Georgia Guidestones?

What’s up with the Georgia guidestones? I originally saw the news and thought hmmmm that would take a lot more explosive than the average citizen has. Then just now I saw a cctv and it looks to me like it was bombed? What’s the significance/point of such?

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I’d never heard of dat ting til it got blown up, so I have no understanding of it’s prior significance or anything

demolishing practice makes perfection in 2 months short of 21 years?


Had to wiki this as I’d never heard of it.

Looks like some quirky randoms paid for it to have something similar to Stonehenge.

Apparently the granite company quoted him a high price to piss off, but they accepted which is also hilarious.

Then they donated it to the local county and it became a minor tourist attraction.

Seems more weird than anything else.


it’s stupid lol


Holy shit , things are really popping off in Sri Lanka

probably on his way to Biloela as we speak

There’s a real WWII vibe around at the moment isn’t there


Russian President Vladimir Putin, in remarks yesterday at a meeting in the Kremlin of all of the party and faction leaders in the Duma, argued that Russia has withstood the hostile measures taken by the West against Russia. “The so-called collective West led by the United States has been extremely aggressive towards Russia for decades,” Putin said. He noted that that Russian security proposals for mutual security in Europe were rejected and warnings against the expansion of NATO ignored. “Why? Just because they do not need a country like Russia, that is why,” he said. “That is why they supported terrorism and separatism in Russia, and internal destructive forces and a ‘fifth column’ in our country. All of them are still receiving unconditional support from the collective West.”
“If the West wanted to provoke a conflict in order to move on to a new stage in the fight against Russia and a new stage in containing our country, we can say that it has succeeded to a certain extent,” Putin continued.

“A war was unleashed, and the sanctions were imposed. Under normal circumstances, it would probably be difficult to accomplish this.

“But here is what I would like to make clear. They should have realized that they would lose from the very beginning of our special military operation, because this operation also means the beginning of a radical breakdown of the U.S.-style world order,” Putin stressed. “This is the beginning of the transition from liberal-globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world based not on self-serving rules made up by someone for their own needs, behind which there is nothing but striving for hegemony, not on hypocritical double standards, but on international law and the genuine sovereignty of nations and civilizations, on their will to live their historical destiny, with their own values and traditions, and to align cooperation on the basis of democracy, justice and equality.

“Everyone should understand that this process cannot be stopped. The course of history is inexorable, and the collective West’s attempts to impose its new world order on the rest of the world are doomed.”

“The ruling classes of the Western countries, which are supranational and globalist in nature, realized that their policies are increasingly detached from reality, common sense and the truth, and they have started resorting to openly despotic methods,” Putin proclaimed later in his remarks. “The West, which once declared such principles of democracy as freedom of speech, pluralism and respect for dissenting opinions, has now degenerated into the opposite: totalitarianism. This includes censorship, media bans, and the arbitrary treatment of journalists and public figures.”

“Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield,” he said. “Well, what can I say? Let them try. We have already heard a lot about the West wanting to fight us ‘to the last Ukrainian.’ This is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, but that seems to be where it is going. But everyone should know that, by and large, we have not started anything in earnest yet.

“At the same time, we are not rejecting peace talks, but those who are rejecting them should know that the longer it goes on, the harder it will be for them to negotiate with us.”

Winter is coming


It would seem that nothing ever changes:


There’s a real WWII vibe around at the moment isn’t there

Sure is.

Hard to accept that we’ve made it all the way to the 21st century, and are still faced with all the same old shit.

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The same shit has been going on as long as people have existed. It won’t stop.


There’s a real WWII vibe around at the moment isn’t there

Maybe its our various societies Egregore’s signaling to each other?


I did read something about. The stuff written on the stones resembles the shite coming out of WEF. Multiculturalism, reduce population, etc. Blowing it up was a FU to central planners.


What’s a direct energy weapon? Like a weapon withou a projectile? Laser beams?

after all, the dutches of Cambridge awards a ruskie with a trophy.

Kate did it gracefully but incredibly briefly, as to avoid being in the same camera shot opportunities I guess.
Given that nothing was spared to ban ruskies and white ruskies from their presence due to their presence being touted as some imaginary support to the reincarnation of a devil, in the end it came to exactly that. No Kazakh gladwrap could hide the soft spoken Moscovite underneath. I figure now that a ruskie won the title and somehow this means british royalty supports Pootin, he will stop only at the Atlantic Ocean shores…

in reality, from this final game between an arab-barber and a ruskie (it can’t get more loathing, can it?) a new champion is born. Rybakina will be the name we will hear quite often in the future. On top of all of it, Rybakina is good looking female specimen and a soft dear personality, so probably it will be impossible for her to reach Sports Ilustrated swimsuit model page.
Otherwise, England failed once again to produce a player that will come to finals let alone win in the game they are so proud of inventing about 2 centuries ago. With yesterday’s loss by a re-imported Brit Welsh-Scot in semis, this must ad a lot of salt to the wound. We are yet to see if its colonial suzerain does sumtin in doubless
Tomorrow brings Kyrgios.
If Djoker wins it will be a blowing win for evil forces from the anti-waxer headquarters. Expect a compulsory 5th booster buster.



The plan has been put in motion, the guide stones are now superfluous.


^^ this – if 90%+ in the western world have been “vaccinated” and the upcoming food shortage aka famine in he 3rd world – we are pretty there at reducing world population to 500,000,000

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Yes the population reducing jabs are doing their work, all cause mortality is up 30% according to official data, I believe it is up around 40% in Vic


ALP has been in power over a month now

what have they done ?
$850m to France
$100m to Ukraine (some of which has ended up with hunter biden )
$50m to Sri Lanka (probably in a suitcase right now )
empty commitment to WEF/climate change/Covid agenda

any action on domestic gas reservation?
federal ICAC?
free Julian Assange ?

just photo ops for albo and penny to shake hands and get their flyer miles up


Oh wait I forgot – he also agreed to let New Zealand criminals back into the country
and then let them vote

when is this cunt going to do something for the actual EZFKA units ?


Meh, nothing much will change. Labor is just the same as the LNP party with a few minor exceptions. Expect no gas reservation, a watered down IBAC and more photo ops.

After campaigning about manufacturing, they have adopted the same policy as the LNP for AdBlue

A fly in your ointment

LOL, we’re you expecting anything to change?

I did, I expected the 4th buster booster shot, excessive immigration, more debt, more RE is too big to fail – let’s make it bigger, more encroaching on freedoms… so far it is all primed for no disappointment!

For next election I expected Llewdo and Bleatho from the EmBee to be the top advisors duo to Aussie M’o’Defence and M’o’Truth.


Anything to fix healthcare/hospital crisis?

Not my job mate…


My wife had surgery three years and I was genuinely shocked at the hospital system with the most basic errors. Staff were great, but the system was bad.

Basil Thistlethwaite

I don’t hold the needle


Doesn’t seem like it. In Victoria, they have spent money on useless stuff like Commonwealth Games, Movie Discounts and Meal discounts.


yeah i remember when i was a young stagmal back in the 2000s kevin rudd got roasted for flying everywhere they called him kevin747. when i read about albos activities as PM i was like “oh this is that all over again”


I think we can all celebrate this year’s Wimbledon champions, a Russian and an anti-vaxxer. Sweet justice.


Civil uprising in Sri Lanka and Albania. Farmer’s blockading many European countries.

In the Netherlands people don’t like to be told not to eat meat.

BREAKING: A Bill Gates Foundation supermarket in the Netherlands that focuses on new-age foods like plant protein meat has spontaneously caught fire in the middle of the night

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spontaneously caught fire

Talk about spin doctoring…


Regarding explosives in America, Tannerite is a very powerful impact sensitive binary explosive. It’s quite legal to buy as much as you like of the separate components, and to detonate it you just mix the two components and shoot it with a high powered rifle.

Here’s an image of an imbecile escaping death by inches when he shoots a fridge containing some Tannerite.

I wouldn’t be surprised if these pillars were brought down by a few kilos of this stuff.


I lol’d.

Basil Thistlethwaite

Ayo LS and others.
Ghun talk time: Adler lever vs straight pull sh0tgons.


both are likely to get banned as some point in the near future when the gov realises that their current rules are straight up stupid and inconsistent…

Basil Thistlethwaite

Yeah, I’m baffled that these are allowed and pump action not.


but pump action rifle AOK.

Clearly laws written logically by people who understand what is going on…


I’m not really a shotgun guy, but the Adler guns have a good reputation for build construction and reliability.


a few kilo of that stuff would have left a crater the size of a bus ..


So that’s how it all started


Yeah, but Brandon would have read that from an auto cue. End of quote. Repeat line.


“Daddy what’s that”

“Son, that’s our EV fuel”

A fly in your ointment

 🤣 🤣


Watching Soos’ evolution and journey down the path of discovery from earnest economist to Alt-right social activist has been a reassuring nostalgic experience.


I think he is anything a more earnest economist these days as he is following the facts even when they are not politically correct. Also I still think he is solidly socialist. Not the BS fake socialism spouted by the ALP or democrat party. But the real socialism of 70 years ago that was about giving workers actual power to make decisions that benefitted them, which has long been abandoned by modern politics and become so loathed by modern media that it is called right wing when it is anything but that.


He could be a socialist or he could be a capitalist – the fact that he expresses any nationalist sentiment means that according to the msm or your average NPC he is an alt-right National Socialist.

Honestly my politics is very similar to Soos – I believe in Medicare, against private health insurance deductions, progressive taxation, all the usual things that get you called out as being a socialist at any LNP piss up.

But I also believe in National self interest and not flagellating ourselves over every real or imagine injustice that arises simply by ensuring our social capital is primarily used for the betterment of existing Australians and extending opportunities available to them, eg affordable housing, raising kids, etc. Soos expresses many similar sentiments in terms of his focus on housing, education, public medicine, immigration, etc.

Basically that makes me a Socialist Nationalist, or National Socialist, whichever way you want to put it, just like Soos.

The only real difference in our views is that I can see some cultural benefits of Christianity in combating Population Sinks and promoting a broad set of relatively homogenous cultural values that our wider secular society and freedoms rests upon, while Soos is an affirmed Secular Atheist.

Technically I’m probably an atheist too, as while I believe in the value of Christianity’s base value set for our society in order to aid decision making and collective trust, I don’t actually believe in God as anything other than a social construct that manifests itself through shared collective belief and the resulting influence on social decision making, and its impact on the world around us.

I prefer to live in a Christian secular society, than a MultiCult secular society, because as I have explained many, many times imho social Darwinism ensures a much more dysfunctional low trust society with the later.

Soos’ failure to consider these issues in terms impacts on social trust and the benefits of more homogenous value sets in decision making, are the only real areas where our views differ. That is why he remains an earnest economist.


Very good points Stewie.
Pretty much everything you have mentioned is what any reasonable person that wants the best for their community and family would recommend, as they are the policies most likely to achieve that. That fact that it is so far away from what most political parties and the media currently espouse shows that such institutions are no longer even attempting to discuss issues of economic relevance to society.
Nearly all political parties and the media have decided that support of the free movement of labour, services, capital and goods are sacred and can never be criticised. Therefore the only aspects that can be discussed in the media and politics are largely around trivial identity politics, which has no bearing on anyone’s quality of life. Interestingly though by narrowing the Overton window of acceptable discussion to BS identity politics we have ended up in a situation where ideas that are blatantly ludicrous (transmen are women) have become mainstream dogma.


It was actually asking the Question ‘Why can’t the media and Govt solve the problem of affordable housing’ when the root causes – mass migration and easy credit and free movement of capital were the obvious causes.

The conclusion I reached was that they did not want to see the obvious solutions. Their role isn’t to draw out the truth, but to obfuscate.

How did our media and Government become so corrupt and inept at meeting the basic expectations of it citizens, when in the past Australia had no real issue with affordable housing given our super abundance of land?

That question lead me into looking at how culture is responsible for what values were priortise… and once you start down that rabbit hole it inevitably leads to where I stand today on our hostile elites.

The top down implementation of ‘globalist’ values within all our social institutions, is the best model for the list of collective failures (house price, etc) of those same institutions to do right by us.


tbh Stew I am a little disappointed in you. You like to dabble into the mathematics of crypto. Yet not prepared to do even some basic statistical analysis to understand that vaccination heavily skewed towards the elderly, and that anyone who presents “raw data” totals without any age-based analysis is simply sprouting lies.


ot prepared to do even some basic statistical analysis to understand that vaccination heavily skewed towards the elderly, and that anyone who presents “raw data” totals without any age-based analysis is simply sprouting lies.

but Freddy, the mandates in NSW were NOT age-based. whats good for the goose is good for the gander, so to speak.


some sort of age-based analysis is definitely useful if one sets out to assess injection efficacy. But it had squat to do in supporting mandatory injections.


You know I disagreed with forcing people to get vaccinated, and that it was a disgrace to encourage children to get vaccinated. That does not change the point being made.

Do you agree that aggregates are a misrepresentation of vaccine efficacy? and that anyone using them is either ignorant or dishonest?


Do you agree that aggregates are a misrepresentation of vaccine efficacy?


and that anyone using them is either ignorant or dishonest?

But no. Not in the context of contesting validity of mandates. (Which is what that paper was about)

in other contexts, the aggregates do definitely present a rather skewed picture.

by the same token, so do COVID serious morbidity and death aggregates

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If they want to make the point on overall benefit then fine. Just cut out the crap like that last graph insinuating that vaccines may actually increase chances of dying from Covid.

Also, what the chances that Sy and BJW are the same person? They speak quite similarly on the same topic.


Just cut out the crap like that last graph insinuating that vaccines may actually increase chances of dying from Covid.

but there is some evidence that the injected people (regardless of age) are significantly more likely to get infected and to get re-infected multiple times. And suffer symptomatically multiple times.

to the extent that risk of mortality is additive (it probably is) then -over a period of time- vaccines can increase the risk.

what the chances that Sy and BJW are the same person? They speak quite similarly on the same topic

that would be fun, but nah – Sy seems to be some sort of public service wonk. Whereas bjw seems more techncial


but there is some evidence that the injected people (regardless of age) are significantly more likely to get infected and to get re-infected multiple times.

This is imho true.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Some evidence …. there is overwhelming evidence that this is now the case from multiple studies. To the point where there are now much louder calls for the vaccine / booster thing to be stopped completely because of this.



Statistical analysis is to numbers what water-boarding is to residents of Guantanamo Bay.

Eventually, they will both tell you what you want to hear. 🙂


When it comes to “sprouting lies”, the “safe and effective” mob wrote the handbook.


Errr…. I didn’t mention anything about vaccines. I wasn’t actually commenting on the vaccines but on Soos in general. I don’t have the time to crawl through the minutia of each of Soos’ posts on Covid or the vaccines, as the topic doesn’t interest me outside of a few specific areas.

Where I am in agreement with Soos is on the oppressive and draconian use of powers to pressure people and especially young children to get the vaccine. I have never said that the gene therapy masquerading as vaccines didn’t convey some benefits, especially for the elderly.

I believe there are some issues with the efficacy of the vaccine, again mainly with young people and I have serious reservations about the lack of long term studies undertaken with the therapy before it was widely administered to the general public. Consequently I remain open minded as to possibility of it triggering immune disorders and possible fertility issues. I see credible pathways to those arguments and am open to emerging evidence.

I disagree with some of Soos’ wilder theories on the vaccine and covid, and would probably suggest they harm his credibility in other areas – well at least they way he comes across on them.

That said, I don’t feel as though I need to speak out on every specific incidence or time I disagree with someone… I would spend my time doing nothing but arguing.

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vaccination heavily skewed towards the elderly, and that anyone who presents “raw data” totals without any age-based analysis is simply sprouting lies.

95+% vax rate doesn’t seem to leave a lot of room for HEAVILY SKEWED TOWARDS THE ELDERY.
Have you actually done any statistical analysis to see how true your statement actually is?


You have it arse about. You should be asking about the make up of unvaccinated. About two thirds of unvaccinated are under age 35. Closer to 100% of unvaccinated are under 60.

If a vaccinated old person still much more likely to die than an unvaccinated young person then clearly the aggregate figures are misleading.

Last edited 28 days ago by Freddy

You have it arse about. You should be asking about the make up of unvaccinated. About two thirds of unvaccinated are under age 35. Closer to 100% of unvaccinated are under 60.

below is an illustration of who is vaccinated and not, to inform further discussion.

I think that bjw is focussing on the big chunks of area below the curves. Freddy is focussing on the little chunks of area above the curves.



It comes down to what you are trying to use the data for. There are 2 groups. Vax and unvax.
unvax is <5% of total population and is probably skewed young(haven’t looked at the figures)
Vax is 95% plus and as such is virtually the whole population so really can’t be skewed much in any direction.

But it is a completely irrelevant argument given the data presented in the graphs is not on an unvax vs vax status anyway but whole population.
Maybe freddy should read stuff properly before cranking out the party line debunking it when it isn’t even applicable
All those graphs tell you is what should be blindingly obvious at this point. The covid vax is not very effective at preventing people getting covid.


Yeah no references at all to “raw data”, dismissing claims that vaccines don’t reduce covid related deaths, or generalise graphs to fool mathematically inept idiots.


You have it arse about. 

vaccination heavily skewed towards the elderly, 

Maybe you had it arse about if you meant unvaccinated skewed towards the young. That is a different statement, and one I have less problem with.


So you finalise realise that you got it wrong. Winning.

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So you finalise realise that you got it wrong. Winning.

lol. The fact you think that tells me you understand nothing of statistics.

Claiming the vaxxed cohort is skewed is a VERY DIFFERENT CLAIM than claiming the unvaxxed one is.

 mathematically inept idiots.

like people who regurgitate talking points they don’t understand that are not related to the article they are applying it too?


Admit that you now understand the vaccinations are skewed. You can try to gaslight with semantics and pretend skewed vaccinated is somehow different to skewed unvaccinated but ultimately you now understand that you were wrong. You can do it Fonzie:


I can’t fit the graphic here, so I’ve posted it at the bottom of the thread

I think the graphic clearly shows that there is no heavy skewing involving older people in the vaccinated cohort.

Freddy seems to have overlooked the fact that a very large proportion of the working-age population took the experimental jab out of necessity.

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Here is my list of over 40 leading indicators that the momentum is moving in our favor. I’d be surprised if the narrative doesn’t fall apart soon. It’s now unravelling quickly in the UK.

Taiwan: Birth Rate Dropped -27.66% in June 2022!!!

This is getting super ugly.

Reus's Large MEMBER

That needs it own article methinks

Aussie Soy Boy

How normies see the macrodorks


An interesting read. Reddit would provide a broader cross-section of views, and it’s easy to see the more bullish posters rubbishing embee as permanent crashniks, whilst others including the topic starter are trying to get their head around their confusing position of not wanting higher interest rates (claiming this will cause a recession), despite the logical notion that this is associated with lower property prices.

However, I think the most damning comment is this one:

comment image

Last edited 29 days ago by Gouda

It is not just the property bubble calls they have got wrong, it is basically every single call. Biden boom, Labor being fantastic when they win the election. They became the Pascoemeter that they used to make fun of.

Aussie Soy Boy

I’m pretty sure it was Peachy calling the bottom on MB in March 2020 and with some conviction. The macrodorks were still out of the market until late in the year I believe.