WA hard border collapses as thousands of travellers gain exemptions by entering their names as ‘Kerry Stokes’ on G2G pass

WA’s hard border has essentially collapsed overnight, as thousands of Australians were granted travel exemptions in to the EZFKA state by entering their name as ‘Kerry Stokes’ on their G2G pass.

Thousands of other travellers also used the name ‘Andrew Forrest’ producing the exact same result, with Perth Airport overwhelmed with arrivals and WA Police unable to do anything.

‘This is an embarrassing situation and we are currently in the process of identifying their real names and rounding them up and shipping them off to camps,’ Premier Mark McGowan said.

‘I apologise profusely to Mr Stokes and Mr Forrest and this won’t be happening again. We’re currently in the process of acquiring brand new private jets for these two esteemed West Australians and granting landing privileges to them only.’

McGowan has also authorised the shootdown of any commercial airliner approaching WA from the east.

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Coof vax numbers are like Soviet wheat harvest numbers.


In EZFKA, meanwhile, they are counting everyone who has had covid and recovered as “fully vaccinated”.

now, from a health perspective (ie protection against severe illness and death from virus) this is probably sensible. But from a jab uptake messaging perspective (ie propaganda), it is a total lie.

that’s about 250,000 people, apparently.

Agent 47

Fully vaccinated now means 3 jabs so here we go again!


Iron ore back up to $USD120 / tonne



Another high quality forecast by DLS!

Agent 47


I think it will stabilise around $100 USD mark.

IIRC fortescue break even is around $90 a ton, so that would explain Twiggy running around on his latest hydrogen grift.


$90 may have been the number 10 years ago… I expect that it is much lower now.

Agent 47

This is true. Fortescue is basically a Chicom now anyway, fuck knows what their actual financial position is.


$10/tonne in 18 months!


I can understand why DLS has come to that conclusion and would not dismiss what he is trying to say. It does assume that China will not do MOAR.

Someone attach this image pls:

comment image

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Interesting chart, Freddy.

does make it look like the raw materials price spike was overdone and so aha a longer way to fall, too.

but, on the other hand, it’s not just China sucking in the materials this time around, so there could be good reasons for decoupling… perhaps.

the other thing obvious from the chart is that the China credit impulse never stays low for any serious period. It just bounces off the bottom and heads back up.


Even on China, they discussed it in this week’s Market Huddle podcast. Both traders (host + guest) have been long China currency and have closed their positions because China has signalled MOAR.

Humble Enough To Be A Great Trader (guest: Chase Taylor) – Market Huddle Ep.161 – YouTube


Look at what the ABC were able to establish whilst they were hiding in the bushes.



“The protests have demonstrated a much more diverse set of characters and groups than we would have traditionally associated with the anti-vax movement in past times here in Australia,” he said.

Dr Rich is the co-director of the Curtin Extremism Research Network

because they’re not anti-vax, you fucking idiot.

that shithead bigot Ben is so keen to apply his predetermined label that he is completely befuddled and unable to parse what’s going on.


Exactly. And in the absence of an explanation that makes any sense to them, they resort to slander.


little turds trying so hard to paint it as a far right movement.


Yet the data shows it is not true. The lefty areas (eg City of Yarra) have the lowest vaccination rates.


They are doing everything they can to smear families who have legitimate concerns for their kids and livelihoods. They are scumbags pretending to be journalists.
Something like this reported in a Murdoch rag is like Perth Now is not surprising but I am surprised to see it in the ABC. To see it dissected as if it is some bizarre phenomenon is disturbing especially seeing their conclusions.
As Peachy says above this is just bigotry now and it pretty much guarantees violence. The problem with sectarian violence is that it is very hard to stop it once it begins.



Pity we don’t have a Don to distracted us from what’s happening.

Shae The Burmese

100% tax rebates for commercial tv and radio broadcasters in relief of Covid measures. Not sure how this could be framed as much more than bribery.

Of course they bribed them, how else would they get them to be the propaganda arm of the government.

The longer this goes on the more the great reset becomes the true and the more that they seem to be pushing to get rid of the control group.

Clearly the vaccines are not good and they are doing their best to not admit they were wrong and double down till be all double over and fall down and don’t get back up.



Good read. USA focus, but still is relevant for us…….Jonathan Swift couldn’t have written it better.