New Doherty Institute modelling shows 1 trillion Australians will die of Omicron if boosters not mandated immediately

New modelling from the Doherty Institute has shown that approximately 1 trillion deaths across EZFKA will occur, if boosters are not mandated to fight Omicron variant.

Experts say the modelling, which won’t be made public, show that deaths will occur in the thousands per minute if more jabs in arms aren’t administered immediately and fear porn isn’t ratcheted right back up.

“It’s imperative that boosters are made mandatory immediately and that we’re all going to die if this is not dealt with,” Professor Peter Doherty said.

“This has been a great little grift for the Doherty Institute and my share portfolio. And that’s what is really important here in EZFKA.”

National Cabinet meets today to decide how many boosters to roll out in the next few days.

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Somehow the Chunt does not look like such a freak anymore.
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FMD! 😳

klarse holl

It is said that politics is Hollywood for ugly people. Granted, I’m no symbol of beauty, but I do have the decency not to impose myself on you.


There’s a classic MB article this morning by gunnamattas new pseudonym

hits all the usual delusional talking points , and is absolutely breathless about the 200,000 cases per day, scomo is a murderer etc

nyleta and ronin posting from under their beds

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Agent 47

Just read it. Hilarious.

Guy must have RSI from pulling himself off so much.


Fuck can that bloke write one article or comment in less than 14 paragraphs

And it is delusional isn’t it. Like Labor would have done any better. That Totes guy is all over it there nailing just how shit the ALP would also have been.

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i’ve never seen anyone who loves the smell of their own farts as much as this bloke


I don’t know, it would be a competition between him and DLS.


Most of the EmBee commenters a use Totes of being an LNP shill, but I guess the truth hurts. My view is that Labor would have done things differently, but the end result would have been the same.

Agent 47

Watching them all clinging to the ALP copium always a laugh.

They would have delivered the same result with the authoritarianism turned up to 11 from day one. That would be the only difference

Reus's Large MEMBER

So the asshats that were wrong time and time again about the numbers, are now spreading fear about the numbers, I am sick of the fear and BS, people need to take a hard look at what is going on.

Like the first two shots did not work but having another one of the same will, FMD how stupid can you be.


Yes! well phrased R!
‘They’ just hit the N02 bottle as ‘power’ to the engine was diminishing.
Has nothing to do with our health and everything to do with installing the personal surveillance system. And just like any Fortune 500 company, they will use the management systems that are tried and true to get the results required. In this case, elevating the fear and anxiety is right out of the ‘mass formation’ handbook. Even highly educated and trained academics or those familiar with empirical thinking and logic can be easily manipulated- why it is so effective and sinister.

“Mayday Mayday Mav’s in trouble, he’s in a flat spin!”

(There is no assurance that we’ll be able to correct (defy) the forces acting upon us now). The situation is dire!

See more here:


amazing interview

thanks so much

I have always been saying its the greatest hysteria in the history of the world (aside from religion)

However, I still think it was cynically created and amplified to justify govt bailouts and central bank intervention


We will always be one shot away from fixing it.


You need your booster NOW and in March again when Omicron vaccine is available, but the Sigma variant will need a booster, so you’ll need a booster in May, but Pfizer will have the Sigma vaccine available in July.

Max Payne

Even Dr. Nick is calling them out on this bullsh!t