Victoria’s New Pandemic Laws Here is the amended pandemic bill which passed Victorian lower house yesterday (51 to 26) and has been getting talked about a lot in both MSM and independent media. Some of the main points: Giving the premier the power to declare a pandemic Allowing that pandemic status to be extended for up to three … Read more

‘Your six months is up’: Daniel Andrews hints boosters will be needed to keep fully vaccinated freedoms

And so it begins… “Daniel Andrews suggested on Sunday that going forward, life for the vaccinated would “be about the maintenance of your vaccination status”. It’s truly bizarre to observe people who are actively pleased by this likely development. Their reflexive opposition to anti-vaxxers is so great, and their newfound vaccine identity politics is … Read more

RECESSION DODGED: Economy grows 0.7% in June quarter

The Australian economy rose 0.7% in seasonally adjusted chain volume measures GDP rose 1.4% in 2020-21 The terms of trade rose 7.0% Household saving ratio decreased to 9.7% from 11.6% So I’m no economist and there’s people around these parts more in the know than me. But figured with all the satire it would … Read more