Christine Nixon congratulates Karen Webb on being Australia’s latest diversity hire

Former Victoria Police Commissioner Christine Nixon has called Karen Webb to congratulate her on becoming EZFKA’s latest diversity hire as NSW Police Commissioner.

The former Vic Pol top cop congratulated Webb on winning the job on a chromosome basis and to enjoy the ensuing media circlejerk about vaginas in leadership positions.

‘I obviously set the bar as Police Commissioner in the 90’s and look at how good Victoria Police is now. I’m proud of my legacy of doing completely fuck all and getting my hair done during the Black Saturday fires,’ Nixon said.

‘It just goes to show that we need more vaginas in leadership positions because reasons. Only with more vaginas in safe, well-paid, management positions can Australia really move forward.’

Webb said her first order of business was ‘more women on the beat’, with 99% of violent criminals in Western Sydney wholeheartedly agreeing.

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Agent 47

‘It just goes to show that we need more vaginas in leadership positions because reasons. Only with more vaginas in safe, well-paid, management positions can Australia really move forward.’

Couldn’t have nailed this whole movement any more accurately if you tried.


encouraging men into some professions might be a good thing:

But this doesn’t get much media time. Not enough virtue signaling points in this.


Would you apply for a role which everyone has assumed you only applied for because you are a pedo?


That is why very few men apply. The sad thing is that women have taken advantage of students too. Every three months or so, there is a women being sentenced because she was desperate and dateless and preyed on a student.


Not just EZFKA, same with the new NYC top cop.

Agent 47

Upon being announced as the next commissioner of NSW Police Force, she stated “I look forward to growing our diversity and inclusion in the organisation”.


also… they picked a literal Karen?!

Last edited 28 days ago by Peachy

I’m sure they was a notice at the bottom, ‘We encourage minority applicants to apply’, which is code for no men unless you are muslim.

And their ‘values’ statement will say how they do not discriminate.

Happily, the backlash is growing. Its going to be hilarious.


God bless based women. Backbone of our civilization –


Check out the old Italian grandma – bless her!

klarse holl

OK, do we call her a gilt or a sow?


comment image



i have commented before how now it’s normal to see a hooded and masked man leading a little girl by the hand somewhere… sometimes the girl is crying…

you don’t stop and talk to them or take the number plate of the car they get into…

Covid win.


That’s a bit dark isn’t it. Probably true though unfortunately.


Open teh gates seems to be the solution for everything:

Material shortages and prices increases can miraculously be cured by ‘skilled’ migration.


Well, it’s either that or let the land prices fall.

and nobody wants land prices to fall.

A fly in your ointment

Here’s another stealth bomber, this time it is Russian.,160.1261704,250m/data=!3m1!1e3



A fly in your ointment

your one is actually flying, this makes it cool.

My favourite stealth bomber is the one from this image:comment image?source=nar-cms

A fly in your ointment

that link failed
comment image

This one is named Jontra Volta
(scroll down to the page)


Remember the good old days when they at least pretended to base health advice on science?

Now we’re supposed to get a booster every three months based on what? And we’re about to follow the Israelis where double vaxx isn’t enough, you’ll be forced to have a third.

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