Tragedy strikes at Western Sydney school as multiple children beheaded by son of repatriated ISIS bride

The nation is mourning tonight after multiple children were beheaded in Western Sydney, by the son of an ISIS bride recently repatriated from Syria.

9-year old Muhammad Al-Muhammad beheaded 4 of his classmates at Auburn Primary School this morning, while screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’. NSW Police and ASIO are baffled as to his motiviations.

“We can confirm there has been a tragedy at the primary school and 4 young children are deceased. Inquiries are ongoing,” a NSW Police spokesman has said.

PM Anthony Albanese and Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neill have both yet to make a statement about the attack, but are believed to be drafting legislation to ensure that these repatriated ISIS brides are placed nowhere near their electorates.

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this is the funniest thing you’ve ever done

“Medicare and ndis cards” my fucking sides

Agent 47

Apologist monologue from Waleed 10/10


is this the bell ringing at the top of the interest rate rises – stupid cunt at smh fixes her mortgage

bond yields have dropped off and a lot of buzz about pivot lately


Maybe… I still stick by my 3% cash rate is about it which we’ll be at in a couple of days.

Even if the RBA stops raising rates if the fed Reserve keeps going at it surely TFF will have to be reintroduced

Aussie Soy Boy

I would take the hint and lose some of weight. It’s not just an issue of fat equals ugly, but it’s a massive health issue. Imagine being so pathetic and having to take medication because you didn’t put the chip packet down.

A fly in your ointment

Putin, Zelensky and Biden enter a bar.

Zelensky and Biden each order beer, but Putin does not order it. When the beer is brought, Putin takes Zelensky’s pint from him. Zelensky looks at Biden, who sighs, gives him his own and orders a new one. Putin takes his pint again. And so it goes – several times. Finally, Zelensky breaks down, gets up and leaves. Putin and Biden looked at each other and Biden asks: – Where did this Iranian go?

above is not that funny, but much funnier than the stereo typing post itself (‘zdat a pun?)


Imagine if your kids were in the same classroom as one of these kids.

Imagine if one of these women ended up living on your street. Some of them may regret their choices, and some may be murderous Islamist fanatics.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone ends up dead as a result of this.

Agent 47

Matter of when not if. Kid that shot Curtis Cheng was a product of this. Dereadicalisation never works, certainly didn’t in my former career. It’s just a can kick for the current ruling class.

Here’s Australia’s lolbertarian party saying it’s essentially ok as long as they aren’t settled on the north shore. Usual story, all care no responsibility.


Didn’t labor let in the now comanchero Lebanese in the 1970s? It’s their kids you have to worry about. They’ll be harassing Aussies for the next 10 generations.

Agent 47

Lebos was Malcolm Fraser but same shit really.

We’ll have the same problems as europe at the current trajectory.


It’s interesting how islam creates the same maggots the world over. In the Uk it’s the Pakistanis. Now Germany will have Syrians and now Australia will have Lebs… and Syrians that were originally Lebs. Civil war folks. Me n LSCHP will train you up.

Agent 47

We also have problems in the Indian community. Canada has it worse though, this is from Dawali in Brampton last week.

Thanks to Walter Lippman and Jewish multiculturalism.


Was talking with a mate about how I thought indians were passive and not a prob.
He said check out hindu nationalism, and oh boy.


so i hope ezfka twitter does something on the paul pelosi attack

According to politico

Law enforcement officials are still investigating how the alleged assailant, identified by police as 42-year-old David DePape, was able to access the speaker’s home and have not yet assessed a motive.

Paul Pelosi was able to dial 911 himself after telling the intruder he had to go use the bathroom and then calling from there, where his phone had been charging, according to a person familiar with the situation. 

what kind of assault involves letting the victim go use the bathroom before it continues?

Maybe David ejaculated and let paul go clean himself up


That is the more plausible theory. Nancy was away and her husband ordered in a rent boy, whose been previously charged with solicitation.

At first I was skeptical, but then I heard the ‘hot mic’ from the news conference and they were referring to the guy as “Oh its the nudist. From the nudist colony? Yeah. Can we say that? No.” Then there were photos of his van and the place he lived, with the gay pride and Jesus is the anti-christ. Then there was the coordinated effort in the msm and among the DNC politicians to frame it as a rightwing attack.

I mentioned my theory to my wife this morning and she initially snorted as a RW conspiracy theory. Then I said “Explain how an unarmed intruder invaded the house of the former leader of the Senate, whose worth over $100m and probably has a combination of full time Government agents and private security contractors guarding herself, her family and her residence, which is situated behind 12 foot walls in San Fransisco

She mulled on it for about 5 seconds and then pulled an immediate 180. No quibbling, the guy was a rent boy and the msm are covering it up.


nailed it
now lets tell all our loved ones… and friends. It’s a start. This is how they go down. Like I said the chews boast about their Russian genocide in the Jerusalem post! Sometimes they go too far. And allow even the most sleepy to wake up!!


I’m still very skeptical. The guy’s wayback history fits with the type of nut that would break into a politicians home with a hammer. And if Paul Pelosi is batting for the other team, particularly with rent boys, surely there would’ve been rumours about that shit going back years. The dude is ancient. It’s unlikely he just woke up and thought I’d like to try some paid man to man.

Then there’s the original sources for this story… not a great track record.

I’m going to wait for a lot more info on this one.


It is possible – the guy was definitely a nut job, although I was looking through his back history I very much doubt he was a RWNJ.

Still there are parts to the story that don’t fit together very well under the official narrative which Occam’s Razor tends to explain a whole lot better.

Statistically, how many political attacks occur on politicians or their partners in their own home? (for what ones that have occurred, adjust it further by how many have actually been carried out by RWNJ as opposed to DNC brownshirts). Then statistically compare it to how many incidents of violent drug induced psychosis among rent boys freaking out against their benefactors occurs each year? One is extremely rare, the other I would hazard to guess is far more common.

Throw in things like private and Govt security, that they were apparently known to each other and various other minor inconsistencies and you’ve got significant uncertainty against the official story.

My expectation is now that the initial framing of the story is out of the way, that this story will be killed by the media – much like Hunter and his laptops and the Biden’s whole sordid involvement in the Ukraine.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie



this buckley cvnt gunna discuss immigration?

“Never mind the 3 million Australians who are struggling for life, under the misapprehension that in Australia we do not allow our fellows to starve to death.”


The author of that piece is a fucking idiot. He seems to think that the covid vaccines work, which is simply inexplicable at this point, not to mention all the other nonsense.


Imagine wining $60k and having the gall to complain about your disability pension being reduced. Pity we can’t export entitlement.

Aussie Soy Boy

Typical boomer.


My partner’s supervisor at work, a very serious amateur athlete, has been having chest pains for the last few months. Difficulty sleeping and generally stuffed quality of life. Doctors have no clue what’s wrong with him.

Today, his father, described as a fit and healthy man in his mid 70s with no history of heart problems and no indications of any current health issues dropped dead from an apparent heart attack while walking down the street. His death came as a complete surprise to his family.

There’s gonna be lots and lots of this coming over the next few years.


I think you’re just the Angel of Death mate.


Lol no shit

I know exactly 0 people who have died the last 2 years


Good for you! I know 5 people who have died prematurely of sudden heart failure in the last 18 months. Between us, that averages 2.5 each.

Not to mention my Mum and uncle with completely inexplicable blood clots in their lungs.


Can you become mates with some politicians?


Well, at least when you die from the clot shot, you wont know about it. So there’s that.


Wherever I go, sudden death follows.

One of my partner’s colleagues, a young fit woman, had a stroke and a heart earlier in the year. She didn’t make it either, so it looks like knowing people who know me is pretty dangerous too.


DLS has had his Damascene conversion

after spending the 18 months before the election cheer leading for albo and condemning scomos “culture of sleeze”

it turns out that albo is a useless spineless cuck, and all the LNP rape allegations were fabricated anyway

hard to take this bloke seriously

Robert Plant

Lol. The Labor apologists in the comments are pathetic. Also his call on Biden which he has gone quiet on yet Trump was a failed fascist. Other comedy hits included the teals are the suffragettes lmao.

Agent 47

Karen Llewllyn-Simp still wont take the L over his jab injury.


“….you have a danger and an opportunity the
danger is obvious you guys are on an
immigration treadmill you have been for
40 years and as long as the people come
in at the pace that they retire your
worker Force maintains its coherence
your Capital base is fine but if it
stops for any reason all of a sudden you
have a huge surge of retirees that you
have to pay for and whose capital is
leaving the system…”

when I retired my capital left the system eh?
where did it fkn go? the moon?


Capital is a rather abstract concept rather than something concrete.
What do you think your capital is?

What it sound like they are trying to say(based on your text) is that retirees are net sellers of assets compared with workers being net buyers so if the balance shifts then supply and demand shifts and prices will be driven down, destroying capital contained in those asset prices.

As you point out nothing is created or destroyed in this process but wealth is definitely redistributed.


redistributed is right