JRE 1747 – Dr. Peter A. McCullough

Not sure if this has been posted somewhere or not, maybe someone has already shared? But I thought it would have been a top post in weekend links and probably worth a post on it’s own. For anyone that hasn’t heard it yet I highly recommend setting aside 2 hours of quiet time to give this your full attention. It’s not groundbreaking stuff for people here, but it elaborates on points that have been made sporadically throughout the pandemic. Much more eloquent than I could ever put it and Dr. McCullough backs it up with evidence.

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a lot of what he says is true, but a lot of it is also total bullshit

He made a bit of a fool of himself, with some of his overly confident statements
which is a shame, as it kind of discredits the rest of his (very factual) claims


its been a few days since i listened, but the one that sticks in my mind is where he was confident that there is no such thing as reinfection with covid

Complete bullshit, and obvious bullshit as people have constantly been reinfected with coronaviruses throughout history
Also, there is no such thing as absolutes in medicine (‘never” “always”)

Even rogan realises what he is saying is bullshit at that point

There are plenty of detailed takedowns of this interview on the internet if you want to read more

As I said it is unfortunate, because a lot of what he says is true


not sure what point you are trying to make

He also claimed that there is no such thing as “asymptomatic” infection
That is either semantics or also bullshit, as obviously we can isolate covid from the nasopharynx of people with no symptoms

Its a real shame that people like mccullough and malone are given all this oxygen, because there are far more measured and credible people who are saying mostly the same things without the added bullshit on top

(like bhattcharya or whatever his name is, kulldorf and that british chick)

I guess those people don’t desperately want attention and publicity, but also don’t want the negative effects that would come with speaking out against orthodoxy

I sometimes also wonder if maybe mccullough and malone are given so much rope, because the powers that be realise that they will hang themselves and poison the well for all the other skeptics
classic CIA tactic


Its entirely possible, the point of opinion leaders like Rogan are so certain folks can get their preffered narrative out.

Specifically with Rogan, he is too popular for it to have been an accident.

Like how he became big, came out of nowhere on YouTube. If its YouTube, the algo definitely pushed him. And that is not cheap nor does it happen by accident.


yes controlled opposition/dissent

Like tucker carlson etc etc

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really doubt it. come on, theyre not smart enough to pull something like this off.

rogan is overall a force for good.


Perhaps J Rogue is good at it, I do not see him as a controlled opposition.
Not that I closely follow him, he seems fairly consistent for a white-ish chap.