Donbass liberated! Shits about to get real!

Things are getting exciting.

Like really quite exciting. Not in the good way for a number of reasons.

This is very interesting because this was not supposed to happen for a few weeks.

While the Russian, or to be more specific Russian + LPR + DPR forces have been expected to win since mid-March, the speed of the collapse in Lisichansk is unexpected.

Even more hilariously, Lisichansk is a highly built up area, not that different from the Ruhr region of Germany. Lots of small industrial towns with big interlocking factories creating a complex ecosystem – that is, highly defensible territory.

What does such speed mean? As Alexander Mercouris below says, the clown-puppet actor Zelensky’s regime was talking up the defense of Lisichansk hours after it fell.

This means there was probably no order per se from Kiev to retreat, the Uki army was simply broke and the Russians have taken all of Donbass.

So what happens next? As Military Affairs says below, the next obvious defensive line for the Nazi’s is Slovyansk-Kramatorsk-Kostyantyanivka-Bakhmut.

Here is the problem, its low lying territory, and if Uki’s could not hold Lisichansk, the Uki’s will not be able to hold Kramatorsk either. Kramatorsk is where the Uki command centers conducting the war in Donbass are located.

Once that line falls, i.e. in a matter of weeks or sooner – two things happen.

First, the Russian rail network is now good from the hinterland into the front line, and there is no chance of disrupting it unless NATO comes in with an air dominance play. That is, the Russians will be able to bring more of their heavy toys into the battlefield.

Expect to see the T-90 Armata’s come into play, and the Su-57 has already been sighted in the skies above the Black Sea, mostly playing an electronic warfare role and supporting the Black Sea Fleet out of Sevastopol.

Then expect moves to take Kharkiv and Odessa.

Second, after Kramatorsk falls, there is nothing until the Dnieper. In the south, there is Nikolaev, and in the north there is Kiev. That is, most of the middle of Ukraine is empty. So the 1st Tank Army Guards will come out to play and the Russian advance will become very very quick.

The Russians continue to win pretty comprehensively. And NATO has no ability to beat them even with all their toys. Bullying Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia etc is one thing. Going after a near peer is another.

The reality is Russia could take NATO in Europe, easily, and the Russians have just realized that fact.

Diplomatic Impact

This is where things get interesting. No one seriously doubts the outcome of the war in Ukraine, which is already seen globally as NATO’s proxy war for expansion.

The problem with waging proxy wars of expansion is, you really don’t want to loose them once your cover is blown.

So the problem for NATO/EU grifters is, how to spin this as a victory? Seeing as its rapidly coming apart.

They are desperate, so are doing dumb things. Like provoking China.

And annoying people in Kaliningrad – Ukraine War: All Eyes On Lithuania As Sanctions Close Russia… | MENAFN.COM – and for some especially retarded reason, in Svalbard – Russians in Arctic face Norwegian blockade — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union.

These are the actions of desperate people. Of stupid and desperate people.

And to make it particularly exciting, are trying to build an Asian NATO – China warns against ‘Asian NATO’ — RT World News.


That is, things stand at a knife edge.

Now, there is no chance Asian NATO will happen, simply because Western Europe cannot afford it. Practically speaking, USD/EUR should be at .80 and USD/GBP should be at parity.

That is how badly the Euro-weenies have fucked themselves.

How Does This Effect You?

As it all spins out of control, assume more crazy from central banks, governments and assorted security forces.

Keep your head down, batten hatches and maybe store up on canned goods. This winter in Europe is going to be bad, and no one has any confidence the Fed will raise rates enough to actually stop inflation.

When will it end?

My suspicion is the Dems will pull the 25th on Biden in a last ditch effort prior to the mid-terms, but America could well be at civil war by then. Who knows.

Look after your family, cut costs and keep your head down. Covid, monkey pox, all sorts of degeneracy will be pushed by the machine in a desperate attempt to keep the narrative together, as reality falls apart.

You / your family just need to survive, don’t worry about doing much more as this crisis reaches its apex.

Sorry – I wish the news was better.

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So true.


Announced at a similar time as Russian gold import bans 🤔

Gruppenführer Mark

I just looked it up for shits and giggles.

China/Uganda trade

USA/Uganda trade

And a tidbit from this article

“In a bid to boost the country’s economy, the Ugandan government has licensed Wagagai gold mining company, a Chinese firm to start producing gold products in Busia district. The company embarked on the construction of its gold refinery valued at USD200m in phases in the district in 2016. Muyita said that the discovered gold could start being mined immediately.”

And as for the Russian gold, India will take it all and then some, I suspect


Either that gold report was written by a Nigerian prince or it contains a bit of a calculation error. The amount of gold ever mined is a little over 200,000 tonnes, a 31 million tonne discovery would be quite price disruptive!

Gruppenführer Mark

Mate, didn’t even look at numbers, but you do know the definition of a gold mine? A hole in the ground with a liar at the top.


Stinks of Bre-X all over again.

Agent 47

Inaccurate. The eagle should be wearing a kippah.

Gruppenführer Mark

them are very tiny hats, you just can’t see it


That’s how they like it.


ROP strikes again in Denmark, funny there’s little mention of it the news here. Although their news reporting is always woke as, at least Deutsche Welle always gives the ethnicity of these nutjobs.

A fly in your ointment

the Russian rail network is now good from the hinterland into the front line, and there is no chance of disrupting it unless NATO comes in with an air dominance play.

That would be a fairy tale of tallest order.
US struggled to dominate air over Serbia until Bulgaria and Roumania allowed exit through their turf and in Syria they were dancing on the fringes of the S300 range. In all other wars, they carpet bombed everything into annihilation (civilians included) to destroy the little air defense they had.
So no, US is incapable of domination of air when it comes to moderately protected countries particularly where the vast hinterland is friendly to the US’ victim. If they could, they would’ve done it long time ago, in 2014 when the War begun.

Gruppenführer Mark

There is no way the NATO will join the fray on Ukraine’s side. Their supply lines are long, they will have no air superiority, and they will be overrun in a course of a ground war.

The fight will then have to go nuke for NATO to stand a chance, and that doesn’t look like a good option for anyone involved.

I think the goal here (at least for the US) is three-fold: 1. Get Biden some support prior to mid-term in November, 2. Get the MIC well-fed and supplied for a few years to come, and 3. Open up a vast European market with ~500MM consumers to the US oil & gas industry.

I also see a number of problems with reaching the three goals.

1. Biden is cooked, stick a fork in him. Afghanistan will not be forgotten that quickly, Donnie is actively campaigning and selling the message of Biden-caused inflation, which is a simple but powerful message that every American can understand.

2. The MIC will be running into supply issues when replenishing their stockpiles, electronics, rare earth metals, and even antimony, which is needed for ammo and is produced mainly in China (77%), Russia, Tajikistan, Bolivia (last three combined for another 16%).

3. EU politicians, the elected ones, not the appointed ones in Brussels, Will have massive unrest as the northern hemisphere inches towards the winter. Gas, fuel, food shortages.

As for the Ukraine, their previous president, Poroshenko, was closely aligned with the US. Zelensky, is a British asset (reportedly). There is an active criminal case ongoing investigating Poroshenko, who is in London and has no desire to return. So there might be a behind-the-scenes struggle between US and UK, who are no longer a part of the larger collective, and very well might be having their own illusions of grandeur about taking their “rightful place” on the world stage. But this last one os purely a speculation on my part.

So, no NATO, or we dial up to eleventy in a very short time.


The US is declining faster than Brandon’s cognitive ability and the same with Europe. Many countries are now signing up to BRICS. Going to be a long cold winter in Europe.


There was an interesting episode on Hidden Forces podcast recently. The analyst was saying that Russia will 100% win this war. It was just a question of whether they win the ground war, a nuke, or something in between. That final outcome actually being determined by the West’s resolve to fight the proxy war.

Agent 47

From what I’ve seen/read they aren’t even using their best units/equipment. It’s just old school artillery barrages and grinding them into submission.

They have some cutting edge tech as well. Ukraine just needs to surrender and get it over with.

Aussie Spook

We get ever closer to the summit of crisis. Paradoxically, it sucks while it’s our saving grace. This will hurt but it’s Time for the Empire of Lies to end and for all to be set free.


They want us all on the tracks


Recession is the curr


TWINS, oh obviously!


Purple is the colour of the technocrat – mix Red and Blue together to show they are in the middle and not beholden to either party.

Trouble is this just addresses the ‘left/right’ paradigm, not the ‘nationalist/globalist’ paradigm…. these fucks are firmly entrenched in the Globalist side.

Gruppenführer Mark

How do you embed pics in your comments? I tried and get the metadata, but not the actual pic.


It’s funny seeing the plebs reaction to Novak Djokovic being allowed to come back to Australia next year since you no longer have to be vaxxed.

Instead of being angry at the government for two years of lockdown and forced experimental gene therapy treatments which in the end did nothing to defeat a harsh flu bug, people are pissed at Novak because he was legally granted a visa and then illegally deported. We have some full-on Stockholm Syndrome shit going on here.

the syndication of media down under is at unprecedented level probably on par with USSR and PRC, if not higher. OTOH, the amount of controlled opposition and false discourse is unparalleled by anything in the known universe. It takes enormous effort to stay insulated from brainwash. 8 years of not having antenna in my TV and regular daily dosage with non syndicated media/news – and I still fail at some levels and catch myself in absorbing the bait.

Gruppenführer Mark

Here we go again! Again!

“This evidence is that a fourth dose in vulnerable populations will reduce the risk of severe illness and hospitalisation, but a fourth dose in healthy people doesn’t significantly reduce your risk of catching COVID.

“If you’re a fit, healthy healthcare worker, then there’s probably not a lot of point.”

Overs/unders on the mandatory fourth dose?

And in related news, WA Acting Premier Roger Cook said that there was no need to reintroduce mask mandates, so I guess this means WA will be masking up soon.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gruppenführer Mark

Have you noticed the “covid cases going up”, “4th jab” & “mask discussions” on all the talking heads TV channels over the last few days, the propaganda campaign is running at full pace.

It could mean two things, the war in Ukraine is about to end with a Russian win and they want to distract us, or they are putting in the groundwork for covering up the food shortages around the world.

I suspect it will be both. For Australia though it is the energy shortage that is of most concern, as we are more or less food-independent. Could be a future market converting vehicles into dual-fuel, one of which would be gas, in addition to petrol/diesel. Oh, you know, go buy an electric vehicle (c)

As for the war in Ukraine, I found this entertaining.


I sincerely doubt that we’ll be food independent with a shortage of energy…remembering when we were pineappled by the adblue shortage


I have noticed. Now you’ve spotted it watch it get worse. I ended up getting the covid headache in the end. As have most I know just recently all faired fine. Mother who ended chemo 6 months ago got it had it less worse than me. And my gran 80,+ who lives with mother didn’t catch it. None of us vaxxed..but hey lock us down!!!


PEACHY – I want to make a post but because the forums have “been fucked off into oblivion” I’m no longer able to get to the link. Can you put it up somewhere pls