Daily Thread 14 November 2022

Daily Thread

Clown world continues to exceed all our expectations… So it turns out FTX was primarily a progressive money laundering operations. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Tens of Billions of US Dollars Were Transferred to Ukraine and then Using FTX Crypto Currency the Funds Were Laundered Back to Democrats in US (thegatewaypundit.com) [HOLY SHIT!!!] Ukraine invested in top Dem … Read more

Daily Thread – 8 November 2022

The Love Hammer

The love hammer is in the house. Also, if two men are caught at 2:am with the love hammer in their underwear, they are definitely getting it on! In Emma Renay news… the house of cards is falling – MEP in English. Dems are trying to cheat… again… Meanwhile – National Guard to Activate Cybersecurity … Read more

Daily Thread – 4 November 2022

Know Your Enemy

Lots of funny stuff has been happening, so I figured another daily thread was required. Still super busy, but with luck that changes in new year and can start doing weekend threads nicely again. Bit shoutout to Timbo/Mister Sinister for triggering the Victorian Election Commission with the below – nicely done gents! In the meanwhile, … Read more

Daily Thread – 24 October 2022

Go Forth And Meme

This is the daily thread to put all your comments/meme/brain farts in – go forth and meme! Hilarious stuff that is happening. Apparently Ukraine is planning a radioactive false flag in Mykolaiv – Russia Warns Of ‘Dirty Bomb’ False Flag Plot In Flurry Of Rare Calls To Western Leaders | ZeroHedge – the thinking is … Read more

Daily Thread – 20 October 2022

Pfizer Kill Shot

Todays date might be important if you are into numerology! I’m not, but feel free to contribute if you are! So what has been going on? First, I can’t really embed YouTube links anymore, not sure why. But we persevere: (1) Liz Truss finds out hard way she will be scapegoat for Ukraine disaster – … Read more