Why NATO is doomed.

There was a great video put out by Scott Ritter about why Sweden and Finland joining NATO is a terrible idea. In fact, short of starting a war with China over Taiwan, Finland joining NATO will probably tip us all into WW3.

Amusingly, and not covered in this post, is also the fact that Victor Orban and Tayyeb Erdogan appear to be the closest thing to sanity prevailing. I’m sure there is a dark joke about Turks teaming up with Hungarians in there somewhere.

Anyways, first – lets laugh at Swedes and Finns about how they are being stupid. Coach Red Pill, who thankfully the SBU let go without killing, had this to add about the Swedes and Finns

They are an attractive people, but they are pathetic and stupid and about to go the way of the Dodo.

2022.05.13 Finland About To Lose Its Gas – YouTube

Of course, he is right, but its much much worse. I’d watch this from Scott Ritter at night, and make sure you have some scotch handy.

Bit depressing, but given Lloyd Austin called Sergei Shoigu yesterday, the likelihood is that the situation in Ukraine is now catastrophic, and clearly people in the Pentagon know the score. So with luck, the war will end pretty soon.

All that being said, the geniuses in the State Department feel the urge to get it going with China. So we have the below.

Now, while you might think I’m really negative about what is happening, the truth is the exact opposite. I feel the prevailing struggle against GloboHomo is at its peak, but I think they are done, and they know it.

Feeling very positive about everything, so I will leave you to have a good remainder of the weekend!

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A fly in your ointment

Good to see Gonzalo alive.
At times a bit emotional and often irrational but always on the ball. Excellent resource.

A fly in your ointment

His T account is inactive since the abduction on the 15. April. Does he have a new account now?

Aussie Soy Boy

US meddling will force us all into a global war. The Great Satan needs be treated as the pariah it is and Americans citizens abroad put into internment camps effective immediately.