though

drives a crap car. Lived in a pretty ordinary house before the divorce not sure about now

loves the drama and the attention and loves being the best (in his own mind at any rate)

if he was just after money he’d do spine

30 minute lammies not 16 hour fucking tumour surgeries

most of the money goes to the hospital and anaesthetist anyway

good guy as far as surgeons go