On The Offensive

Following on from T’s blackpill ending –

“You / your family just need to survive, don’t worry about doing much more as this crisis reaches its apex. Sorry – I wish the news was better.”

I’ve been saying for a while now that western civilisation had reached it’s peak and is in decline. The fall seems to be rapidly accelerating and is pretty depressing if you think about it too much. I can’t see the USA being a super power in 10-20 years time, if I’m being generous. If China decided to invade US half the populace are soy-titted pussies that would either a) roll over or b) welcome their new dictator.

Anyway if you want to truly punish yourself and see how fucked things are getting then I recommend subscribing and watching OTO. Both depressing and infuriating all at once. Good luck watching the entire thing without cringing or wanting to throw your computer out the window…

Though I did like one commenters suggestion – “Can we PLEASE have all us morally secure people start a new nation of our own? The lost people can burn their own village down if they want but I want to build.”

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The US is now declining faster than Brandon’s cognitive ability. It would be lucky to see out the rest of Brandon’s term as a superpower.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I do feel that there is a groundswell of real Americans out there that believe in the country and what made it great, I think that civil war will be on the cards soon enough.

As for sleepy Joe’s string pullers they have done well to destroy the country in record time, but I think that has galvanised the populace to push back and stand for that was great there.


A fragmentation of the US into a number of smaller entities would be a probable outcome of the current trajectory. Whether it can happen without a civil war or not is too be seen. Hawaii and Alaska both have long term independence movements and would be well placed to break away if the mainland declines significantly.

Gruppenführer Mark

I think the fragmentation of the USA is more likely than an outright civil war. If a number of key states will activate Articles of Secession, the response wouldn’t be a hew civil war. I would then apply for citizenship of the Independent State of Florida, the Conch Republic, or whatever it will be called.

BTW, the secession efforts in the USA are wider than I thought



That is the initial form it will take, but the problem is the Global elites want to be just that, Global Elites, having a chunk of the US breaking away into a fairly homogenous population at an independent state works against the goals of global hegemony.

Gruppenführer Mark

One of the less traditional Russian economists, Mikhail Khazin, recently has been expressing the view that as a result of the change in the current world order to a multipolar one, the “liberal bankers” that are a global hegemony will lose the power.

In the US, he predicts the return of this power to a manufacturing class, similar to late 19th – early 20th centuries, with robber barons and large manufacturers gaining influence, with the support of the techno class (Google et al).

In Europe, he predicts the return of power to the old landed aristocracy, similar to 16th-18th century, which will have its interests directly opposed the US powers’ interests.

It is an interesting theory, and I am trying to unpack it, and his thinking behind it, a bit more.

So, in short, the single global elite will also see itself transform into a few regional elites, and the history will rhyme.


Agree this is definitely where it appears to be headed. This has been done deliberately to America, with a hostile elite who view diversity as something that ‘makes us (them) stronger an more united’ – pure double think. It is the same thing that is happening to Australia.

Honestly WTF would QLD, WA or SA, want to support Vic… or NSW for that mater? The faster the Federal Govt and their property developer mates fill up mainly NSW and Vic with imported consumer units from the middle east, South West Asia and Africa, the faster the rest of the nation will want to pull away from them.

As to America:

The US has had two revolutions in the 400 odd years since the Mayflower landed in in Maryland. The first was the American revolution in 1765 and the second being the US civil war of 1861. So statistically the US has 0.5% chance of having a revolution in any given year.

If you were to ask what is the chance that they will have a revolution next year it is 1/2 of 1%, however, if you asked back in 1861 what is the chance that the US will have another revolution by 2030 then statistically there is a 57% chance that the US will experience a revolution at some point in that time frame.

Not sure on the math, but I think that would mean that your average person, who lives an average life expectancy has like 23% chance of seeing a US civil war sometime during their life.

They may be having trouble finding Americans willing to fight for “The United States” but I think there are still plenty of Americans willing to fight for their communities.

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Chad Thundercock

But your wife loves curry munchers


A good thread on the Ukraine conflict:


and a particular link within it, and the return to Industrial Warfare and the fact that the West, having exported its industrial base, is now particularly ill equipped to fight such a war:

Presently, the US is decreasing its artillery ammunition stockpiles. In 2020, artillery ammunition purchases decreased by 36% to $425 million. In 2022, the plan is to reduce expenditure on 155mm artillery rounds to $174 million. This is equivalent to 75,357 M795 basic ‘dumb’ rounds for regular artillery, 1,400 XM1113 rounds for the M777, and 1,046 XM1113 rounds for Extended Round Artillery Cannons. Finally, there are $75 million dedicated for Excalibur precision-guided munitions that costs $176K per round, thus totaling 426 rounds. In short, US annual artillery production would at best only last for 10 days to two weeks of combat in Ukraine. If the initial estimate of Russian shells fired is over by 50%, it would only extend the artillery supplied for three weeks.


Industrial capabilities to churn out an aircraft carrier every 6 months or a 1,000 artillery shells/rockets an hour, proves the adage that Quantity eventually becomes its own Quality, which leaves the West – with all it’s high quality equipment in something of a quandary.

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This link is such a good read – keep coming back to it (been doing some chores in the interim):

China’s near monopoly on rare earth materials is an obvious challenge here. Stinger missile production will not be completed until 2026, in part due to component shortages. US reports on the defence industrial base have made it clear that ramping up production in war-time may be challenging, if not impossible, due to supply chain issues and a lack of trained personnel due to the degradation of the US manufacturing base.

Once again I raise the possibility that China has rolled out its over the top response to COVID, placing sever hardship on its people (mainly in the rival littoral power centers along the coast) to create a situation that it massively amplified supply constraint problems in the West, in order to give Russia a plausibly deniable hand in its conflict.

Reus's Large MEMBER

China has ben playing the long game for a long time, so there is a very good chance that is correct.


It does seem to be one possible explanation doesn’t it, make life harder on the western world and drive inflation


Their reaction makes no sense otherwise.

At some point everyone abandons the sunk cost fallacy, even Australia opened up – the fact is COVID is now endemic. No amount of lockdowns are going to eliminate it.

Aussie Soy Boy

The US nazis won’t be invaded the nazi citizens are armed to the teeth with assault weapons, society pre-disposed to extreme violence, not to mention the nazi’s military is bigger than the next 9 or so combined.

The nazi satrapy of Australia on the other hand is completely fucked their population can’t stage any kind of offensive outside of African gang stabbings, one punch attacks, road rage incidents and domestic beatings.

Only friends with the irrevelant fallen British empire on the other side of the planet and the vicious nazi pigs on the other side of the Pacific. Defence shield are a dozen submarines to protect the longest coastline in the world. Won’t be built for another decade. None of this stops the nazi satrapy from gobbing off to China, provoking China by flying military craft over the South China Sea. China should just shoot the nazi bastards down next time.


US Nazi’s are responsible for pretty much everything we enjoy in the world today. Unfortunately they took their eye off the ball and had its leadership and their values surreptitiously replaced by cultural domination of imported, hostile elites.

I genuinely hope a cis white Christian Caucasian autocrat comes to power, someone who makes Donald Trump look Al Gore, and he goes to town on them. I’d also like to see their SCOTUS deal with anti-democratic, discriminatory policies like Affirmative Action, which would hopefully start a chain reaction of such roll -backs in its client states including Australia.

Don’t hold much hope of it occurring, but if given the choice the ‘US Nazis’ would get my vote every time, and imho much more likely to bring the average citizen in the West ‘freedom’ than the bunch of nation-snatching hostile elites alla the Biden regime.

Aussie Soy Boy

The constitution is an incredible document and founding fathers ahead of their time, but being an American in 2022 is no different to being a German in 1944.


More like the Soviet Union in the 1920’s, complete with a similarly derived hostile ethnic leadership structure.

As with the USSR the biggest threat to current US elite leadership isn’t an external threat, like Russia, rather it is the US Kulak – that dreaded patriotic white male of foundational stock.

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Gruppenführer Mark

Will disagree with both of you. Germans in 1944 were on their last legs, with the elites worried about avoiding the defeat.

Soviet Union in 1920s were just getting over WWI fiasco and a long and bloody Civil war of their own, with the elites having a strong ideological and military hold on the rest of the population through fear and poverty.

I would argue that current state of the USA is similar to that of tzarist Russia in 1880s – early 1900s, where the vast majority of populace were getting poorer, but were indifferent, with about similar split between agriculture and manufacturing. The “progressive” element had gotten the taste of protests, but were not organised, each supporting its own cause, with occasional bombings of the elites (similar to mass shootings of today). And the elites, while fairly homogeneous, were busy with discussions around the form of future government (constitutional monarchy vs. monarchy), rather than paying attention to the real needs of their subjects – lowering of the living standards and so forth.

We all know what came at the end of this period – the first Russian Revolution of 1905, followed by the WWI

Come to think of it, I can point out similar parallels to the events preceding the French Revolution, followed by Napoleonic wars – really, WW0.5

So no Civil War, but violent usurpation of power is likely.


Very good post, Mark

Aussie Soy Boy

Americans in 2022 are like Germans in 1944 in that they need to be treated like the pariahs and uncivilised war mongering nazi filth that they are.

The only hope for Europe is to hunt down every last one of them on their continent. Total eradication.

Agent 47

In other words, Jews.

I’ve never understood all this over analytic wank about ‘US hegemony’ which is usually just boomer tier, John Pilger esque navel gazing that says nothing really, when a simple analysis of Israel and the history of finance leads us to where we are today.

A small group of eschatological psychos from one cultural group imposing their will. This time it’s the chosenites, or should thay be, their Khazarian impostors.

Gruppenführer Mark

Stewie, I like your hopium re: “a cis white Christian Caucasian autocrat comes to power, someone who makes Donald Trump look Al Gore, and he goes to town on them” but there is a big but: that will require support from the wide swath of media that will work on that person’s side turning minds. Or that person comes to power as a result of a military coup, habeas corpus is suspended or dismissed, and a civil war is unleashed.


“that will require support from the wide swath of media that will work on that person’s side turning minds.”

Of course – just look what they did to Donald.

Or that person comes to power as a result of a military coup, habeas corpus is suspended or dismissed, and a civil war is unleashed.

If America fights a limited war against China or Russia within the next 5yrs, and somehow they manage for it to NOT go Nuclear, then the de-industrialised US will lose.

That would be the peak opportunity for the Military, Veterans or other ex-servicemen patriots to seize control of the US, with the aid of either the military or the the aid of various militia within the US.

These include not just agreeable factions within the Military, but coast guards, state defense forces, etc. Unsurprisingly it is generally white Caucasian males who have the sense of civic responsibility to actually take on such civil service roles.

They would all not only have reasonable military competency but access to the vast amounts of ammunition scattered around the US in various military bases and storage facilities:

“Lets sum up this year we explore the failure of Democracy and how social scientist brought our world to the brink of to the brink of Chaos. We talked about the Veterans, how they took control…”


I see an increasingly strong argument that the Death of Democracy as being the only possible savior for Western civilization.

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“Rules Based Order”

Culture matters – who gets to write the rules and what values do they use to decide them?