Maiden, Fitzsimons, Wilkinson selected as jurors ahead of new Lehrmann trial

ACT Supreme Court has selected a new jury ahead of the Bruce Lehrmann-Birttany Higgins trial, after the latest was ruled a mistrial due to ‘juror misconduct.’

Samantha Maiden, Peter Fitzsimons, Lisa Wilkinson have been selected as jurors along with Adam Bandt and Grace Tame, to provide an impartial and fair trial.

“This will ensure that we meet the correct outcome. Initially we were going to let the ALP hand pick the jurors but instead we thought it would be best for Brittany herself to provide advice and we did,” a spokesman for the Supreme Court said.

The new trial will begin in February 2023, to allow Higgins and Fitzsimons to complete the last chapters of the book already being written by Fitzsimons and to allow Brittany to lose a bit of weight.

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pirate pete is a fkn weird looking dude


It’s his character that bugs me more. It fits the smh to give that sanctimonious pseudobrain arse air time. I briefly looked after a smh journo once. She was truly one of the most self entitled narcissists I’ve ever met. And I’ve met tens of thousands of people.


where did you meet her?


on the job
id happily tell the whole story if this place was more private.
im on a chat room with ex ZHers on Maybe we should look at that longer term

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grace tame should be on the jury too


anyone see albo trying to turn this aboriginal kid into our own george floyd

calling it a “racially motivated killing”

dangerous game he is playing trying to bring american race politics over here
last thing we need is people looting and burning down shops in the city

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It’s a repeating of memes that have been going around for a while.

How to counter:

  1. Research tells us”….which research? By whom? Where? Often leftist “research” is merely a bunch of case studies.
  2. Leftists frame precautions against wrongful conviction as myth and bias:
  • complainants seldom lie and yet it is not uncommon to question their reliability (how do you know if they lied or not? That is the purpose of the trial.)
  • Complainants being drunk or flirtatious are wrongly perceived as reasons not to accept the complainant’s evidence. (Flirting and drunkeness often leads to consenting sex. It is reasonable to say that that behaviour creates reasonable doubt.)
  • myths that genuine complainants of sexual assault will say “stop” or “no” and will attempt to escape or fight back (maybe it’s just that if you don’t clearly communicate ‘no’ then that creates reasonable doubt in the mind of the assailant. Moot point when you have positive consent laws)
  • Reform is needed to ensure that complainants feel that they get recognition, validation and support from their justice system. (sounds like ‘believe all women’ to me)

The biggest issue is that even if most complainants aren’t lying now, as soon as you take measures to make it easier for them to be taken at their word, you’ll get more and more taking advantage of that. There are thousands of men who have trouble getting to see their children because Gillard and her Emily’s List crones decided to change the definition of family violence to include ‘causing fear’.


Unsure what that article is really trying to say right

Is she trying to suggest the burdon of proof should be lowered or alternatively assessed in rape cases?


Pandemic disruptionsnatural disasters and an ongoing housing crisis have exacerbated the problem, putting further strain on police, health and welfare services

Love how they just gloss right over the systemic issues that fuck over everyone except the elite

Aussie Soy Boy



again the courts declaring mistrials in order to persecute innocent men


where is the outrage about this woman murdering her ex-boyfriend with a fucking axe


the daily mail is basically a soft porno site, i love reading the headlines in the side bar


It’s Australia’s best media outlet


Is everyone who goes to the races a complete trash bag? I think it would be at least 9 out of 10… I’m sure the CCP look at AUS at this time of year and wonder why?

Anyway, thanks for sending me to DM, wardrobe malfunctions everywhere today


Why does IS IS never hit a target that would generate them some sympathetic publicity?

this comment wins the internet for mine


The masturbation dollar is huge. It’s basically how instagram works I think. Acceptable titillation. My own father was very much into amateur photography in the 1970s. Lol.


She’s a battered partner…it’s all good.