Daily Thread – 18/10/2022

Because its really hard to keep track of all the comments on posts more than a day or two old.

Mostly afaik,

(1) Emma Renay still causing chaos

(2) Ukraine still loosing to Ruskies, still getting money from PedoHitler

(3) Germany still going to freeze/starve this winter

(4) UK still going down tubes, Liz Truss probably on way out. Realistically Starmer, a confirmed authoritarian will probably be the next real PM of the UK.

(5) Xi in charge again


Peace Is Dangerous!


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closing day of arguments


how it started:
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How its going:
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The very definition of “The Wall is undefeated”


I dunno

j bish might still get it


Good chassis on her you reckon?


u jumped the shark on this one

Aussie Soy Boy

Did Brucie give her those warts I wonder?

Reus's Large MEMBER

I like her better before she starting liking burgers so much


great tits

have to say though i have NO IDEA how this is going to go, jury verdicts are way too emotional and are notoriously impossible to predict

i’d say he has reasonable doubt (though theres a possibility he dunnit) but i thought that about chauvin too

i’d say there’s a non-trivial chance he’s getting sacrified just bc higgins is too much of a ‘figure’ in society now, a ng verdict would end her two year grift and make everyone feel like a sucker

the photo evidence on her phone seemed enough to establish her as a huge liar who cannot be trusted

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I am 70% certain that he did “rape” her, but I don’t think he should be found guilty

Too much doubt plus she wasn’t really upset about it (just wanted to cash in after the fact)


idfk, the fact that she had a photo of her alleged injury she signed a stat dec over she claimed was from 2019 that was actually from 2021? that’s huge, she should be charged for perjury over that, how the fuck does anyone never get charged for lying anymore.


sure, but she needed more evidence to prove it because she’s a dumb bitch, and also she hadn’t really planned to pursue the claim until she realised it might benefit her

-I reckon she was drunk, unable to meaningfully consent
-bruce took his chance
-she woke up the next day a little bit embarassed but overall nonplussed
-maybe there was gossip, maybe he used to smirk at her in the hallway
-she was embarassed also about being found naked
-she sees grace tame up in lights. Her own career and life aren’t going that well
-feels guilty about cheating on her boyfriend
-a few months later she now feels bad about the event
-tries to figure out the best way to frame herself as a victim, and maybe profit from the whole sordid episode

pretty realistic imo

and its technically rape, but who really cares
back in the day people would just get over it (male and female)
i blame the media


yeah not sayign its implausible im saying its also plausible, maybe a little less so idk, shes lying or misremembered shit too. hence reasonable doubt.


basically, for what probably transpired, he has already suffered enough

and she made this worse for herself than it needed to be


the only q is will her grifting career survive a NG verdict


Above my general avoidance of msm news stories, I’ve made a particular effort to avoid this story. Right or wrong I’ve seen it as as story that our msm chose for our own #MeToo moment, and used generally to shame men, and shame conservatives.

IMHO it was deliberately inflated and pursued as a news story in order to generate morally repugnance towards the Libs – the example of DLS repeatedly referring to them as rape apologists or the like, was a good example of how the media used it to shape public opinion.

No matter the outcome of the legal trial, the only thing about this case publicly interesting to me (other than justice being served, to which I defer it to the jury to decide) is who made the decision to push this as a story of interest and importance.

What I do know about this case I have mainly gleaned from the opposing views of the case aired on EZFKA. In that respect Lisa and the pirate seem to be prominent point people. But it would interest me to find out what other executive involvement and their political connections influenced their own decisions to take up the batons and run with them

As to my take, no idea. Legal trials are often salaciously reported by the media and heavily influenced by the political viewpoints of the journalists writing the story.

Either he raped her, case closed. Alternatively having dropped her off, and received a drunken snog for his efforts, he left her behind.

She started playing flick the bean and eventually passed out and was discovered the next day with her pants over her head and her knickers around her ankles. Incredibly embarrassed, she couldn’t remember the exact details, made up some excuse and once it gained traction and exposure it took on a life of its own, and became impossible to wheel back in.

As to the outcome, guessing on the outcome of these cases is a fools errand when you haven’t been privy to all the details, but I would be leaning towards acquittal atm.


wel iffen he be convicted then expect one george pell gambit … unsafe verdict

Aussie Soy Boy

It will be a hung jury. Britt will have some excuse to not participate in a re-trial.

Derek Ramsbottom

I’d like to put my face between her rambunctious milk zeppelins and Bwapwapapppawappa!

Aussie Soy Boy

All rise!!


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I never realised that the wombats grew that big in North America.



UN Peace.PNG

those iranian drones the russians licenced to build are really proving to be solid acquisition. they seem to be completely unstoppable because they are too slow and small for modern air defense systems, honestly a couple of ww2 era flak cannons (like a german ’88) would probably fuck them up, but nobody makes them anymore. they also can’t be jammed bc they have a set flight path , only way to stop them is to somehow shoot them out of the air and that is really hard to do.



they only cost 20k to build apparently. their payload isn’t devastating but they’re a ridiculously effective value proposition. imagine letting a few of these loose in the eastern suburbs, 20k drones destroying 5m houses, that’s a value ratio of 250.


those iranian drones the russians licenced to build are really proving to be solid acquisition. they seem to be completely unstoppable because they are too slow and small for modern air defense systems, honestly a couple of ww2 era flak cannons (like a german ’88) would probably fuck them up, but nobody makes them anymore. they also can’t be jammed bc they have a set flight path , only way to stop them is to somehow shoot them out of the air and that is really hard to do.



in the second video, it looks like the guy tries to shoot the thing out of the air using a rifle. It looks to be at least 200m away – Shirley the chance of even scoring a hit on a moving target that far away is incredibly low? Right? Anyone? LSWCHP?

I also remember reading that flak fire had an incredibly low hit rate. The fact that anyone brought down anything at all was due to the fact that

  1. flak fire relies on indirect hits (ie the shells burst and the hope is that one of the thousand pieces of resulting shrapnel connects)
  2. flak was fired from large batteries (hundreds of shells)
  3. flak was fired at planes flying en masse in formation or on bombing runs (dozens of targets)

so thousand fragments x hundreds of shells x dozens of targets = occasional hit.

firing at a lonesome drone is quite a different task, it seems.


whats the utility of a shotgun in this situation LSWCHP?

Too far away to be useful?

I thought lasers were designed specifically to stop these drones

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way too far, they only really work very close up


Weighing 200kg….with a 50hp petrol engine…travelling at 185km/hr+:

Shahed 136 – a nasty enemy UAV that terrorizes Ukrainians

Q. “whats the utility of a shotgun in this situation LSWCHP?”

A. As useful as tits on a bull.

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Fly in your ointment

Shirley the chance of even scoring a hit on a moving target that far away is incredibly low? Right? Anyone?

Well apparently shooting in the air with a rifle in the late stage of the flight results in more death as reportedly victims of stray bullets are ramping up. Imagine a barrage of 1000’s of bullets in the air which by Newton’s Law have to end up down again… velocity… etc.

Also, apparently it still explodes just at the different address….


At 200m a trained infantryman would have a low to moderate chance of getting a few hits on such a target, depending on its relative course. Crossing targets require greater lead and are harder to hit. Directly inbound makes it a lot easier. A designated marksman is a soldier with special training and a better weapon and would have a pretty good chance.

Of course, the training on both sides of this war appears to be pretty poor, which significantly reduces the odds.

A shotgun would need to be loaded with double-aught buckshot to be effective, and the very maximum range would still only be about 100m.

The best bet for the grunt on the ground would probably be a general purpose machine gun, or similar automatic weapon.


see below

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Cedric Coxwallow

When I first saw these ‘doritos’ being used, I thought they were shit because the loud lawnmower engine noise wasnt stealth.
But watching the people in Kiev freaking out when they hear them coming and blasting away with rifles is something else.

The German V1 “buzz bombs” were not stealth but the sound they made struck fear into the citizens as they were not sure where they were going to land, very effect weapon of fear TBH


they seem to be completely unstoppable because they are too slow and small for modern air defense systems,

I call BS on this. Modern air defence systems are designed to shoot down incoming missiles, mortar rounds and artillery shells.
These would be childs play for such systems.


How to Counter Iranian Shahed-136 and Shahed-131 Kamikaze Drones, Used by russia to Strike Ukrainian Cities

A fly in your ointment

not an expert but I can understand that devices and vessels that fall out of target spectrum can be either deemed an error/blip, non target or simply not be visible. The size of this thing just 2.5m wingspan.

the only way to down this thing in my view is to make a barrage curtain of anti aircraft munition like Browning 12.7mm or similar and the thing would fly into it then explode mid air. Easier said than done….


but I can understand that devices and vessels that fall out of target spectrum can be either deemed an error/blip, non target or simply not be visible. The size of this thing just 2.5m wingspan.

That makes it bigger than the actual drones use as targets to test air defence systems

Or Something a little more EZFKA

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they dont have enough of a heat signature for modern air defense systems to work. they dont even know they’re there.


I think that a major difficulty is also the fact that these drones make their approach so low that any form of interception, either downing or destroying mid-air, results in much the same destructive effect on the ground.


Most air defences don’t use a heat signature. That is more an air to air missile thingy.

Fly in your ointment

My comment disappears into redacted…

Mods, a comment is pending approval

Fly in your ointment

Is there a key word that should be avoided to not trigger the redact-a-bot dls style?

Fly in your ointment

(1) Emma Renay still causing chaos

By the looks of it, it should read
(1) Emma Renay wtill be causing chaos for generations of jabbadabba-do’s


The ASX 200 is fucking bipolar


I said that to my missus this morning.

Alternatively, it’s being gamed by people who know more than we do, and who are making a lot of money.


Someone would be making money in all this volatility. Just not me…
A lot of people I know invested spare cash when things were running hot. Probably going to get burned there and housing.
Should see people’s expressions when I say “rates are going higher than people think because RBA is held captive to the fed”. Atm I think 6.5% retail but could go higher? A few people with $1m on mortgage faces go white.

Reus's Large MEMBER

A few people with $1m on mortgage faces go white.” while their pants go brown


We aren’t there yet but the prospect makes some nervous. Normally I’d never make fun of people in such a position but 12-18months ago they were happy to openly mock me about how their houses had gone up so much in value while going out and buying new landcruisers, boats and caravans…

A fly in your ointment

why not make fun of them?

they made fun of you in those 12-18 months and years before.
It’s just the way of life


ive long maintained the daily mail is the most interesting newspaper on earth

Aussie Soy Boy

I just go straight to the comments


I do the same here on EZFKA

A fly in your ointment

yep, the CCP virus / WuFlu / Xi virus
LOL, idiocy of pasting this on chinks or calling WHO Xi’s sockpuppet.


So my Mum called me the other day. She got vaxxed about a year ago and had subsequently started feeling short of breath. She was brushed off repeatedly by the doctors she saw, with “its just old age” comments, and was even told she was just depressed at one point. She’s never experienced anything like this in her life…her major health issue has been arthritis.

She was a nurse with a 30 year career, so she persevered as the symptoms got worse. She eventually found a doctor who ordered a chest MRI, and it turns out she has substantial blood clotting in her lungs. She struggles to breathe because her lungs are choked with congealed blood, which is perfectly normal of course.

Blood clots, eh? I know why this has happened, but I didn’t say anything because what’s the point now?

I’m rather fucking cross. We’re going up to have Christmas with Mum and Dad, and I hope she’s still around by then.



Cheers. Much appreciated. đź‘Ť

Aussie Soy Boy

We all had a choice though


True. I’m unjabbed and happily so, despite coming under substantial pressure from every direction, including my parents.

But my parents come from a time when people believed the government and other authorities to be honest actors. So when those actors fed them a line of shit they swallowed every last turd enthusiastically, and here we are.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the anticoagulants she’s now on dislodge a clot that causes a stroke.


I’ve never met, or spoken to, anyone who’s had the dreaded disease.
Lifelong mate rang me couple of days ago…..he’s had four shots, and driven me nuts over the period to do the same.
Just been bedridden for five days with……..well, you know.
Reckons he felt like he was going to die.
He didn’t ask, for the first time ever, if I’d had the shots.
Sorry to hear about your mum….I fear there will be a lot more stories like this in the future.


Almost everybody in the ACT is jabbed. Out of all my friends, family and colleagues here I know only one other unjabbed person. He was one of my team at work, and his Mum and an aunt both had significant health problems after being jabbed, so his Mum told him not to do it.

So almost everybody here is triple jabbed, and apart from crazy old me, almost everybody I know has had the bug… my partner, our kids, their partners, my sister and her family, most of the people at work…everybody.

Out of all those cases, only my sister was very unwell. She was really crook for about a week, and then another 3 weeks or so to fully recover. Everybody else had sniffles and miseries for a few days and then felt fine.

Blowing up the entire world over this, as we have, is almost incomprehensible.



A man convicted of trying to rape a toddler while he was playing in the front yard of his suburban Darwin home will soon be released from prison to serve a suspended sentence.

The 22-year-old man, who the ABC has chosen not to name, pleaded guilty 

just lol a suspended sentence

i don’t think we even need to guess at the racial background or why the abc has chosen not to publish his name

Aussie Soy Boy

I posted on here a long time ago that they are the most degenerate race on the planet.

To think we’ve had a media circus for some fat girl that had too many drinks and led poor Brucie on all night long.


My missus used to work in the Federal employment department and she’s a bit of a leftie.

As with so many things she was a strong believer in the whole indigenous scam, acknowledgent of country etc.

I explained reality to her and she rolled her eyes at me and called me a crusty conservative. Then she did a couple of field trips to study the result of employment programs in indigenous communities. After the second trip she came home wide eyed and upset, and now she agrees with me.

There’s nothing like going to a remote community in person and seeing children with maggots in their ears to change romantic views of the world.


Nice post T thanks.


Spot on T with the five things listed, although I know nothing of item 1. Liz Truss will be gone before Christmas and the UK will reach developing nation status by the end of the decade. Other European nations will be joining them.


Does anyone know when we can expect a verdict on the Higgins trial ?


this seems a little deranged but an interesting take nonetheless
obviously a lot going on behind the political and financial scenes that we can’t hope to understand

interesting that chalmers paid a visit to the fed recently (bend the knee)


Mr Whybrow suggested to Ms Higgins that the original answer implied his client Mr Lehrmann had taken off her “panties”.

“What I am suggesting to you is at that point in time when you said that, you were informing Ms Wilkinson that Mr Lehrmann had taken your underwear off you?” Mr Whybrow said.

“And you indicated to her that Mr Lehrmann had removed your underwear?” Mr Whybrow said.

“No, I never – I’ve never asserted that. I didn’t wear underwear that night,’’ Ms Higgins replied.

“I know that’s salacious and click-baity, or whatever, but I didn’t wear underwear with that dress on the basis that it had lines.

“On a 20-year-old girl, we care about stuff like that. OK? It was stupid.”

“He’d taken my dress off my body. He had not taken my underwear because he could not take my underwear. I was only wearing a bra,’’ Ms Higgins told the court.

Britt lied about wearing panties too

she didn’t have any on so Bruce couldn’t have removed them !

“But it was wrong. I didn’t wear underwear. I was clearly embarrassed, but that wasn’t the actual interview itself and I didn’t sign a stat dec on this,’’ Ms Higgins said.

“This is just us talking. By that point we were still trying to, you know, feel each other out. But, you know, all airs and graces are gone. I’m only trying to save – my dignity has left the building a long time ago.

“I wasn’t wearing underwear and that is the truth.”

Aussie Soy Boy




LYING slut

zero credibility
if the jury convicts, it will be a travesty

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s really done a full 180 from 18 months ago this poor defenceless girl straight out of university corrupted and abused by a high flyer staffer who is the epitome of Parliament’s rape culture.

Instead we have a fat slut who went to a work party sans her knickers 100% intending to cheat on her boyfriend, skolling alcohol throughout the night.

This will end Wilkinson if Brucie is not convicted.


Fucking hope so. Wilko is the worst. Mutton


i still say brace for a guilty verdict. juries are retarded and don’t understand the concept of reasonable doubt at all. reasonable doubt is whatever someone wants it to be most of the time.


Before they departed the courtroom, four members of the panel were randomly balloted off by the judge’s associate, leaving eight women and four men to consider the charge before them.

McCallum is telling the jury there is no legal requirement for the evidence of a complainant in a sexual assault case to be corroborated.

She said it wasn’t correct to say there were no witnesses to the event alleged by Higgins, saying the person who had spent the most time in the witness box was Higgins.

She said Higgins’ account also had “some corroboration” as the court had heard evidence that a security guard, Nicole Anderson, had entered the office and found Higgins naked on the couch during the early morning.

She said it was some corroboration of Higgins’ account that something sexual had happened.

“With a final reminder that your verdict must be unanimous, I would ask you know to retire to please consider your verdict.”

if it’s not unanimous then that’s officially not guilty ?


if its not unanimous its hung jury, and the prosecutor can decide whether he wants to start the trial all over again with new jurors or let it slide

Seems like the perfect opportunity for everybody to save face


ya idfk law is so stupid

what’s the point of holding a trial for someone where theres no evidence

Well, the first evidence of blown up NS1 and NS2 pipelines are out. Published in a Swedish newspaper. Earlier, the three countries – Denmark, Germany and Sweden – did state that the result was likely sabotage, but couldn’t pinpoint the blame on anyone.

The video supposedly shows a 50-meter long section of the pipe as missing – it is manufactured in ~12 meter sections, from memory, so 4 sections were blown up each weighing at 25 tons – that was some serious blast.

And now the question becomes – why are none of the European countries involved, or directly affected by this, are up in arms that “someone” effectively destroyed their supply lines? Why are they taking this laying down, the action that can and will cause suffering for their people and their economies? Germany for sure, they have been violated, and are too afraid to call out who their violator is?

To add insult to injury, China has now stopped reselling the LNG from Russia to keep their domestic consumption secure. And I have read reports that not only there is a shortage of LNG tankers in the world to supply the EU, but there is a shortage of re-gassification facilities for the LNG, and there are currently like 35 LNG tankers sitting of the coast of Spain waiting to be unloaded, with capacity of 6 ships per week (this article claims dozens of ships circling).

Oh, and Saudis are joining BRICS. Allegedly.

This behaviour by the European politicians must be the sign that they do not fear Russia – they dread getting on the bad side of the USA (nukes in Japan and carpet bombing of everything from Dresden to Iraq) must be playing a role. After all, Europeans and Russians were previously able to get along with pretty much anybody in Europe, except England, so I’d imagine given a chance they will be able to work things out again.

I am not even going to talk Ukraine here. This is bigger.

As Henry Kissinger once said, “To be an enemy of America can be dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal”


See the link I posted just above

similar line of thinking

GruppenfĂĽhrer Mark

Sorry mate, can’t put my finger on it. Zero Hedge link?

Cedric Coxwallow

O T/ .I’ve been following the Ukie war on twitter, and have come to the conclusion that ukrainian and polish people are the most shit humans on earth.
I hope Putin nukes both countries.
That is all.


Tell me more!

Cedric Coxwallow

There’s no specifics, it’s just the general sense of entitlement of the ukes and the bloodthirstiness of the poles.
I’d rate somalians over these retarded inbred slavs.


looks like there’s going to be a big battle for kherson city, ukraine is supposed to be throwing everything at it to get a ‘win’ (or so people are saying) before the mobilised get there in the next 2-3 months. if it ever happens. the russians intend to stay and fight if it does even though they are outnumbered in the sector. it will be very hard to capture it given they’ve fortified it so strongly, but if ukr does manage to re-capture it (distinct possibility within a monthly or so time horizon) it will be a big psychological victory for them. dont know how much it will impact the war though given there’s so many forces in the pipeline coming into the country, so we’ll see.

russia has the initiative again around lyman.

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very spring 1918 offensive vibes going on, but who can know

Fly in your ointment

Fakenews.dotcom.au says pictures of the Persian drone clone (LOL, it rhymes) are proof Da Big Pee is done, nothing more left to fire and it is a matter of seconds before Ruskis capitulate.
Oh, and on top of that he’ll fire a nuke over the black sea to show off and make it a Fluorescent Black Sea… just 18 days from now


i really should do a write up

A fly in your ointment

my reference to a pretend-a-journailsm Web page is posted in disbelief of the print which goes beyond fiction and deeply dives into hallucinations. Sadly hallucinations related to a brain tutor rather than the fancy ones induced with ElEsDee.

A fly in your ointment


link for those asking why the drone in UA is flying unopposed and is effective…
for TL;DR mob, it is because UA has no effective defence against swarms of these, it exposes their Air Defence systems (when used) and it is peohibitivy expensive to down each $20k moped.


That was a good and interesting read.

Although i wonder how long it will be for the US to realise that the solution to a low tech 1940s (or earlier) style attack vehicle, is an equally ancient piece of equipment… an AKAK gun.

Easier to produce or even jury rig together, as well as train and crew than anti-aircraft guns.


Although i wonder how long it will be for the US to realise that the solution to a low tech 1940s (or earlier) style attack vehicle, is an equally ancient piece of equipment… an AKAK gun.

the flying bombs travel at only 200kmh

couldn’t they be intercepted in flight quite easily by a ww2 era propeller-driven fighter, like a Hawker Hurricane or whatnot?

or a small civilian aircraft (Cessna whatnot) with a light cannon taped on?

or is it difficult to find these things in the sky in the first place, before it’s too late?